Find Your Ideal Coach

Choosing the right relationships for you and your desired outcome.

When it’s time to find a coach, most people naturally gravitate toward someone they are comfortable with and feel they can trust. Finding the best possible coach for YOU to work with may take some time and effort but can make all the difference in the world. Selecting the coach most suited to your needs and personality will greatly increase your level of success and satisfaction. Coach Training World is prepared to assist you with this process.

Tips on selecting the best coach for your needs and desired outcome

Decide what type of coaching would best help you meet your goals.
There are many different arenas of coaching to fulfill the various needs of its recipients – life, wellness, business, communications or life transitions, and more. The coaches at Coach Training World are trained in Whole Person Coaching enabling them to assist a diverse clientele with fulfilling their desired outcomes.

Determine what traits are important to you in a coach.
These can be anything from gender and age to professional/life experiences and fee structure. Coaches listed with (WPCC) after their name have attended our full mastery level coach training program and are specialized in the advanced techniques of Whole Person Coaching. In addition, those who are ICF Credentialed as an Associated Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) are also indicated.

Get referrals.
Request recommendations from your prospective coach. Ask coaches that you interview for names of others who may better meet your criteria if it isn’t a good fit. At Baraka Institute (CTW) it is our desire to meet your needs and we all agree that the right fit means the right relationship.

If you are not sure that coaching is the most appropriate track for you, please refer to our FAQ section concerning how coaching differs from other professions such as psychotherapy and counseling.

Find Your Next Coach Here:

Jody Kennett
Company Name
Vancouver, BC Canada
Coaching Bio

Hello, my name is Jody and I am here to elevate and energize you to lead and live your best life. I am an ICF PCC coach who loves to coach people to be the leader of their life and develop and own the leader they already are with confidence. My coaching background is diverse as I am a leadership, health, and life coach with specializations in Women’s leadership and communication. However, my focus is around developing leadership skills for your career, business, and life and my mission is to empower you to ‘lead your life’. Lead it, live it, love it!

I was not a natural born leader and it challenged me in many areas of my life. Interestingly I say that and yet, I was selected for committees and councils by my peers; however the skills of assertiveness, direct communication, handling conflict, executive presence, and presenting did not come naturally to me and held me back. Today, I am proud to say with confidence, I have learned all of these skills and my goal is to not let these hold anyone else back from all they can be and all they deserve in life.
My coaching combines leadership, communication, and confidence as a winning trio to support other career builders and leaders to showcase their strengths and brilliance so they will be visible and their voice will be heard to advance and grow both their career or business. If you are looking for career coaching or leadership development, I can definitely support you with your goals in these areas.
I coach entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers and the coaching work we have done together has extended beyond only career or business growth to resourcing and supporting them with ‘inner leadership’ skills of: emotional resilience, stress management, mental health self care, time and energy management, and peak performance. My extensive experience in health and wellbeing, 20 years and counting, along with education and certifications in a variety of disciplines including mental health has equipped me to support people through their most challenging times to inner peace.
Lastly, if you want to improve your communication skills or facilitate conversations that connect with others, build trust, and ensure psychological safety working with and leading others, then C-IQ communication coaching may be for you. I am a C-IQ certified coach and it is the neuroscience of communication, an evidence based practice with valuable tools to bring people and teams together with effective communication skills.
Coaching Certifications and Specialties:

*ICF PCC Leadership, Health, and Life Coach
*Whole Person Certified Life Coach
*Women's Leadership Certified Coach
*American Confidence Institute Ceritified Confidence Coach
*C-IQ Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach
*PN1 Certified Health Coach, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, HFS SFU Kinesiology, Mental Healh Firs Aid Certified

If anything here resonates for you and where you are at in your journey, I invite you to reach out for a complimentary call. You can email me at jody@jodykennett.ca or visit www.jodykennett.ca .

