Find Your Ideal Coach

Choosing the right relationships for you and your desired outcome.

When it’s time to find a coach, most people naturally gravitate toward someone they are comfortable with and feel they can trust. Finding the best possible coach for YOU to work with may take some time and effort but can make all the difference in the world. Selecting the coach most suited to your needs and personality will greatly increase your level of success and satisfaction. Coach Training World is prepared to assist you with this process.

Tips on selecting the best coach for your needs and desired outcome

Decide what type of coaching would best help you meet your goals.
There are many different arenas of coaching to fulfill the various needs of its recipients – life, wellness, business, communications or life transitions, and more. The coaches at Coach Training World are trained in Whole Person Coaching enabling them to assist a diverse clientele with fulfilling their desired outcomes.

Determine what traits are important to you in a coach.
These can be anything from gender and age to professional/life experiences and fee structure. Coaches listed with (WPCC) after their name have attended our full mastery level coach training program and are specialized in the advanced techniques of Whole Person Coaching. In addition, those who are ICF Credentialed as an Associated Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) are also indicated.

Get referrals.
Request recommendations from your prospective coach. Ask coaches that you interview for names of others who may better meet your criteria if it isn’t a good fit. At Baraka Institute (CTW) it is our desire to meet your needs and we all agree that the right fit means the right relationship.

If you are not sure that coaching is the most appropriate track for you, please refer to our FAQ section concerning how coaching differs from other professions such as psychotherapy and counseling.

Find Your Next Coach Here:

Michael Hodge, CPC
Company Name
MLH Life Coaching
New Jersey
Coaching Bio

My mission is to help individuals to develop their self awareness and approaches so they can reach their full potential in life whether it's related to career, relationships personal adventure or all.
- Be more self-assured and confident about your choices and life direction
- Do you have a solid career plan in place?
- How do you let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you?
- Do you want to increase your confidence doing public speaking?

I spent over 30 years in the technology field holding leadership, sales, and business develop positions. I have the experience in business and life to help individuals gain clarity, focus and direction toward what matters most to them. I’m also a member of Toastmasters International (TMI) where I‘ve been the President of the local chapter and held other officer positions. TMI is focused on helping individuals develop their public speaking and leadership skills.

I was born in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Connecticut. I lived in California for a period of time and had the opportunity to work in Seattle. I now reside in New Jersey with my lovely wife and our two children who live close by. My hobbies include staying fit, practicing mindfulness, playing competitive tennis and riding my Harley Davidson.

Aaron Engel
Company Name
Cardinal Point Counseling
Worthington, OH.
Available for video-conferencing or phone calls from anywhere in the world.
Coaching Bio

I spent 20 years in IT, primarily as a project manager and changed careers midway through my career journey. I have experience helping clients with career changes, resume writing, career assessments to understand skills, interests, and values, handling career stress, interview preparation, knowledge of networking and the job market, and helping people make the best of their current job. I also have experience with business coaching. If a task is career-related, I likely have training, knowledge, and expertise. I am a Certified Career Services Specialist through the National Career Development Association (NCDA). I have made a major career change and could not be happier to be working as a career coach.

►FIRST, I stand up for what I believe and can be a powerful advocate for change. Bravery requires me to be authentic and vulnerable. I express my true thoughts and opinions in a way that is honest, direct and respectful.

►SECOND, I love learning. It is how I grow and the process never ends. I engage in critical thinking and questioning the status quo.

►THIRD, I believe in helping others, which allows me to see the world from distinct perspectives. Each person is unique and my work in understanding and empathizing with others is one of my strengths.

►FOURTH, I love to set the example of servant-leadership and show that I am here to help. My style is to break down barriers and connect with an individual’s strengths. I listen intently and earn the trust of others.

Vicki Davis, PhD
Tennessee. I work with clients by Zoom and phone.
Coaching Bio

Overwhelmed? Overworked? Just about over it all?

I specialize in working with early career professionals who struggle with setting healthy boundaries around their work lives. Why? Because that was me! I almost quit my fifteen-year career in teaching due to the stress of needing to feel "productive" every moment of the day to prove my value. After learning to set true boundaries between my identity with my job and all my other identities as a full person, I realized I actually to do love teaching! Some stories end like mine, some lead to pursuing new opportunities. What's important is finding *your* authentic answer to the question, "Should I keep this job?"

