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Dení Vázquez - Happiness Coach & Image Consultant
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Dení Vázquez - Happiness Coach & Image Consultant
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Hello there! :) I am on my way for the ICF ACC certification and I will love to coach you if you are: looking for guidance to make a career change, moving to a different country, would like to find solutions in relationship issues like unfaithfulness, are dealing with problems with a colleague or a boss, are about to lose someone due to a disease, would like to manifest better things in your life, or would like to feel just happier in general.

Since I was 10 years old I discovered the power of meditation through the Silva Mind Control Method, later on I also learned more advanced techniques to manifest things in my life through different meditations and visualizations which I work a lot with and will be very happy to show you too! I also studied the Body Mirror System to heal the body and the soul, practiced Kundalini Yoga, and I am deeply immerse now in the Positive Psychology field.

I am a results focused oriented person with a sunny personality, a contagious smile, a positive attitude and good vibes to share, but in 2017 I was knowing a different me who was frowning a burn out and developing precancerous cells in the uterus. My healing process led me to understand life from different perspectives, to a better knowledge of myself, to the discovery of my deeper values, and to the use of different techniques to heal myself physically and spiritually to keep on thriving. What I learned was too good to keep it for myself… That’s the reason why I entered the world of coaching at Coach Training World, and I will be more than happy to share with you the different techniques I’ve learned to thrive in life!

Other info: I was born in Mexico City, I have a Bachelor in Communications from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, I was the best of my class in my Master's in Image Consulting at the Colegio de Consultores en Imagen Pública, and I studied a Certificate in Political Consulting at the University of Salamanca (Spain). I worked as an Executive Assistant for high level directors for 12 years in Richemont Headquarters and then at Jaeger-LeCoultre HQ. I have lived in Belgium and Germany, and I spent a lot of my holidays in different parts of the United States and Italy. I am married to a Swiss man who is the father of my 2 years old child, and I am living in Switzerland since 2004. I can coach you via Zoom in Spanish, French, or English.

Personally, I am feeling super happy and fulfilled by serving people in a deeper way; guiding my clients to listen and follow their inner voices and see them flourishing has been a wonderful experience to me! Please feel free to contact me if you feel that we can be a good match, it will be my pleasure to be your coach! :)

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