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Brii Sebastian, LMHC, CPC
Company Name: Brii Sebastian, LMHC, CPC
Phone: (505) 992-2689
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Coaching Bio:

Life Coaching with Energy Psychology is a quality, research-based model of coaching that supports you in exploring and changing a wide range of issues. These include life direction clarity, stress reduction, mood regulation, and trauma healing. Clients report benefits in relationships, greater individuation-i.e. perspective through life’s challenges-as well as overall satisfaction.

Life Coaching with Energy Psychology strives for body-mind integration through mindfulness theory and discussion, and via modern Eastern trends.

It may include a chakra analysis of your subtle energy field, and/or astrological computations. Combined with the most current psychotherapeutic and neuroscience findings, the result is self-awareness, leading to more positive and healthy life choices.
For Carl Jung, (the energy of) yoga represented a rich storehouse of inner experience and of the individuation process in particular.
~ Sonu Shamdasani

I am a certified professional coach, with a master’s degree in psychotherapy. I specialize in life guidance, trauma repair and relational issues, and have been in private practice in the field of energy psychology since 1997. I have had extensive training in holistic coaching, as well as subtle anatomy therapy. My early career traces back to arts administration in New York City.

My accreditation includes the Coach Training World in Portland, OR, Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, Pratt Institute in NY, and Dawson College in Canada. I study in several Yoga/Tai Chi – Qigong lineages, and volunteer for an international NGO charity organization. You can reach me at: (505) 992-2689 or

Alexis Moore Eytinge, WPCC
Company Name: Exercising Bliss
Phone: 360.350.9509
Location: Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

Your doubts and fears are holding you back from producing your artistic dream. Your audience awaits, and you are the one holding up the show. You are frustrated that your signature project still sits on the back burner, that you can’t seem to take those first steps to realizing it or can’t seem to sustain the momentum. You dance between that longing for your creativity to be seen, celebrated and cherished by others, and undermining yourself with doubt that you could be successful.

Your dreams want to be exercised and shared. The world is missing out on your gifts, because of these nagging thoughts and the indecision that they bring. You keep putting it off coming up with a million excuses: You don’t have the time. You don’t have the energy, the money or the support. You fear that if you start this project and fail that that would be worse than not starting it at all.

Don’t keep your audience waiting. It is time to give your project wings.

Let me help you bring that artistic dream to life. The world is waiting for your input. Take the first step by setting up an introductory coaching session to start living your dream.

Let me support you in making a plan to bring your project to life.

When I’m not coaching, I love to share the latest research about self-confidence building skills cabaret shows. Over the past two years I have created, performed in and produced 6 cabaret shows. I am currently writing a one-person play about a journey to confidence and living my own brilliance. It includes my struggles with valuing myself, binge watching Netflix, cookie addictions, avoidance shopping, accepting my emotions, believing I am worthy of my dreams and finding the courage and resources to follow them.

I also teach Zumba Fitness, give Portland Walking Tours and dance the Blues, Swing and Argentine Tango. I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and minors in French and Gender Studies. I’ve worked for Adoption NW and NW Surrogacy law firms, Portland Women’s Crisis Line and a preschool for families with children at risk for abuse. I received training at Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I help struggling artists to take action steps to bring their creative projects to life. By building confidence in being their authentic self, they create a satisfying and financially sustainable career.

What are your creative dreams? I’d love to hear from you.

Melanie McCloskey, WPCC, CCJC
Company Name: Melanie McCloskey Coaching
Phone: 541-399-3872
Location: Hood River, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

I’m driven to align trailblazers with their natural power and grace to go bigger. It thrills me to support people to succeed from where they are, with the amazingness of who they are, having a big ole ripple effect on the world. Not only do I help people to get out of their own way to thrive but really get behind themselves to make their life or business rock. My wide coaching passions encompass working with individuals and groups as a life and solo-entrepreneur coach as well as those touched by the challenge of cancer. I’ve been a working as a Professional Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) for 7 years, originally trained & certified through Coach Training World and deepening my training by becoming a Certified Cancer Journey Coach in 2014 through the Cancer Journey’s Panic to Powerful program.