You can overcome the doubt and exhaustion of early career burnout by reconnecting with your whole self. I will guide you through that process so you can feel more positive, peaceful, and present at work and at home!

Rachelle LaNae
Company Name
Wreck Your Perfection
(952) 500-0122
Lakewood, WA
Coaching Bio

I’m a creativity coach who helps people live their most prolific, authentic, and joy-filled lives. Whether you’re a blocked artist, or don’t consider yourself to be creative but you’ve always wanted to be, I will partner with you to set your inner artist free.

I believe every human is naturally creative. As a 4-year-old, if you were given a pack of crayons and a blank piece of paper, you probably started drawing in a heartbeat. At some point, though, you may have had a painful experience that forced your inner artist into hiding; perhaps your art was criticized or you were twirling in your tutu and you were told to grow up. It’s the reason many of us draw at a 2nd grade level; that’s right around the time we received the message that our art isn’t good enough. But when we hold ourselves back from creativity, we experience dullness, disconnection, and dissatisfaction. I’m here to help you rediscover your vitality and find joy and fulfillment in the everyday. I will offer my full support and cheer you on as you get in tune with your authentic self, find your unique brilliance, and create from a place of deeply rooted confidence.

I have gone from being a blocked artist to an extremely creative one. I was steeped in the arts from a young age, yet my creativity was stifled. I earned a classical education at home, studying Latin, Greek, math, and music. I learned classical cello and ballet, dedicating myself to perfection in both arts. Just when I thought I was headed towards a career in music or dance, I developed achilles tendonitis and had to quit ballet. I began to practice even more intensely, putting all my energy into cello, and just when I had received a full scholarship to study the instrument, I sustained an overuse injury in my forearms which required that I take six months off. Instead of giving up on being an artist, I found new ways to harness my creativity. I started writing songs, and found a home in my voice by converting string melodies to lyrical lines; a playground of freedom and expression. I began taking different styles of dance, like West African, Jazz, and Swing. Eventually, though, I went from the classical “box” to the singer-songwriter “box”, and felt the same pressure to succeed that I once had. I became extremely focused on writing and recording only songs that would sell, rather than allowing myself an enjoyable creative outlet. I signed with a licensing agency, and had songs placed with Netflix, Snapchat, Michael Kors, and the CW. And I experienced more stress and blockages than ever before, going months at a time without writing. Finally, I began my journey of creative recovery. I remembered why I wanted to write songs in the first place. The joy of music and movement began to captivate me once again, and I began figure skating, my earliest childhood dream. I also released a solo EP in May of 2020.

Through my own journey as well as through working with others, I have learned a lot about the creative process, what gets in the way, and how we can learn to have more of it in our lives. I have helped people break through to write their first song, get on stage for the first time, and sing after not having done so for decades. If you want to revive your inner artist, and embrace your life more deeply and wholeheartedly through creativity, I’d love to partner with you to bring your dreams to life.

Gary A Hughey Jr, CPC, BCC
Company Name
SHVA Leadership Advisers
Rockwall, TX
Coaching Bio

I founded SHVA Leadership Advisers to destroy the fear and self-doubt which plague the business world. I have 30+ years of experience in business, military, and the Federal Government. In addition, I was the Chief Executive of two companies and founder of three companies. Not to mention, I have coached, supervised, and mentored hundreds of professionals around the globe. A staunch proponent of education, I have an MA in Law and am working towards a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with specialty designations as a Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach and a Career Coach.

Aaron Kent
Company Name
Aaron Kent Coaching
Coaching Bio

Helping you take action in a way that reflects what’s important to you. I believe in moving forward by creating the safety to explore. My coaching approach is informed by theory and fueled by my passion for connection and listening.