Andrea Morales Hanratty
Company Name
Andrea Morales Coaching
Philadelphia, international through virtual meetings
Coaching Bio

My motto is, why just survive when you can thrive?

Every person deserves the life they desire. I can offer tools to help my clients achieve their visions. I am a different type of health coach. Helping those battling illness reach their highest potential is my specialty. I know how much illness can knock you down. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years. At one point it ruled my world. I have been at my lowest low. Now I rule my disease. I offer my clients a way to cohabitate with their illness. Limitations caused by our health aren’t punishments but instead, they are challenges.

Through my own personal deep understanding of chronic illness and auto-immune diseases, I can assist my clients in finding the best whole body and holistic options for peace and calm as well navigating and advocating for themselves in what can often feel like an overwhelming and foreign world of medicine and doctors. Using an individualized method of connecting to each client allows me to address their specific needs and collaborate in producing a plan to live harmoniously with their illness and create a path to a successful, happy life despite the obstacles.

I am living proof that it is possible to take control of your life even while sick. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years and have struggled for two decades trying to live a life that I felt was socially acceptable. I have tried to live as an able-bodied person. I now know I don't have to sacrifice myself, but instead, adjust the world around me to better fit my needs. With whole person coaching I'm now doing work that is my true calling. Let me help you find yours too.

HI, I'm Guinevere, and You are Awesome!!
Company Name
Edge Walker Life Coaching LLC
Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio

How I got here,
...and Why I'm a Life Coach

As a transgender woman, I know the risks of being true to one’s self at the deepest level. I speak from experience when I say that with a bit of courage, the right kind of support, and yes, some risk, successful change always leads to a rich, fulfilling life.

The idea of transition or “coming out” isn’t limited to sexuality or gender. Life eventually forces all of us to choose between becoming real and showing up in our lives, or staying safely—if miserably—hidden.

I spent a large portion of my life hidden behind any facade I could spin to keep my fears and confusion packed up so tight no one could possibly see me. From that space, that seemed so safe, I ran a business, had relationships and periodically showed up at events in my life that I thought made a difference.

Breaking down those walls and unraveling the beliefs that kept me frozen in fear and self loathing was not a cake walk. In retrospect, doing the work to get through the roughs patches wasn’t all that hard and in the end the rewards have been amazing! Things like increased self-awareness, self-confidence, connecting with other people and a willingness to be vulnerable.

Professionally, and prior to becoming a certified Whole Person Life Coach, I was an expert in solving puzzles;

I owned several successful businesses. I’ve been on the cutting edge of designing and manufacturing new equipment for start-up industries. I designed and patented equipment and had the pleasure of watching most of it work well and sell.

Yes, there were times I drove myself crazy trying to get to the bottom of a failed idea, all the while saying to myself “I can do this myself” or “I just can’t afford help.” What I didn’t realize at the time was how my assumptions got in the way of what I could really accomplish. So, I’ve been there. Self doubt, unhelpful beliefs and general stubbornness!

Having let go of past self-imposed restraints (indoctrinated beliefs) I decided to follow my hearts desire and help others to stretch towards believing in themselves, achieving the things they want, and become the best shiny being they can possible be.

So lets make this easy! I offer an awesome support system that takes in all the areas of your life. I’m here to help you gather your courage, align your thoughts and ideas with your goals and actions, then support you in Making it Happen!

Guinevere de Amblia, WPCC
Whole Person Certified Life Coach
I offer a lighthearted, results-driven space to explore, define and decide what action or actions, you may take in order to achieve what you are desiring.

Brielle Stephenson
Company Name
Brielle Love Coaching
Miami, FL
Coaching Bio

I am Brielle. A certified professional relationship and love coach helping women and couples create happier lives and relationships that grow better with time. I am passionate about love and helping women come home to the love within themselves so that they may lead brighter, more peaceful and pleasure-filled lives and relationships.

