Business & Executive/Leadership

Agatha Brewer, WPCC, ICF ACC
Company Name:
Agatha Brewer Coaching
Atlanta, GA
Coaching Bio:

I help new entrepreneurs get the clarity and confidence to launch and grow their businesses and make a bigger impact on the world. I combine my coach training (Whole Person Certified Coach®, ICF ACC) with over 15 years of corporate marketing experience to help guide my clients in building intentional businesses that not only thrive, but are aligned to their personality and values from day one.

I can support you in creating an initial vision and plan, help you brainstorm your business and marketing strategy, guide you through any obstacles that come up, and help you stay accountable to reach the goals you set for your business.

I also help clients work through any mindset issues that come up in the process of starting a business––fear of failure, procrastination, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of being visible, etc. Because I believe that mindset is just as important as strategy and is what blocks most entrepreneurs from succeeding.

My coaching style is transformational: I believe that my clients are smart, capable women who can come up with their own solutions, so I act as a guide to help them find their own answers (instead of telling them what I think they should do). This keeps them in the driver's seat of their business and helps them make better decisions going forward. I also help them break through any old beliefs or patterns that are holding them back. This means that when we finish working together, they continue to thrive on their own.

If you're interested in working together, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation here:

You can view details of my 1:1 coaching programs here:

Darlene Miller, SPHR, WPCC
Company Name:
Darlene Miller Coaching
Portland, Oregon or Virtual
Coaching Bio:

People are most productive when they enjoy their work and find success in what they do. I coach leaders and individual contributors to do just that; find fulfillment, joy and success in their careers. I bring more than 20 years of employee and leader development experience to my coaching practice, including creating and delivering leader learning programs, resolving conflict with staff, and inspiring individuals to identify and reach career goals. In addition to education and experience, my intrinsic strengths in empathy, communication, and relationship inspire my passion for promoting others.

Let me help you tie your values, interests, skills and goals to your work and reach the career success you desire.

Call or text 503.516.3517, or email, to schedule your free 30 minute introduction call. After we speak you can decide if I’m the coach you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey!

Aaron Engel
Company Name:
Cardinal Point Counseling
Worthington, OH.
Available for video-conferencing or phone calls from anywhere in the world.
Coaching Bio:

I spent 20 years in IT, primarily as a project manager and changed careers midway through my career journey. I have experience helping clients with career changes, resume writing, career assessments to understand skills, interests, and values, handling career stress, interview preparation, knowledge of networking and the job market, and helping people make the best of their current job. I also have experience with business coaching. If a task is career-related, I likely have training, knowledge, and expertise. I am a Certified Career Services Specialist through the National Career Development Association (NCDA). I have made a major career change and could not be happier to be working as a career coach.

►FIRST, I stand up for what I believe and can be a powerful advocate for change. Bravery requires me to be authentic and vulnerable. I express my true thoughts and opinions in a way that is honest, direct and respectful.

►SECOND, I love learning. It is how I grow and the process never ends. I engage in critical thinking and questioning the status quo.

►THIRD, I believe in helping others, which allows me to see the world from distinct perspectives. Each person is unique and my work in understanding and empathizing with others is one of my strengths.

►FOURTH, I love to set the example of servant-leadership and show that I am here to help. My style is to break down barriers and connect with an individual’s strengths. I listen intently and earn the trust of others.

Kristine Suh
Company Name:
Kesa Coaching
Brooklyn, NY; Available worldwide via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Life is a journey and everyone deserves to find joy and happiness along the way. As a coach, I infuse aspects of positive psychology through my background in psychology and change management through my experiences leading teams. I have 3 main focuses in my coaching so if any of these connect with you, don't hesitate to reach out!

1. Career Change/Transition
If you are currently thinking about changing your career path or wanting to find more happiness in your everyday work life, let's talk about you and your connection to your work. You may love your company, but not your job. You may love your job, but not your company. You may love both, but feel something missing that isn't satisfying your inner self. Or you may not like either your job or your company which can be a frustrating or scary thing! As an experienced Senior HR professional, I understand the inner workings of how a company works so I know it can be hard to find your place in it. Let's focus on you and what ignites that fire in you so that your work can be more than work.

2. Goal Achievement Life Coaching (Inner Core work)
I believe that every decision we make is influenced by something deeper within you. I am here to not only help you with your goals but to find you the inner core of what has been propelling or inhibiting you in the first place. You might start to see patterns in your life that connects aspects of your everyday flow that you had not ever thought of before. If you are looking to get a goal set but also want to open your eyes to find what makes you tick, let's chat!

3. Spiritual path forward
If you have been thinking about you and/or the world more in a spiritual sense and have a desire to delve further into it, let's chat! My main research within psychology is focused on the spirit, mind, and body so nothing is too "out there" to talk about.

Outside of coaching, I am a graduate student at Columbia University studying Psychology, consulting at non-profits to help build their HR/Recruiting functions, volunteering at animal shelters, doing daily meditations, baking everything, traveling, and hanging out with my 2 amazing cats.

