Maya Katalena

Maya Katalena
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Open Circle Coaching LLC
Portland, Oregon
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I have found my true passion with life-coaching. Every session brings me joy and excitement; it feels like a gift to be trusted by the clients and join them on the journey to discover the answers they were looking for. My strengths as a coach are showing up authentically and to calmly and compassionately hold space for whatever comes up in the session. My specialty is empowerment. It is possible to be empowered in some aspects of your life, or in some relationships, but not in others. I will work with you to identify what is holding you back, and how to remove the block. The block can be a limited belief, an old message you're carrying around that is not true anymore, a "should" that makes you act against what you really want, a misplaced loyalty...the list is long. Once the block has been identified, I collaborate with you to develop tools that will allow you to do life differently, and I will support you and help you stay accountable as you set your action plan in motion.

So, how does being empowered benefit you? When you are empowered, you will be able to navigate your inner world with wisdom, and respond with discernment to the outer world in a way that feels right, is to your benefit, and brings you more calm and joy.

Change is hard even if it’s what we want, which is why working with a life-coach can be so helpful. If you are ready to discover your full potential, I’d love to hear from you.
I welcome calls or emails with any questions, and please visit my website for more information about me and my areas of coaching.

Maya has a natural curiosity and skillful perception that has helped me to find clarity in confusion and momentum where I was feeling stuck. I’m grateful for her intuitive guidance, it has been instrumental in helping me discover my best self.

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