My mission to help women who feel stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed, and anxious reconnect to their divine femininity, their sexuality, their partners, and their bodies in a loving, fun, and safely guided way.

Jeri Hoover, WPCC
Company Name
Beaverton, Oregon
Coaching Bio

Jeri completed coach certification with Coach Training World specializing in professional coaching and change management. She has worked for over 18 years in rapidly growing and highly-matrixed organizations.

Michelle Badenhorst
Company Name
Map & Key
Cape Town, South Africa
Coaching Bio

Michelle's mission is to support emerging CX & business leaders to identify and overcome gaps in their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can be more resourceful and strategic in their business. We will do this by enabling them to invite, inspire, initiate, and steer successful business change
resulting in business growth.

Haley Tyler, WPCC
Company Name
Soul Connection Coaching Services, LLC
St. Petersburg, Florida
Coaching Bio

Hello! I am an attorney and business owner turned holistic life coach. I want to help women who are feeling lost in life get to a place of authenticity and help them create a life that they are in love with. I am trained in the Whole Person Coaching® methodology, which focuses on creating balance in all areas of a person's life in order to make one feel whole and fulfilled. It is my passion to help others grow and reconnect with themselves.

Type of Coaching
Gary A Hughey Jr, CPC, BCC
Company Name
SHVA Leadership Advisers
Rockwall, TX
Coaching Bio

I founded SHVA Leadership Advisers to destroy the fear and self-doubt which plague the business world. I have 30+ years of experience in business, military, and the Federal Government. In addition, I was the Chief Executive of two companies and founder of three companies. Not to mention, I have coached, supervised, and mentored hundreds of professionals around the globe. A staunch proponent of education, I have an MA in Law and am working towards a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with specialty designations as a Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach and a Career Coach.

Peggy Wu, ACC, WPCC
Los Angeles, CA. I work with clients via Zoom or telephone.
Coaching Bio

Hi, I’m Peggy, it's so nice to meet you! I support clients who are planning for or dealing with life transitions. Changes are inevitable and sometimes, unexpected and challenging. Perhaps you are thinking about or starting a new career, managing life after a divorce or loss, or moving onto a new phase of your life; going through or planning for significant transitions can leave us feeling uncomfortable, chaotic, and stressed. You don’t have to be alone, as your coach, we’ll work together to help you uncover inner wisdom and unlock your full potential to succeed in these unsettling times. My mission is to champion you and inspire you to pursue your success. If you are ready for a positive personal transformation or wish to navigate life transitions peacefully and gracefully, I’m here to help you. Together, we’ll turn challenges into opportunities and work toward a hopeful and thriving future.

Besides being a certified Life Coach, I’m also a registered yoga teacher, wife, and mom to two cats. To learn more about my journey, please visit www.mindfulsequences.com. Thank you for your time. Wishing you love, peace, and happiness.

Company Name
Individual Consultant
New York - Coaching conducted via phone/video
Coaching Bio

Emily Barry-Murphy, PhD, is serving as Program Specialist in the Department of Homeland Security; she is pursuing her Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential. She enjoys both one-on-one and team coaching and taking a holistic approach in career engagement and career advancement coaching. Uniquely, she offers a three session career engagement boot camp to jump start career growth.

Her day-to-day work involves management of 14 asylum pre-screening portfolios on the East Coast of the United States, to include liaising with external agency partners and utilizing data analysis to guide teams in operational improvements. She previously supervised over 150 first and second line reports in Supervisory Management and Program Analyst and Supervisory Program Manager roles. Prior to these roles, she served as an Asylum Officer and also spent time in academia; she taught students, conducted research, presented her research at Oxford and published in international journals. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on how displaced persons could be empowered to use their skills and resources to navigate governance systems and access protections. She enjoys using some of that same empowerment perspective, combined with her supervisory experience and coaching skillset, to coach individuals in maximizing their growth.

