Badr Hubais

Skiing in the Alps
Dubai, UAE
Coaching Bio:

Hi! I'm Badr a successful executive seeking to increase the good in the world. There has always been a nagging feeling that there is more. Perhaps you can relate?

Throughout my life people have always came to me with their problems and for advice. Yet, I had trouble finding someone to talk to. I turned to coaching as a means to find myself and set the course I will am taking.

Feeling lost, stuck or unsure is a very upsetting and discouraging feeling. It can start in one aspect of your life and dampen your enjoyment of all aspects of your life. This can become a vicious cycle that leaves you struggling, with no ideas on how to escape. Especially if you travel the path alone.

I have worked as an engineer, teacher, manager and leader and pursuing results and achieving them at any cost has ironically improved my career and had a negative effect on the other aspects of my life. Over the last ten years, I have been on this journey and everyday and every new possibility enriches my life in one or more aspects.

You can move forward and build a life that is authentic and has meaning to you and that gives you joy and fulfillment. It is a journey that you can start and follow to grow and discover your true self.

The first steps on this journey might be unsure and hard and I want to be there for you to take the steps and enjoy your journey of self discovery and fulfilment.

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