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Have you ever felt stuck? You’re sinking in existential mud. Maybe you even went to therapy to help you process through it. So now what? Deep down you know what the next step is: get into motion.

It’s your lucky day because trust, strength, and wisdom coach Tara Stricker, WPCC has the creator of Whole Person Coaching®, Feroshia Knight on the couch for some serious discussion about moving on.

Listen and learn from ICF Master Coach Feroshia, founder of Coach Training World, as she explains the concrete differences between therapy and coaching, when to bring a coach to life’s dugout, and if professional coaching is right for you.

After years working in the business world, Feroshia learned that to create truly positive change she had to work with the whole person. After all, people are so much more than their paychecks. Addressing the needs of the entire person is the gateway to fulfillment.

When coaching clients find their true path, they discover that it has as much to do with honoring themselves as it does finding an advocate. Coaches provide that support. So what’s their agenda? Just their clients’ personal, professional, and spiritual success.

Get Inspired!

Change isn’t easy, and so exploring coaching might be your next move. Get real and address your crucial inspirations. You know what I’m talking about. It’s what you tap into that lights you up, what pushes you out of bed each morning.

Inspirational clarity happens when you uncover the certainty that you are on the right path — not by accident, but because you honored your inner wisdom.


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