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Jon Crews, MBA, CPC
Company Name:
Jonathan Crews Vedic Astrology & Coaching
Santa Fe, NM
Coaching Bio:

Jonathan Crews, MBA, and Certified Professional Coach, CPC, has had a life-long career in guiding people in their personal and professional growth. He has expertise and a strong knowledge base in the practical application of eastern philosophy, including Vedic Astrology, as well as many techniques and processes for physical, psychological and spiritual transformation found in the West. For the last 40 years, he has traveled internationally, teaching mindfulness and yoga as well as running a consulting business. He offers life guidance and coaching packages for people from all walks of life at varying rates. To contact Jonathan, call 505-982-1144.

Theo Morrison
Company Name:
Theo Morrison Coaching
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

I am currently a coach in training. My focus is currently on mindfulness, as I am currently completing certification from the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certificate Program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. I have been a dedicated meditation practitioner for the past 15 years, and am excited to coach people with mindfulness as a foundational element. I also have over a decade of experience in helping people who have been suffering from alcoholism, which gives me much familiarity working with people in major life transitions. I look forward to hearing from you if you feel that my specific approach resonates with you.

Suki Preylo
Company Name:
Wyld Essentia Coaching
Louisville Metro, KY
Coaching Bio:

I always knew that I would build a life of helping others. The method that I would take was never entirely clear. With a life-long & deep love of learning, reading and above all humanity, I found people infinitely fascinating and I found myself always asking the question “What can I learn from this amazing person?” My curiosity, then as now, was boundless & insatiable. Without knowing why, I began to fill my mental library with lesson after lesson, much like the beloved books that fill my bookshelves. I realize, now, that as I learned about others, I have learned even more about myself.

Within all of us, at our very core, is the essence of what makes us unique. When you find it, embrace it and celebrate it, you can sense a change. You are a journey from Human Doing to Human Being. As a Holistic Life Coach, I can help/accompany you on the journey to your, “Essentia”. You don’t have to go it alone!

Lilian H. Hill, PhD, CPC
Company Name:
Fireweed Coaching
Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Can communicate via Zoom and phone to anywhere in the world.
Coaching Bio:

As a coach, I help women professionals reconnect with their inner identity so that they can choose to live a more fulfilling, multifaceted, purposeful life. I support women who want to reinvent themselves, learn to live and think in new ways, pursue new career and/or life directions, express their varied talents, and feel more confident.

People often comment on my wisdom, calm presence, and caring nature. In my work in teaching adults, I know that we all need support and encouragement from others to enter new learning territory and develop our courage. We need others to believe in our possibilities, see us in our new aspirational roles, and provide support in trying new things. Learning involves risk, meaning that we may need to unlearn what we think we know, question our beliefs, and let go of our current ways of thinking.

I have followed this same path myself and after a time of exploration, reflection, and experimentation, I decided to retire from my academic career to pursue a path to becoming a life coach, artist, and EssentricsTM trainer. I cultivated long-neglected interests and adapted my skills developed during my academic career to life coaching. I’m now dedicated to supporting you in reclaiming your creative energies. You can cultivate long-neglected interests and talents, pursue a new focus, make time for yourself and take better care of your health, relax and enjoy life, re-energize, create a new and satisfying life, and have way more fun!

Steph at The Path Made Possible
Company Name:
The Path Made Possible
Globally by video call
Coaching Bio:

Are you a young woman who is ready to move forward with discovering and pursuing your unique purpose in life? Do you long to feel exhilarated and alive? Are you willing to dig deep to overcome internal obstacles holding you back and take action to move forward? If so, I'm ready to assist you in transitioning from uncertainty, disappointment, and restlessness to focused energy, calm assurance, and proud satisfaction. Click the link above to visit my site, or contact me at I'd love to chat with you to see if we're a good coaching match!

Audrea J. Sullivan, MA, CPC
Company Name:
Seaswell Transformational Coaching
(303) 931-8339
Coaching Bio:

Audrea J. Sullivan, MA, CPC is a transformational coach, mindfulness mentor, change-maker, & believer in the power of yoga & movement as a way to deepen one’s connection with who they are.

Facilitator of well-being, weight-loss, & wellness sessions for women who are ready to live boldly in healthy bodies.

Published author & poet.

Believer in love & respect and the power of being present— using creative expression to enhance the experience of being alive.


Whole Person Coaching Program- Coach Training World (Accredited by the International Coach Federation- ICF)

Master of Arts- Counseling/Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Arts- Psychology


Transformational coaching for weight-loss, well-being, wellness, mindfulness, meditation, self-care, stress-reduction, & self-actualization.

