Leah Milton

Leah Milton
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Embrace Your Adventure
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Have you ever been faced with a fork in the trail, knowing that one trail leads to a safe space with predictable endings and one leads to the unknown, potentially full of difficult twists and turns but also an amazing view at the top?
It’s easy to take the safe trail; we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We took the 9-5 job; we stayed in the same city; we didn’t book that plane ticket; we didn’t sign up for that dance class…

But I know you’re curious (just a little) of what lies beyond the boundaries. What if you could explore knowing you had a complete support system to guide you through your adventure?

Whether you have already ventured into the unknown and are unsure of which direction to go next, or you are at the trailhead deciding which route to take, let me be your guide and coach to help you tap into your already amazing skill set.

I use my background in Psychology and Adventure Travel to help you embrace your inner adventure and celebrate with you when you reach that amazing summit. Whether you’re thinking about a new career, planning a trip or simply craving more adventure in your life, I am here to help you navigate the rugged and beautiful trail to get there.

Let’s find out what amazing terrain we can explore together!

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