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Manca Klinar, WPCC
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Coaching in svetovanje za senzitivne, Manca Klinar s. p.
Jesenice, Slovenia (Europe)
Coaching Bio:

Are you great at knowing when and how to comfort your loved ones and your friends? And do you suffer or are you feeling drained when you are stuck in a crowd or when attending an event with lots of people? Do you find yourself energetically drained when shopping at the mall?
Are your decisions usually right and sound but it takes forever to make them?

Do you enjoy nature, the arts, and feel all beauty deeply? And you suffer when someone says something critical about you, especially if it is coming from those close to you?
Are you blessed with being able to notice all the tiny details of the arts in a foreign city you are visiting but are exhausted afterwards and just want to be alone and quiet instead of going out with others and have fun?

Are you conscientious? Do you tend to become rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time? And cannot perform as usual/well if you are being observed or evaluated?
Do you startle easily, are bothered by loud noises or strong smells, and don't handle changes very well?

Are you tired of thinking you are too sensitive for “this world” or hearing that from others?

Well, there might be a good reason for all this. Perhaps you are a Highly Sensitive Person. As well as a fifth of the of the population, with no difference based on . Would you like to find out if that’s true? It’s not that hard, just take the Elaine N. Aron's self-test (

Hi. My name is Manca Klinar and I am a Highly Sensitive Person (an HSP). After long years of not knowing, trying to live a “normal” life, and fit in the society, feeling either too much or not enough, I finally came across the main reason for all that. My nervous system is wired in a special way, causing deeper feelings, noticing and reflecting more, including the subtleties most people miss, being more emotionally reactive and more empathetic. All of this resulting in being overstimulated and exhausted sooner than others. Relieved by the acceptance of the status I am in, I embarked on the journey to find out more about it and set my course to live accordingly, honouring my body's needs. It all found me at the perfect moment (of course!) when I was searching for a deeper meaning of my existence and my role in the world, facing the fact my life is not working any more. With the help from various wonderful people I’ve not only found coaching, but also what I was searching for all those years – myself, the true one. While I am still uncovering some of those pieces I have hidden in order to be accepted, I dedicated my work to helping other Highly Sensitive People become their true selves and enjoy in what High Sensitivity truly is – a gift. As I’ve found out for myself, while High Sensitivity is not the only character trait we can have, it is definitely one with many effects because it influences all of who we are and all areas of our lives. That can be especially noticeable if our High Sensitivity was not recognised in our childhood.

I admit, to change my life and know myself I needed a wake up call. My life was shattered into pieces, one by one, until I could no longer ignore it, numb it and suppress it. Constant searches for the meaning, for something more or unknown, giving me hope, sports helping me stay sane, alive, and interested, coffee keeping me up, occasional injuries and illnesses leading my body to much needed rest suddenly lost their effectiveness. It was time for me to answer the call, to finally let go of things keeping me in what seemed like a rat race, to turn down the outer noise to listen within and be able to hear. It was the seeking that followed, and the help I got on my way, and the swimming in the unknown waters that helped the beat of my heart to finally get through and lead me to trust its wisdom and the Universe. And that guided me to reach that valuable piece of information. It was then that I was able to move towards the unknown, unfamiliar, odd, and scary future. And now, though with still many challenges every day, with the path feeling like the right one for me it encourages me to bring out the best of me.

How about you, what's your story? Do you know yourself and who you truly are? What are your dreams, what's your purpose in life? What could push you to make a step you want for such a long time? What is holding you back?

As a Life Coach, a whole person and an HSP I support my clients to self-discover their own way of creating a life they really dream of. I help them see themselves, their lives, and others through a different lens, recognise their strengths, possibilities, and challenges. We work through the challenges that unable them from stepping into their best selves and lives and then create from a place of deep self-knowing, trust, resilience and resourcefulness.

In my work I combine knowledge about High Sensitivity with Whole Person Coaching which is an ideal framework to deal with it. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person this fact is embedded in all areas of your life and all parts of you. By not knowing you are an HSP you've probably have to hide parts of you that weren't “normal”, appreciated or that were rejected. With the support of coaching you can start inviting and embracing all those parts back into your life and become whole again.

You don’t have to travel this road alone because I’m here to help. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation (via Zoom or Skype) and decide for yourself if I’m the right choice for you.

If you would like to do some more research about High Sensitivity and/or about me – you can start at and at (e-mail: And if you'd like to hear from the great woman who started all “this”, you can find the video here:

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Kelli Monaghan
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Heavenly Grounded Coaching
Salem Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Hello! I’m Kelli! I’m a Widow Wellness Coach! I received my certificate in Whole Person Coaching, which is completely in line with my belief system. I believe you must pay attention to the whole body: mind, body and soul, to achieve optimal wellness. I practice this in my own life, and am passionate about educating women to encourage their own healing.

