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Choosing your ideal coaching niche can be one of the most exciting choices you’ll make as a professional coach. With Whole Person Coaching, you are unlimited in who you serve… and how you’ll serve them. Our multimodality method equips you with everything you need to work with the whole person, giving you the inner edge as a change master.

When you train to become a Whole Person Coach, you’ll deepen your impact and specialize within one (or a combination) of these coaching categories:

Take a few minutes to explore how some of our graduates have used Whole Person Coaching as the perfect system to influence change while incorporating their passions and potential…

Yvonne Chang empowers professional women within companies throughout the world. At first glance, you might see a standard executive or leadership development coach. But her approach is highly personal and deeply rooted in her triumph over a devastating accident. She now serves others – in particular women of color – as they leverage their professional, personal and cultural identities to step into greater leadership roles.

Elysia Hartzell uses coaching as a framework to step into her role as a global healer. She emerged from the ashes of a life no longer serving her to create her one-of-a-kind, life-changing business. Now specializing in women’s issues, she champions her clients as they identify and clear negative beliefs and patterns that block their personal and professional success.

Jonathan Crews extends his business offerings as a Vedic astrologer by incorporating the tools of professional coaching. It’s a transformation he didn’t create alone. Together with his wife Brii, a practicing psychotherapist, the two attended coach training as a couple. This enabled them to deepen the learning and grow stronger together as they honor the reflections of each other.

Michelle Wirta supports women to be powerful and prosperous by being themselves. After training to become a therapist, she discovered professional coaching was her true calling. Today she operates as the Soul Translator, seamlessly bringing her clients in sync with their true identity. This insight helps them create a business that serves as an extension of their genuine desires.

…and Teresa Rodden whose book Wholly Sober is as much a personal testament to her overcoming personal struggles with alcohol dependency as it is a rallying cry: there is more than one way to live sober. Today she uses Whole Person Coaching to help women restore control over their own lives and avoid the distraction of alcohol and other self-defeating coping behaviors.

Much like these amazing coaches, you too can integrate your purpose, potential and personality to create a signature coaching style, as well as the unique offerings that go along with it.

These customizations set you apart from all others (even those offering the same basic type of coaching). After all: there’s only one you. Only you possess your blend of life experience, knowledge, skills and wisdom that can help those who need you the most.

This level of personalization also makes it possible for you to create your ideal career or business – one that allows you to shine at your best and be who you are as a whole person! Can you name one person who doesn’t want to create their own job description and define the people they work with?

Hang on, we’re just getting started…

100+ coaching niches

The individuals profiled above only represent a few of the countless options you have as a professional coach. Take a moment to compare your interests and experience with the options on the list below and see for yourself how training to become a professional coach can make your next career or business the best one ever!

Remember: only you can provide the unique combination of skills and passion that holistically lead your clients to long-term success.

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See how our difference can help you to make yours...

Examples include:
Academic Coaching
Adoption Coaching
ADD/ADHD Coaching
Addictions and Recovery Coaching
Alternative Schooling Coaching
Attachment Parenting Coaching
Animal Coaching
Anti-aging Coaching
Artist and Creative Coaching
Asthma and Allergies Coaching
Attorney Coaching
Autism Spectrum Coaching
Alternative Health Coaching
Anxiety Coaching
Asian-American Coaching
Athletic Coaching
Birthing/Doula Coaching
Business Coaching
Cancer Coaching
Career Coaching
Christian Coaching
Communications Coaching
Conflict Coaching
Cooking Coaching
Co-Parenting Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Couples Coaching
Cultural Relationships Coaching
Diabetes Coaching
Digital Marketing Coaching
Divine Calling Coaching
Divorce Coaching
Educator Coaching
EFT Coaching
Emotional Intelligence Coaching
Empowerment Coaching
End-of-Life Coaching
Engineering Coaching
Entrepreneur Coaching
Essential Oils Coaching
Ethics Coaching
Etiquette Coaching
Executive Coaching
Financial Coaching
Gen-X Coaching
Gluten-Free Diet Coaching
Grief Coaching
Financial Coaching
Herbal Coaching
Hair, Make-up and Clothing Coaching
Holistic Life Coaching
Home Environment Coaching
Hypnotherapy Coaching
Interior Design Coaching
Intimacy/Sex Coaching
Introvert/HSP Coaching
Job Interview Coaching
Law of Attraction Coaching
Leadership Coaching
LGBTQ Coaching
Life Coaching
Life Purpose Coaching
Life Skills Coaching
Living Abroad Coaching
Make-up Coaching
Manufacturing Coaching
Marketing Coaching
Meditation Coaching
Mid-life Change Coaching
Military Coaching
Millennial Coaching
Money Coaching
Motivational Coaching
Nature Coaching
Native American Coaching
NLP Coaching
Non-Violent Coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Communication Coaching
Nursing Coaching
Online Business Coaching
Organizing Coaching
Organizational Coaching
Parenting Coaching
Performance Coaching
Performing Arts Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Physician Coaching
Political Coaching
Procrastination Coaching
Product Development Coaching
Raw/Vegan or Vegetarian Coaching
Reiki Coaching
Rebirthing Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Resiliency Coaching
Sales Coaching
Self-Esteem Coaching
Singles Coaching
Social Media Coaching
Soul Coaching
Speaking Coaching
Special Needs Coaching
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Entrepreneur Coaching
Start-up Coaching
Stress Management Coaching
Success Coaching
Succession Planning Coaching
Team-building Coaching
Technology Coaching
Teenage/Young Adult Coaching
Time Management Coaching
Transformational Coaching
Transitions Coaching
Travel Coaching
Veterinary Coaching
Volunteer Coordinator Coaching
Wedding Planner Coaching
Weight-loss Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Whole Person Coaching
Whole Life Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Yoga Coaching