Can you think of a reason that you haven’t been able to follow your dreams? Maybe more than one? We all have perfectly rational, logical reasons as to why we can’t.

The truth is it’s risky; it makes us vulnerable. But what if I told you that harnessing your vulnerability was the key to success?

I’m going to let you in a secret that coach Bonnie Kahn shared with me: Vulnerability is a good thing. You can’t walk the hero’s journey unless you face your vulnerability. It’s a distilled essence of our true selves.

You’ve got to find the courage to walk into the arena and be who you truly are, each and every time.

People won’t be able to stop themselves from standing up and taking notice.

As a well-respected gallery owner, Bonnie curated private collections for museums and individuals, but her true calling was the artists. Bonnie wanted to coach creatives on how to find success without compromising their integrity.

According to Bonnie, talk is cheap. It’s not enough to give people advice. You’ve got to give people the tools to empower them to move forward. The truth is, words aren’t as valuable as the strategies.

So, how do you turn your vulnerabilities into strengths? Join the conversation. Watch as Bonnie uncovers how her journey as a coach helped her chase her dreams and use her vulnerabilities as strategies for success.





Share your experiences with us and include as many details as you can. Who knows? Your story might be the one that someone has been waiting for.

What makes you vulnerable and how can you turn this into your greatest strength?