I lost my husband to cancer in 2010 and it rocked my foundation. I became a widow at the ripe young age of 40! And, of course, my life has never been the same since. I have suffered deep grief, and have also learned steps to healing. I learned how to take care of my mind, body and soul. I learned how nutrition, fitness and being kind to myself, helped my grieving process and promoted my healing.

I also went to work for hospice, for 5 years, and this took my understanding and knowledge to an entirely different level. My education consisted of daily visits with beautiful patients and families, sharing a most vulnerable part of their life with me. Our stories were different, but our journeys were similar. And, because of this experience, and my own personal losses, I can confidently say I am an expert in grief, loss, and the healing thereafter!

This I know for sure, we only have one life, and it can be taken from us at any given moment. There is so much out there, to do, to see, and to be! There is so much life to live. And I also know LIFE CAN BE AMAZING AGAIN!!

After the dust has settled, and you are ready to be more than “just ok,” let me walk with you as you become the most fabulous, amazing, woman you were created to be! Let me walk beside you as you find your ground, and your amazing bad ass self, and step into the life you dream of, and absolutely deserve.

YOLO baby! Lets do this!!

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+357 96 876197
Sessions are held remotely via Skype / Whatsapp / Viber / FaceTime / Zoom or onsite in several countries I travel to for trainings/workshops/seminars.
Coaching Bio:

Ten years ago,

I was a lawyer with my own practice. I had everything going for me: professional goals accomplished, happily married to the man I love, leading a balanced life with healthy food, sports, vacations, you name it.

My Cartesian mind was telling me that everything was under control, that I had ticked all the boxes and that it would be foolish to change a thing.

Then, life hit me.

At age 38, my body was attacked aggressively by an autoimmune disease. The symptoms were so severe that I could not go to work. Even worse, I could not do even the simplest tasks due to fatigue - making a cup of tea could take all my morning energy from me. I was incapacitated… Treatment was not working the way it should, and I almost lost hope that my body would ever restore to health. I was at my wits end. I was desperate…

All I could do, confined in my house, was think:
“Why did I have all these health problems? Why did I worry about everything that might (or might not) happen to a point that my body crushed? Why had I not realised that I had always been stressed, tired, and anxious? If everything was under control, why did I feel lost and overwhelmed by my emotions?”
“Why me? All I ever wanted was to reap the fruit of my hard work and be able to enjoy my happiness and my success. All I ever wanted was inner peace. After all, I had accomplished every goal I had set for myself. I had done everything I was expected to do.”
Tired morally and physically, I heard a quiet, calm but assertive voice that said:

"Do Yoga."

I was surprised by the certainty of that voice, but I was willing to try anything that would bring back my well-being. What I did not realise right away was that this voice had a wisdom of its own. It led me on a healing journey that started from something that I was relatively familiar with - yoga.
Attending local yoga classes relieved me of my stress and helped my body’s renewal. My yoga teacher and I soon became friends, and she recommended I try reflexology. One thing led to another and my reflexologist introduced me to a reputable energy healer.
I could understand the benefits (and the “science”) of yoga and reflexology, but I remained skeptical when it came to alternative healing methods. Nevertheless, out of curiosity and trust, I decided to meet with this energy healer. To my surprise and delight, her therapeutic channeling worked for me.

My healing begins.

During the session, I was deeply moved by the healer’s wisdom and capability to see above and beyond the surface. She reminded me of my innate sensitivity and said: “Stop running away from who you are, and you will get better. Follow the wisdom of your inner self, and you will forever remain healthy.”
After the session, I rediscovered my sensitivity, which I had had since my early childhood, and I could “see, hear and feel” again. At the beginning, it was overwhelming. It was as if I had been struck by lightning. The experience brought me back in touch with my inner wisdom and enhanced my capability to hear my inner voice. Thankfully, the energy healer taught me techniques to manage my energy sensitivity and trained me in putting it to good use, that is, she taught me how to do therapeutic channeling.

The Epiphany

This “epiphany” that helped me rediscover my true gift and inner compass has led me to a series of changes thereafter. I practice being in tune with my inner voice at all times and I know that my inner wisdom is aligning me with the will of the universe. I started “bumping into” the right people, experiences and opportunities. One could say that all this was nothing more than “coincidence” but, in fact, it was synchronicity... That’s only part of the magic that happens when we ignore “distractions” and we start to turn within. Following my curiosity and inner voice, I discovered and trained in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, the Enneagram and Whole Person Coaching. I also taught myself to use divining rods so as to do energy evaluations of people and places, which helps me to better understand my clients’ energy needs before healing and balancing them.

