Jason Sapp, MATS, CPC

Jason Sapp, MATS, CPC
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Jason Sapp
United States, Texas
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Jason Sapp, MATS, CPC is a former Army sergeant and combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004 and 2006-2007. Jason survived several combat experiences in which his unit was engaged with enemy insurgents. Due to the excessive trauma Jason experienced he was medically discharged in August 2007.
He struggled in dealing with his war trauma and other physical health issues for years until he was introduced to Young Living essential oils in January 2014. By incorporating an all-natural diet and being intentional in using essential oils Jason found freedom from his past traumas. He is a born again believer in Jesus Christ and has found joy in life like never before with his wife and daughters.
Jason’s passion is to coach others, especially veterans, to overcome their past traumas and to empower them to live their lives to their fullest potential. Jason coaches and trains others through workshops, online and in person, with the goal of helping people that are stuck in life that is typically caused by some traumatic experience(s) in their past, which keeps their focus on the past. By attending his workshops a person will be able to let go of their past, have clarity on their identity, develop their own map to their future, and learn the skills to stay on their path to living out their lives to their fullest potential. They will be confident in all areas of their life to move forward to experience happiness, peace and courage to plan for their future, empower them to actually work towards accomplishing their goals and to live a fulfilled life.
Jason coauthored the book The Miracle of Essential Oils, Harnessing the Power of Botanicals to Ease Physical, Emotional and Psychological Trauma with Ryan Watson, M.Ed.

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