Japji Anna Bas, Ph.D.

Japji Anna Bas, Ph.D.
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Flourish Wellbeing Sass
Virtual & Toronto, Canada
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I coach multifaceted, creative, hardworking, innovative, deeply thinking and feeling people who are struggling to reconcile the diverse facets of their multi-layered identities through times of transition, helping them to find balance and access their own wisdom so that they can arrive at a sustainable, integrated understanding of who they are and flourish into the fullest version of themselves.

I bring two decades of experience as a health, wellbeing and equity advocate to my coaching. I have worked with vulnerable populations in Canada and abroad, operated a sustainable business, been a university-level course director, and have consulted for Pharma, the federal government and the United Nations.

More importantly, I bring the empathy and compassion cultivated through a lifetime of work dedicated to making sense of a childhood lived across extremes. I am a thriving survivor who has lived in North America, Europe and the Caribbean, across lines of wealth and poverty and as a member of diverse racial and cultural communities. I have had a lot to make sense of in my life and I have been continuously dedicated to learning as many lessons as possible along the way.

Life has taught me that playful curiosity makes it possible to dance through the storms. Making sense of contradictions can offer important lessons when we find ways to relax into the tension. When we hold space for the essential work of digging deep, we uncover lessons that nourish us as we grow into the fullest version of ourselves.

These times we are living through are both messy and rich. If you’re interested in digging in order to access the full richness of your experience and flourish into the fullest version of yourself, I am ready to be your sensitive and spritely guide to help you artfully dance your way into your best life.

Email me at japji@flourishwellbeingsass.com and let’s do this!

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  • Japji Anna Bas, Ph.D.

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