A blessing in disguise.

It was only when I hit rock bottom, that I came to realise that there had always been two voices guiding me. One was the voice of my logic, the loud and demanding one that led me to the ultimate deterioration of my well-being. And the other one, that of my inner wisdom - a soft, quiet but powerful voice that always proves to be right; the one that has my best interest in mind;the one that is forever aligned with my life’s mission. A voice that has always been there, but that was ignored and sacrificed at the altar of social convention and family expectations. A voice that makes me feel whole when I listen to it. The voice of love, wisdom and inner peace.
I learnt that for me to hear that voice I had to quieten all the mind chattering, to make time for silence and just listen. Since I had never taken the time to stop and listen to my body and get in touch with my emotions, my body fell ill and forced me to sit tight and listen to its wisdom.

Reborn with a mission.

Since then, I have been healthy and medicine free, I have more love to give myself and others, and the relationships in my life have become better than ever. After years of training and experimenting with my gifts, I have created my own method of well-being, i-Ki Coaching, and I’m blessed to work with people from all over the world. I write books, and I travel the world for talks, workshops, trainings, presentations and sessions.
My mission is to help you to discover, trust and listen to your own inner, innate wisdom and be guided from within. With this skill, you will learn to become more accepting, compassionate and loving towards yourself and others, you will form and sustain healthy, fulfilling and happy relationships; and ultimately, you will find and use your true gifts to fulfil your life’s mission with clarity and equanimity.

Tiffany Marlink, WPCC, ICF ACC
(503) 850-8384
Portland, OR USA
Coaching Bio:

Do you feel it? The thing that tugs on your heart strings and whispers that you're meant for something greater. It chose you for a reason. Let me help you feel empowered and unstoppable in the pursuit of the thing that lights your Soul on fire!

Your dream is waiting. Are you ready to see what you’re truly capable of?

Kim Hamblin-Hart
Company Name:
Seeds of Change Life Coaching
Tri-Cities, WA and remote access coaching
Coaching Bio:

There is room for YOU in your life. You deserve to be seen and heard.

I am an ACC and Whole Person Certified Life Coach. And I am a recovering people-pleasing perfectionist. My passion is helping women in mid-life who have lost themselves in the service of others to find and honor their voice, so they can reclaim their personal authority and lead a confident, empowered, and compassionate life.

As a recovering People-Pleasing Perfectionist I was lost to myself for a long time. I usually worked my needs and wants around other people’s. My family was always put first. Then friends. My needs were sometimes fourth or fifth.

I bought into the story that an ideal woman, and ideal mother, is helpful and kind. She is a good person if she sacrifices her own wants and needs for others. She never puts herself first. This story made me feel guilty when I did things for myself.

When I hit my mid 40’s, I came into the proverbial mid-life crisis. I looked around me thinking, “how did I end up here?” and, “what does my future hold?” and most importantly, “who am I and what do I want?”

There was a voice in me longing to speak up. A voice that deserved to be heard. I compared myself to stories of women who made radical, drastic changes to their lives. I heard about these women and believed that to speak my truth I’d have to completely change and live a radically different life. I thought there was only one way to be fierce. That scared me.

I longed to start living my life for myself, to have my sense of worth come from within, and take care of my own needs. But I was trapped in either/or thinking. I felt like my choices were: either take care of everyone else’s needs or take care of my needs. I didn’t know that you can do both.

Like so many people-pleasers, I was constantly seeking external validation. I was basing my individual value on what others thought of me. I had built my life around an inner narrative that said: “my real worth in the real world comes from supporting and serving others”. I let other people’s stories determine who I was, how I should act, and what makes me a good person. But my true self bucked against the stories.

Things changed when I learned how to rewrite my story. I decide who I am, how I should act, and where my value comes from.

Using techniques of narrative coaching, I’m honoring my voice and learning that I no longer need to hide or suppress my needs and wants. I still enjoy supporting my loved ones, but I now include myself in that circle of people I love.

That’s what I want for you too, and that’s what we’ll do together. You’ll learn how to rewrite your stories & inner narrative, so that you will shift your perspective, find your voice, reclaim your personal authority, and find joy & appreciation in your current life.

Change is possible, no matter how long you have been feeling lost in your disempowering stories and patterns, or how terrible it currently feels. You can be seen and heard without giving up on the life you’ve created.

Your voice is uniquely yours; you don’t have to sound or act like anyone else. That’s the beauty of it. Standing in your power doesn’t have to require a radical, aggressive change. It can, but it doesn’t have to. What it does require is radical honesty.