Illness, death, and struggle have been lifelong transformational teachers for me. On top of personal chronic health challenges, a number of dear friends and close family have been impacted by cancer in a very short period of time in my life. Even with my own great tools as a Hospice volunteer and seasoned coach, I was challenged in a whole new way in the face of this bigness. With what seems like overwhelming challenges, by utilizing the gift of skilled support, I’ve experienced powerful personal transformation and witnessed the same in my clients. I’ve learned firsthand what it means to truly decide to be there for oneself. As a result, I want this level of transformation for every single person that reaches out to be coached by me whether they are a cancer survivor asking what now, an entrepreneur, or seeking support at a transition point in life.

Never too far from nature, telemark skiing, and amazing community, I live between two snow-capped peaks in the abundant Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. I work with clients one-on-one and partner with several organizations to offer regional and national group coaching support. Whether driven by passion or necessity, it’s an honor to support trailblazers to thrive and face the big stuff with grace. Life is too precious to not live like you mean it.

Nicole Anderson, WPCC
Company Name: Born to Fly
Phone: (480) 220-0820
Location: Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Achieving balance in your overall well-being is critical to achieving success in any area of life. I work with clients to assess their lives holistically and determine what areas feel off balance, what areas they want to achieve new goals in, and where they feel stuck. As an 18-year survivor of working in the corporate world, I’m someone who has experienced similar challenges as my clients (long work weeks, no life balance, burnout, sleep deprivation, poor health, obesity), and deliver a safe and comfortable coaching environment created from empathy, understanding, kindness, and compassion. And as someone who’s achieved my own incredible goals in life, I also help inspire, cheerlead, and motivate my clients to reach their own goals, while providing the tools and accountability to ensure they stay on track.

Sharon Roemmel, CPC
Company Name: Practically Enlightened You
Phone: 503-362-9344
Location: Salem, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

I help women who feel frustrated and overwhelmed connect with their purpose and reclaim their vitality and joy. Using a combination of wellness and life coaching along with energy work and yoga I help women repurpose their gifts and skills into a life they love. In addition to individual coaching I also offer group and personal retreats. As a self-care expert I draw on over 35 years of experience.
In addition to working with individuals and teaching classes I’ve been a presenter at events and conferences. I’ve also been quoted as an expert in national and local media including Natural Health magazine. My articles appear in my own blog, Align & Thrive, as well as in publications including Massage and Bodywork.

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Rachel Drummond, WPCC
Company Name: Onward Woman, LLC
Phone: (541) 972-3387
Location: Memphis, TN
Coaching Bio:

As an educator, creator, and coach, I hone in on people’s inherent potential. I’ve spent my entire career helping people achieve big results through small sustained and consistent changes which is as gratifying as it sounds.

I’m a Whole Person Certified Coach, content writer, and yoga instructor. I came to coaching with a language education background with BA in Spanish and a Master’s of Education from the University of Oregon. I have 13 years of international language teaching and administrative experience in higher education in the United States and Japan.

The most common feedback I get from my coaching clients is: “Having you listen, ask me questions, and holding me accountable helps me get so much done!”

What I love most about coaching is being an agent of change. To help someone do what they once believed was impossible or get them through a stuck phase is an enormous and exciting privilege that I don’t take lightly. We get one go-round on this planet and while I’m 100 percent committed to delivering results as per my clients’ agendas, I’m also a big believer in celebrating the victories big and small and enjoying the ride along the way.

I find that the inner clarity my clients are seeking is often held within their bodies. To access this somatic wisdom, I like to begin each session with a simple meditation to help my clients tap into their infinite potential and bring their whole and authentic selves to our sessions.

So whether you’re looking to feel better in your skin, change jobs, heal a relationship, begin or finish a creative project, start a business, pivot professional industries, go back to school, get more clients, or make more time for the people and pastimes you love, let’s talk!

Send me an email at the address above and we’ll set up a time to see if you and I are a good fit for coaching together.

Breathe & believe, beauties!

Carmen Reed-Gilkison
Company Name: Midlife to Best Life
Phone: 503-218-3829
Location: Clackamas, OR
Coaching Bio:

You are a strong, intelligent, and compassionate warrior in your life. You find yourself at midlife, wondering how to lose the status quo so you can be who you really are and remain fierce and vital.

