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Katie Kasambala
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Hi there!

It's complex isn't it? Am I doing life right? Who do I choose? How do I choose? What path do I follow?

When you're someone who has multiple passions and isn't satisfied with their status quo or can't find that "one true calling" that everyone else seems so keen on then that adds yet another layer of complexity.

Honestly, life's easier when you have someone on your team to challenge you, hold you accountable, be your cheerleader, shine a light on those blind spots.

I can be that someone.

If you're a multipotentialite, multi-passionate, scanner, polymath, generalist or reconnaissance person then you're in the right place.

I've been a lawyer, banker, restaurant owner, cookery school owner and operator, specialty cupcake baker (I'm especially proud of that one!) to name a few.
For the longest time I was lost and feeling like I didn't have a place.
Then two things happened.
I discovered being multi-passionate was a thing and I found life coaching.
That was my aha moment.
It created such an impression that I decided to become a coach myself.

And now I help other people like me identify the golden threads in their story to create their aha lives.

If any of that sounds good to you, then let's work together to design a life that celebrates you in your entirety.

Send me an email or a WhatsApp message and we can talk.

Chat soon!

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