In my coaching program, Cultivate Your Voice, my mission is to help you find and honor your true self by honestly assessing limiting stories and shifting your perspective, so you can reclaim your personal authority and lead an empowered, confident and compassionate life. You can support others and support yourself.

Discover more at
Explore your options with a free call:

Carol Merwin, MA, CPC
Company Name:
Carol Merwin Coaching LLC
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

I coach in three areas - right partner, right livelihood, and Parent as Life Coach (coaching you to coach your kid(s) to approach life with a resilient and creative-problem-solving mindset).

Clarity of intention, creativity, courage, and resilience are all learnable skills that put your dream within reach.

Our coaching time will be strength-based, future-focused, and collaborative. You will explore creative processes that uncover the next step on your journey, experience inner shifts that inspire heart-centered action, eliminate blocks to taking action, and put accountability in place to get results.

My Credentials:

I am a CPC, Certified Professional Coach, trained in Whole Person Life Coaching through Baraka Institute – Coach Training World in 2015. At the heart of whole person coaching is respect for the client, and trust that he or she is whole, complete and resourceful.

My M.A. in Spiritual Psychology is a natural fit with whole-person coaching. My B.S. in Computer Science and my years designing and building computer systems trained me to be solution-focused and results-oriented. My work in Addiction Counseling strengthened my belief that the start of your life does not define the rest of your life. No matter what you’ve done or what you’ve been through, a future with purpose and meaning is yours to create.

I have decades of experience working with people who are undergoing major life changes - workers undergoing radical innovation in their daily work processes, families coping with a terminally ill family member, men preparing to leave prison, families in the adoption process, professionals undergoing corporate acquisition and downsizing. Being a partner on your journey, walking side-by-side as your life transforms, is a great privilege.

More About Me:

I have compassion and understanding for people facing obstacles in achieving their dreams. I’ve learned to turn the challenges on my journey to my advantage, and to use every experience as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve.

I find joy & growth, purpose & meaning through my coaching, marriage, parenting, creative pursuits, friends & family, and spiritual practice. I live a life I love while being true to who I am. I hold the vision for you to create that in your life as well.

I offer a free call to anyone who would like to contact me and reserve a time. We can have a conversation and see if we are a fit to work together.

Teresa Rodden, WPCC
Company Name:
Pink Cloud Coaching
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

Teresa Rodden is the founder and owner of Pink Cloud Coaching, Author of Wholly Sober, creator of several woman based groups and organizations that recognize the unique needs, challenges, and strength of women.

She’s passionate about helping women identify their personal power and break the need to misuse alcohol robbing women of their one and only precious life experience. Living Wholly Sober is not recovery!

Type of Coaching:
Sarah Budd, WPCC
Company Name:
Gambit Coaching & Consulting
Portland, OR area
Coaching Bio:

Permission to customize.
Motivation. Energy. Drive.

My coaching session are casual, adaptive and personal. No matter what issue people come into the session with, they tend to leave with a sense of energy and motivation to go through whatever door has just opened up for them. I work with people who are ready and able to engage in developing their own self-awareness and start leveraging it to accomplish their goals.

If you're looking to take action on your goals, your self-awareness and/or your dreams, I'd love to talk with you.

Feel free to see what others are saying about working with me here:

Sarah Budd
Gambit Coaching & Consulting

Jon Crews, MBA, CPC
Company Name:
Jonathan Crews Vedic Astrology & Coaching
Santa Fe, NM
Coaching Bio:

Jonathan Crews, MBA, and Certified Professional Coach, CPC, has had a life-long career in guiding people in their personal and professional growth. He has expertise and a strong knowledge base in the practical application of eastern philosophy, including Vedic Astrology, as well as many techniques and processes for physical, psychological and spiritual transformation found in the West. For the last 40 years, he has traveled internationally, teaching mindfulness and yoga as well as running a consulting business. He offers life guidance and coaching packages for people from all walks of life at varying rates. To contact Jonathan, call 505-982-1144.

Welcome to winter in Tacoma
Company Name:
Leadwell Pacific
1933 Dock Street, 619 Tacoma, WA 98402
Coaching Bio:

Professional - I have spent the last 17 in executive leadership. Working to transform organizational culture and make an impact on the lives of our staff, customers and the communities that we serve. I began coaching as a leadership tool and then found that I really appreciated the Positive Psychology theory related to personal growth and organizational change. Leadwell Pacific is my private practice, allowing me to coach a very distinct clientele interested leadership growth and culture.

Training - What life has not taught me, I have worked hard to learn at school. I have enjoyed a broad educational background in liberal arts (B.S. Willamette U.), Bible college, seminary and graduate studies in Organizational Design and Systems Renewal (M.A. Seattle U.). I have completed two different professional coaching programs of study. I feel like my lived experience, professional experience and educational mastery really has prepared me to walk alongside you as an executive coach.