You value your relationship with yourself first and foremost. You know that if you aren’t at your best, you aren’t able to impact your world in the way you want and need to, and you don’t do things half-way.

Midlife to Best Life is a community where warriors gather to reassess our lives. It’s a place to dream, plan, strategize, and weigh the pros and cons of our many possible futures. It’s a place where we lift each other up as we create our best lives together.

The purpose of Midlife to Best Life is to support highly motivated people in building their best life from midlife and beyond. You’re invited to join the Facebook Group, or the Meetup Group if you’re local to the Portland Metro Area. The members are fantastic, uplifting, and inclusive. You don’t have to go it alone any longer.

Midlife is a gift! We get to hit our “reset” button and create the life of our dreams. It can be one of the most exciting times of life if you surround yourself with supportive people and find guidance. You hold the key to your happiness; I can help you unlock your best life.

As a Whole Person Certified Coach, Carmen Reed-Gilkison approaches the dynamics of midlife holistically. Believing that happiness starts with health, she covers topics around five major life-pillars:

• Body

• Mind

• Soul

• Relationships

• Career

Whether you want to improve your health to ensure vitality into your golden years or live life on your terms by starting a business of your own, this is a supportive, safe place to network and explore the magic and opportunities that midlife holds.

Here’s a video that I did around the question “Are You Settling?” It’s a great conversation starter and further illustrates what my mission is:

Let’s connect!



Meetup Group:


Facebook Group:

Sometimes to make dreams come true , you have to build them...
Company Name: Going Forward Coaching Services
Phone: 707-889-4737
Location: Santa Rosa California
Phone 707-889-4737
Virtual Chat Via ZOOM
Coaching Bio:

I have always been someone people have sought out for help . After realizing there must be something to this, I have decided to change my path and become a healer . Now as a Certified Whole Person Coach I have a skill set allowing me to help people with more efficiency and leaving them with a clear vision to solve almost anything . I have a natural ability to work on serious issues with a light heart allowing a focus on a solution rather than dwelling on the cause .

Seth Barker, WPCC
Company Name: Seth Barker Coaching
Phone: 505-860-9031
Coaching Bio:

Seth Barker is a Whole Person Certified Coach & Ayurvedic Consultant that helps Entertainment, Traveling Professionals and busy people around the globe with crazy schedules to create healthy, whole and sustainable (where efficiency and happiness coexist) lives so they can thrive while working on their passions to share with the world and continue the journey to their True Self.

With 12 years of experience traveling and touring hit Broadway Musicals as a Production Stage Manager around the globe. He has found ways in which people who are in constant motion can create a sense of balance and still live a meaningful and productive life. Seth understands the struggles of a non-stop life that’s full of stress, anxiety and toxic habits. His decision to end his toxic addiction to alcohol in December 2015 propelled him forward to truly get to know himself, what this life was about and what he’s here to do and how to give back.

Reflecting on today’s current situation with tv celebrities, role models and people moving non-stop in a world that is more focused on their individual needs. Seth realized the need for the Kardashian’s to take a step to the side as people to look up to and help create true role models that aren’t afraid to shine their light bright. People who are willing to step into the spotlight and be their authentic self in the public eye and lead the way for others. Entertainers have an important role in society and can influence hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. That’s a birth given gift that should be used for authentic good. It’s time for that gift to stop hiding behind filters and take a step into the spotlight. Whether you’re an entertainer or not, you are a role model.

Seth is passionate to work with the Whole Person Coaching model partnered with Ayurveda to create Life Sustainability. These two methods’ combined work! Seth Barker Coaching is aimed at helping people have clarity with their creativity to achieve their goals. Create a healthier Mind, Body and Soul connection through holistic practices and awareness. Bring awareness into everyday lifestyle choices that will have long term effects on health and wellbeing. Create a lifestyle that’s sustainable to have the energy to accomplish those things most important in life. Create sustainability from the inside out to nourish the body, mind, soul and planet. To inspire and help others to find their light and shine it bright.

Start your journey to a more Happy, Healthy, and Sustainable life today! Email me at

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