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Anne Heberger Marino
Company Name
Lean-to Collaborations, LLC
Maine, USA
Coaching Bio

Anne is the Founder and Principal of Lean-to Collaborations, LLC, a team effectiveness and collaboration consultancy launched in 2020 at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. She brings 20 years of experience supporting researchers, academics, and other knowledge workers crossing disciplinary and other boundaries. Trained in individual and team coaching, Anne supports her clients as they work to address complex social, environmental, and technical challenges. As a team coach, Anne is certified to administer and debrief the Team Diagnostic Survey- the world’s most rigorous assessment of team effectiveness.

Cassie Trujillo
Company Name
The Leaderful Life
Medford, Oregon, United States
Coaching Bio

I have been teaching, coaching, and training groups and individuals for over 20 years in the healthcare, criminal justice, education, and non-profit sectors. I am passionate about developing emerging and established leaders by creating both formal and everyday opportunities for people to learn, grow and practice. What else? I love to get geeky about neuroscience, like to be a little corny and silly, last year I learned how to play pickle ball and backpacked 40 miles from Graves Creek to the Oregon Coast. If you are looking for someone to support you in creating the life you have been dreaming of, you can find me at

Yannan Li
Company Name
Yannan Li Limited
601 The Forum, 79 Pershore Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Coaching Bio

I'm a Whole Person Coach and a personal branding strategist and have helped 30+ professionals and entrepreneurs successfully transitioning into and accelerating at their new position. I am passionate all about aligning your work with your talents, interests, skills and experiences. I will be on your side until you find the dream path that brings you joy, fulfilment and success.
For online service providers, I create personal brands/internet personalities to help you stand out as a niche expert, attracting ideal clients, recognition and opportunities.

Rachel Drummond, WPCC, ACC
Company Name
Onward Woman, LLC
Digital nomad: location TBD!
Coaching Bio

Perfectionism has been my greatest teacher, best friend, and worst enemy.

I help my coaching clients move forward by helping them stay in the sweet spot between ambition and self-compassion.

I come to coaching with more than a decade as an international language teacher and administrator and yoga instructor. In these cherished roles, I've helped thousands of people achieve their goals through providing a supportive presence and making plans for small consistent changes to produce sustainable, heart-centered, and dare I say: FUN results! 

To help my clients tap into their clarity, I use somatic mindfulness techniques such as placing a hand over your heart and belly, feeling your breath, and listening in to what your gut is saying.

I'll offer meditation at the beginning of our sessions to drop you into the rich space of your inner wisdom. These are optional, but powerful at bringing a sense of calm to our sessions according to my clients.

I'm a big believer in celebrating all progress, big and small and finding joy in the process. So if you want to: 

*feel better in your skin
*resolve a personal or professional communication conflict
*change careers
*start or finish a creative project
*go back to school
*get more clients
*make more time for the people and pursuits you love

Let's connect! Send me a message below or go to my website ( ) to book a free 30-minute session. 

A sincere thank you for your interest.
Breathe and believe! 

Darryl Parker
Company Name
Makeway Today
1-833-MAKE-WAY (833-625-3929)
New Hampshire based. Virtual coaching only.
Coaching Bio

I have been a small business owner since 1996 and I've wholly owned or partnered in 9 business ventures in that time. I've operated as a one-man show and I've had over 400 employees across 13 states. I understand many of the ins and outs of small business operations. Now I am in a place where I'd like to help other small business owners find their paths to success and overcome obstacles they may be facing.

Since 2014, first as a student, then as a volunteer coach and now as a paid business advisor, I have been involved with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. I have individually and in small group sessions coached over 100 small business owners helping them develop opportunity statements, in-depth growth plans and final growth pitches during an intense 14 weeks of training. I work as a business advisor with the national program at Babson College and as the lead business advisor for the New Hampshire program at Manchester Community College.

In 2020, I started CTW training on track for my WPCC and ICF PCC certifications. I have a depth of knowledge on the technical aspects of business operations, but I felt I needed more skills in working with the owners themselves and meeting them where they are so that we could achieve the best results possible together. I specifically chose CTW for their Whole Person Coaching approach. I expect to achieve my certifications in 2021.

I am most skilled in working with small business owners with 50% or more ownership in a business that has been operating for 2 or more years with 4 or more employees (self, full time, part time and contractors combined) and annual revenues greater than $150,000 per year and less than $2M per year. If this profile fits your business, I'm confident I can be of help to you.

Master of Business Administration (in progress) - West Texas A&M University
Certificate of Entrepreneurship - Babson College
Bachelor of Science Information Technology - University of Massachusetts Lowell
Tactical Transport Helicopter Repairer (67T10) - US Army Aviation & Logistics School


My primary business provides website maintenance services for over 300 small businesses nationwide. Getting tasks completed on your website has never been more easily delegated. We've been delighting our clients since 1999. Never worry about your website again. Please contact me for details.

