Julie M. Marx

Julie M. Marx
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Journeys & Jaunts
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Shenyang, China
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So, now you are an expat spouse. What does that mean?
Moving to a new country is challenging. Especially, if that country is culturally far from your own comfort zone. Add to that challenges like going from being securely employed to looking for a new job, or from being super-busy to trying to sensibly fill your days. Or transitioning from high power career person to stay-at-home-parent. With all of these decisions awaiting you, transitioning into this new role of expat spouse can seem downright daunting.
If you need assistance sorting through what this change means to you, I am here to help. As a coach, I support future and current expat spouses aiming to create and solidify their new role so you can feel self-assured and confident about your choices and life direction.
Why can I help?
Changing locations and adapting to new environments has been the story of my life. Having grown up in a bilingual (German-French) household, I was exposed to different cultures from a very young age. Be it as the only kid with a German passport at French summer camp at the tender age of 7, or as an exchange student to the US when I was 16, or studying in France, then China, then France again.
Since 2014, China has been my new home, having followed my engineer husband to his expat assignment in Shenyang (Liaoning Province). This was the first time that I “tagged along” with someone else going abroad, and it opened my eyes to the challenges of following along to someone else’s work agenda.
My struggle, and that of the other spouses around me (many of whom wrestled with the many decisions to be made and the challenges their new role brought with it) led me to offer coaching specifically for expats and their spouses.
So, book me for a complimentary half-hour session today to find out whether we are the right fit!

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