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Carol Morgan-Wirth
Company Name:
WIRTH Leadership and Coaching
Physically located near Saint Louis / Southern Illinois. Coaching services provided globally via zoom.
Coaching Bio:

Carol Morgan Wirth, ACC is a Personal and Professional Leadership Coach and Trainer with a specialty in self discovery and leading authentically. Everyone is a leader of some sort – Leader of Self, Leader of Individuals, Leader of Teams, Leader of Leaders, Leader of Family, Leader of Community, etc. Learn to lead and live authentically and you will THRIVE as your best self.

My background includes 30 years of experience in business and leadership. I have a demonstrated track record of building new organizational capabilities and/or turning around under-performing business operations while achieving optimum growth and profitability targets. Over the course of my career I have served in numerous executive leadership positions within the technology, quality, and business operation functions of large corporate organizations, as well as serving as COO in multiple small/mid-size consulting firms. I have always been known as a results-oriented leader skilled at creating high performance teams that get sustainable results.

It is my passion for leadership and serving people that led me to form WIRTH Leadership and Coaching. It is in this capacity that I love to help teach, mentor and coach individuals to define and understand their unique gifts and then help them to develop these gifts so that they may achieve their personal version of success and thrive.

I enjoy working with my clients, individuals or organizations, in a flexible and collaborative style. I seek to partner with clients that want to achieve excellence… that desire to be the best they can be…. And those that are willing to work at it. I am sincere, ethical, transparent, and caring in my approach. Bringing along 30 years of personal leadership experiences, I strive to make an impact with each interaction as we partner to achieve your goals.

Dat Nguyen
Company Name:
DatNguyenLLC: Leadership Life Coach
Dallas, Texas
Coaching Bio:

Dat Nguyen is a leadership and life coach who specializes in motivational speaking and leadership coaching. He has over ten years of experience in working with teams and individuals to identify areas of weaknesses and learning to be more deliberate in their pursuit of goals. Dat has worked with companies, nonprofits, and schools helping people build their confidence, become better communicators, and improving their own leadership through accountability and goal-setting.

His coaching career started with his collegiate organizational experiences, which included many hours of volunteering and developing student leadership. He implemented senior mentorship programs that allowed experienced college students to assist incoming students to become more involved as a leader. This program included a variety of physical and mental team-building exercises that provided valuable interpersonal skills. These skills enhanced students overall college experience by allowing them to take on more leadership roles throughout their academic career.

Dat’s training materials are drawn from real-life experiences with student leadership groups across the nation to increase competitive team growth. As a result, these student leaders improved their public speaking, set purposeful goals, and maintained a rhythm of accountability.

Over the years, the passion to perform motivational speeches ignited Dat to share his experiences about transitioning into a career and maintaining success as a leader. His speeches and trainings focus on developing interpersonal skills through networking and communicating effectively in a work environment. He understands the everyday stress of meeting project goals and the toll it takes on the mind and body. In addition to corporate training, Dat leverages his experiences in meditation retreats and daily mental reset practices to help hard-working professionals to develop mindfulness and reset their stress levels within a busy workday.

Dat relates to his audience powerfully by sharing his own first-hand experiences. The inspirational stories he shares enabled others to start living more confidently by recognizing any negative thoughts and “not allowing them to freeload in his mind” (as heard in his motivational speeches). Accomplishing such mental discipline and self-care is not an overnight process; rather, it takes a strong coach and player to build consistent muscle memory. Dat thrives in an environment that empowers growth in his clients. “It is all about moving one yard at a time to the endzone.”.

Raychel Katz
Company Name:
Clarity Coaching with Raychel
Global (virtual sessions)
Coaching Bio:

Are you ready for a transformation? Are you tired of feeling uncertain about where your life is headed? Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Do you regularly feel drained by pain, grief, or a lack of passion?

If any of the above sounds like you, look no further. I work with people all over the world to help them transform their lives and give them direction and purpose.. to move past the feelings of pain or uncertainty and into a place of peace. As a result, my clients feel confident, fulfilled and at ease in their own skin.

Whatever the type of life change you’re looking for, we can create it together:
– Professional/career
– Health/well-being
– Social life/relationships
– Family relations
– Entrepreneur/business development
– Romance/sex life
– Personal satisfaction
– Goal attainment
– Purposeful living

I will help you define your dream life and, most importantly, I will help you get there.

Jeri Hoover, WPCC
Company Name:
Beaverton, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Jeri completed coach certification with Coach Training World specializing in professional coaching and change management. She has worked for over 18 years in rapidly growing and highly-matrixed organizations.

Dominic Shaughnessy, WPCC
Company Name:
Self Development Coaching
New York
Coaching Bio:

As your Personal & Professional Development Coach, my mission is to empower you as you transition into a more productive and mindful version of yourself. Whether you’re launching a business, embarking on a new career, or working on personal development, you will be given the tools you need to succeed.

