* Senior Coach for New Students

Amy Barsnick, WPCC
Company Name:
A Star to Steer by Coaching
Livermore Ca
Coaching Bio:

Change is not easy and we all have times we need support to help us navigate through it . As former career Naval Officer who then spent 15 plus years helping large organizations transform, I have seen and experienced a variety of changes both big and small . At the end of the day all change is personal, I realize my passion is helping individuals find their inner resources and personal path. If a surprise change has come knocking or you want to plan you next transformation let me help navigate.

Katie Kasambala
Company Name:
Awesomely Adept
Coaching Bio:

Hi there!

It's complex isn't it? Am I doing life right? Who do I choose? How do I choose? What path do I follow?

When you're someone who has multiple passions and isn't satisfied with their status quo or can't find that "one true calling" that everyone else seems so keen on then that adds yet another layer of complexity.

Honestly, life's easier when you have someone on your team to challenge you, hold you accountable, be your cheerleader, shine a light on those blind spots.

I can be that someone.

If you're a multipotentialite, multi-passionate, scanner, polymath, generalist or reconnaissance person then you're in the right place.

I've been a lawyer, banker, restaurant owner, cookery school owner and operator, specialty cupcake baker (I'm especially proud of that one!) to name a few.
For the longest time I was lost and feeling like I didn't have a place.
Then two things happened.
I discovered being multi-passionate was a thing and I found life coaching.
That was my aha moment.
It created such an impression that I decided to become a coach myself.

And now I help other people like me identify the golden threads in their story to create their aha lives.

If any of that sounds good to you, then let's work together to design a life that celebrates you in your entirety.

Send me an email or a WhatsApp message and we can talk.

Chat soon!

Michael Hodge, CPC
Company Name:
MLH Life Coaching
New Jersey
Coaching Bio:

My mission is to help individuals to develop their self awareness and approaches so they can reach their full potential in life whether it's related to career, relationships personal adventure or all.
- Be more self-assured and confident about your choices and life direction
- Do you have a solid career plan in place?
- How do you let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you?
- Do you want to increase your confidence doing public speaking?

I spent over 30 years in the technology field holding leadership, sales, and business develop positions. I have the experience in business and life to help individuals gain clarity, focus and direction toward what matters most to them. I’m also a member of Toastmasters International (TMI) where I‘ve been the President of the local chapter and held other officer positions. TMI is focused on helping individuals develop their public speaking and leadership skills.

I was born in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Connecticut. I lived in California for a period of time and had the opportunity to work in Seattle. I now reside in New Jersey with my lovely wife and our two children who live close by. My hobbies include staying fit, practicing mindfulness, playing competitive tennis and riding my Harley Davidson.

Robin R. Montegari, CPC
Company Name:
R. Montegari Life Coaching
Greenwood Lake, NY
Coaching Bio:

I help women realize that they can be, do and have anything they want by reconnecting with themselves, creating a personal vision and developing the confidence to bring their vision to life. Self-awareness, self-love and courageous, yet gentle practices are the cornerstones of my coaching.

Chiron Consulting by Rai Hyde Cornell
Company Name:
Chiron Consulting
Coaching Bio:

As a coach and business mentor, I help you find the deeper answers and the aligned actions from within yourself. Unlike most business coaches, though, my philosophy is deeply rooted in the energetics of manifestation, law of attraction, and money as a conduit for energy transfer.

If you consider yourself "woo woo" AND an entrepreneur, we're likely to be a great fit!

Contact me today via the links on my website or any of the links below. Also, check out my free manifestation-inspired resources for entrepreneurs and aspiring self-employers:

** Book a Free Consult: https://calendly.com/chironconsulting/consult
** FREE 8-Day Course – Manifestation Mindset for Entrepreneurs: https://pages.chironconsulting.us/
** FREE Motivating, Ass-Kicking, Supportive Networking Community: https://chironconsulting.ck.page/slack
** FREE Monthly Workshops: https://linktr.ee/chironconsulting
** Self-Paced Business-Building Courses: https://linktr.ee/chironconsulting
** Follow Chiron on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chironconsulting/

Since 2007, I have been freelancing, working online, and building virtual businesses. While I was earning my BS in Psychology, my MA in Professional Clinical Counseling, and my MA in Criminology, I was working as a freelance writer and marketing strategist. Over the years, I built a successful marketing agency that now serves more than 30 clients at a time and is powered by a team of 19.