Patrick Monette
Company Name:
Monette Counseling Services LLC
Upstate New York, United States
Coaching Bio:

As a coach, I men who don’t want therapy but want support. I help men find the deeper answers and the appropriate guidance and direction from within themselves. I also assist couples to improve their emotional connection and communication. I believe that we all need support at different times of our journey to help us grow, develop learn and feel supported. I know that in my own experience, having supportive and caring people be part of my circle has helped me be a healthier, happier and more successful person than I could have ever imagined. I hope I will be able to be a coach for you that will help you identify your goals and dreams and help you reach them to create the life that brings you wholeness and success in every aspect of the word.

Contact me today via my email or website listed below:

–MORE ABOUT Patrick:
I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor and Whole Person Trained Coach specializing in individual, group and couple services and maintain a private practice based in New York. I work with coaching clients from all over the United States as well as internationally.

With many years’ experience as a therapist and coach, I enjoy working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among my areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, trauma / PTSD, addiction, couples and relationship issues, spirituality, professional related issues, LGBT related issues in addition to general life issues and life transitions. I love working with people from all types of backgrounds and walks of life. I feel that having a healthy relationship with ourselves and with the people in our life is imperative to help us create a fulfilling, successful and prosperous lifestyle.

My coaching approach focuses on provided supportive and practical feedback to help men and couples effectively address personal life challenges. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, I work with my clients to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

I also offer services in English and Spanish.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading and exploring culinary adventures :)

Nikki Hewett, Relational Coach
Company Name:
Living Bravely Life Coaching, LLC
Online Services Only
Coaching Bio:

Hi, I'm Nikki. A series of devastating, back-to-back events brought forth my awakening as a highly sensitive empath. Before then I was barricaded by a self-imposed fortress and lived an extremely disconnected and inauthentic life. Since my awakening, my day-to-day journey includes loving myself through boundaries, honoring my energy as it shows up - the good and the bad, practicing my customized self-care routine, holding space for my emotions instead of stuffing them down, and releasing my soul wounds that kept me lonely and on the sidelines of life. At Living Bravely Life Coaching, LLC, I use relational coaching to empower highly sensitive empaths to live a one-of-a-kind , engaged life so they can experience flourishing relationships. Schedule a FREE consultation today.

Seth Barker, WPCC, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator, Meditation Teacher
Company Name:
Great Day 365
Coaching Bio:

Have you heard of The Phantom of the Opera, Finding Neverland, Cinderella, WarHorse, Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, Hairspray, or RENT? I’ve been traveling worldwide as a Stage Manager, working on those shows for most of my career. Talk about a non-stop, very demanding job and lifestyle. As a Production Stage Manager, my work has always been behind the scenes. Working with a show on the road, in a leadership role, is more than just performing. It’s about being a leader, a support structure, a philosopher, a confidante, and a coach. Being on the road with shows in the Entertainment Industry was a childhood passion that I turned into a successful reality. As I’ve grown, my love has shifted to more of a role of service.
My true passion is helping Get Heatlhy, Be Happy and Enjoy Life! I am that catalyst that will inspire, empower, and motivate you to shine your inner light BRIGHT and out into the world. I want to help you un-dim your light.
As a Whole Person Certified Coach and Certifications in Ayurveda, Meditation and Plant-Based Nutrition, I’m here to guide you to a life of Great Health, Great Happiness and Life Enjoyment.
– Personal Growth & Self Discovery
– Creating Life Sustainability (Mind, Body, Soul & Life)
– Life Reinvention
– Holistic Wellness
– Meditation

Here’s what a few of my clients have said:
“I embarked on a journey with Seth about a year ago. My path has changed so much! I don’t drink, smoke, or take antidepressants anymore. My heart and mind have expanded. My career focus has changed with my new outlook on life. Thanks to my walk with Seth my body mind and soul has greater peace and wisdom.” – Virginia Smith

“What I love most about working with Seth is his energy. He is vibrant, radiant, open, true, listened to what I projected verbally (even if it didn’t make sense), and was able to provide the thinking tools I needed to help me guide my own path. Seth opened my eyes to every aspect of life, especially the parts of life that were lying dormant and forgotten.
I am the most thankful for that!” – Dr. Angelica McCarthy

“ My work with Seth Barker came at a time when I most needed someone to help guide my journey. I was laid off from my job as a conductor on a national tour of a musical, and I was considering a career shift. Seth knew how to ask the right questions to help me to use my strengths to start down a path of self-discovery. He is a loving, nurturing soul who has a desire and the skills to help people to be their best selves.” - Cathy Venable

Let’s chat for 30 minutes to see how I can support you on your journey.


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