Vicki Davis, PhD

Vicki Davis, PhD
Tennessee. I work with clients by Zoom and phone.
Coaching Bio

Overwhelmed? Overworked? Just about over it all?

I specialize in working with early career professionals who struggle with setting healthy boundaries around their work lives. Why? Because that was me! I almost quit my fifteen-year career in teaching due to the stress of needing to feel "productive" every moment of the day to prove my value. After learning to set true boundaries between my identity with my job and all my other identities as a full person, I realized I actually to do love teaching! Some stories end like mine, some lead to pursuing new opportunities. What's important is finding *your* authentic answer to the question, "Should I keep this job?"

You can overcome the doubt and exhaustion of early career burnout by reconnecting with your whole self. I will guide you through that process so you can feel more positive, peaceful, and present at work and at home!

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