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Sometimes to make dreams come true , you have to build them...
Company Name: Going Forward Coaching Services
Phone: 707-889-4737
Location: Santa Rosa California
Phone 707-889-4737
Virtual Chat Via ZOOM
Coaching Bio:

I have always been someone people have sought out for help . After realizing there must be something to this, I have decided to change my path and become a healer . Now as a Certified Whole Person Coach I have a skill set allowing me to help people with more efficiency and leaving them with a clear vision to solve almost anything . I have a natural ability to work on serious issues with a light heart allowing a focus on a solution rather than dwelling on the cause .

Seth Barker, WPCC
Company Name: Seth Barker Coaching
Phone: 505-860-9031
Coaching Bio:

Seth Barker is a Whole Person Certified Coach & Ayurvedic Consultant that helps Entertainment, Traveling Professionals and busy people around the globe with crazy schedules to create healthy, whole and sustainable (where efficiency and happiness coexist) lives so they can thrive while working on their passions to share with the world and continue the journey to their True Self.

With 12 years of experience traveling and touring hit Broadway Musicals as a Production Stage Manager around the globe. He has found ways in which people who are in constant motion can create a sense of balance and still live a meaningful and productive life. Seth understands the struggles of a non-stop life that’s full of stress, anxiety and toxic habits. His decision to end his toxic addiction to alcohol in December 2015 propelled him forward to truly get to know himself, what this life was about and what he’s here to do and how to give back.

Reflecting on today’s current situation with tv celebrities, role models and people moving non-stop in a world that is more focused on their individual needs. Seth realized the need for the Kardashian’s to take a step to the side as people to look up to and help create true role models that aren’t afraid to shine their light bright. People who are willing to step into the spotlight and be their authentic self in the public eye and lead the way for others. Entertainers have an important role in society and can influence hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. That’s a birth given gift that should be used for authentic good. It’s time for that gift to stop hiding behind filters and take a step into the spotlight. Whether you’re an entertainer or not, you are a role model.

Seth is passionate to work with the Whole Person Coaching model partnered with Ayurveda to create Life Sustainability. These two methods’ combined work! Seth Barker Coaching is aimed at helping people have clarity with their creativity to achieve their goals. Create a healthier Mind, Body and Soul connection through holistic practices and awareness. Bring awareness into everyday lifestyle choices that will have long term effects on health and wellbeing. Create a lifestyle that’s sustainable to have the energy to accomplish those things most important in life. Create sustainability from the inside out to nourish the body, mind, soul and planet. To inspire and help others to find their light and shine it bright.

Start your journey to a more Happy, Healthy, and Sustainable life today! Email me at hello@sethbarker.com

Andrea Geronimo Life Coach
Company Name: Andrea Geronimo Life Coach
Location: Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Coaching Bio:

Andrea Geronimo is Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who is passionate about collaborating with people to reach their full potential and goals in life. She believes in people’s capacity to create a life that feels good on the inside, and she’s amazed and proud of her clients’ success stories.

She is broadminded and well-traveled, and this has helped her learn more about different cultures which makes her comfortable and effective in working with different nationalities.

She continues with life-long learning by pursuing her ICF certification and MA in Psychology.

She’s an advocate of self-love, and this is a significant part of her coaching services.

Dr. Ashley M. Davis, CPC
Company Name: In Your Light Life Coaching
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Coaching Bio:

Lean into your greatness and never be afraid to let the world feel your shine! These are the words that Ashley Davis lives by and encourages others to do the same. As a proponent of servant leadership, Ashley has dedicated herself to the uplift of others in order to create a world where people truly understand what and who they can become. As an educator and life coach, it is Ashley’s “serve first, then lead” attitude that has allowed her to connect with a myriad of individuals from all walks of life. She specializes in motivating people to live in their own light by connecting with their authenticity and through that authenticity create paths of truth which lead to abundant success. Ashley believes in the power of living aligned and seeks to serve others in building lives that are holistic in their design. Her greatest strength is her ability to inspire others in connecting with their true personal power, which creates an unstoppable being when accomplished!

