Lilian H. Hill, PhD, CPC

Lilian H. Hill, PhD, CPC
Company Name:
Fireweed Coaching
Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Can communicate via Zoom and phone to anywhere in the world.
Coaching Bio:

As a coach, I help women professionals reconnect with their inner identity so that they can choose to live a more fulfilling, multifaceted, purposeful life. I support women who want to reinvent themselves, learn to live and think in new ways, pursue new career and/or life directions, express their varied talents, and feel more confident.

People often comment on my wisdom, calm presence, and caring nature. In my work in teaching adults, I know that we all need support and encouragement from others to enter new learning territory and develop our courage. We need others to believe in our possibilities, see us in our new aspirational roles, and provide support in trying new things. Learning involves risk, meaning that we may need to unlearn what we think we know, question our beliefs, and let go of our current ways of thinking.

I have followed this same path myself and after a time of exploration, reflection, and experimentation, I decided to retire from my academic career to pursue a path to becoming a life coach, artist, and EssentricsTM trainer. I cultivated long-neglected interests and adapted my skills developed during my academic career to life coaching. I’m now dedicated to supporting you in reclaiming your creative energies. You can cultivate long-neglected interests and talents, pursue a new focus, make time for yourself and take better care of your health, relax and enjoy life, re-energize, create a new and satisfying life, and have way more fun!

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