Michelle Hertrich, CPC
Columbia River Gorge, OR
Coaching Bio:

Michelle Hertrich, Certified Professional Coach
Relationship Coach and Consultant

I have a bachelor’s degree in family and child development and 32 years experience in social services, working for the past 23 years with survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault.

I do Coaching, Counseling, and Consultation
Counseling deals with current emotions brought on by past issues, often traumatic experiences. One definition of trauma is anything that is less than nurturing. Many people are unaware they’ve experienced trauma and that it is getting in the way of self-love and happy relationships.
During consultation I’m teaching clients skills and information to assist with increasing self-confidence, positive emotions, and improved relationships. For the past 14 years I’ve taught clients how to love themselves, decrease shame, have healthier relationships, and thrive after trauma.
Coaching involves removing visible and invisible roadblocks to something we desire that we don’t yet have. If we want something… more joy, to be self-employed, a new relationship…but we don’t have it yet, something is getting in our way. This is often our limiting beliefs or self-sabotage. Uncovering these beliefs or habits helps clients free the way to achieve their greatest desires.
Relationships begin with ourselves. We may think a relationship will finally help us gain confidence or feel happy. If you find yourself choosing partners that you think are different, only to find you’ve made a similar choice to the last one that didn’t work out, you may some have work to do. It is not until we truly fall in love with ourselves that we can finally make choices that validate that.
If you feel confused in your current relationship as to why it feels like an emotional roller coaster or why you or your partner just can’t get it right, you may have some work to do. The only person you can change is yourself and over the years I’ve taught hundreds of clients to make the changes that significantly improved their relationships.
If this sounds like something you may be looking for, give a call to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. If we’re a good fit, it’ll be our first success together! If we’re not a good fit, I know many amazing therapists and coaches I can refer you to.

Jen Hermann, MA, WPCC
Company Name:
Jen Hermann
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

Jen holds a masters degree in organizational leadership, change management and Whole Person Coaching certifications, and is currently expanding her skill set to include acupuncture and oriental medicine. She integrates 15+ years of leadership and experience supporting people through change with her empathetic nature and ability to see the best in everyone she meets and help them realize their unique potential.

She has a passion for helping people find purpose and meaning in their work and helping workplaces evolve to truly support employees overall health, well-being, long-term engagement, and growth.

Fausta Luchini, M.A., WPCC
Company Name:
Fausta's Place to Ponder
Based in Savannah, Ga - as close as your internet connection. Working primarily through video chat or phone calls.
Coaching Bio:

Fausta Luchini, M.A., WPCC, is a holistic life coach, a catalyst, and a visionary. She loves to coach people who are ready to build a life that lets them shine. She has been described as a wise elder, bringing the insight and wisdom gathered from a lifetime of working with people to her role of coach.

A native of Kentucky, Fausta earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and spent over 20 years as a therapist. Fifteen years in Community Mental Health, both in urban and rural settings, gave her a wide range of experience with diverse cultures. Offering individual and group therapy to adults, many of whom were survivors of childhood trauma, she learned ways to help her clients work through the lingering impact of that trauma on their lives – and they helped form her understanding of the pathways to healing. She continues to be grateful for those experiences and awed at the strength and resilience of her clients.

This rich experience – from Community Mental Health to private practice to Training Coordinator - has led her work to this space. As a life coach, she is committed to working with the helpers - the social workers, advocates, attorneys, first responders, teachers and parents who engage directly with survivors of trauma.   If you wake up at 2 a.m. worrying about your clients, think about your students over the weekend, if you feel like you're losing yourself in their suffering, Fausta helps you reconnect with yourself and find the tools you need to sustain that connection. She creates a space for you to explore how to develop a life that supports the work you do, how to build a life that lets you shine.

Fausta lives in Savannah, Ga, in a multi-generational household, where she enjoys the warm weather and being close to the ocean. When she’s not coaching, or blogging about it, Fausta enjoys playing with her grandchildren, exploring new restaurants with her daughter, traveling with her life partner, Dennis, and walking on the beach by herself.

Andrea Geronimo Life Coach
Company Name:
Andrea Geronimo Life Coach
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Coaching Bio:

Andrea Geronimo is Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who is passionate about collaborating with people to reach their full potential and goals in life. She believes in people's capacity to create a life that feels good on the inside, and she's amazed and proud of her clients' success stories.

She is broadminded and well-traveled, and this has helped her learn more about different cultures which makes her comfortable and effective in working with different nationalities.

She continues with life-long learning by pursuing her ICF certification and MA in Psychology.

