Lucy Insausti

Lucy Insausti
Miami, FL
Coaching Bio:

As a true believer that all the answers to our true fulfillment lie within ourselves, I serve as a tool to help my clients regain power over their own life. Some spend countless hours and lose much-needed rest over all the ideas and thoughts tangles in their mind. Some want to decipher the feelings that overwhelm them. Others simply want to make sure they are on their right path or living their own truths. Whatever leads you to find the guidance of a Whole Person Coach, know that you know your truth and I would be honored to help you regain it.

I offer experience coaching in these areas and much more:
-Awakening to gratitude and self-awareness
-Living your truth
-Desires for a career or life change
-Feelings of proactivity and creativity
-Spouses in search of connection (individual)
-Adolescents or parents feeling lost
-Children or parents to be heard
-Single parents in search for balance

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