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, Ashley also holds a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, a Master of Arts in Coaching and Athletic Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies with a minor in Sport Management.

If you are an individual who is ready to walk in and own all of the amazing and beautiful things that are unique to your existence, contact Ashley today!

Simon Ravona
Company Name: Catalytc Coaching Co
Phone: 206.239.8506
Location: Seattle, Los Angeles, and Virtual (Zoom or phone)
Coaching Bio:

I’m a divorce and transition coach. I help midlife professionals create their authentic life through planning and execution. In addition to years of related training and experience (as a lawyer, negotiator, mediator, HR manager and consultant), I completed my amicable divorce in 2017. I never thought I’d get divorced, but it was the right decision for me. In 2015, I began my self-help journey, reading every self-help book available and listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts. I became interested in coaching by studying the work of Tony Robbins, Jennifer Bailey, Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown, Abraham Hicks, and Gary Zukav, to name a few. I completed course work on the Science of Happiness (under EdX). In 2017, after my divorce, my life has improved dramatically, I created a divorce Meetups group, to help those at various stages support each other and learn about the process. I found that people are afraid of divorce and ill informed. My divorce was amicable and I didn’t want others to experience the confusion, self-doubt, and judgment that plagued me. Although, I have the experience and training to help people confront major life decisions such as relocation, divorce, separation, career change, co-parenting, life dissatisfaction, and illness, I also have the personal experience of taking action in major areas of my life and overcoming adversity. If you’re struggling with your relationship, career, or other situation, and are considering whether to move on; or if you’re just plain stuck, I can help you identify the issues, organize them, and develop an action plan to move you forward, and live your most authentic life. Your fulfillment has no price tag. Investing in yourself is critical to your well-being, and essential to your growth. My process entails forging a strong, safe, and trusting relationship with my client, reflecting and observing, using proven coaching techniques, asking the right questions, and holding my client accountable for his or her commitments. If you’re ready to own your situation and improve it, and you’re least thinking about what to do, please schedule a complimentary “get acquainted” session, at no cost. I’m looking forward to hearing from and learning about you!

Marija Randjic
Coaching Bio:

If you are looking for the meaningful coaching partnership, that will help you achieve your goals and start or change your career in alignment with your personality, interests and values, I would love to work with you!

How can I support you?

My educational background in psychology, psychotherapy, management of human resources and coaching, together with more than 10 years of experience in training facilitation with individual contributors, leaders and trainers (in NGO and multinational corporation) have helped me to understand the needs and challenges of professionals and to define my coaching method.

I also went through personal career transformation several times, so I’ve been where you are right now, and I know you can get to your desired destination!

We will start by defining together your goals, your amazing potential and challenges that you would like to overcome, and then define winning actions for the success and happiness in your career.


Just drop me an e-mail, so that we can arrange a 30 minutes call, to meet and start your career development journey!

Carol Gauntlett, MSW, WPCC
Company Name: Gauntlett Coaching
Phone: 443/708-1735
Location: Online: Global
In Person: Maryland
Coaching Bio:

How are you?

I work with the always curious to move past the disconnection and loneliness of today’s accelerating, pressured life. In a nonjudgmental space, we look at you as a whole person and create your own toolbox to cultivate a more grounded and engaged self. In the midst of today’s — and tomorrow’s — challenges, I focus on three pathways of living: resilience, acceptance and critical thinking to help further your goals and sustain you during times of uncertainty and change.g
I have always been a seeker and a student of life. On the way, I earned a Master’s in Social Work and gained experience in mental/behavioral health and crisis intervention. Currently, I am working toward my ACC level coaching certification.

Looking forward to growing our coaching partnership!

Dr. Pamela Mena-Romano
Location: Tübingen, Germany.
Virtual sessions are available through Zoom video conferencing.
Coaching Bio:

Pamela Mena-Romano is a Whole Person Certified Coach, a scientist (Ph.D. in Medical Physics) with a background in Physics, and with years of experience teaching undergraduate students. She is also a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, and fluent in Spanish (native), English and German.

