Carol Gauntlett, MSW, WPCC

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Gauntlett Coaching
Online: Global
In Person: Maryland
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How are you?

I work with the always curious to move past the disconnection and loneliness of today's accelerating, pressured life. In a nonjudgmental space, we look at you as a whole person and create your own toolbox to cultivate a more grounded and engaged self. In the midst of today's -- and tomorrow's -- challenges, I focus on three pathways of living: resilience, acceptance and critical thinking to help further your goals and sustain you during times of uncertainty and change.g
I have always been a seeker and a student of life. On the way, I earned a Master's in Social Work and gained experience in mental/behavioral health and crisis intervention. Currently, I am working toward my ACC level coaching certification.

Looking forward to growing our coaching partnership!

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