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Ashley Chymiy
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Ashley Chymiy
Boulder, CO
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As a coach, I love supporting new leaders through the inner work of defining their unique purpose and message for the world.

My clients are emerging heart-centered coaches, thought leaders, authors, and visionaries who feel inspired to make an impact with their voice and the power of their presence. They may feel unsure of their next steps and the unique light they have to shine, but they’re ready for deeper clarity, confidence, and conviction around their calling and next steps to make it a reality.

I believe…
– You are exactly who you need to be, to make the difference you’re here to make.
– Your unique voice and heartfelt message can impact someone’s life today.
– Your greatest challenges in life have gifted you with deep insight and wisdom to share.
– Your struggles and imperfections are some of your greatest assets as a heart-centered leader.
– The world needs more leaders like you, with compassion and a commitment to positive change.
– The best “marketing” for a mission-driven business happens when you share your truth with clarity and conviction.

***Senior Coaching // Fellow coach, I’d be honored to come alongside you on your path to embracing your next chapter as an agent of change, and leader in your community. Senior Coaching with me looks like:
– Being supported as you navigate your path as a coach and CTW student
– Having a safe space to be witnessed and encouraged as you own your role as a coach and develop your coaching style
– Being invited to identify areas where you want to grow, and define the skills you want to strengthen
– Practicing your coaching with me as your “client” and receive notes on everything you’re doing well
– Receiving gentle feedback and suggestions for growth, if desired, in the format most useful for you (written or verbal)

➳ Book a free clarity call with me here, and let’s explore how I might support you:
➳ Available for pro bono Senior Coaching, and trades/pro bono with all CTW members while accruing hours for ICF accreditation

➳ Free Meditation ~ Tuning Into Your Unique Voice & Authentic Message (
➳ Blog: Mindful and heart-centered business practices (
➳ Podcast: The Brand Cure: Marketing podcast for mission-driven entrepreneurs (iTunes, Google Play, & Spotify)

About Ashley ~
I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with my husband Chris and a house full of furry friends. I’m an INFP, Enneagram 4, Pisces (sun and moon), and I’m passionate about creativity, mindfulness, neuroscience, animals, and visual arts. I have an M.A. in Conflict Resolution, B.A. in World Religions & Philosophy, am a certified Whole Person Coach, and am certified in NLP, facilitation, and consensus building methods.

  • Ashley Chymiy, M.A.

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