Lucy Mason, CPC

Lucy Mason, CPC
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Lucy Mason Life Coaching
Hood River, Oregon
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As a Whole Person Life Coach, Lucy works with women who are in the thick of life’s demands.  They are coping with transitions such as divorce, parenthood or career change.  They’re seeking the balance, personal authenticity and vibrance of a purpose driven life.  They’re striving to build deep connection in their personal relationships, to truly see and know themselves and others.  She knows that we each have times in our lives when we feel disconnected with what fulfills us, angry at the situations we find ourselves in or perpetually grasping for more satisfying relationships with those we care about.

As a coach, she believes that compassionate listening is the most powerful tool she has, creating space for her client’s knowledge, vision and strength to be reflected back to them so that they may use their own wisdom to move forward.  Through coaching, her clients explore new perspectives and possibilities, building self-trust and confidence.  They rework their definition of well-being, nourished by self awareness and empowerment, giving light to their wholeness.

Lucy earned her BA at the Friends World Program of Long Island University, an international school dedicated to experiential learning and global citizenship.  She received her training as a Whole Person Life Coach through Baraka Institute/Coach Training World.  She now lives in Hood River, Oregon, with her husband and two children.  She finds balance in life through supportive friendships, family, delicious food, a rekindled love of dance, exploring the world through her children’s eyes, a perpetual love of learning and the meditative powers of gardening

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