Sheila Anne Murray
Company Name
Sheila Anne
Denver, CO. Virtual appointments available
Coaching Bio

Hi I’m Sheila and I help driven, free-spirited women to pave a path towards jump-out-of-bed-excitement in their life and career.

You might be here because you’re feeling stuck, lost, burnt out, or you feel there is something missing. Perhaps you’ve earned the promotion you dreamed of but you still dread the daily grind. Maybe you crave a path that feels impactful and more true to who you are. You might be looking to step up your daily habits, cultivate killer confidence, and radiate from within.

I’m here for you. I get it.

I used to rely on checking boxes, killing sales goals, and filling a schedule to feel good about myself. Sound familiar? Overwhelm and anxiety were close friends in those days … but I didn’t even notice, because I was too busy. I was too busy to even realize I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Through a transformational process, I discovered how to redefine success, how to leverage my strengths, and I began to lead a life where I felt passionate every day. I traveled the world, I moved on a whim, and I started a new career that brings me joy every day - helping women like you to come home to yourself and transform.

In working together we will:
— Assess your life aspects (helllooo to your beautiful life! What’s really going on?)
— Redefine success & expectations (ok, real talk, what really matters?)
— Understand roadblocks & opportunities (then leverage this powerful insight to build epic goals!)
— Map out your well-deserved future and set the action steps to get you there (yep, you’ll get to leverage that achiever side, guaranteed!)

Street Cred: Whole Person Certified Coach, ICF Associate Certified Coach, 200hr YTT

Fun facts you didn’t ask for but may enjoy: I am a yoga instructor, blogger, “morning person,” and dog mom of a hound rescue. I love wandering this beautiful Earth, and Slovenia & Costa Rica are two of my favorite travel spots.

I’m so excited to meet you! Please send me an email sheila@sheilaanne.com or visit my website to learn more about how I can help you to create the career and life you deserve.

C. Jamie Edwards, MA, M.Ed, (ICF) ACC, BCC
Company Name
Cabin Village & Associates, LLC
Virginia, USA
Coaching Bio


I love to help others to find their own path using humanistic, solution focused approaches that meet the needs of the whole person. Working with brand new professionals and coaches is my passion. Let’s take a journey together to find your path!

About Jamie…

Jamie is a veteran government and nonprofit program manager, counselor, college faculty member and academic dean residing in the mountains of Virginia, USA. He completed Post Master’s Degree work in Gerontology and Addictions Counseling as well as a M.A. in Liberal Arts and M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology. Jamie is also a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist-Associate (LCAS-A), a Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS), and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GDCF). In addition, he is a HeartMath Certified Clinical Practitioner for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation and a Heart Math Certified Mentor.

While a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) and a Board-Certified Coach (BCC) as well as a ICF Associate Credentialed Coach, Jamie enjoys working with clients in the human services and helping sectors as well as the government and non profit worlds.

Kate Ensor
Company Name
Mt. Hood Parkdale, Oregon
Coaching Bio

After spending more than a decade developing educational content for the corporate world, I felt burnt out, overwhelmed, and completely frustrated with all the rules and hierarchy.

I really wanted to work with people who are in the business of creating true transformations — no matter how big or small.

I believe we need to shift the paradigm where our fear of not-enoughness is driving our decision-making and creative processes. When we let scarcity run the show, we rush, make mistakes, and forget about the people we are trying to serve.

It’s time to create a world where we value connection over consumption and put people and relationships at the center of our lives.

I help creative business owners create content and business structures that drive real transformations - no matter how big or small. As their content creator, I use exploration + pattern making + sense making + artistry to create content and structures that support their business and their customers. As their content coach, I support them in creating and staying aligned with their personal navigation system so they are empowered to carve their own path.

Open to senior coach those who are looking for alternative pathways to incorporate coaching into their lives, business or job.