B.A. Psychology, Columbia University
M.A. Social-Organizational Psychology, Columbia University Teachers College

Alexis Moore Eytinge
Company Name
The Confidence Society
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio

Alexis works with parents and girls going off to college. She teaches how to identify and protect against harmful relationships, practice healthy decision making, and how to ask for help. She teaches self defense classes based in Krav Maga and offers a three-month long college prep course for girls titled 21 Strategies for Thriving at College.

Alexis helps women meet their own needs, achieve the careers they want, and choose relationships that support, respect and inspire them. She teaches assertive communication, intuition sensitivity so that you can check in with what you want, and practice safety planning.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Portland State and is a certified life coach. She received over 250 hours of training while volunteering for The Portland Women’s Crisis Line and the Portland Police Bureau's GirlStrength program, a holistic approach to self defense and violence prevention classes for girls 10-17 yrs. 

Type of Coaching
Janine Aurichio
Company Name
I'm in California and work with clients all over the world.
Coaching Bio

Ready to unleash Your Undeniable Magnificence?! Your YUM.

> You have all the markers of "success" and still feel like something is missing
> Your life/career look enviable from the outside and you feel lost on the inside
> You have done everything you "should" do and still feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed and discouraged

YES2YUM is dedicated to helping women live more joyful, purposeful lives from the inside out by integrating teachings of self-care, self-knowledge and self-expression. Through the Life Styling process, you will come to know, love and trust yourself so that you can unapologetically live your dreams.

It is your birthright to be happy, joyous and free. Unfortunately, so many of us feel exhausted, stuck or lost even though societal norms tell us that we’re “successful.”

Our culture of “busy” and doing what we “should” leads to a loss of self that stifles creativity, vitality and joy. I have walked this path and found a way out. Now it is my joy and honor to share how with you.

My name is Janine, and I’m a recovering approval seeker. I lived the first 50 years of my life doing things and making decisions (what to study, where to work, what house to buy, who to marry) to gain the approval of others versus doing what was true for me (all while striving for perfection!).

Guess what? Disaster.

I had all the markers of traditional success. The MBA from Columbia University. The career as co-owner of a prestigious San Francisco interior design firm; and previous to that holding executive marketing roles for brands like Revlon, Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Godiva Chocolatier. On the outside, it looked like I was living the dream.

The problem? It wasn’t my dream.

I realized that I wanted to be part of healing the world, and I wanted my work to reflect that. I wanted to combine the things I loved most: beauty, nature, wellness and being of service to women. Graced with the resources, teachers and mentors to try a new way, I began the amazing journey to connect with my purpose and to step away from striving and seeking. As a Columbia MBA, Whole Person Certified Coach and Intuition Medicine(R) practitioner, I bring a unique 360 degree view to coaching and wellness. I also know the pressures and paces of the corporate world. And as a designer and intuitive, I know the healing power of Beauty. I get lit up watching women come to know, love and trust themselves and step into their truth, unapologetically living their own dream, as they let go of seeking and efforting, and relax into knowing and allowing.

Say Yes! to:

Stop should-ing and start shining!

Book a 45-minute YUM Connection Call - https://yes2yum.as.me/YUM45. No pressure or obligation.

Amazing headshot by In Her Image Photography, Petaluma CA

Type of Coaching
Teresa Rodden, WPCC
Company Name
Pink Cloud Coaching
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio

Teresa Rodden is the founder and owner of Pink Cloud Coaching, Author of Wholly Sober, creator of several woman based groups and organizations that recognize the unique needs, challenges, and strength of women.

She’s passionate about helping women identify their personal power and break the need to misuse alcohol robbing women of their one and only precious life experience. Living Wholly Sober is not recovery!

Type of Coaching
Robin R. Montegari, CPC
Company Name
R. Montegari Life Coaching
Greenwood Lake, NY
Coaching Bio

I help women realize that they can be, do and have anything they want by reconnecting with themselves, creating a personal vision and developing the confidence to bring their vision to life. Self-awareness, self-love and courageous, yet gentle practices are the cornerstones of my coaching.

Alex Ornelas, PhD, WPCC
Company Name
Alex Ornelas Coaching
Portland, OR. I work with clients via Zoom or telephone.
Coaching Bio

Hello, I’m Alex, and I work with high-achieving women to help them prioritize their well-being and build the courage and confidence to live authentically. I work with each client to help them gain clarity and focus, to effectively manage their time and schedule, set healthy boundaries, and take control of their lives.

