Want a career or business as a

Learn the nuances of becoming a coach with a waitlist of people DYING to work with you!

Breaking into the world of professional coaching can be confusing and even overwhelming.
Understandably so.

There is so much to learn and some important decisions to be made. But it’s also possible to cut through the endless hours of research, marketing content, and opinion.

Your future is yours alone.
So, at Coach Training World, we use that as the bedrock upon which everything else is built.

Hoping to launch your own business? Get hired by a corporation or nonprofit as a professional coach?
This easy, affordable step-by-step course gives you the clarity and
confidence to make your career dreams a reality.

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Coach, Transform & Prosper
Transition into coaching with a customized
Holistic Strategic Action Plan


Day 1: COACH

Discover the A to Z on becoming a successful Professional Holistic Coach

  • Use our four-step Success formula to become a credible, prosperous coach. Ensure you’re on the right track to spend your time and money wisely towards creating your dream come true career or coaching business.
  • Understand the different coaching credentials… including the acronyms! And exactly what you need to become certified and the best ways to prepare for the Certification exams.
  • Learn how a professional credential sets you apart and why it’s important. Decide for  yourself if you want to earn an International Coach Federation (ICF) or Board Certified Coach credential.

We know how hard it is to compare programs! Use our Choose Your Ideal Coaching School Guidebook to ask the right questions when interviewing coach training programs.




Experience Whole Person Coaching in action, and experiment firsthand with the tools.

  • Explore our innovative Whole Person Coaching model and philosophy. Discover how you can help others by bringing your whole self into your work (and the world!).
  • Test-drive our FootSteps coaching intervention model. Learn how to cultivate positive momentum in your life and for others.
  • Avoid the three biggest barriers that prevent even the best coaches from generating the results their clients want. Start developing the techniques that retain clients… and get them talking to others about you!

Witness Whole Person Coaching in action. See how it creates deep self-awareness, action, and accountability in others.

After each session, we’ll talk about what the coach was doing. This gives you a play-by-play understanding of the process!



Claim your ideal coaching niche and ensure you’re in the right place.

  • Employ our Archetypal STRENGTHS Assessment and figure out where you belong. Defining your ideal coaching niche allows you to contribute your best to help others (and make a good income).
  • Learn the five most effective ways coaches get their first clients, and how they achieve a six- to seven-figure income. Spoiler Alert… Yes, I’ll share the personal business strategy that has kept my private coaching business going strong for more than 20 years.
  • Gain the clarity and confidence you need to say yes to becoming a professional coach. Or find meaningful work outside of coaching in which you align to your purpose and passions. Either way, your future self deserves to know!

Discover the strengths, talents, and inner resources you possess that others will pay for!  There’s no need to start from scratch (especially monetarily).

From Clients and Contracts to Companies

Start smart by finding your ideal clients… even before you begin a training program!

A coach isn’t a coach without clients. That’s exactly why I want to help you find your first clients or identify your best opportunities as a trained professional Whole Person Certified Coach.

It’s going to be soooo… much easier to say YES to your dream career or business
if you have a clear picture of the goal you’re working toward.

Your free 30-minute consultation with ICF Master Business & Marketing Coach, Feroshia Knight is designed to focus on your transition strategy. No sales, just pure attention to your needs and building the best plan for your future!

Upon successful completion of the Coach, Transform & Prosper Course, you will be offered a private enrollment link for this opportunity.

Becoming a coach can be a little intimidating. CTW and Feroshia do an amazing job of silencing your fears and grounding you in your wisdom and gifts. This program will change the way you see just about EVERYTHING! I walked away feeling so excited and prepared about the next steps in my coaching journey. And am also grateful of the community that CTW has brought into my life. The rewards from this program do not end after certification. You get what you paid for and MORE!
Trisha Foster

Certified Professional Coach

Wow! I just completed the summer coaching intensive with Feroshia through Coach Training World. The instructor, program and the learning cohort was amazing. Learning how to be a Whole Person Coach has taken my ability to connect with clients to a whole new level! It’s so much more satisfying to empower my clients and to see the ‘aha’ moments. The affordable program will enable me to become and ICF certified coach quickly (about 4 months for me) while working my corporate manager job. A whole new world has opened up to me! the possibilities for my own coaching business are so exciting. I give Feroshia and Coach Training World my highest recommendation.

Mark Johnson

ICF Associated Certified Coach

Investing in the coach training program at CTW was the best decision I have ever made!! I spent 6 months researching coaching programs, and I am glad I chose this one. The curriculum is comprehensive, and teaches you all the tools and skills necessary to be an effective coach. The instructors, Feroshia Knight and Zorwyn Madrone, are excellent teachers and coaches who are devoted to their students’ success and mastery of the material. They fostered a great learning environment!

One of the most valuable aspects of this program is its incredible and supportive community of fellow coaches. They have helped me grow as a coach and person. It’s been a few months since I completed the Whole Person Coach program, but I continue to feel supported by Feroshia and CTW. This program has been life-changing for me at a personal and professional level. I cannot recommend this program enough!

Alex Ornelas

Whole Person Certified Coach

If you’re ready to take a small but significant step to

Frequently Asked Questions…

Is this a live course?

This gives you the freedom to move through each day and the lessons at your own pace… plus the opportunity to ask your questions!

Who is this program for?

If you are a new coach seeking to have a rock solid understanding of the profession and our ground-breaking coaching method and tools… Come on in! As you can see we are covering the A to Z of becoming a successful coach with you!

If you are already a coach, Coach, Transform & Prosper may be just want you need to get a strong sense if our coaching method and world class business development support is right for you and your future needs and goals.

Plus you’ll be able to learn directly and receive coaching and support from an ICF Master Certified Coach (that’s Feroshia!) dedicated to the specific issues and questions you bring with you.

What if I’m not sure I want to go into coaching?

Committing to a full coach training program often requires an investment of both time and finances. This 3-day mini-training allows you to get an insider’s experience of our coach trainings, our holistic coaching method and devotion to our students success.

It’s also a great opportunity to connect with like-hearted others who have a unique focus: improving the lives of other people.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Try it and decide for yourself. Participate fully in the program. Then at the end, if you feel you haven’t learned anything new about yourself, discovered a possibility for your life or career, or didn’t receive the value you expected overall, I offer a money-back guarantee if you attend live for all sessions.

In case you’re wondering, not a single attendee has ever asked for their money back after one of my coach training sessions.

NOTE: The money-back guarantee is available only to those who attend live.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for those who elect to take this course as a self-study option. Thank you for your understanding.

What other questions do you have?

If you’ve got another question for us before committing to this program.
Please contact us!

Introducing Vedic Astrologer & Coach, Jonathan Crews

““Professional Coaching has been a wonderful adjunct to what I currently do. It assists people in discovering their purpose and unfolding the gifts they are meant to give in this life. Practical yet profound, it’s a vehicle for helping people bring into manifestation their heart’s desires. “

Introducing Life Coach Tara Stricker

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”

Introducing Soul Translator Michelle Wirta

“Becoming a coach helped me bring my core passions together in a way that benefits people greatly. In turn, it also allows me to run a business that is my true calling.”

Introducing Spiritual Healer Elysia Hartzell

“Starting my own coaching business through CTW gave me back my freedom! Not only am I my own boss, but I get to work from home and take my business on the road to visit friends and family.”

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