Pamela has walked a long path of emotional recognition and validation, through several challenges while still being part of the very intellectually oriented scientific world. She not only experienced the typical difficulties of pursuing a Ph.D. and the afterwards post-doctoral research work, but also the even sometimes more challenging process, of being reborn in a different country with all that comes along with it (new culture, language, norms, social rules, etc).

As a high achiever, Pamela knows firsthand the meaning of the impostor syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, personal and professional crises, and all the consequences of not listening to the warning signs and pushing the personal limits to far. During these experiences Pamela began to include in her life creativity and a spiritual practice on a regular basis; singing, dancing, practicing yoga and meditating, among others. Pamela changed her perspective on life itself and the type of life she wanted to live; resulting in a richer, more grounded and happier way of living.

Pamela is a Coach that provides the safe space you need to become present with those emotions, that have overwhelmed you, that sometimes have taken control of your life, and that are holding you back from your personal and professional goals. She will accompany you in the process of recognizing those emotions and working with them, to be able to use those as connecting wires to a deeper self-understanding.

Pamela will challenge you to get out of your apparently comfort zone, which will help you get insight, new perspectives and a broader lens to see all the aspects that influence your life. As a result of this process, you will be able to decide what is it that you want in your life, and feel at peace with that decision; you will get the confidence to pursue your academic, scientific, business or personal goals and dreams; and ultimately, by giving the space to all the aspects of yourself to show up, you will feel balanced, at peace, and free.
If you feel that Pamela might be the right choice for you, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Lisa Berry
Company Name: Truth Aligned Path Coaching and Consulting
Phone: (248) 318-2291
Location: Local in Denver, CO U.S.A.
Available Nationally and Internationally via Zoom.
Coaching Bio:

Lisa Berry is a Coach, Consultant and Entrepreneur specializing in reconnecting leaders and independent thinkers to meaning in both life and work. Lisa has over twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing leadership positions mostly within the Natural Products Industry.
As an experienced and proven business leader and independent thinker, Lisa has a passion for the people that make up a business and intimate knowledge of the unique challenges that high-achieving leaders face both personally and professionally. She has a strong desire to guide leaders and independent thinkers to more meaningful forms of success and life fulfillment by addressing alignment of actions with true foundational values and reconnecting clients with meaning in both life and work.
Lisa reflects on her passion for business leaders. “I don’t care what legalese jargon has been assigned to what a “corporation” is. It is only the living and breathing human beings who bring the business to life and will determine the overall health of the business. Are the people within this business healthy in body, mind and spirit? Are they connected to meaning? Are they aligned with what is good, beautiful and true? Then so goes the company.”
Lisa is a former executive leader in the Natural Products Industry working with businesses ranging from small family-owned branding and marketing firms to multibillion-dollar public consumer packaged goods companies. Some of these include, The Hain Celestial Group, Spectrum Organics and The Republic of Tea. Her experience ranges from start-up branding consulting to executive leadership, leading hundreds of internal and external sales and marketing team members. Her past experiences include various aspects of change management, performance assessment, strategic planning, leadership development, conflict resolution and personnel hiring and termination processes.
Lisa’s affinity for high-achieving leaders and their unique needs to return to deeper self-care, self-awareness and meaning come from her own personal experience. She understands the isolation that high-achieving leaders can sometimes feel and the shame involved in acknowledging that they themselves need guidance and support.
After personal tragedy and a life-threating illness diagnosis, Lisa suffered the consequences of not tending to the disconnections in her own life. Lisa has successfully and skillfully overcome these hardships and has pivoted into a much more fulfilling and meaningful life. She is now dedicated to helping other high achievers and independent thinkers pivot toward deeper self-care and connection to greater meaning in their work and life.
Lisa Berry is a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified Whole Person Coach by Coach Training World an accredited school by the International Coach Federation. When not working on serving the leadership community, Lisa focuses on family, faith, learning about regenerative farming and spending as much time as possible taking in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Lisa most strongly values all that is good, beautiful and true.

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