Anna Boyd, MPS, CPC
Company Name:
The Wayfinder Institute
Location Independant
Coaching Bio:

Anna’s personal mission statement is to “facilitate growth so that personal power is restored”. She has followed that mantra throughout her professional career, from counseling and advocating for survivors of trauma in domestic violence and sexual assault centers to working with c-suite executives in Fortune 500 organizations. She has been a whitewater rafting and dogsledding guide and a wilderness therapy counselor. She has helped start non-profits, designed retreats and workshops for professionals, and coached teens and adults alike around the world. She uses her background in trauma, her Master's in the Psychology of Leadership, and her Whole Person coaching training to help facilitate growth by using a client-centered approach. She believes that true learning comes only when people make their own connections. Anna specializes in coaching aimed at restoring personal power and moving forward after trauma. She also offers professional coaching/consulting packages aimed at helping leaders move forward in their professional careers.

Michelle Badenhorst
Company Name:
Map & Key
Cape Town, South Africa
Coaching Bio:

Michelle's mission is to support emerging CX & business leaders to identify and overcome gaps in their knowledge, skills and confidence so they can be more resourceful and strategic in their business. We will do this by enabling them to invite, inspire, initiate, and steer successful business change
resulting in business growth.

Carol Morgan-Wirth
Company Name:
WIRTH Leadership and Coaching
Physically located near Saint Louis / Southern Illinois. Coaching services provided globally via zoom.
Coaching Bio:

Carol Morgan Wirth, ACC is a Personal and Professional Leadership Coach and Trainer with a specialty in self discovery and leading authentically. Everyone is a leader of some sort - Leader of Self, Leader of Individuals, Leader of Teams, Leader of Leaders, Leader of Family, Leader of Community, etc. Learn to lead and live authentically and you will THRIVE as your best self.

My background includes 30 years of experience in business and leadership. I have a demonstrated track record of building new organizational capabilities and/or turning around under-performing business operations while achieving optimum growth and profitability targets. Over the course of my career I have served in numerous executive leadership positions within the technology, quality, and business operation functions of large corporate organizations, as well as serving as COO in multiple small/mid-size consulting firms. I have always been known as a results-oriented leader skilled at creating high performance teams that get sustainable results.

It is my passion for leadership and serving people that led me to form WIRTH Leadership and Coaching. It is in this capacity that I love to help teach, mentor and coach individuals to define and understand their unique gifts and then help them to develop these gifts so that they may achieve their personal version of success and thrive.

I enjoy working with my clients, individuals or organizations, in a flexible and collaborative style. I seek to partner with clients that want to achieve excellence… that desire to be the best they can be…. And those that are willing to work at it. I am sincere, ethical, transparent, and caring in my approach. Bringing along 30 years of personal leadership experiences, I strive to make an impact with each interaction as we partner to achieve your goals.

Deborah Thompson
Company Name:
Deborah Thompson Coaching
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Working worldwide via Zoom or Telephone
Coaching Bio:

I am an ICF credentialed (PCC) Whole Person Certified Coach offering executive, leadership, health & well-being, and life coaching services. I work with each client to develop potential, sharpen leadership skills, and create clarity, focus and balance in life and work. Many of us feel overwhelmed, with too many responsibilities and demands on our time. The stress levels can be debilitating and lead to burnout. I understand - because I've been there!

My coaching practice specializes in fosters balance, vitality and harmony in all aspects of life. This approach enables clients to develop greater self-awareness, authenticity and alignment -- helping them become more effective leaders and humans.

Although my clients set their own agendas, bringing forward leadership and personal growth topics to explore in our coaching sessions, some of my favorite focus areas include:

Career Transitions - New Job, New Career, Promotions, Retirement
Overcoming Overwhelm - Creating Clarity, Focus and Priorities
Time Management - From Busy to Productive
Executive Presence - Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence
Work/Life Balance - Setting Boundaries, Self Care
Mindfulness - Creating Space for Creativity, Active Listening
Life's Curve Balls - Job Loss, Aging Parents, Chronic Illness, Grief
Health & Well-Being - Developing healthy habits, Mindfulness, Stress Management

Let's talk about how coaching can help your career and bring greater balance and joy to your life! I offer a complimentary 20-30 minute "let's get to know each other" session to see if we are a "fit" to work together.

For a 30 minute free consultation -

Kariman “Kay” Pierce
Company Name:
Kay Pierce Coaching
Tucson, Arizona
Offering in-person or on-line via web conferencing
Coaching Bio:

As the creator of The ForeCAST Method, I have developed compassionate strategies to help you move past imposter syndrome.

--Repair communication breakdown
--Release pent up frustration
--Reset your inner compass

Because, honestly all communication comes down sensations + projections + emotions + words.
Everything you want in your life is on the other side of this mountain of S.P.E.W.

If you are ready to rewrite your stories, rewire your brain and uncover the confidence you know is your birth right… Great news! I am fully committed to helping you curate the exact steps to get you there

I’ve got you. Promise.

I have made it my life purpose to be an emotional archeologist . I am committed to excavate AND CLEAR that mountain of SPEW.

