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Aaron Kent
Aaron Kent Coaching

Helping you take action in a way that reflects what’s important to you. I believe in moving forward by creating the safety to explore. My coaching approach is informed by theory and fueled by my passion for connection and listening.

B.A. Psychology, Columbia University
M.A. Social-Organizational Psychology, Columbia University Teachers College

Jen Hermann, MA, WPCC
Jen Hermann
Portland, OR

Jen holds a masters degree in organizational leadership, change management and Whole Person Coaching certifications, and is currently expanding her skill set to include acupuncture and oriental medicine. She integrates 15+ years of leadership and experience supporting people through change with her empathetic nature and ability to see the best in everyone she meets and help them realize their unique potential.

She has a passion for helping people find purpose and meaning in their work and helping workplaces evolve to truly support employees overall health, well-being, long-term engagement, and growth.

Transformational Coaching for Leaders
Kelly Lei Transformational Coaching

Kelly Lei coaches high achievers, mostly entrepreneurs and executives, to accomplish their FIRE (financially independent retired early) dreams. By working under her guidance, Kelly’s clients are able to level up their career or business, while finding fulfillment and balance in life. She uncovers their deepest dreams, the barriers and patterns that are limiting their effectiveness, the values that motivate them and what their definition of success looks like. She speaks to motivate others into action because she believes that breakthroughs start with action.

She’s an accomplished entrepreneur, strategist, project manager, and leader and won multiple operational excellence awards in reducing costs and improving efficiency. She has built her real estate business with her husband and other partners successfully in residential and commercial properties. Kelly has a background in Engineering (BS in Computer Engineering and MS in Industrial Engineering). In her decade working in the engineering industry, she has presented at tech conferences, led enterprise-wide projects, served as the president and on the board in several diversity councils and is currently an active member of the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP). She is a certified professional coach and certified yoga instructor. She has previously earned the following certifications: PMP, LEED AP, Certified Sustainability Manager, and Six Sigma Green Belt.

She also coaches competition-level Math at Doral Academy and, in only her first year coaching, led her team to a regional first place finish for the first time in school history. She is committed to giving a significant portion of her business revenue to causes that she supports, such as Tiny Hands International, PS Kitchen, Share Hope and the Ritz Chamber Players. Working with leaders and high achievers, helping people succeed, and making personal impact in others’ lives are her core being. She’s a Christ follower, a wife and a mother of 2 little rascals. She’s moved 16 times and counting, mostly for her career, and has no plans to stop. She’s proficient in Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese. She also took 2 years of Spanish and got As, but only remembers the food words now.

Lisa Bohannan, WPCC
Lisa Bohannan
Eugene/Springfield, Oregon

Embodied professional transformation is essential to manage change and move toward what you want with courage, integrity and grace. As a certified Strozzi Leadership Coach, Certified Whole Person Coach (WPCC), academic instructor, and adviser with over 8 years of experience, I can offer you and your team the tools, training, and support you need to build a solid foundation for professional transformation.  I can provide you with the skills necessary to trust yourself as the leader of your own life, even during major life transitions.  These skills include leadership and career assessment, job search skills, interview preparation, networking strategies and somatic practices. Most importantly, by learning how to maintain the body and mind as one working entity, you will have a greater ability to know yourself more deeply.  Contact me today to find out how you can learn to embody your highest potential.

Raychel Katz
Clarity Coaching with Raychel
All meetings can be virtual via Zoom video conference

We all know that the only constant in life is change. But if that’s the case and we’ve been dealing with consistent change all of our lives, why is it that creating change can be so difficult? Why does it paralyze us, prevent us from reaching our goals, drag us to wallow in self-doubt?

Somewhere along the way, perhaps we forgot to be intentional about the change we seek. We wanted that new job but our daily routine got in the way. We let the relationship drag on instead of addressing what we needed and choosing to tend to ourselves. We had a million plans that got away from us somehow.. or perhaps we didn’t have a plan at all. More than likely, what we’ve found over time is that we’re just not as happy as we thought we’d be – we don’t know where to go, and it feels like the solution may not even exist.

We see people online who seem to have it all together and we compare ourselves, partially understanding that it’s a facade but still feeling an emptiness in the pit of our stomachs as we wonder: “why not me?” Or better yet…

“what is MY purpose?”

If you’re feeling stuck, you’re like many of us. More than likely, you have a friend or two you’ve been able to lean on. Maybe they give you advice. But is their advice ringing true to what you want? Does their advice MOTIVATE you to act and be consistent?

Fear no more – life coaching can help. My name is Raychel and I’ve experienced my fair share of living – the ups and downs, the highs and lows. I’ve dug myself off the floor and launched myself into a life I thought was only possible in the movies. In the midst of wiping the tears off my face as a child, I remember telling myself that no one should have to experience hardship alone. Through all of the difficulties that have stood in my way, I’ve dug deep to fight through pain, learning tips and tricks along the way to help me become more resilient, more resourceful, more empowered. I’ve become more authentic. I’ve learned more about myself, embraced my quirks, asked myself the hard questions, and allowed my ego to fall to my ankles as I looked the world in the face as the most “me” I’ve ever been.

