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Raychel Katz
Company Name
Clarity Coaching with Raychel
Global (virtual sessions)
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Are you ready for a transformation? Are you tired of feeling uncertain about where your life is headed? Do you feel like you're in a rut? Do you regularly feel drained by pain, grief, or a lack of passion?

If any of the above sounds like you, look no further. I work with people all over the world to help them transform their lives and give them direction and purpose.. to move past the feelings of pain or uncertainty and into a place of peace. As a result, my clients feel confident, fulfilled and at ease in their own skin.

Whatever the type of life change you're looking for, we can create it together:
- Professional/career
- Health/well-being
- Social life/relationships
- Family relations
- Entrepreneur/business development
- Romance/sex life
- Personal satisfaction
- Goal attainment
- Purposeful living

I will help you define your dream life and, most importantly, I will help you get there.

Alicia Hopkins
(704) 995-9350
Coaching Bio

I am so excited to enter the field of coaching! I have been in Corporate America for my professional career and started realizing I wasn't feeling the fulfillment I wanted to experience in my life. I am very passionate about working with others who have been going along the path of what they think they "should be doing" but deep down have the desire to live out their dreams and create a life that is rich, fulfilling, and authentic. I would be honored to help you find your passion and step into your authentic self.

Stephanie Watts
Company Name
Elite Core Club LLC
Bay Area, CA
Coaching Bio

Hello there! I am a certified personal trainer, a bodybuilder, and an aspiring life coach working with people to navigate through this crazy journey we call "Life". I work with highly motivated, action-based adults in the realms of Health & Wellness, Inter-Personal Communication, Career & Personal Transitions, and Self-Development. Using the tools they have learned, as well as honoring their true Selves, these individuals are empowered to live authentic lives, find their passions, cultivate their own self-awareness, and achieve a reinvention of themselves that is synonymous with their values and beliefs. I also work with corporations and companies to encourage more efficient employee productivity, improved communication, and harmonious work relations.

Whether you are looking for a senior coach to support you in your own coaching journey, or a guide to help you realize your true potential (or that of your company), I feel that I could be a valuable resource. Let's connect and see how I can be of service today!

Alexa Darrow
Company Name
Alexa Darrow Coaching
Portland, OR | Virtual Coaching Worldwide
Coaching Bio

For the last decade, Alexa has been helping and coaching her clients through their lives and businesses. As a former PR professional, with experience as a Concierge and currently as the Director of Customer Success for a startup in Portland, OR, she has always been in the business of helping others and values the importance of the relationships she's built. As a certified WPCC life coach, she is focused on helping people who have been feeling complacent or uninspired in their lives become motivated to make a change. Whether the goal is to move to a new city, embark on a new career path, leave a comfortable but unfulfilling relationship, or simply find a daily routine, she is here to support and help ignite the fire within that one may be too nervous to start on their own. She will help clients to create an action plan to make these abstract, and often overwhelming ideas, a reality.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Alexa spends her time dancing, traveling, and enjoying Portland's exciting food scene.

Simon Ravona
Company Name
Catalytc Coaching Co
Seattle and Virtual (Zoom or phone)
Coaching Bio

I'm a divorce and transition coach. I help midlife professionals create their authentic life through planning and execution. In addition to years of related training and experience (as a lawyer, negotiator, mediator, HR manager and consultant), I completed my amicable divorce in 2017. I never thought I'd get divorced, but it was the right decision for me. In 2015, I began my self-help journey, reading every self-help book available and listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts. I became interested in coaching by studying the work of Tony Robbins, Jennifer Bailey, Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Abraham Hicks, and Gary Zukav, to name a few. I completed course work on the Science of Happiness (under EdX). In 2017, after my divorce, my life has improved dramatically, I created a divorce Meetups group, to help those at various stages support each other and learn about the process. I found that people are afraid of divorce and ill informed. My divorce was amicable and I didn't want others to experience the confusion, self-doubt, and judgment that plagued me. Although, I have the experience and training to help people confront major life decisions such as relocation, divorce, separation, career change, co-parenting, life dissatisfaction, and illness, I also have the personal experience of taking action in major areas of my life and overcoming adversity. If you're struggling with your relationship, career, or other situation, and are considering whether to move on; or if you're just plain stuck, I can help you identify the issues, organize them, and develop an action plan to move you forward, and live your most authentic life. Your fulfillment has no price tag. Investing in yourself is critical to your well-being, and essential to your growth. My process entails forging a strong, safe, and trusting relationship with my client, reflecting and observing, using proven coaching techniques, asking the right questions, and holding my client accountable for his or her commitments. If you're ready to own your situation and improve it, and you're least thinking about what to do, please schedule a complimentary "get acquainted" session, at no cost. I'm looking forward to hearing from and learning about you!

Carmen Reed-Gilkison
Company Name
Midlife to Best Life
Clackamas, OR
Coaching Bio

You are a strong, intelligent, and compassionate warrior in your life. You find yourself at midlife, wondering how to lose the status quo so you can be who you really are and remain fierce and vital.

You value your relationship with yourself first and foremost. You know that if you aren’t at your best, you aren’t able to impact your world in the way you want and need to, and you don't do things half-way.

Midlife to Best Life is a community where warriors gather to reassess our lives. It's a place to dream, plan, strategize, and weigh the pros and cons of our many possible futures. It's a place where we lift each other up as we create our best lives together.