While I was building Cornell Content Marketing, I began several mentoring programs within the agency to support our freelance team members in building their own businesses. In 2019, I separated the mentoring programs out from Cornell and created a new entity: Chiron Consulting.

Now, I combine coaching and business mentoring to help aspiring entrepreneurs create their dream businesses – ones that are healthy, profitable, and nurture your soul's purpose.

As a coach, it’s my goal to help you find the right fit for all of the pieces of your life. I work with men and women of all ages to find the place where your passions, talents, intellectual strengths, and inner desires perfectly align. Whether you want to change careers, become your own boss, or find your truest expression in the world, I’m here to help you find your ideal way of being.

P.S. Yes, my name is pronounced like "ray" 😉

Aga Chapas
Bend, OR (in person) Zoom (globally)
Coaching Bio:


I partner with individuals ready to engage in a creative and intimate process of verbal exploration towards clarity, balance and alignment.
My outlook on life is philosophical and I have a holistic approach to living and coaching.

I serve best those who enjoy wondering and wandering, seek new perspectives, and climb their mountains despite blisters.

My Core Values: Focus, Trust, Communication
My Inspirations: Nature, Kindness, and Deep Conversation
My Coaching Credentials: Whole Person Coaching Certificate; working towards ICF ACC

Andrea Morales Hanratty
Company Name:
Andrea Morales Coaching
Philadelphia, international through virtual meetings
Coaching Bio:

My motto is, why just survive when you can thrive?

Every person deserves the life they desire. I can offer tools to help my clients achieve their visions. I am a different type of health coach. Helping those battling illness reach their highest potential is my specialty. I know how much illness can knock you down. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years. At one point it ruled my world. I have been at my lowest low. Now I rule my disease. I offer my clients a way to cohabitate with their illness. Limitations caused by our health aren’t punishments but instead, they are challenges.

Through my own personal deep understanding of chronic illness and auto-immune diseases, I can assist my clients in finding the best whole body and holistic options for peace and calm as well navigating and advocating for themselves in what can often feel like an overwhelming and foreign world of medicine and doctors. Using an individualized method of connecting to each client allows me to address their specific needs and collaborate in producing a plan to live harmoniously with their illness and create a path to a successful, happy life despite the obstacles.

I am living proof that it is possible to take control of your life even while sick. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years and have struggled for two decades trying to live a life that I felt was socially acceptable. I have tried to live as an able-bodied person. I now know I don't have to sacrifice myself, but instead, adjust the world around me to better fit my needs. With whole person coaching I'm now doing work that is my true calling. Let me help you find yours too.

Terra Nicolle
(360) 453-7244
Phone and video chat appointments only currently
Coaching Bio:

I am a Path Finder.

With my intuitive skills, Whole Person Coaching methodologies and your guided personal wisdom we will discover a path to your resourcefulness and intentional living.

Please visit my website to learn more about me; then connect with me to learn more about yourself.

Kelly Santos
Company Name:
Kelly Santos, LLC.
New York City, NY
Coaching Bio:

As a work-life balance coach, I support young adults and new parents to invest in themselves so they can be more effective at managing life, work, and relationships. I have first-hand experience of how challenging it can be to maintain a balance between work and life. I am a first-time mom from NYC, where the hustle and bustle do not stop while life runs circles around you.

My goal is for my clients to end with a refreshed energy of having felt heard and seen. As a Latina, Mom, and Wife, I know what it feels like to be passed over and to think that everyone but yourself is a priority. To feel like your desires no longer matter. It’s time to put your self first. You have all of the resources within you to becoming your best self.

My Whole Person Coaching Training from Coach Training World has provided me with the tools to support clients holistically so that they can achieve positive outcomes in all aspects of their lives. I also use the Tarot to assist clients in seeking spiritual healing and allow them to discern the next steps. My clients walk away from each session with clear and actionable next steps.

In addition to coaching, I am a mentor and youth developer. I have worked in Youth Development for ten years, supporting youth and families in NYC. I studied Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Union College and have an MA from New York University in International Education.

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