But this isn’t just something that I’m capable of. Does it feel far fetched? It’s not. Comfort in the skin we’re in isn’t something we’re born with; we are capable of working to unleash and embrace all of the amazingness we possess. In our life coaching sessions, you will drive the dialogue as I follow your lead, helping you to unlock and uncover hidden areas of yourself that ring truest to your being. Through working together, you’ll learn to understand what it means to live with intention. You’ll leave our sessions with more clarity, a plan of action to help you along your path, and a refreshed understanding of who YOU are and what YOU bring to the table. You’ll be able to recognize your own unique, inherent value, helping you to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Interested in taking control of your life and making positive changes? Contact me directly and set up a free 30-minute consultation.

With love, light & gratitude,


Sarah Budd, WPCC
Gambit Coaching & Consulting
Portland, OR area

Permission to customize.
Motivation. Energy. Drive.

My coaching session are casual, adaptive and personal. No matter what issue people come into the session with, they tend to leave with a sense of energy and motivation to go through whatever door has just opened up for them. I work with people who are ready and able to engage in developing their own self-awareness and start leveraging it to accomplish their goals.

If you’re looking to take action on your goals, your self-awareness and/or your dreams, I’d love to talk with you.

Feel free to see what others are saying about working with me here:

Sarah Budd
Gambit Coaching & Consulting

Seth Barker, WPCC
Seth Barker Coaching
Denver, Colorado Area

Seth Barker specializes in helping people confidently embrace & strengthen their life to be more authentic, true to oneself and genuinely express their being by giving control to their journey through acknowledgment of the whole person so they can continue growing as a confident, accepting and JOYful Soul.

After shifting career paths from the entertainment industry of 10 years, Seth took his journey to Life Coaching to help  others seek the joy in their lives that he is experiencing.  Focusing on several areas of coaching which include Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Addiction Recovery Coaching.

Seth embarked on his journey of sobriety in December of 2015.  After that he was a bit lost, not really feeling like he “fit in” to a substance fueled society.  Through self help and coaching he has found the path that works for him and hopes to share the journey with others in an effort to help others who may be experiencing the same thing to find a path that works for them.

Well versed in the entertainment industry, Seth also focuses on helping those that are in a career into or out of the entertainment industry to find a path, to start a project, to make changes in their lives or help provide general coaching to accomplish any goal they set their mind to.

Nicole Gnutzman
Nicole Gnutzman

Do you feel deep in your beautiful soul that your work is
– unfulfilling, and lacking meaning and purpose
– draining your energy and squeezing the life (and soul) out of you, while
– affecting your confidence and positive outlook on life?

And do you find yourself in the wonderfully liberating stage of thinking about your next career move, but are unsure of what to do next and how to move beyond your fear to action?

Do you need a little inspiration and guidance?

Do you want to take that first step toward your soul’s purpose, but need some inspiration and the guidance of someone who’s been where you are and who’s soul is thriving?

As a coach, I guide and support professional women in their 40s and 50s, who are at a crossroads in their career, to find their soul’s path in their work, so they can feel whole, truly be their authentic self and live with renewed confidence, passion and energy.

It may help you to know how I got here. Corporate Vice President, Strategic Consultant, non-profit Director of Operations, small business founder and chocolatier, and now coach. I have made many BIG work transitions in my career looking for my soul’s purpose and I am my own best client.

I know how hard it is to take that first step to leave a job, stride confidently into a new career, or design and create a business of your own. I’ve been there. It can be daunting, scary and even paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’d like a companion and guide on your journey of discovery, design and realization of a soul-fulfilling career, one that has purpose and passion, and is authentic to who you are and who you are becoming, I am that coach.

Does finding your soul’s path sound right and true and beneficial for you?

If it does, then join me on a journey towards your soul’s path, and you will
– Discover your unique gifts, skills and strengths
– Get clear about your soul’s path and feel aligned with it
– Have renewed energy and feel passionate about life again
– Feel a sense of wholeness as you live into your authentic self
– Have the confidence and inner resources to take action
– Receive your own Soulscape –landscape of your soul of how to be, what to do, and what you need to reach your goal and live into your soul’s path

Sarah Rader Urig
Syrena Coaching Group LLC
Charlotte, NC

Why work with me?
Because I was you! I struggled to find my place both personally and professionally. It wasn’t until I started working with a Coach that I finally found my passion…Helping others achieve their goals and become the best they can be. Now I work with individuals looking to make a transition or achieve a new goal.
I follow the Whole Person Coaching method while blending in concepts from my experience as an Agile Coach. There is something for everyone!
Do you want to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow? Are you ready to identify what is holding you back and start moving forward? We’ll work together to identify your target state and design a coaching plan to get you there. Let’s get started!

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