In today's world, the many responsibilities, demands, and expectations women carry lead us to feel overwhelmed, debilitating stress levels, and often burnout. I know how this feels - I've been there too.

For over 10 years, I spent my time in education: teaching, working towards diversifying higher education, and doing research on how sexual violence affects marginalized communities and the resistance movements led by these groups. Although I was engaging in meaningful and important work, I dedicated my life to achieving and putting other people before me. I put my health and well-being last. This led me to change careers and go into coaching to help women find balance and thrive.

I help clients in several different areas of their lives, including:
• Building confidence
• Creating boundaries
• Self-compassion
• Life changes/transitions
• Work/life balance
• Overcoming burnout

Fun facts about me: When not coaching or learning new things, I love spending time with my family, binge-watching comedy shows, and baking anything with chocolate.

Please check out my website to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how I can help you create a life you love and deserve.

Company Name
Elana Marlo Coaching
Virtual Video Coaching available anywhere!

Based in Bothell, WA
Coaching Bio

Have you lost clarity of who you are after a major life event, a change in your spiritual path or a disappointing medical diagnosis? As a Whole Person Certified Coach, I support fellow seekers on their sacred journey home to their truest self so they can know and live their true radiance. This transformative process allows you to access the tools and inner guidance you need to navigate transitions with more joy, confidence and ease!

I'm based out of Seattle but work with clients everywhere through Zoom video conferencing. Send me a message if you're curious about how coaching might support you on your journey!

Julie Bahrami
Company Name
Insight Coaching Solutions
Coaching Bio

I'm a transformation and personal development coach who helps people learn how to learn their purpose in life and maximize their potential. Because You Matter.

Ready for your fresh start? Does Covid-19 have you stressed out? Lets talk. Email me at hello@insightcoachingsolutions.com

Sherrie Frank
Company Name
Wings Seminars
Corvallis, OR
Coaching Bio

Sherrie Frank, Program Director, Wings Seminars (https://www.wings-seminars.com)

Sherrie currently leads the Wings Seminars program as well as serving as its lead seminar facilitator. Since 2008 she has worked with individuals, groups and teams helping them to excel in both their personal and professional lives. She facilitates spiritual travel adventures to Bali each year where she offers individual coaching and opportunities for spiritual development.

She is a certified master practitioner, trainer and coach of neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, a communication approach, and has more than 9,500 hours of facilitation and training. Sherrie has had a long affiliation with Wings, serving as a facilitator since 2008.

A native Oregonian, Sherrie lives in Corvallis with her husband, Michael Frank. She has three grown children and four beautiful and brilliant grandchildren. She is curious by nature and loves people, travel, learning and being fully engaged in life.

Suzanne Sky, MTOM, LRC
Company Name
Living Resilience Coaching
Coaching Bio

Living Resilience Coaching

Are you ready to create your next phase of life and would like support?
Would you like confidence and clarity to create positive change in your life?
Are you a wellness practitioner, life coach, or creative who would like support with your own growth?

As a Life Resilience Coach, I work in collaboration with purpose-driven women healing from burnout to reclaim your calm center, inner knowing, and resilient spirit. You are a busy creative entrepreneur and visionary. You may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uninspired, or tired. Your inner critic may be working overtime. You need to rest, allowing yourself to relax, opening to new possibilities.

Perhaps you need to reframe dimensions of your heart, mind, or life to create new possibilities in your personal life or business. You'd like to explore your options, deepen and clarify your life vision, and are open to new possibilities. Your creative imagination is activated. You know that your inner work impacts your life, work, and play. You are on a journey of growth.

There are also challenges. Maybe your inner critic is working overtime, your confidence and clarity at a low. Perhaps you feel out of alignment with your soul purpose. You may be experiencing anxiety and overwork. Or physical, emotional, spiritual, or compassion burnout. You wonder "where am I in this picture?" Yet you know that taking time for yourself and focusing on your inner well-being alleviates stress and helps you reconnect with your heart's knowing and clarity.