Feel free to schedule a clarity conversation with me to chat about how I can best be of service to you: https://hello.dubsado.com/public/appointment-scheduler/5e9f4ba7d025013e2d551023/schedule

Sabrina Suarez
Company Name
Coaching Bio

As an intuitive relationship and leadership coach, my mission is to support others in gaining the skills necessary to build high-quality, successful connection and to develop, connect, and empower leaders to be the love they want to see in the world, creating positive change via their contribution.

With my support, you can become your greatest asset and use the skills developed to create a massive impact for yourself and others! You will become the source of everything great in your life. You have the ability to manifest it all, let me show you how.

Bill Lightfoot
Company Name
Greater Boston Area, New England, United States
Coaching Bio

In this crazy, often hectic and chaotic world it helps to have people we can reach out to to help us explore our interests and passions while also helping us achieve our goals.

My niche in coaching is in taking a wholistic approach to working with executives, senior managers, and other leaders in for profit, non profit, and entrepreneurial ventures experiencing the very real and very challenging stress of change. Having walked the walk, working globally in all three sectors, I look forward to working with you to find your focus, set your goals, and guide you to success.

My own journey has taken me from technical sales and marketing roles in New York, Boston, Raleigh, and Silicon Valley, to educational leadership roles in the United States, Monaco, Finland, and most recently, with SNHU in New Hampshire. My passion lies at the intersection of service, education, entrepreneurship and technology. And while I have an MBA and a doctorate in Organization and Management, my career and leadership style has evolved largely based on the challenges I have faced, the failures I have learned from and the successes I have helped achieve.

Mostly though, it is the people along the way who have mentored guided, led, and coached me that have helped me become the person I am.

I love exploring new places and ideas - and getting to know people from all walks of life.

I have worked for a wide range of new ventures, for profit, and not for profit organizations in the U.S., France, Monaco, Finland, and Tanzania - learning critical business and life lessons along the way. Here are the few:
- In leading a social venture that supported the start of new home building businesses in Tanzania, from elders in rural villages, I learned about dignity and the importance of tribes.
- In designing and implementing a technical support center, technical training curriculum, and a field sales force, I learned the value of collaboration and the importance of continuous improvement.
- In helping lead the turn around of a University in Europe, I explored concepts of global leadership, learning at the feet of students and colleagues from over 100 countries.
- And finally, in helping to create a program for children living in poverty that helped them overcome summer learning loss while developing healthy habits, I learned the power of community and caring.

And while I bring these experiences into our work together, I am most interested in learning more about you and what brings you here.

If in my bio you see ways in which we connect, and how I can help bring clarity to your own life as a professional, please reach out to set up an initial (free) discussion. Thank you.

Note: I am a CCMP (Certified Change Management Practitioner), have a PHD in Organization and Management, an MBA, and a specialization in Future Thinking. I am currently pursuing the Board Certified Coach program with Coach Training World as I love their wholistic approach to the coaching profession.

Katrina Sather
Company Name
Katrina Sather
Seattle, Washington. Worldwide via Zoom.
Coaching Bio

As a PCC professional coach, I work with individuals that are ready to explore their creativity, internal power, and personal story. If you are contemplating moving into the process of owning YOUR potential, then I'd love to talk with you.

I have a Masters in Psychology, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation, and I am a Certified Strength Coach through Gallup. I currently work in person or worldwide via Zoom.

Cheryl Sirotta
Company Name
Life Quest Coaching
Online only
Coaching Bio

After 20 years of practice as a Professional Counselor, I now bring these gifts and skills to being a Life Coach. My vision as a helping professional is to give my clients a safe and confidential place to develop and implement their dreams and goals.
I have tackled MANY transitions in my life: divorce, infertility, trauma, toxic relationships, career change, business owner, relocation, caretaker of ageing parents, just to name a few. I have discovered that learning how to embrace these times and work through them has made me stronger and more prepared to enjoy life. I have not done it alone. Many people have crossed my path and their love, support and guidance has made this life journey rich and meaningful.
During these times in life, I haven't always needed an expert or even the perfect answers, which no one has; what I needed was someone to help me discover my own map for my journey. This is the kind of Coach I will be for you.
Let's talk about your hopes and dreams.