The purpose of Midlife to Best Life is to support highly motivated people in building their best life from midlife and beyond. You're invited to join the Facebook Group, or the Meetup Group if you're local to the Portland Metro Area. The members are fantastic, uplifting, and inclusive. You don't have to go it alone any longer.

Midlife is a gift! We get to hit our “reset” button and create the life of our dreams. It can be one of the most exciting times of life if you surround yourself with supportive people and find guidance. You hold the key to your happiness; I can help you unlock your best life.

As a Whole Person Certified Coach, Carmen Reed-Gilkison approaches the dynamics of midlife holistically. Believing that happiness starts with health, she covers topics around five major life-pillars:

• Body

• Mind

• Soul

• Relationships

• Career

Whether you want to improve your health to ensure vitality into your golden years or live life on your terms by starting a business of your own, this is a supportive, safe place to network and explore the magic and opportunities that midlife holds.

Here's a video that I did around the question "Are You Settling?" It's a great conversation starter and further illustrates what my mission is:

Let's connect!



Meetup Group:


Facebook Group:

Alexis Moore Eytinge, WPCC
Company Name
Exercising Bliss
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio

Your doubts and fears are holding you back from producing your artistic dream. Your audience awaits, and you are the one holding up the show. You are frustrated that your signature project still sits on the back burner, that you can’t seem to take those first steps to realizing it or can’t seem to sustain the momentum. You dance between that longing for your creativity to be seen, celebrated and cherished by others, and undermining yourself with doubt that you could be successful.

Your dreams want to be exercised and shared. The world is missing out on your gifts, because of these nagging thoughts and the indecision that they bring. You keep putting it off coming up with a million excuses: You don’t have the time. You don’t have the energy, the money or the support. You fear that if you start this project and fail that that would be worse than not starting it at all.

Don't keep your audience waiting. It is time to give your project wings.

Let me help you bring that artistic dream to life. The world is waiting for your input. Take the first step by setting up an introductory coaching session to start living your dream.

Let me support you in making a plan to bring your project to life.

When I’m not coaching, I love to share the latest research about self-confidence building skills cabaret shows. Over the past two years I have created, performed in and produced 6 cabaret shows. I am currently writing a one-person play about a journey to confidence and living my own brilliance. It includes my struggles with valuing myself, binge watching Netflix, cookie addictions, avoidance shopping, accepting my emotions, believing I am worthy of my dreams and finding the courage and resources to follow them.

I also teach Zumba Fitness, give Portland Walking Tours and dance the Blues, Swing and Argentine Tango. I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and minors in French and Gender Studies. I’ve worked for Adoption NW and NW Surrogacy law firms, Portland Women’s Crisis Line and a preschool for families with children at risk for abuse. I received training at Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I help struggling artists to take action steps to bring their creative projects to life. By building confidence in being their authentic self, they create a satisfying and financially sustainable career.

What are your creative dreams? I’d love to hear from you.

Robin Wald
Company Name
Cosmic Wisdom Coaching
Coaching available anywhere in the world via Zoom
Local in Mount Kisco, NY
Coaching Bio

As a Certified Whole Person Life Coach, I partner with you in a co-creative process that supports you to identify, vision, and accomplish personal and professional goals. Through compassion, deep listening, loving presence, collaborative conversation, strategic questioning, coaching tools, actionable steps and accountability, I facilitate you to be self-innovating and resourceful in manifesting the outcomes you desire.

As a Cosmic Wisdom Coach I bring the unique and added value of integrating cosmic wisdom tools including astrology, guided visualization, meditation, intuitive tarot, spiritual philosophy and archetypal psychology into the coaching session as desired by you to support your process.

I am a certified life coach, certified astrologer, certified yoga and meditation instructor, hold a masters degree in nutrition, and have advanced study and practice of Tarot and Kabbalah.

Areas of life coaching expertise include life purpose, life transitions, physical and spiritual well-being, parenting, teens and young adults, career and relationships.

Rosalie Schurman
Portland, Oregon (in-person and virtual)
Coaching Bio

You are capable of self-empowerment and radical change, and I’m here to help you explore and discover your own strengths. If you are living with a new diagnosis or chronic illness, or are queer, polyamorous, or ethically non-monogamous, I offer coaching that is empathetic, informed, realistic, and optimistic. Having lived with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for 30 years, I understand the ways in which chronic illness can shut us down and make us feel uninspired. And as a queer woman and anthropologist, I have navigated the difficulties and wonders of my own place in the queer community. Within all these unique experiences, I believe that coaching is a valuable tool that can help us grow, innovate, learn, and live our organic, authentic lives.

Even in the most difficult circumstances, I can travel alongside you to access your own greatest resources, motivation, and hope. For my clients who are experiencing the upheaval of a new medical diagnosis, I walk with you through the process of learning how to make changes in your life that will accommodate your needs, alleviate the physical difficulties in your environment, and allow you to find optimism and enjoyment in your new circumstances. For those with chronic illness, I help you foster your own greatest strengths to make productive and positive change within your routine, to alter existing, ineffective habits, and to discover creativity and faith within yourself.

For my clients in the queer and polyamorous communities, I bring a creative and joyful perspective to navigating relationship-building, communication skills, family change, and personal identity. I feel deeply that all those who seek and foster love in their lives should have a rich and meaningful toolbox from which to act, create, and experience.

In my life, I find joy in creating art, writing, cooking, breathing in the wonderful Oregon air, and spending time with my silly dogs, my dear friends, and my family -- both biological and chosen.

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