We work together integrating heart-centered, collaborative dialogue and compassionate inquiry to help you ground in your inner knowing, facilitate your creative process, as you identify practical next steps to express the changes you envision.

I enjoy my life as a creative artist ~ my art includes life coaching, writing, gardening, creating beauty in my home, playing with colors, and photographing flowers and nature. I love spending time just relaxing at home or out in nature walking with my golden-hearted dog Ginger.

I'm happy to offer my services as a Senior Coach and can offer some pro bono (no fee) hours as well as peer coaching trade.

Follow the link below to meet with me for a free 30-minute Connection Session so we can decide how we'd like to work together. I look forward to meeting with you!

Company Name
Coaching Bio

Nena Tahil is psychotherapist and a personal life coach. For over 35 years, Ms. Tahil dedicated her career to empowering and improving lives of those faced with life challenges and transitions. As a counselor and life coach she amplifies her client’s strengths, serving as catalyst for change.
She attributes her passion for helping people help themselves to her lived experiences and a growth mindset. She seamlessly transitioned in her career choices (executive in hospital and health administration, artist, psychotherapist, life coach). Her multicultural background allows her to embrace the uniqueness of individuals.

Carl Jung’s quote, “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.”, has motivated Nena throughout her life.

Nena’s specializes in guiding baby boomers find relevancy in their lives and helping them re-learn how to live. Why? Because she is a baby boomer herself – one that is not just surviving, one who is thriving! 😊

Nena has the life skills to help individuals envision who they want to be. She has designed programs to fit your schedule and your needs.
• If you want a strategic road map that will help understand what will work for you so you can find balance, re-invigorate your life and re-invent yourself, Nena’s signature TRANSFORM ME - TLC is for you. You will understand and discover who you are, find out where you want to be and give you a plan of how to get there. You will learn to trust your transformation process, learn life-long lessons and captivate your life.”
• If you already have a specific goal in mind and you need to brainstorm steps of how to a plan for success the SMARTER GOAL ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING session will start you on your first step.
• If you want an ala carte exploration of the TRANSFORM ME – TLC program and plan your own journey to transformation the A LA CARTE TLC option will help you design your own destiny.

Visit Nena’s website at www.transformtlc.com to find out more. She can be contacted at nenatahil.transformtlc.com or 904-351-6733 or 201-478-9920.

Ms. Tahil holds a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University (Psychology and Computer Sciences), a Master in Public Health degree from Columbia University (Health Planning and Policy) and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from the University of North Florida. Ms. Tahil was awarded the National Board of Certified Counselors Foundation Board Certified Counselor Scholarship.

Tonya S. Rivers
Company Name
Purposed2Lead, LLC
Saint Louis, Missouri
Coaching Bio

Tonya Rivers, MBA, CPC, DTM, PMP – is Principal and Founder of Purposed2Lead, LLC.

She is a certified professional coach, speaker, and trainer specializing in leadership, life, career, and business/organizational agility.

The change she wants to make in the world is to help people and organizations align their vision and mission with their purpose. When people have purpose and organizations have culture, together they will achieve results that deliver key outcomes.

She is an Executive Director for Maxwell Leadership and an Adjunct Faculty at Webster University. Her servant-leadership in community volunteerism includes serving in leadership roles for Project Management Institute and Toastmasters International. Tonya has 20 years of experience as a strategic consultant leading Business and Technology transformation initiatives.

Carlotta Germi
Company Name
Waves of Change
Maui, Hawaii
Coaching Bio


As a certified life direction coach, I believe in the waves of change we find our true direction. Either we choose to make a change or we are navigating trough difficulties in our life, I can tell you that every obstacle we experience will lead us to the right path. We might feel lost, or overwhelmed by the multiple possibilities we have in front of us, but when we are in alignment with our true selves, than even the most scary change can be faced with positivity and can bring us to that amazing stage of our life where we feel fulfilled, happy and in peace! And this is why I am here! to help you get crystal clear on your whys, give you all the tools you need to finally find your direction and live a life behind your wildest dreams!