Jody Kennett
Company Name
Vancouver, BC Canada
Coaching Bio

Hello, my name is Jody and I am here to elevate and energize you to lead and live your best life. I am an ICF PCC coach who loves to coach people to be the leader of their life and develop and own the leader they already are with confidence. My coaching background is diverse as I am a leadership, health, and life coach with specializations in Women’s leadership and communication. However, my focus is around developing leadership skills for your career, business, and life and my mission is to empower you to ‘lead your life’. Lead it, live it, love it!

I was not a natural born leader and it challenged me in many areas of my life. Interestingly I say that and yet, I was selected for committees and councils by my peers; however the skills of assertiveness, direct communication, handling conflict, executive presence, and presenting did not come naturally to me and held me back. Today, I am proud to say with confidence, I have learned all of these skills and my goal is to not let these hold anyone else back from all they can be and all they deserve in life.
My coaching combines leadership, communication, and confidence as a winning trio to support other career builders and leaders to showcase their strengths and brilliance so they will be visible and their voice will be heard to advance and grow both their career or business. If you are looking for career coaching or leadership development, I can definitely support you with your goals in these areas.
I coach entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers and the coaching work we have done together has extended beyond only career or business growth to resourcing and supporting them with ‘inner leadership’ skills of: emotional resilience, stress management, mental health self care, time and energy management, and peak performance. My extensive experience in health and wellbeing, 20 years and counting, along with education and certifications in a variety of disciplines including mental health has equipped me to support people through their most challenging times to inner peace.
Lastly, if you want to improve your communication skills or facilitate conversations that connect with others, build trust, and ensure psychological safety working with and leading others, then C-IQ communication coaching may be for you. I am a C-IQ certified coach and it is the neuroscience of communication, an evidence based practice with valuable tools to bring people and teams together with effective communication skills.
Coaching Certifications and Specialties:

*ICF PCC Leadership, Health, and Life Coach
*Whole Person Certified Life Coach
*Women's Leadership Certified Coach
*American Confidence Institute Ceritified Confidence Coach
*C-IQ Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach
*PN1 Certified Health Coach, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, HFS SFU Kinesiology, Mental Healh Firs Aid Certified

If anything here resonates for you and where you are at in your journey, I invite you to reach out for a complimentary call. You can email me at or visit .

Anil (Neil) Chakkera
Company Name
Chakkera Coaching LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
Virtually via Zoom
Coaching Bio

As a certified professional coach, I am passionate about helping clients find clarity and purpose with various aspects of their professional and personal lives. My coaching activities revolve around holistic life coaching. I am an ICF-ACC credentialed coach and have also earned my Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) certificate from Coach Training World.

My coaching focus revolves around helping motivated individuals unleash their full personal and professional potential with respect to important life choices surrounding personal finances, career growth/transitions, business/leadership development and health/wellness. As a successful small business owner and private investor, I would also like to empower and facilitate other entrepreneurs/small business owners achieve their dreams and objectives.

My holistic coaching philosophy have been shaped by my robust, cross functional expertise in finance, investments, business strategy and technology shaped by advanced degrees in engineering (B.S, M.S), business (MBA) and investments (CFA) as well as significant work experience in technology and investment consulting, client relationship management and senior leadership roles in various wealth management firms.

I have successfully navigated many career transitions and work as a coach, consultant, private investor and pro-bono volunteer which provide me with deep and unique perspectives to help others make major transitions and experience deeply satisfying, multi-purpose lifestyles.

Let’s connect and see how I can help you get clarity and purpose in key aspects of your life!!

Pam Kelley-Dockter
Company Name
My Coach Pam
Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio

Authentic Leadership & Career Coaching , boost your career with confidence and power

I help open-minded professionals leverage their authenticity to elevate their impact and achieve greater career fulfillment.

My gift is seeing your best, natural self, naming your talents, and helping you grow into your potential. I hold the mirror to your inner and outer identity, shining a light on areas of growth and opportunity. With a coaching philosophy grounded in connection and empathy, I bring expertise and lived experiences to our coaching relationship. On the high end of the optimism scale, you'll find me to be a truth-teller even when the conversation is difficult and to value humor in most situations. I’m action-oriented and work best with people who champion a growth mindset.

I believe we can reinvent ourselves, grow new and existing capabilities, and achieve career-life integration that works for us. I’ve helped many clients increase self-awareness to overcome limiting beliefs, expand their perspectives, and take on new opportunities. Clients describe me as thoughtful, intuitive, ever resourceful, and highly creative.

My expertise and perspectives stem from over 20 years of experience working in several global Fortune 500 companies as a People Manager, Organizational Leader, and Human Resources Practitioner. My depth and breadth of experience come from working across all aspects of talent management, including executive/leader/manager development, career progression, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As your coach, I will listen deeply, ask thoughtful questions, challenge you to think differently and expand your possibilities. We’ll think big and start small, leveraging your skills and positive mindset to achieve your ambitions.

Company Name
Inner Edge Coaching
Houston, TX
Coaching Bio

Karyn has background in Fitness & Health as well as business startups. Karyn's education include a Bachelors in Microbiology, Master's in Human Nutrition, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Precision Nutrition Coach. Karyn has had over 10 years of experience helping other start small businesses and startups.

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