Do you feel like you’re running at a breakneck pace a lot of the time? Most of us do. But advice like “slow down” or “take some time to relax” doesn’t really get at the center of the issue.

That’s where Brii Sebastian steps in. As a counselor and Whole Person Coach with a focus on holistic health, Brii uses elements of Qigong and chakras therapy to leverage energy psychology.

Brii finds that the go-go-go lifestyle of Americans can actually be used to create an awareness of the more subtle energy in life. Rather than telling her clients to “tone it down” she uses her coaching skills to balance and access their core energy.

You turn to a doctor to feel physically healthy, a church for spiritual connection, and a therapist to help heal the mind, but where do you turn when you need it all?

Listen in as Brii explains how she uses her coaching skills to harness energy and make a real difference in her clients’ overall, holistic well-being.


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