Where It All Started:

In true entrepreneurial spirit, at age 20 I started a brand of vodka with my best friend. We successfully operated two brands of vodka for over seven years, all while I was working full-time in Operations and Strategy at a security firm based in New York. Part of my role in the security industry involved implementing workforce management solutions, increasing efficiency and cost savings to support the company’s growth from under $1 million to over $12 million in yearly revenue.

While working in the spirit industry, I studied branding, marketing, and how to influence purchase decisions, sparking an ever-evolving interest in behavioral psychology. By the time I was 27, and ready to step away from my vodka business, I had grown passionate about helping people achieve measurable change in their lives and careers. After receiving my Whole Person Coaching Certificate (WPCC), I began applying my experience with the spirit industry and workforce management to assist my clients in unlocking their full professional and personal potential.

Through a mindfulness-based approach, I give my clients the tools to identify and overcome roadblocks, allowing them to strategize and successfully execute their desired results. By encouraging independence and accountability, my clients can apply these methods in all areas of their lives, adopting a more proactive, growth-oriented mindset to foster continued success.

Aaron Kent
Company Name:
Aaron Kent Coaching
Coaching Bio:

Helping you take action in a way that reflects what’s important to you. I believe in moving forward by creating the safety to explore. My coaching approach is informed by theory and fueled by my passion for connection and listening.

B.A. Psychology, Columbia University
M.A. Social-Organizational Psychology, Columbia University Teachers College

Kristine Suh
Company Name:
Kesa Coaching
Brooklyn, NY; Available worldwide via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Life is a journey and everyone deserves to find joy and happiness along the way. As a coach, I infuse aspects of positive psychology through my background in psychology and change management through my experiences leading teams. I have 3 main focuses in my coaching so if any of these connect with you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

1. Career Change/Transition
If you are currently thinking about changing your career path or wanting to find more happiness in your everyday work life, let’s talk about you and your connection to your work. You may love your company, but not your job. You may love your job, but not your company. You may love both, but feel something missing that isn’t satisfying your inner self. Or you may not like either your job or your company which can be a frustrating or scary thing! As an experienced Senior HR professional, I understand the inner workings of how a company works so I know it can be hard to find your place in it. Let’s focus on you and what ignites that fire in you so that your work can be more than work.

2. Goal Achievement Life Coaching (Inner Core work)
I believe that every decision we make is influenced by something deeper within you. I am here to not only help you with your goals but to find you the inner core of what has been propelling or inhibiting you in the first place. You might start to see patterns in your life that connects aspects of your everyday flow that you had not ever thought of before. If you are looking to get a goal set but also want to open your eyes to find what makes you tick, let’s chat!

3. Spiritual path forward
If you have been thinking about you and/or the world more in a spiritual sense and have a desire to delve further into it, let’s chat! My main research within psychology is focused on the spirit, mind, and body so nothing is too “out there” to talk about.

Outside of coaching, I am a graduate student at Columbia University studying Psychology, consulting at non-profits to help build their HR/Recruiting functions, volunteering at animal shelters, doing daily meditations, baking everything, traveling, and hanging out with my 2 amazing cats.

Hillary Bennett
Company Name:
Hillary Bennett Consulting, LLC
Vancouver, WA
Coaching Bio:

As a mom of two and someone who has an intense desire to empower women to share their gifts with the world, I started my coaching business to achieve time and financial freedom while making an impact.

The path of entrepreneurship is a windy road, full of dead ends, U-turns and detours and no short cut in sight. I know this because I’ve been on it myself. I know what it’s like to do all the right things and not see any results. And I know how it feels to think “I’m good at this and I offer something really amazing, why isn’t the money coming yet?” I also know the deep yearning to prioritize family, flexibility and purpose.

My unique combination of Whole Person Coaching and Accountability Coaching will give you the time, space and tools to get aligned and stay aligned, work through mental blocks impeding your progress, and gain clarity on which actions to take in order to actually make progress that makes a difference. Stop questioning yourself and stop spending time on things that don’t actually grow your company. Book a free accountability session with me today and figure out the next three things you need to work on to meet your goals.

My background includes over 10 years of business experience at a Fortune 50 company. I have my MBA with an emphasis in Emotional Intelligence and I am an ICF certified coach. Combining my Whole Person Coaching Certification, my business know-how, and “get it done” attitude, I will help you grow your business and achieve the time and financial freedom you desire.

Ready to get started? Head over to to book a 30 minute accountability session today.

Looking to connect?
Instagram: @CoachHillary

Company Name:
SHVA Leadership Advisers
Rockwall, TX
Coaching Bio:

I have had 30+ years coaching and mentoring executives, mid-level leaders, and conducting career coaching.