Lisa L McGee, WPCC

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Lisa L McGee and Fresh Start Coaching
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Can blind kids learn to run a mile on an outside track? Sure, I've taught them how. But more so, they taught me that if you’ve got passion and potential then nothing can stop you!

Was their lack of eyesight a limiting obstacle or a reality to transcend? They knew in their gut what they wanted to do, they just needed someone to help them do it.

I’ve had a variety of jobs, as a teacher of the blind, administrator, pastor, Nia fitness instructor and whole person coach, with one thing in common: Helping others do what their heart longs to do!

Being a coach is a privilege. I love to support others who want to move toward a fresh start in life or work and thrive in their potential. Contact me today and start on your new path toward a fulfilling and enjoyable life!

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