I was born in Jerusalem to American archeologists who spent their time digging up the landscape in order to uncover the truth about who we humans were in the past.

I will help you “dig up” your inner landscape to uncover the truth about who you are today and who you want to be in the future.

Allow me to be your guide, as you discover yourself... for yourself, once and for all.

Jody Kennett
Company Name:
Vancouver, BC Canada
Coaching Bio:

Hello, my name is Jody and I am here to elevate and energize you to lead and live your best life. I am an ICF PCC coach who loves to coach people to be the leader of their life and develop and own the leader they already are with confidence. My coaching background is diverse as I am a leadership, health, and life coach with specializations in Women’s leadership and communication. However, my focus is around developing leadership skills for your career, business, and life and my mission is to empower you to ‘lead your life’. Lead it, live it, love it!

I was not a natural born leader and it challenged me in many areas of my life. Interestingly I say that and yet, I was selected for committees and councils by my peers; however the skills of assertiveness, direct communication, handling conflict, executive presence, and presenting did not come naturally to me and held me back. Today, I am proud to say with confidence, I have learned all of these skills and my goal is to not let these hold anyone else back from all they can be and all they deserve in life.
My coaching combines leadership, communication, and confidence as a winning trio to support other career builders and leaders to showcase their strengths and brilliance so they will be visible and their voice will be heard to advance and grow both their career or business. If you are looking for career coaching or leadership development, I can definitely support you with your goals in these areas.
I coach entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers and the coaching work we have done together has extended beyond only career or business growth to resourcing and supporting them with ‘inner leadership’ skills of: emotional resilience, stress management, mental health self care, time and energy management, and peak performance. My extensive experience in health and wellbeing, 20 years and counting, along with education and certifications in a variety of disciplines including mental health has equipped me to support people through their most challenging times to inner peace.
Lastly, if you want to improve your communication skills or facilitate conversations that connect with others, build trust, and ensure psychological safety working with and leading others, then C-IQ communication coaching may be for you. I am a C-IQ certified coach and it is the neuroscience of communication, an evidence based practice with valuable tools to bring people and teams together with effective communication skills.
Coaching Certifications and Specialties:

*ICF PCC Leadership, Health, and Life Coach
*Whole Person Certified Life Coach
*Women's Leadership Certified Coach
*American Confidence Institute Ceritified Confidence Coach
*C-IQ Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach
*PN1 Certified Health Coach, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, HFS SFU Kinesiology, Mental Healh Firs Aid Certified

If anything here resonates for you and where you are at in your journey, I invite you to reach out for a complimentary call. You can email me at or visit .

Jasmin Egner
Company Name:
Cordial Fox Limited
Edinburgh, Scotland
Coaching Bio:

I am a Life Coach for creatives and performing artists, with a deep passion for supporting fellow autists (diagnosed or otherwise) and other highly sensitive people. I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland where I run an ethical and inclusive creative consultancy, design agency and holistic coaching business with my partner. Our goal is to make the world brighter, kinder and more authentic - by adding several of our diverse strings to the bow to best help clients get to where they want to be.

I have a background in the performing arts, where I worked and studied for about 9 years. During that time I realized that my drive to help others succeed in the healthiest way possible is what led me to the arts. My years as an actor and the training I received in the UK and the US have strengthened and deepened my ability to help others.

I have lived in trauma, experienced life trying to mould myself into something I am not and the exhaustion such a way of living comes with - and I have deep empathy for those who struggle to re-discover and nurture their authentic core in a noisy world.

My clients can trust that they are working with someone who understands the specific challenges autists and other highly sensitive people face on a daily basis, by virtue of being a little to a lot more exposed to triggers and energy zaps. I work with my clients towards meeting their individual challenges with a healthy sense of self-love, kindness and compassion. I champion you. That is my job and my passion!


"Through our conversations, Jasmin gave a voice to the positivity within me and by reflecting back the good things I said I had achieved, and imbuing them with significance helped me see that a shift in attitude, thinking or behaviour that seems subtle and/or insignificant at the time, can be a fulcrum for change if you reflect on it and recognise it as “a good thing”. I can decide to give something I achieve weight and see it as a sign of success. When I do this, it can create a positive energy that allows for further growth."
Joanna, Autistic Actress

‘Jasmin has a lovely way of listening and responding that fits no matter what situation I share. Through her friendly steering and suggestions, she helps me in whatever way is most apt at that moment, meaning I can feel good while laughing, crying and figuring things out.’
Anonymous, Actor

Dat Nguyen
Company Name:
DatNguyenLLC: Leadership Life Coach
Dallas, Texas
Coaching Bio:

Dat Nguyen is a leadership and life coach who specializes in motivational speaking and leadership coaching. He has over ten years of experience in working with teams and individuals to identify areas of weaknesses and learning to be more deliberate in their pursuit of goals. Dat has worked with companies, nonprofits, and schools helping people build their confidence, become better communicators, and improving their own leadership through accountability and goal-setting.

