Katie Kasambala

* Senior Coach for New Students

Katie Kasambala
Company Name
Awesomely Adept
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Hi there!

It’s complex isn’t it? Am I doing life right? Who do I choose? How do I choose? What path do I follow?

When you’re someone who has multiple passions and isn’t satisfied with their status quo or can’t find that “one true calling” that everyone else seems so keen on then that adds yet another layer of complexity.

Honestly, life’s easier when you have someone on your team to challenge you, hold you accountable, be your cheerleader, shine a light on those blind spots.

I can be that someone.

If you’re a multipotentialite, multi-passionate, scanner, polymath, generalist or reconnaissance person then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been a lawyer, banker, restaurant owner, cookery school owner and operator, specialty cupcake baker (I’m especially proud of that one!) to name a few.
For the longest time I was lost and feeling like I didn’t have a place.
Then two things happened.
I discovered being multi-passionate was a thing and I found life coaching.
That was my aha moment.
It created such an impression that I decided to become a coach myself.

And now I help other people like me identify the golden threads in their story to create their aha lives.

If any of that sounds good to you, then let’s work together to design a life that celebrates you in your entirety.

Send me an email or a WhatsApp message and we can talk.

Chat soon!

Lilian H. Hill, PhD, CPC
Company Name
Fireweed Coaching
Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Can communicate via Zoom and phone to anywhere in the world.
Coaching Bio

As a coach, I help women professionals reconnect with their inner identity so that they can choose to live a more fulfilling, multifaceted, purposeful life. I support women who want to reinvent themselves, learn to live and think in new ways, pursue new career and/or life directions, express their varied talents, and feel more confident.

People often comment on my wisdom, calm presence, and caring nature. In my work in teaching adults, I know that we all need support and encouragement from others to enter new learning territory and develop our courage. We need others to believe in our possibilities, see us in our new aspirational roles, and provide support in trying new things. Learning involves risk, meaning that we may need to unlearn what we think we know, question our beliefs, and let go of our current ways of thinking.

I have followed this same path myself and after a time of exploration, reflection, and experimentation, I decided to retire from my academic career to pursue a path to becoming a life coach, artist, and EssentricsTM trainer. I cultivated long-neglected interests and adapted my skills developed during my academic career to life coaching. I’m now dedicated to supporting you in reclaiming your creative energies. You can cultivate long-neglected interests and talents, pursue a new focus, make time for yourself and take better care of your health, relax and enjoy life, re-energize, create a new and satisfying life, and have way more fun!

Shayla Tumbling
Atlanta GA
*(ALL Coaching Sessions Completed Virtually via Phone or Video)*
Coaching Bio

I support my clients in developing a healthy balanced relationship with themselves and with others. My coaching style is integrative, holistic, sex-positive, empowerment based, compassion centered, and trauma-informed. I create sacred spaces for my clients to cultivate their emotional health & self-development. My core work centers around supporting Black Women in aligning with their personal power through healing Ancestral & Cultural Shame and Trauma and it’s impact on their sexuality, emotional health, and self-image.

Tammy Edwards
Company Name
Coaching By Tammy
301 524-1316
Maryland/Virginia/DC Area
Virtual Appointments via Zoom
Coaching Bio

Tammy Edwards is an accomplished and experienced business executive with proven demonstrated skills and results. She has successfully assisted professionals, executives, managers, and employees unleash their maximum potential relating to leadership, career development/promotion, self-preservation, relationships, personal and work life balance. Tammy will promote and challenge you to explore your born given gifts and natural talents in a fearless liberating pursuit. You will embrace and enjoy your journey by exploring and igniting your true purpose and unmasking your best authentic self to achieve your hearts’ desire and goals.

Tammy has an MBA in Marketing and is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. She is a notary public, board member for a non-profit affordable housing company, and enjoys helping people within the community and business sector. Tammy is a motivational speaker who has presented at career conferences 750+ attendees, taught competitive advantage workshops, and one-on-one life changing coaching sessions.

Take the first step! Contact me for a free 20 mintue “Test Coach Chat” that will push you closer to your purpose and exhilarating “self-discovery” journey.