Robin Smith, WPCC, Self Care Coach
Coaching Bio

I am a Whole Person Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping working moms find the time to take care of themselves while juggling family, work, and life. If you are running on empty, you are risking a breakdown. I will partner with you to look at each aspect of your life and what you need to make it more satisfying. Then together we will create and complete the actions necessary to meet your needs. We tackle the obstacles of mom-guilt, too little time, and not enough energy. As your coach, it is my commitment to support you, empower you, hold you accountable, and help you incorporate more care for yourself so you can better care for those you love while enhancing your happiness and satisfaction.

Type of Coaching
Alexa Darrow
Company Name
Alexa Darrow Coaching
Portland, OR | Virtual Coaching Worldwide
Coaching Bio

For the last decade, Alexa has been helping and coaching her clients through their lives and businesses. As a former PR professional, with experience as a Concierge and currently as the Director of Customer Success for a startup in Portland, OR, she has always been in the business of helping others and values the importance of the relationships she's built. As a certified WPCC life coach, she is focused on helping people who have been feeling complacent or uninspired in their lives become motivated to make a change. Whether the goal is to move to a new city, embark on a new career path, leave a comfortable but unfulfilling relationship, or simply find a daily routine, she is here to support and help ignite the fire within that one may be too nervous to start on their own. She will help clients to create an action plan to make these abstract, and often overwhelming ideas, a reality.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Alexa spends her time dancing, traveling, and enjoying Portland's exciting food scene.

Leah Milton
Company Name
Embrace Your Adventure
(585) 749-2879
Available through Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype 🙂
Coaching Bio

Have you ever been faced with a fork in the trail, knowing that one trail leads to a safe space with predictable endings and one leads to the unknown, potentially full of difficult twists and turns but also an amazing view at the top?
It’s easy to take the safe trail; we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We took the 9-5 job; we stayed in the same city; we didn’t book that plane ticket; we didn’t sign up for that dance class…

But I know you’re curious (just a little) of what lies beyond the boundaries. What if you could explore knowing you had a complete support system to guide you through your adventure?

Whether you have already ventured into the unknown and are unsure of which direction to go next, or you are at the trailhead deciding which route to take, let me be your guide and coach to help you tap into your already amazing skill set.

I use my background in Psychology and Adventure Travel to help you embrace your inner adventure and celebrate with you when you reach that amazing summit. Whether you’re thinking about a new career, planning a trip or simply craving more adventure in your life, I am here to help you navigate the rugged and beautiful trail to get there.

Let’s find out what amazing terrain we can explore together!

Aga Chapas
Company Name
TouchWithWords Coaching
Bend, OR (in person) Zoom (globally)
Coaching Bio

I partner with individuals ready to engage in a creative and intimate process of verbal exploration towards clarity and alignment.
My outlook on life is philosophical and I have a holistic approach to living and coaching. When caught in a circle, I practice a 5-step exit routine: feel it- think it- say it- believe it- make it happen.

I serve best those who enjoy wondering and wandering, seek new perspectives, and climb their mountains despite blisters.

My Core Values: Focus, Trust, Communication
My Inspirations: Nature, Kindness, and Deep Conversation
My Coaching Credentials: Whole Person Coaching Certificate; working towards ICF ACC

Contact: touchwithwords@yahoo.com

Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome
Company Name
Breathe Easy Coaching Trauma Specialist for Partners of Sex Addicts (BECTSPSA)
Global All sessions conducted online via zoom
Coaching Bio

Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome is a Certified Trauma-Informed coach. She is also a Certified APSATS Partner and Betrayal Trauma Religious Leader Coach. She is an IPEC CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Transitions, Wellness, Leadership, and Performance Specialist. She is also a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practitioner, HeartMath® Certified Clinical Coach Practitioner in Stress, Anxiety, and Self-Regulation.