His coaching career started with his collegiate organizational experiences, which included many hours of volunteering and developing student leadership. He implemented senior mentorship programs that allowed experienced college students to assist incoming students to become more involved as a leader. This program included a variety of physical and mental team-building exercises that provided valuable interpersonal skills. These skills enhanced students overall college experience by allowing them to take on more leadership roles throughout their academic career.

Dat’s training materials are drawn from real-life experiences with student leadership groups across the nation to increase competitive team growth. As a result, these student leaders improved their public speaking, set purposeful goals, and maintained a rhythm of accountability.

Over the years, the passion to perform motivational speeches ignited Dat to share his experiences about transitioning into a career and maintaining success as a leader. His speeches and trainings focus on developing interpersonal skills through networking and communicating effectively in a work environment. He understands the everyday stress of meeting project goals and the toll it takes on the mind and body. In addition to corporate training, Dat leverages his experiences in meditation retreats and daily mental reset practices to help hard-working professionals to develop mindfulness and reset their stress levels within a busy workday.

Dat relates to his audience powerfully by sharing his own first-hand experiences. The inspirational stories he shares enabled others to start living more confidently by recognizing any negative thoughts and “not allowing them to freeload in his mind” (as heard in his motivational speeches). Accomplishing such mental discipline and self-care is not an overnight process; rather, it takes a strong coach and player to build consistent muscle memory. Dat thrives in an environment that empowers growth in his clients. “It is all about moving one yard at a time to the endzone.”.

Bev Hughes
Company Name:
Empowered Pathways Coaching
Santa Fe, NM or Worldwide via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Hello, my name is Beverly Hughes and I am a Personal and Business Empowerment Coach. I came to this profession, as many do, seeking to help others find their way to live more passionate, fulfilling lives, and to reach the goals they set out to achieve, or the dreams they want to realize.

All too often, people spend their lives doing things that drain them of their life force. I was one of those people. After several jobs/endeavors out of college that didn’t pay much, I took a job in a Fortune 500 company for a larger paycheck. The next thing I knew, I was in so deep that I felt trapped, as by then, I was vested, advancing on a career path, making a good income and able to live in a small, beautiful town that otherwise didn’t have many viable employment opportunities.

I won’t say that I didn’t have good experiences or didn’t meet lots of great people along the way – because I did; but for too much of my time there, I struggled to hang onto myself. It was a high stress, hyper-competitive environment, with long hours, and not a lot of consideration for the people doing the work. Unfortunately, this is common now at many workplaces. I continued for the reasons I did – but I dreamed of a future where I could do something that better-matched my unique gifts of helping others in a creative, meaningful way.

I eventually left that business, and took a sabbatical – traveling, volunteering, and seriously contemplating how I wanted to show up in this world for the next chapter. The experience and skills that I had built, while useful to leverage and share, were not ones that I wanted to continue in quite the same way. What did resonate strongly for me was to continue being of service, as I always loved that in each of the jobs that I had done. But this time I wanted to be involved directly with others in doing something to support their personal empowerment, and help them reach their goals of living more passionate, authentic and successful lives.

In the realm of business, because of my background in finance, sales, and management (non-profit, entrepreneurial and corporate), my opportunities now are to help people looking to develop themselves professionally, or those running small or mid-sized businesses, who want to up their game, and achieve a balance where their work and personal lives are in harmony. I also want to help people in work environments who choose that path for particular reasons, be able to hang onto their own sense of well-being and make their lives work better, while being more successful. I have a deep understanding of how that feels, AND what it takes to do it. I want to support people in these journeys, and coaching is a perfect way to do that.

We are all walking this larger path together at the same time in history. We each have unique gifts to bring to the world. For me, it’s all about connecting in a creative process, exploring potential and possibilities, and seeing things come together for people to be the best that they can be. Are you ready to begin your journey? Take the first step!

Suzi Schatz, ACC, WPCC
Company Name:
(Re)Discover Joy – Coaching
1 (407) 946-5173
Digital Nomad
Coaching Bio:

I use The J.O.Y. Process to help my clients who have survived a traumatic loss (Re)Connect & (Re)Invent to (Re)Discover Joy!

Have you withdrawn from the people around you? Are you detached from people you were once close to?
Connection &/or Reconnection can lift us up when we’re down, switch us on when we’re off and bring out our true selves.

Are you bored with the current version of yourself? Is there a part of you that you’re missing?
The ability to Invent &/or Reinvent ourselves is a gift. It can inspire us to make changes we know we need but may be afraid to pursue.

(Re)Discover Joy
Can you honestly say you have true joy in your life? Is something holding you back?
Discovering &/or Rediscovering joy in your life can make a once-dull existence into an amazing adventure.

Let’s begin our journey – a celebration of wins both big and small. Book a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how I can help you (Re)Discover your Joy!

In the words of my client, Shannon Hutchins:
“Suzi’s empathetic, insightful, and compassionate nature make her a fantastic coach. Our sessions are full of laughter and introspection. Suzi’s positive attitude and supportive presence provide the perfect setting for some of the more difficult topics to come out. As a coach, she carefully acknowledges and expertly navigates the more personal topics. Our sessions vary in style depending on need, but Suzi adapts with ease and is very receptive to my feedback.

