Virginie Nussbaumer

Virginie Nussbaumer
Company Name:
The EA CornerStone
Geneva, Switzerland, CET time zone
Coaching Bio:

Hey ! I am Virginie a certified professional life coach and the founder of “The EA CornerStone”.

During my career as a Senior Executive Assistant I worked in the fast paced, demanding and often stressful environment either in Finance, luxury hotel industry, trading. For 20 years I managed the time and priorities of successful, high powered Executives in large company.

One day I realized I forgot to prioritize my health and personal life. Being dedicated to others made me forgot my own wellbeing.

This is why I created The EA CornerStone where I provide Life Coaching dedicated to empower assistants tackle the challenges they face in their current role, build their know-how to capitalize on their amazing skills, and have the fulfilling balance between professional and personal life.

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