She is trained in the Minwalla CASRD and Trauma Model Level 1. She Completed Level 1 & 2 Training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotional Coaching (Gottman), Couples & Addiction Recovery (Gottman Method).

Coaching is about energy. The energy of my client(s) and my energy as the coach. When it comes down to it, all the certifications and qualifications don’t matter if the energy is not quite right. If the energetic connection is off. This is one of the reasons that I have embraced an eclectic coaching approach.

I am Certified Practitioner in Advanced Ho'oponopono, Ancestral Healing, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, and Bach Flowers. I am also a Positive Prime Professional and am a Level 3 Kasàlà Trainer.

I believe that there are many ways to help clients achieve their vision for their lives. Vision manifestation is a creative process. It requires out of the box exploration. Once my clients are willing to explore, open to challenge, and are curious to discover we embark on an adventure into the unknown that is under girded by trauma-informed safety.

On a personal note, I am the author of several books including I Give Myself Permission to . . ., I am Loved, Lovable & Loving; I am Powerful, Respected & Supported, and Transitioning into Fullness. I am a wife and mother of two sons and I live in NYC.

Type of coaching Trauma-Informed, Betrayal Trauma, Transitional, Energy & Holistic Coaching

Type of Coaching
In the garden
Company Name
Cornucopia Coaching LLC
Virtual via Zoom; Asheville, North Carolina
Coaching Bio

I help women see themselves, be themselves, and step confidently into the changes, connections, and lives they want to create.

Mindy Durias, WPCC
Company Name
20/20 Coaching
(503) 251-5957
Portland, Oregon. Available via Skype, Zoom or telephone.
Coaching Bio

Hi! I’m Mindy.

My work as a life coach centers on developing healthy relationships between adults and the children they care for.

I believe the most important gift we can give the children we care for is meaningful and positive connection.

As a parent and home educator of 21 years, I’ve learned how to be adaptable, creative, and persistent while parenting and educating 5 kids.

I've become an experiential expert in home education, social-emotional learning, early childhood education, human growth and development, and strategic planning.


I work with anyone who cares for children: school administrators, teachers, parents, and caregivers.

Your role as a parent, educator, or caregiver has probably changed during COVID-19. You may feel lost, underresourced, overworked, and worried about the children in your care. Many of you are grappling with how to transition and adapt from public education to home education.

I want to help you show up for the children you care for in a sustainable, purposeful, and meaningful way.

In order to do this, we as adults must connect with our OWN needs, first.

I’ll help you…
~ assess your needs and the needs of the children in your care
~ clarify what’s really possible and eliminate the long list of “shoulds”
~ strategize sustainable new rhythms and systems
~ set realistic expectations and goals
~ uncover your own, untapped inner resources


I create a space that is safe for you to let yourself be seen and heard, where who you are and your goals and challenges can be explored and reflected back to you gently and succinctly.

I would love to partner with you on your journey!

Raychel Katz
Company Name
Clarity Coaching with Raychel
All meetings can be virtual via Zoom video conference
Coaching Bio

As your Whole Person Coach, I will help you find your own authenticity so you can live a life you thought was only possible in your dreams. This is not therapy – we won’t focus on the past or diagnose you based on an existing set of conditions. This is not consulting – I don’t provide advice or “do the work” for you. What I will do is create a confidential, judgment-free space for you to express who you are as you learn to feel at home in your own skin. We will go through some exercises together to help us both identify and understand the areas you’d like to work on together. I will remain curious with you, asking dozens of thoughtful questions, hearing you fully and completely as you unravel your own brilliance.

I will help you define your dream life and, most importantly, I will help you get there.

With love, light and gratitude,

Not seeing what you are looking for?

Give us a call @ 888-660-5588 and we’ll introduce you to the many coaches not listed in our online directory.