One of my biggest takeaways from my sessions with Suzi is the need to celebrate the small victories. Without her warm encouragement, I would not acknowledge my successes as well. The tools and exercises we use in our sessions make me more confident to face future challenges. My sessions with Suzi inspire me to reconnect with myself and my other relationships. I am forever grateful for having Suzi as a coach!”

IONIS Whole Person Leadership Development & Coaching
Company Name:
GLOBAL - Online Sessions
Coaching Bio:


A charismatic collaborator, partnering with companies & individuals to grow talent, defining organizational strategies / visions / roadmaps and creating goals focused on continual improvement for organizational & personal health and success.


Coaching, mentoring and leading people, teams and organizations across various industries and through different levels of personal goals.


• Leadership Success • Relationship Building • Personal Life Goals • Organizational Effectiveness • Career Goals & Growth • Effective Communication

I believe your success comes from GREAT employees.

GREAT employees come from GREAT Leaders.

I create GREAT Leaders.


•Supply Chain •Finance/Accounting •Marketing •Product Creation •Technology •Environmental Services •Apparel •Service Companies •Manufacturing •Logistics / Warehousing •Construction •Education


Provide you the support and thought partnership needed to find solutions leading to success and true happiness for you. I will learn about you – who you are, what drives you, what creates passion for you, where you want to go – to then identify tangible solutions to empower you to move forward.

Chelsea King
Company Name:
Heart Centered Work
Portland, Oregon Metro Area (place based) and Worldwide (virtual)
Coaching Bio:

Chelsea King is a Communication Coach and Organizational Development Consultant with Heart Centered Work. Chelsea believes in self-responsibility, sharing power to create real partnership, and the power of honesty coupled with kindness. She helps leaders and their teams achieve these qualities in their relationships (personal and professional), performance review systems, meetings, and other organizational processes. One-on-one coaching, facilitated dyadic conversation, facilitated team-meetings, and communication training are the primary modalities for delivering these outcomes. Chelsea is also passionate about public service and has served as a director on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board since 2015, where she has been instrumental in board development, equitable policy moves, and responsiveness to the public.  Chelsea loves laughing, travel, deep discussions and espresso and when those are all combined, she’s truly happy.

Pam Kelley-Dockter
Company Name:
My Coach Pam
Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Authentic Leadership & Career Coaching , boost your career with confidence and power

I help open-minded professionals leverage their authenticity to elevate their impact and achieve greater career fulfillment.

My gift is seeing your best, natural self, naming your talents, and helping you grow into your potential. I hold the mirror to your inner and outer identity, shining a light on areas of growth and opportunity. With a coaching philosophy grounded in connection and empathy, I bring expertise and lived experiences to our coaching relationship. On the high end of the optimism scale, you'll find me to be a truth-teller even when the conversation is difficult and to value humor in most situations. I’m action-oriented and work best with people who champion a growth mindset.

I believe we can reinvent ourselves, grow new and existing capabilities, and achieve career-life integration that works for us. I’ve helped many clients increase self-awareness to overcome limiting beliefs, expand their perspectives, and take on new opportunities. Clients describe me as thoughtful, intuitive, ever resourceful, and highly creative.

My expertise and perspectives stem from over 20 years of experience working in several global Fortune 500 companies as a People Manager, Organizational Leader, and Human Resources Practitioner. My depth and breadth of experience come from working across all aspects of talent management, including executive/leader/manager development, career progression, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As your coach, I will listen deeply, ask thoughtful questions, challenge you to think differently and expand your possibilities. We’ll think big and start small, leveraging your skills and positive mindset to achieve your ambitions.

Frankie J. Weinberg, MBA, Ph.D.
Company Name:
Leading Consultation International, LLC
I and network of management and leadership experts are available for engagements globally. My primary locations are New Orleans, U.S.A. from August through April and Southeast Asia from May through August.
Coaching Bio:



Dr. Frankie Weinberg holds the Dean Henry J. Engler, Jr. Distinguished Professorship at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Business. He founded Leading Consultation International (LCI), is an elected Board Member of the Southern Management Association, Associate Editor at the Journal of Managerial Psychology and Regional Co-Director/New Orleans Chapter Leader for the Scholars Strategy Network. A certified firefighter, certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and forthcoming certified Whole Person Coach, Dr. Weinberg completed his Ph.D. in Management with a minor in psychology at the University of Georgia where he also earned a certificate specializing in adult learning. He also holds an M.B.A. and a Certificate of Leadership Studies from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a B.B.A. in Finance and International Business from Loyola University in Maryland.

Dr. Weinberg’s areas of expertise include leadership; cohesion-building; designing, implementing, and analyzing mentoring and coaching programs and learning cultures; maximizing the benefits of workplace diversity; leveraging social networks; improving teamwork and decision-making processes; and criteria development for assessment. He has lent advice to executives, administrators, and board members at several global organizations, including the White House Office of Budget and Management; the Select Committee for the Modernization of Congress; the Council of Chief Judges of the U.S. State Intermediate Courts of Appeal; Booz Allen Hamilton; RAMTeCH corporation; the SPCA; capital projects leadership teams at Cleveland Clinic and Akron General Hospital; the executive team at the University of Georgia’s facilities management; the NOPD, and the New Orleans Office of Performance and Accountability.

