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Janine Aurichio
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I'm in California and work with clients all over the world.
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Ready to unleash Your Undeniable Magnificence?! Your YUM.

> You have all the markers of "success" and still feel like something is missing
> Your life/career look enviable from the outside and you feel lost on the inside
> You have done everything you "should" do and still feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed and discouraged

YES2YUM is dedicated to helping women live more joyful, purposeful lives from the inside out by integrating teachings of self-care, self-knowledge and self-expression. Through the Life Styling process, you will come to know, love and trust yourself so that you can unapologetically live your dreams.

It is your birthright to be happy, joyous and free. Unfortunately, so many of us feel exhausted, stuck or lost even though societal norms tell us that we’re “successful.”

Our culture of “busy” and doing what we “should” leads to a loss of self that stifles creativity, vitality and joy. I have walked this path and found a way out. Now it is my joy and honor to share how with you.

My name is Janine, and I’m a recovering approval seeker. I lived the first 50 years of my life doing things and making decisions (what to study, where to work, what house to buy, who to marry) to gain the approval of others versus doing what was true for me (all while striving for perfection!).

Guess what? Disaster.

I had all the markers of traditional success. The MBA from Columbia University. The career as co-owner of a prestigious San Francisco interior design firm; and previous to that holding executive marketing roles for brands like Revlon, Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Godiva Chocolatier. On the outside, it looked like I was living the dream.

The problem? It wasn’t my dream.

I realized that I wanted to be part of healing the world, and I wanted my work to reflect that. I wanted to combine the things I loved most: beauty, nature, wellness and being of service to women. Graced with the resources, teachers and mentors to try a new way, I began the amazing journey to connect with my purpose and to step away from striving and seeking. As a Columbia MBA, Whole Person Certified Coach and Intuition Medicine(R) practitioner, I bring a unique 360 degree view to coaching and wellness. I also know the pressures and paces of the corporate world. And as a designer and intuitive, I know the healing power of Beauty. I get lit up watching women come to know, love and trust themselves and step into their truth, unapologetically living their own dream, as they let go of seeking and efforting, and relax into knowing and allowing.

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Stop should-ing and start shining!

Book a 45-minute YUM Connection Call - https://yes2yum.as.me/YUM45. No pressure or obligation.

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