Ryan Lee Sharp, WPCC

Ryan Lee Sharp, WPCC
Company Name:
Soul Coach
Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

The inward quest. With a trustworthy guide.

So here’s what I can offer you—what you can’t seem to find on your own—Clarity. It’s not divining and it’s not some fancy gimmick. It’s a process of discovery and inquiry that we will rigorously work through together.

If you are at a crossroads in life,
If you feel stuck and can’t seem to un-stick yourself,
If you are ready for a new chapter,
If you want to find your way back to yourself,
If you are done with constantly seeking distraction,
If you want more out of life, to be more,

Then I’m your guy. Because I have been where you are at. I have crossed those rivers, many times. I know what it’s like to keep spinning the same damned wheel and wonder where it’s all going. I’ve felt powerless and small. And what is that about? Who told me to feel small, took my power away?

Call me a coach, a guide, a mentor. I don’t really care. What you’re after is Clarity. Because that’s your next step to momentum, to creativity, to full self-expression. And that’s what I’m going to help you unlock in yourself.

Best to hop on the phone, chat about where you are at.

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