For as long as I can remember, change has always been a primary factor in my life. Either because I decided to explore more, get to know different cultures and reality, or because it had been imposed on me.
As Joshua J. Marine said "Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life
meaningful". And yes, with my ups and downs, everything was quite "interesting"! I got my master degree in International business, I had lived in 6 different countries, I had two changes of careers and I was than able to move to Hawaii. But I knew there was more of me to discover. My soul was screaming out to be heard amongst the chaos and busyness of my life, but I was not ready to listen, not yet! Until one day a big change was imposed to me: my soul mate left me.. That was the most devastating yet empowering experience of my entire life! Thanks to that experience...I WAS FINALLY READY TO FIND MY LIFE DIRECTION!
In that life changing experience I did the only thing that felt right for me: pray. I prayed for answers, I prayed for healing, I prayed for a better outcome, and the universe responded. I needed to go in worth and find find myself back, get crystal clear on my values, my strengths, my believes and use them to find my true direction, my purpose! I stayed positive and kept believing there was something better waiting for me, and that was on the other side of my fears. Luckily for me, I found life coaching and I learned valuable tools and strategies to
heal myself and get my power back. I worked on releasing my fears, I changed my belief system, I started recognizing the voice of my ego and than give more space to the voice of my soul. In few simple words I released all the blocks to the presence of my magic!
Today I am living a life behind my wildest dreams. I worked hard to get my coaching certification to be able to guide as many people as possible, to discover the magic within them and finally live a happy life. I know how scary and overwhelming can be to find yourself alone in those life changing moments, but luckily you don't have to face all of this alone. I am here to help you find your true life direction and shine brighter than you ever did. Because if there is something I learned from all the life changing experiences of my life is that there is always a better plan awaiting for us, and each obstacles we encounter is just a detour in the right direction. Everything will be ok, you will be ok, you will be smiling again, you will love again and you will find your power back and finally be ready to shine!

As Marianne Williamson said: "We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”

I believe we have all been brought to this World to shine bright and be happy, the way we do that is our own unique magic. I do believe we are all powerful behind our imagination, and in a World that teaches us to always plan for the worst is crucial we instead find our own direction to shine bright and manifest everything we want in life. Helping people to find that source of love, power, energy inside of them is what I've been brought to this world for. Is never to late to find your way in life, each obstacles you have encountered brought you closer to
what you are meant to be. This is the time for you to believe again, to fall in love, to dream big, to smile, to laugh, to leave fears behind, to realize whatever you put yourself into... to be stronger, to be healthier... to BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!
If you are ready to invest in your dreams and finally find your power and shine bright than I am the right person for you!

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
Herny David Thoreau

Type of Coaching
Kelli Monaghan
Company Name
Heavenly Grounded Coaching
Salem Oregon
Coaching Bio

Hello! I’m Kelli! I’m a Widow Wellness Coach! I received my certificate in Whole Person Coaching, which is completely in line with my belief system. I believe you must pay attention to the whole body: mind, body and soul, to achieve optimal wellness. I practice this in my own life, and am passionate about educating women to encourage their own healing.

I lost my husband to cancer in 2010 and it rocked my foundation. I became a widow at the ripe young age of 40! And, of course, my life has never been the same since. I have suffered deep grief, and have also learned steps to healing. I learned how to take care of my mind, body and soul. I learned how nutrition, fitness and being kind to myself, helped my grieving process and promoted my healing.

I also went to work for hospice, for 5 years, and this took my understanding and knowledge to an entirely different level. My education consisted of daily visits with beautiful patients and families, sharing a most vulnerable part of their life with me. Our stories were different, but our journeys were similar. And, because of this experience, and my own personal losses, I can confidently say I am an expert in grief, loss, and the healing thereafter!

This I know for sure, we only have one life, and it can be taken from us at any given moment. There is so much out there, to do, to see, and to be! There is so much life to live. And I also know LIFE CAN BE AMAZING AGAIN!!

After the dust has settled, and you are ready to be more than “just ok,” let me walk with you as you become the most fabulous, amazing, woman you were created to be! Let me walk beside you as you find your ground, and your amazing bad ass self, and step into the life you dream of, and absolutely deserve.