An active member of the Academy of Management, the Southern Management Association (SMA), the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), INGRoup teams research network, and Qualified Management Network (QMNet), Dr. Weinberg has authored dozens of papers accepted for publication and presentation and earned awards for his research and quality of service. He led and continues to advise the leaders of SMA’s Pre-Doctoral Student Consortium, and also serves a continuing role as formal research mentor for the Network of Leadership Scholars. His research, published in the Journal of Management, The Leadership Quarterly, Communication Research, Group & Organization Management, and other high quality journals, has earned several accolades: His social networks research is featured as a best practice in data collection and preparation in Organizational Research Methods, his article on the social construction of lone wolfism was elected the Article of the Year in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and his mentoring research was awarded Highly Commended status by the Emerald Literati Network. He is currently writing a forthcoming book on mentorship. His ongoing involvement in these research projects and communities enables Dr. Weinberg to produce cutting-edge solutions to meet contemporary business management and leadership development needs.

Dr. Weinberg has established a global consulting, teaching, & speaking repertoire including executive, professional, classroom, and experiential engagements on four continents with earned university teaching evaluations averaging 4.7 on a five-point scale. He has taught at the University of Georgia, Singapore Institute of Management, The Cyprus International Institute of Management, the University of Silesia in Poland, and at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand. He designs and conducts workshops and developmental sessions specialized to meet the needs of his clients, and his coaching centers on empowering clients to bring forth their authentic self and positioning them to take the lead on their continuing development. Previous workshop topics include leadership development; developing and leveraging a learning and mentoring culture; 360-degree solutions; creating & managing high performance teams; conflict management; strengthening & renewing organizational culture; leveraging diversity; professional communications; human resource processes, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and engaging intrapreneurial innovation. Through LCI’s global network of management experts (QMNet), Dr. Weinberg connects organizations and individuals with the right experts to suit their managerial, analytical, developmental, & coaching needs.

Darryl Parker, New Hampshire
New Hampshire based. Virtual coaching only.
Coaching Bio:

Darryl is a seasoned entrepreneur, business advisor, certified coach, military veteran and dedicated scholar. With a dynamic career spanning over three decades, Darryl has owned several businesses since 1996 and has had no employees and over 400 employees. Most recently, he is focused on his successful website development company Parker Web which was founded in 1999. This venture, serving as Darryl's primary source of income, employs a skilled and growing team of six professionals and continues to innovate within the internet landscape.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Darryl has been instrumental in empowering over 200 fellow business owners as a paid business advisor for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program each semester since 2016 at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and also since 2019 at Manchester Community College in Manchester, NH, where he helped launch the program and is the lead business advisor. Darryl went through this program himself in 2014 to help him develop a growth plan for Parker Web. This unique combination of personal entrepreneurial experience and mentoring other business owners provides Darryl with invaluable insights into the practicalities of business operation, growth strategies, and job creation.

Focused on giving back, Darryl is active in his community and currently volunteers as a Corporator for Sugar River Bank, a director for the Concord Lake Sunapee Rail Trail, and a director for his home owner's association. His firm is also an in-kind sponsor of the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness. He has volunteered his advising services to Santander's Cultivate Small Business program working with small restaurants in the greater Boston area. Since 2006, he has made nearly 400 microloans to small businesses in 84 countries with lender partner He also volunteers with Partner's Worldwide as a Business Affiliate in Trinidad and Tobago, working with local community liaisons and small businesses using business to help end poverty.

Furthering his academic pursuits, he is working toward an MBA at Boston University and a MicroMasters in Data, Economics, and Development Policy from MIT. He has a BS in Information Technology from UMass Lowell. His long-term goal is to undertake doctoral work examining the impact of private entrepreneurship in developing countries, a testament to his commitment to leveraging private sector mechanisms for poverty alleviation and economic development.

Darryl provides business coaching services to small business owners who have been in business at least five years, have revenues of less than $5M per year, and are seeking to improve their operation and grow their company. With his blend of practical business experience, advisory roles, volunteer and academic interests, Darryl brings a uniquely practical and well-rounded perspective to his coaching endeavors and the scope of what is possible.

Darryl lives in Concord, NH, with his daughter who is a student at UNH. When not working, he is an avid birder and bird photographer, enjoys board games, visiting museums and woodworking at the local makerspace. He's been to all 50 states and 10 countries and is always planning his next adventure.

Kat Renee
Company Name:
Career coaching to customize your soulful work to have meaningful impact for people & planet.
Denver, CO
Coaching Bio:

Hi, I’m Kat Renee and I work with coaches and professionals driven to serve people and the planet because they’re tired of soul sucking work that leads to burnout.