She's an advocate of self-love, and this is a significant part of her coaching services.

Casey Tabolt, WPCC
Company Name:
Casey Tabolt Coaching LLC
New York
Coaching Bio:

Casey Tabolt is an ICF ACC, WPCC certified coach specializing in helping moms rediscover and honor all the parts of themselves in order to take better care of themselves and live more intentional and fulfilling lives.

Casey is a wife and mother of 2, who has been a work from home entrepreneur since 2015. It was in the midst of running her Etsy shop and taking care of a newborn and toddler that she was came face to face with how unsustainable her life had become. She was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease that put her in the hospital for 3 months, fighting for her life. She attributes her miraculous recovery to the choice she made to find meaning and purpose in her suffering, her willfulness, and last but not least, her love for her children.

It was through this experience that Casey learned how to reconnect with herself and started rebuilding her life intentionally by honoring her values. She started to debunk the myths of self care that had kept her from taking care of herself in any meaningful way. She adopted a new mindset and felt immense gratitude and appreciation for her new life and the lessons she had learned. She committed herself to personal growth, and took the steps necessary to share her knowledge and be of service to moms who feel invisible in their lives. Casey is passionate about helping moms reconnect to their inner voice; honor their strengths, hopes and dreams; and make self care the feel good habit it needs to be.

Today she spends her time seeking joy, homeschooling and peaceful parenting her kids and supporting moms as they make themselves a priority, follow their dreams and honor their whole selves so they can show up as the best mom possible.

She deeply values service and growth and can help you rediscover your path and yourself all while becoming the mom you were meant to be. She knows the struggles of overcoming our pasts, learning how to develop our own unique parenting philosophies, and maintaining our individuality in the face of motherhood. There is no destination for this journey but we can certainly enjoy the landmarks we reach and celebrate the ground we’ve covered.

She believes in the power of coaching and the truth that you are more than “just a mom.” You deserve to live your best life and set that example for the next generation.

Creative and Life Coaching
Company Name:
Carrie Akre Creative
Tacoma, WA
Coaching Bio:

I am and life coach supporting clients in their projects, career changes and creativity. I hope focus on crafting your why and how to head in the direction that feels true to yourself

Karen Tindall, WPCC
Company Name:
The Balanced Doctor
Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas
Coaching Bio:

Karen is a Women's Happiness Coach who is dedicated to helping modern, busy women simplify their lives so they can be really clear on their priorities. By helping them create a more meaningful life with purpose and direction her clients gain clarity, confidence and a sense of calm.

Karen has a great deal of empathy and her coaching sessions are relaxed, casual and individual. She will help you to look at your life in detail and work out what you really want. The time is completely client focused to allow you to gain best use of your time.

Karen offers individual 1:1 coaching as well as custom designed group sessions. She can meet in person if you are local to Bentonville and the Northwest Arkansas area or over video calling using Zoom. Karen is originally from England, UK and coaches women from both sides of the Atlantic!

Karen writes her own blog and contributes to articles from her expert viewpoint as a Women's Happiness Coach. She has been featured in articles on MindBodyGreen, Elite Daily and Brit+Co.

Drop Karen a message or give her a call to start your coaching journey.

Type of Coaching:
Dr. Ashley M. Davis, CPC
Company Name:
In Your Light Life Coaching
Seattle, WA
Coaching Bio:

Lean into your greatness and never be afraid to let the world feel your shine! These are the words that Ashley Davis lives by and encourages others to do the same. As a proponent of servant leadership, Ashley has dedicated herself to the uplift of others in order to create a world where people truly understand what and who they can become. As an educator and life coach, it is Ashley’s “serve first, then lead” attitude that has allowed her to connect with a myriad of individuals from all walks of life. She specializes in motivating people to live in their own light by connecting with their authenticity and through that authenticity create paths of truth which lead to abundant success. Ashley believes in the power of living aligned and seeks to serve others in building lives that are holistic in their design. Her greatest strength is her ability to inspire others in connecting with their true personal power, which creates an unstoppable being when accomplished!

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, Ashley also holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, a Master of Arts in Coaching and Athletic Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies with a minor in Sport Management.

If you are an individual who is ready to walk in and own all of the amazing and beautiful things that are unique to your existence, contact Ashley today!