YOLO baby! Lets do this!!

Rosalie Schurman
Portland, Oregon (in-person and virtual)
Coaching Bio

You are capable of self-empowerment and radical change, and I’m here to help you explore and discover your own strengths. If you are living with a new diagnosis or chronic illness, or are queer, polyamorous, or ethically non-monogamous, I offer coaching that is empathetic, informed, realistic, and optimistic. Having lived with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for 30 years, I understand the ways in which chronic illness can shut us down and make us feel uninspired. And as a queer woman and anthropologist, I have navigated the difficulties and wonders of my own place in the queer community. Within all these unique experiences, I believe that coaching is a valuable tool that can help us grow, innovate, learn, and live our organic, authentic lives.

Even in the most difficult circumstances, I can travel alongside you to access your own greatest resources, motivation, and hope. For my clients who are experiencing the upheaval of a new medical diagnosis, I walk with you through the process of learning how to make changes in your life that will accommodate your needs, alleviate the physical difficulties in your environment, and allow you to find optimism and enjoyment in your new circumstances. For those with chronic illness, I help you foster your own greatest strengths to make productive and positive change within your routine, to alter existing, ineffective habits, and to discover creativity and faith within yourself.

For my clients in the queer and polyamorous communities, I bring a creative and joyful perspective to navigating relationship-building, communication skills, family change, and personal identity. I feel deeply that all those who seek and foster love in their lives should have a rich and meaningful toolbox from which to act, create, and experience.

In my life, I find joy in creating art, writing, cooking, breathing in the wonderful Oregon air, and spending time with my silly dogs, my dear friends, and my family -- both biological and chosen.

Phoenix S.A.
Company Name
Second Self Genesis Ltd.
Christchurch, New Zealand
Coaching Bio

How much do you know about the power of your “Second Self”? I found mine the hard way. However, after going through the steps and officially becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I can support you to carve yours out smoothly.

Your story might be different, but the end outcome can surprisingly be similar...

My father was a superhuman, a high-achiever and an overly successful manager running large corporates, multi-disciplinary teams and mega-scale industrial projects all through my childhood and young adult life. Surprise, surprise, as an enthusiastic teenager with a lot of external drive and supporting evidence, I became interested in engineering and management!

Passion, progress and satisfaction are what we constantly seek for in our personal and professional lives. We tend to get inspired by what is defined as success, look around for it and try to follow footsteps of successful people with the intention of making it ours. Every single human being is born unique, with potential to offer something special to the world. So, no wonder if copy/pasting other people’s paths hasn’t resulted in profound satisfaction. We seriously need to believe in our uniqueness and look inward to find our specialty, then embody and manifest it in the world while we still have time.

I completed a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master and a Ph.D in Structural Engineering. I worked for a combination of eight years in the industry. Alongside my professional career, I was also involved in research and academia. All in all, happy workplaces, happy clients, lots of rewards, and ample positive feedback from the environment.

What I hadn’t realised was, all these were external indicators known to the world as signs of success. I have to confess, they were too tangible and tasty to be neglected and it was just easier not (wanting!) to hear my inner voice. The voice which had already started warning me to my path, grew stronger with time and “ignoring” became a painful choice by day. Nevertheless, I kept choosing to ignore the signs until it was too late… Since I hadn’t paid my “self” the attention it deserved, it crushed me to a bedrock of depression/anxiety and I came to a full stop!

Long story short, I had to go through the path of self rediscovery, revaluation and realisation of a new “me”. It took a long time to untangle the tightly knitted web that life had beautifully strangled me in over the years. It was hard, painful and came at a huge expense of my time, energy and money. Maybe all I needed was support of someone who deeply listened, truly cared and wisely helped, so I could travel the right path, my path, one step at a time.

Well, things are very different now… I have my passion at heart, my purpose in mind and my new self by side. I have named this process the “Graceful Destruction”, and my new self the “Second Self”. I have gone through a long, arduous and organic process alone to make this happen and start living life. But you don’t have to do it the hard way, you shouldn’t have to spend such long time and certainly you don’t have to travel the path alone.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who has walked the walk, I am here to support you find your uniqueness and live your ambition so you can live the life you truly deserve from inside out.