I have over sixteen years of leadership experience in healthcare architecture, nonprofits, relational facilitation, yoga, and meditation teaching. I am a Certified Professional Coach, Trauma Informed Coach and licensed architect experienced with helping business professionals and entrepreneurs to reach their goals for more energy and fulfillment.

As a business strategist and coach, I focus on energizing your work and renewing your purpose.

After my overachieving pushed me to burnout, I shifted my life focus to supporting business professionals to overcome fatigue, achieve balance, and prevent negative thoughts in order to be energized and live their soul's purpose.

“I feel grateful and blessed to have Kat as a coach. She creates a safe space for self-discovery and
problem solving. I come away from each session amazed by and grateful for what I gained through it.” - Barbara

Set up a free 30-minute discovery call at the link above.
Contact me to join the Vitality Program - Yoga, Meditation, and Coaching to Implement Your Soulful Career in 90 days (waitlist only)

“Working with Kat has allowed me to clarify underlying issues that have prevented me from moving forward with my goals. Kat has a powerful ability to be fully present in each session and illuminate the obstacles I am not seeing. She holds a supportive space that allows me to discover what’s holding me back. Her questions come from an intuitive, curious and caring place which helps me grow, feel heard, and ready to move forward with my life’s mission.”
-Seth Barker

Vince Eugenio, PhD ACC
Company Name:
Top Right Coaching
404 277 2426
Atlanta, GA
Coaching Bio:

Vince has 30 years of senior level HR experience in companies like ATT, Bank of America, Randstad, Iron Mountian, Cardinal Health and the Weather Channel. He holds a MS and PhD in Adult Education, as well as holding multiple professional certifications. His career focus area is in Learning and Development with a special emphasis on leadership development. Over the years, his initiatives have touched hundreds of thousands of associates with very diverse backgrounds. Vince is currently responsible for MSC Direct's professional coaching program. His passion is accelerating the potential and performance of those whom he coaches. As well as professional career coaching, Vince is currently working with a number of emerging Learning and Development, and HR leaders with a focus on accelerating their career trajectory.

Sarah Rosenberg Brown
Company Name:
Sarah Rosenberg Brown Coaching & Consulting
Based in Portland, OR. Offering virtual appointments worldwide.
Coaching Bio:

Give Your Heart a Voice, Discover Your Path, Design Your Life!
Hello, I'm Sarah and I work with busy people who have big visions and strive to make a positive impact in the world. I guide my clients on a journey of self-discovery and support them in taking courageous steps to design a life they love.
• Do you have a big dream but aren’t sure how to make it a reality?
• Are seeking balance within your many professional and personal obligations?
• Are you looking for your next career step or to create something of your own?
• Are you craving a more satisfying and fulfilling life?
• Are you simply curious about how to make positive changes in your life?
If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you are in the right place. I’m here for you!
As my client, I listen intently to you and together we identify your unique core values, define what success means to you, identify tools to handle obstacles, and create a customized plan for you to reach goals. I offer compassionate support, accountability, and a fresh perspective as you design a life that makes your heart sing.
With over 20 years of experience working in nonprofits, as a small business owner; master trainer; and inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) champion, I am a lifelong learner. I draw on my varied experiences to bring a dynamic approach and unique perspectives to my work as a coach.
These days you can find me working at home with my family, including our two rescue super mutts, gardening, painting, sewing, or baking bread.
Let’s connect, I am excited to meet you!

Anne Heberger Marino
Company Name:
Lean-to Collaborations, LLC
Maine, USA
Coaching Bio:

Anne is the Founder and Principal of Lean-to Collaborations, LLC, a team effectiveness and collaboration consultancy launched in 2020 at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. She brings 20 years of experience supporting researchers, academics, and other knowledge workers crossing disciplinary and other boundaries. Trained in individual and team coaching, Anne supports her clients as they work to address complex social, environmental, and technical challenges. As a team coach, Anne is certified to administer and debrief the Team Diagnostic Survey- the world’s most rigorous assessment of team effectiveness.

Dan Bartholomew, CPC
Company Name:
Griffin Dunn, LLC
Portland, Oregon
Virtually to the world
Coaching Bio:

The best conversations feel like fireside chats. The balance of active listening and storytelling—it's an art.

I'm passionate about helping my Clients succeed, and exceed their expectations for themselves. I believe that asking the right questions can help a person and a team solve the thorniest of problems and find their true north. But there's nothing that beats finding a real connection with clients—listening always matters but being truly present matters even more. I love bringing that interaction to life.

Before becoming a coach, I was a management consultant and executive leader with organizations like KPMG, PwC, Ford, HP, and Johnson & Johnson.

And when I’m not coaching, I am either beautifying a 100-year-old bungalow that I share with my beautiful wife and labradoodle or fly fishing in the incredibly gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Kristen Waters
Company Name:
Collective Coaching
Denver, CO or virtual
Coaching Bio:

Hello there! I provide business coaching for current and aspiring founders and business leaders. Google Product Manager turned Collective Coaching Founder, I hold a deep passion for transforming leaders to achieve step-level results. I want to help every person uncover their reason for being and scale the business of their wildest dreams.