Simon Ravona
Company Name:
Catalytc Coaching Co
Seattle and Virtual (Zoom or phone)
Coaching Bio:

I'm a divorce and transition coach. I help midlife professionals create their authentic life through planning and execution. In addition to years of related training and experience (as a lawyer, negotiator, mediator, HR manager and consultant), I completed my amicable divorce in 2017. I never thought I'd get divorced, but it was the right decision for me. In 2015, I began my self-help journey, reading every self-help book available and listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts. I became interested in coaching by studying the work of Tony Robbins, Jennifer Bailey, Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Abraham Hicks, and Gary Zukav, to name a few. I completed course work on the Science of Happiness (under EdX). In 2017, after my divorce, my life has improved dramatically, I created a divorce Meetups group, to help those at various stages support each other and learn about the process. I found that people are afraid of divorce and ill informed. My divorce was amicable and I didn't want others to experience the confusion, self-doubt, and judgment that plagued me. Although, I have the experience and training to help people confront major life decisions such as relocation, divorce, separation, career change, co-parenting, life dissatisfaction, and illness, I also have the personal experience of taking action in major areas of my life and overcoming adversity. If you're struggling with your relationship, career, or other situation, and are considering whether to move on; or if you're just plain stuck, I can help you identify the issues, organize them, and develop an action plan to move you forward, and live your most authentic life. Your fulfillment has no price tag. Investing in yourself is critical to your well-being, and essential to your growth. My process entails forging a strong, safe, and trusting relationship with my client, reflecting and observing, using proven coaching techniques, asking the right questions, and holding my client accountable for his or her commitments. If you're ready to own your situation and improve it, and you're least thinking about what to do, please schedule a complimentary "get acquainted" session, at no cost. I'm looking forward to hearing from and learning about you!

Ryan Lee Sharp, WPCC
Company Name:
Soul Coach
Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

The inward quest. With a trustworthy guide.

So here’s what I can offer you—what you can’t seem to find on your own—Clarity. It’s not divining and it’s not some fancy gimmick. It’s a process of discovery and inquiry that we will rigorously work through together.

If you are at a crossroads in life,
If you feel stuck and can’t seem to un-stick yourself,
If you are ready for a new chapter,
If you want to find your way back to yourself,
If you are done with constantly seeking distraction,
If you want more out of life, to be more,

Then I’m your guy. Because I have been where you are at. I have crossed those rivers, many times. I know what it’s like to keep spinning the same damned wheel and wonder where it’s all going. I’ve felt powerless and small. And what is that about? Who told me to feel small, took my power away?

Call me a coach, a guide, a mentor. I don’t really care. What you’re after is Clarity. Because that’s your next step to momentum, to creativity, to full self-expression. And that’s what I’m going to help you unlock in yourself.

Best to hop on the phone, chat about where you are at.

Marija Randjic
Madrid, Spain.
Coaching Bio:

If you are looking for the meaningful coaching partnership, that will help you achieve your goals and start or change your career in alignment with your personality, interests and values, I would love to work with you!

How can I support you?

My educational background in psychology, psychotherapy, management of human resources and coaching, together with more than 10 years of experience in training facilitation with individual contributors, leaders and trainers (in NGO and multinational corporation) have helped me to understand the needs and challenges of professionals and to define my coaching method.

I also went through personal career transformation several times, so I've been where you are right now, and I know you can get to your desired destination!

We will start by defining together your goals, your amazing potential and challenges that you would like to overcome, and then define winning actions for the success and happiness in your career.


Just drop me an e-mail, so that we can arrange a 30 minutes call, to meet and start your career development journey!

Melissa Wright
Company Name:
Melissa Wright Coaching
Located in Dallas, Texas--but available everywhere using Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Young adulthood is a time of life that is so full of promise and potential. But, let’s face it—it’s also a time that can be overwhelming and stressful. After all, you are only setting the course for the rest of your life! As a certified life coach, I can help you figure out where you are going—and how to get there. 

Whether you are a young adult--or there is a young adult in your life that you think could benefit from coaching--contact me so we can talk more. This is an age group that is capable of incredible resilience, growth, and insight. I love that about young adults—and that’s why I’m excited to support them.

Gail Conrad WPCC / Holistic Innovation Coach
Company Name:
Los Angeles, U.S.A. (I work with clients worldwide via zoom online video teleconferencing.)
Coaching Bio:

Hi, and welcome Visionaries, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Innovators!

I'm Gail.
I champion you to be your most courageous self, and help you to unleash your projects and your visions.

As someone who’s done everything from creating large-scale arts and entertainment productions, to collaborating on new technologies and immersive experiences, I get it—it’s easy to feel stuck—like you’ve hit a wall, when you’re working so hard to create something new.

This is why I draw from all of my experiences, including my lifelong exploration of innovation and consciousness, to help you move forward.

Most importantly, I help you to harness your courage. Why?

Because stepping into the unknown and trusting in the process of innovation takes courage.

This is when move beyond your comfort zone, break-through old boundaries, change whatever needs to be changed, heal whatever needs to be healed. You act.

