Whole Person Coach Sarah Budd Headshot

Portland Oregon – Executive Coach, Sarah Budd serves people who are ready to grow their innate talents into world-class strengths. She uses the philosophy and approach of Whole Person Coaching to elicit the talents of her individual clients while helping them combat the fear of failure. In fact, this latter aspect has become one of her primary specialties. Sarah is particularly focused on people who are tired of being afraid of failure and ready to take on their dreams and goals.

In line with this mission, she runs two groups: a Failure Club and a Strengths-Based Coaching Group. The Failure Club provides the opportunity for professionals to come together, discuss their individual goals, and then practice failing at them. Sarah successfully uses Whole Person Coaching to create a space that allows her clients to witness failure dropping its scary mask and reframe their personal situations to discover the opportunities failure can provide. In the Strengths-Based Coaching Group, she incorporates Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 to provide aspiring business professionals, or those looking to retool, the opportunity to strategically assess their individual talents and use them effectively as they position themselves for their next step.

To learn more about Sarah, visit her on the web at: www.sarahbudd.com

“When we allow the possibility of failure to control our decisions, we strip ourselves of growing into our own potential. We limit ourselves and who we will become.” – Sarah Budd