If you resonate with these and want to know more about “Second Self Coaching” and how it works, go to my website and book a free 30-minute consultation session to see if this special coaching is for you.

Tammy Edwards
Company Name
Coaching By Tammy
301 524-1316
Maryland/Virginia/DC Area
Virtual Appointments via Zoom
Coaching Bio

Tammy Edwards is an accomplished and experienced business executive with proven demonstrated skills and results. She has successfully assisted professionals, executives, managers, and employees unleash their maximum potential relating to leadership, career development/promotion, self-preservation, relationships, personal and work life balance. Tammy will promote and challenge you to explore your born given gifts and natural talents in a fearless liberating pursuit. You will embrace and enjoy your journey by exploring and igniting your true purpose and unmasking your best authentic self to achieve your hearts’ desire and goals.

Tammy has an MBA in Marketing and is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. She is a notary public, board member for a non-profit affordable housing company, and enjoys helping people within the community and business sector. Tammy is a motivational speaker who has presented at career conferences 750+ attendees, taught competitive advantage workshops, and one-on-one life changing coaching sessions.

Take the first step! Contact me for a free 20 mintue "Test Coach Chat" that will push you closer to your purpose and exhilarating "self-discovery" journey.

Julie M. Marx
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Journeys & Jaunts
+86 152 0400 1727
Shenyang, China
available face-to-face, via Zoom, Skype, or WeChat video call
Coaching Bio

So, now you are an expat spouse. What does that mean?
Moving to a new country is challenging. Especially, if that country is culturally far from your own comfort zone. Add to that challenges like going from being securely employed to looking for a new job, or from being super-busy to trying to sensibly fill your days. Or transitioning from high power career person to stay-at-home-parent. With all of these decisions awaiting you, transitioning into this new role of expat spouse can seem downright daunting.
If you need assistance sorting through what this change means to you, I am here to help. As a coach, I support future and current expat spouses aiming to create and solidify their new role so you can feel self-assured and confident about your choices and life direction.
Why can I help?
Changing locations and adapting to new environments has been the story of my life. Having grown up in a bilingual (German-French) household, I was exposed to different cultures from a very young age. Be it as the only kid with a German passport at French summer camp at the tender age of 7, or as an exchange student to the US when I was 16, or studying in France, then China, then France again.
Since 2014, China has been my new home, having followed my engineer husband to his expat assignment in Shenyang (Liaoning Province). This was the first time that I “tagged along” with someone else going abroad, and it opened my eyes to the challenges of following along to someone else’s work agenda.
My struggle, and that of the other spouses around me (many of whom wrestled with the many decisions to be made and the challenges their new role brought with it) led me to offer coaching specifically for expats and their spouses.
So, book me for a complimentary half-hour session today to find out whether we are the right fit!

Lyndsay Toensing, WPCC
Company Name
Lyndsay Toensing Transformational Coaching & Consulting
Forest Lake, MN
Coaching Bio

Lyndsay is a transformational leadership coach, energy healer, and author of the Best Selling book The Art of Connected Leadership. She is passionate about helping high achieving professionals create the life they love. Lyndsay spent fifteen years leading teams, mentoring, and coaching in startups to Fortune 500 companies before answering her call as a healer and transformational leadership coach.

Chelsea King
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Heart Centered Work
Portland, Oregon Metro Area (place based) and Worldwide (virtual)
Coaching Bio

Chelsea King is a Communication Coach and Organizational Development Consultant with Heart Centered Work. Chelsea believes in self-responsibility, sharing power to create real partnership, and the power of honesty coupled with kindness. She helps leaders and their teams achieve these qualities in their relationships (personal and professional), performance review systems, meetings, and other organizational processes. One-on-one coaching, facilitated dyadic conversation, facilitated team-meetings, and communication training are the primary modalities for delivering these outcomes. Chelsea is also passionate about public service and has served as a director on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board since 2015, where she has been instrumental in board development, equitable policy moves, and responsiveness to the public.  Chelsea loves laughing, travel, deep discussions and espresso and when those are all combined, she’s truly happy.

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