Pam Kelley-Dockter

Pam Kelley-Dockter
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My Coach Pam
Portland, Oregon
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Authentic Leadership & Career Coaching , boost your career with confidence and power

I help open-minded professionals leverage their authenticity to elevate their impact and achieve greater career fulfillment.

My gift is seeing your best, natural self, naming your talents, and helping you grow into your potential. I hold the mirror to your inner and outer identity, shining a light on areas of growth and opportunity. With a coaching philosophy grounded in connection and empathy, I bring expertise and lived experiences to our coaching relationship. On the high end of the optimism scale, you'll find me to be a truth-teller even when the conversation is difficult and to value humor in most situations. I’m action-oriented and work best with people who champion a growth mindset.

I believe we can reinvent ourselves, grow new and existing capabilities, and achieve career-life integration that works for us. I’ve helped many clients increase self-awareness to overcome limiting beliefs, expand their perspectives, and take on new opportunities. Clients describe me as thoughtful, intuitive, ever resourceful, and highly creative.

My expertise and perspectives stem from over 20 years of experience working in several global Fortune 500 companies as a People Manager, Organizational Leader, and Human Resources Practitioner. My depth and breadth of experience come from working across all aspects of talent management, including executive/leader/manager development, career progression, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As your coach, I will listen deeply, ask thoughtful questions, challenge you to think differently and expand your possibilities. We’ll think big and start small, leveraging your skills and positive mindset to achieve your ambitions.

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