Judy Malkin

Judy Malkin
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Lucky Life Coaching
Portland, OR and available worldwide via ZOOM
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I found myself living in Groundhog Day… Disconnected from thrive.
Feel familiar?
Doesn’t have to be.
You want to thrive, but where to start.
One small step is all it takes.

What is L.U.C.K.Y. Life?
It’s Living Uniquely Centered Knowing Yourself.

You’re NOT broken

I believe all of us women are in recovery from something-

people pleasing and perfectionism
not feeling good enough
constantly hustling for worth
relentless negative self-talk
loneliness as a way of existing
disconnection of purpose from meaning
empty nesting - to name a few.

Recovery is returning to your authentic self to live with more joy, fulfillment, peace, and connection.

You have the power to get back to thrive.

Find freedom from within!

If you feel exhausted, barely surviving, trapped, invisible, not good enough, disconnected and lost you’re in the right place.
Join me on this adventure: the path of recovery from whatever holds you back.
Find freedom from within and live your best life
Living Uniquely Centered Knowing Yourself.
It’s time to feel L.U.C.K.Y.
It’s time to recover you.
It’s time to get back to thrive.

Reach out and find out where to start. I look forward to connecting with you.

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