I would love to help you to take this leap—

Make your invisible dream VISIBLE and ACTIVE, and do what you care about the most.

Consider contacting me for a complimentary coaching call!

Kemi O.
Available in the United States and internationally via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Feeling lost or off track can put you in a place where you're frustrated and confused. I've been there. It took one lay-off, two breakups and three health issues to lead me to one of my life's passions, coaching! As a former social worker, I regularly used coaching techniques with my clients without even knowing. Frequently helping friends and acquaintances through life's trials only helped strengthen my problem-solving capabilities. Because I've dealt with a lot, I've learned to guide myself and others through many obstacles. I did it for them. I can do it for you. Let me be your personal guide to new outlooks.

Company Name:
Lisa L McGee and Fresh Start Coaching
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Coaching Bio:

Can blind kids learn to run a mile on an outside track? Sure, I've taught them how. But more so, they taught me that if you’ve got passion and potential then nothing can stop you!

Was their lack of eyesight a limiting obstacle or a reality to transcend? They knew in their gut what they wanted to do, they just needed someone to help them do it.

I’ve had a variety of jobs, as a teacher of the blind, administrator, pastor, Nia fitness instructor and whole person coach, with one thing in common: Helping others do what their heart longs to do!

Being a coach is a privilege. I love to support others who want to move toward a fresh start in life or work and thrive in their potential. Contact me today and start on your new path toward a fulfilling and enjoyable life!

Sarah Rader Urig
Company Name:
Syrena Coaching Group LLC
Charlotte, NC
Coaching Bio:

Why work with me?
Because I was you! I struggled to find my place both personally and professionally. It wasn't until I started working with a Coach that I finally found my passion...Helping others achieve their goals and become the best they can be. Now I work with individuals looking to make a transition or achieve a new goal.
I follow the Whole Person Coaching method while blending in concepts from my experience as an Agile Coach. There is something for everyone!
Do you want to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow? Are you ready to identify what is holding you back and start moving forward? We'll work together to identify your target state and design a coaching plan to get you there. Let's get started!

Type of Coaching:
Denise Griffith
Company Name:
the Happy Outlander LLC
New York City
Coaching Bio:

Hi, my name is Denise and I am an Expat Coach!

Moving abroad expands who you are as a person, but the initial phase after a move can be very turbulent and emotionally heavy. I am here for women after their move abroad, to help them re-discover who they are in a new country, find their happiness again and live the exciting life that they chose!

Topics that you can expect to come up:

- Identity & Inner happiness
Because if you find your inner happy place, it will be with you, no matter where in the world you are!

- Strength & Resourcefulness
By moving to a different country, you may feel very uncomfortable, uneasy, frustrated by differences not to mention culture-shocked and homesick. Focussing on your strengths and your resourcefulness may help you realize that you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for, and you already have in you what it takes to get through this. 

- Setting you up for a successful future
Coaching is meant to give you tools that you can use not only now in difficult times, but for the rest of your life.

I am passionate about helping expats because I am one myself! I know the struggles that come with moving abroad, but I also know the adventure and the personal growth that comes from living in a different culture. I want you to make the most out of your life abroad, and your life in general!

Company Name:
Gauntlett Coaching
Online: Global
In Person: Maryland
Coaching Bio:

How are you?

I work with the always curious to move past the disconnection and loneliness of today's accelerating, pressured life. In a nonjudgmental space, we look at you as a whole person and create your own toolbox to cultivate a more grounded and engaged self. In the midst of today's -- and tomorrow's -- challenges, I focus on three pathways of living: resilience, acceptance and critical thinking to help further your goals and sustain you during times of uncertainty and change.g
I have always been a seeker and a student of life. On the way, I earned a Master's in Social Work and gained experience in mental/behavioral health and crisis intervention. Currently, I am working toward my ACC level coaching certification.

Looking forward to growing our coaching partnership!

Audrea J. Sullivan, MA, CPC
Company Name:
Seaswell Transformational Coaching
(303) 931-8339
Coaching Bio:

Audrea J. Sullivan, MA, CPC is a transformational coach, mindfulness mentor, change-maker, & believer in the power of yoga & movement as a way to deepen one’s connection with who they are.

Facilitator of well-being, weight-loss, & wellness sessions for women who are ready to live boldly in healthy bodies.

Published author & poet.

Believer in love & respect and the power of being present— using creative expression to enhance the experience of being alive.


Whole Person Coaching Program- Coach Training World (Accredited by the International Coach Federation- ICF)

Master of Arts- Counseling/Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Arts- Psychology


Transformational coaching for weight-loss, well-being, wellness, mindfulness, meditation, self-care, stress-reduction, & self-actualization.

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