My approach is part teaching, part transformation. We’ll weave business planning and analysis with courageous conversations to develop you as a person and as a leader. My mission is to clear the path for leadership transformation. I am particularly motivated by empowering female leaders to build and thrive.

Depth of experience in: product management, business strategy and development, technical project management, marketing, and operations management.

Let's talk. Book a free initial consult to get to know me:

Michele Clapp
Company Name:
Ilara, LLC
Coaching Bio:

As a well-respected professional in my field at the peak of my career, I tried creating the world I wanted, and nothing was working. I had to create a path to a better future by taking a leap of faith. This led to being more authentic in my work and in my personal life. My work allows me to bring my authentic gifts, talents, personality, and strengths with me each and every day!

I work with individuals who want to create a path towards their dreams, allowing them to be more authentically aligned. My approach is supportive, empathic, and collaborative. We work together to explore your current reality and create options that make the most sense for you. My goal is for you to experience greater satisfaction, peace, productivity, and success.

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in workplace psychology. I have worked with individuals, teams, and organizations on selection assessment, employee development, team development, and career development. Individuals I work with have included those at the beginning stages of their journey all the way up to those reaching the pinnacle of their careers. Organizations I work with have included small companies, non-profit organizations, government entities, educational institutions, and large corporations in the U.S. and internationally.

I also hold several coaching certifications, including being a Board Certified Coach and a Whole Person Certified Professional Coach.

I look forward to collaborating with you! I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation session to explore how we can work together:

Patrick Monette
Company Name:
Monette Counseling Services LLC
Upstate New York, United States
Coaching Bio:

As a coach, I men who don’t want therapy but want support. I help men find the deeper answers and the appropriate guidance and direction from within themselves. I also assist couples to improve their emotional connection and communication. I believe that we all need support at different times of our journey to help us grow, develop learn and feel supported. I know that in my own experience, having supportive and caring people be part of my circle has helped me be a healthier, happier and more successful person than I could have ever imagined. I hope I will be able to be a coach for you that will help you identify your goals and dreams and help you reach them to create the life that brings you wholeness and success in every aspect of the word.

Contact me today via my email or website listed below:

–MORE ABOUT Patrick:
I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor and Whole Person Trained Coach specializing in individual, group and couple services and maintain a private practice based in New York. I work with coaching clients from all over the United States as well as internationally.

With many years’ experience as a therapist and coach, I enjoy working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among my areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, trauma / PTSD, addiction, couples and relationship issues, spirituality, professional related issues, LGBT related issues in addition to general life issues and life transitions. I love working with people from all types of backgrounds and walks of life. I feel that having a healthy relationship with ourselves and with the people in our life is imperative to help us create a fulfilling, successful and prosperous lifestyle.

My coaching approach focuses on provided supportive and practical feedback to help men and couples effectively address personal life challenges. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, I work with my clients to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

I also offer services in English and Spanish.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading and exploring culinary adventures :)

Photo of Ketzirah in her garden looking directly into camera. Ketzirah is a 40-something Ashkenazi Jewish woman with golden-olive toned skin, green eyes, and light brown hair with sparkly grey streaks.
Company Name:
Devotaj Coaching
Virtual & Washington, DC
(Piscataway and Anacostan Ancestral Lands)
Coaching Bio:

Hello, I’m Ketzirah and I help people like you transform into a creative powerhouse so you can expand your possibilities and be more fulfilled in work and in life.

I’m a creative professional who is also an ordained Kohenet, Marketing Strategist, Business Executive, and am training with Coach Training World to become an ICF Certified Coach.

Research shows that learning (or truly re-relearning) how to be a creative person has so many positive impact on our lives.

It expands our possibilities.

Whether you want to exercise your creative muscles to make better decisions at work or push yourself creatively as an artist or maker, creativity coaching can help.
You deserve to have someone to talk to, ask questions, provide objective feedback and offer up a training regimen (you know, coach you) even if all you want to do is be more creative with your cooking. Creative is a state of being and it infuses everything you do.

I specialize in working with artists, makers, creators, spiritual leaders, community and business leaders, and people who don't think they are the "creative type."

You can learn to be more creative and more effective with your creativity and see the amazing ways it can impact your whole life. I'm here to help you do just that.

Dale Bracegirdle
Company Name:
Bracegirdle Consulting
I am an Australian currently working in Saudi Arabia
Coaching Bio:

I help my clients to understand more deeply who they are, by exploring how they created their world realities and patterns in their life. Then we focus on the motivations, values and strengths that will enable them to be successful or on the behaviours or mindsets that may hold them back. I prefer to use a psychometric tool to help with the process and provide insights and information that helps the client to decide what actions to take.

I have held executive roles across a range of industries and countries, helping organisations with the development of leaders to establish high performance cultures. I am a passionate leadership development and diversity & inclusion consultant, people manager, facilitator and executive coach. I am unique in that I have consulting expertise and the operational experience of working in multi-national organisations and a fast growing start up environment.

Please note, I am still in training to receive my ICF accreditation, working my way through the learning experience with the CTW team.

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