Jennifer Vigil, EdD
Coaching Bio

Are you trying to navigate a transition in your life? Are you stuck trying to answer the question of “what’s next” in your personal or professional life? Has this change got you trying to rediscover who you are or your sense of purpose?

I’ve been there too.

Although I am just getting started in my coaching journey, I have been working with others and helping them to grow and develop for a very long time.

My work experience includes military service, teaching middle and high school, teaching in higher education, and developing leaders. I’ve also served as a volunteer and board member for nonprofit organizations that focus on mental and physical health for Post 9/11 veterans.

My personal experiences include growing up in a military family, raising kids while serving in the military, getting divorced, getting married again, going back to school for a doctorate, moving around the country on military orders, navigating my own transition as my spouse retired from the military, maintaining long-distance relationships, and all the other challenges that come with the military lifestyle.

I am passionate about helping others find their sense of purpose and live a fulfilled life. I hold a certification in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i2.0) and enjoy helping others learn about how their emotions impact everything, from how they see themselves and interact with others to how they make decisions and solve problems.

Dr. Pamela Mena-Romano
Tübingen, Germany.
Virtual sessions are available through Zoom video conferencing.
Coaching Bio

Pamela Mena-Romano is a Whole Person Certified Coach, a scientist (Ph.D. in Medical Physics) with a background in Physics, and with years of experience teaching undergraduate students. She is also a certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, and fluent in Spanish (native), English and German.

Pamela has walked a long path of emotional recognition and validation, through several challenges while still being part of the very intellectually oriented scientific world. She not only experienced the typical difficulties of pursuing a Ph.D. and the afterwards post-doctoral research work, but also the even sometimes more challenging process, of being reborn in a different country with all that comes along with it (new culture, language, norms, social rules, etc).

As a high achiever, Pamela knows firsthand the meaning of the imposter syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, personal and professional crises, and all the consequences of not listening to the warning signs and pushing the personal limits to far. During these experiences Pamela began to include in her life creativity and a spiritual practice on a regular basis; singing, dancing, practicing yoga and meditating, among others. Pamela changed her perspective on life itself and the type of life she wanted to live; resulting in a richer, more grounded and happier way of living.

Pamela is a Coach that provides the safe space you need to become present with those emotions, that have overwhelmed you, that sometimes have taken control of your life, and that are holding you back from your personal and professional goals. She will accompany you in the process of recognizing those emotions and working with them, to be able to use those as connecting wires to a deeper self-understanding.

Pamela will challenge you to get out of your apparently comfort zone, which will help you get insight, new perspectives and a broader lens to see all the aspects that influence your life. As a result of this process, you will be able to decide what is it that you want in your life, and feel at peace with that decision; you will get the confidence to pursue your academic, scientific, business or personal goals and dreams; and ultimately, by giving the space to all the aspects of yourself to show up, you will feel balanced, at peace, and free.
If you feel that Pamela might be the right choice for you, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Julie Bahrami
Company Name
Insight Coaching Solutions
Coaching Bio

I’m a transformation and personal development coach who helps people learn how to learn their purpose in life and maximize their potential. Because You Matter.

Ready for your fresh start? Does Covid-19 have you stressed out? Lets talk. Email me at hello@insightcoachingsolutions.com

Savannah Cheon
Company Name
Mind Power Coaching
Barcelona, Spain (Zoom/ Videochat/ Phonecall)
Coaching Bio

Hello! My name is Savannah. I am currently training to be the Whole Person Coach. I believe that the mind is a powerful tool and what you feed into your mind can affect you in a powerful way. I have been personally interested in “The Millionaire Mindset”, “The Science of Subconscious Mind”, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and any practices that have to do with the power of the mind. I have been reading a lot of books and have been taking workshops related to this subject. I applied the tools that I’ve learnt, practised it in my own life and my life has transformed in an enormous way.
As a coach, I support people who are interested in discovering their worth and move forward with their lives through the Whole Person Coaching model combined with the NLP. As a result, my coaching aims in helping people to develop a growth mindset, overcome their limitations, and level up every aspect of their life.
If you are interested in learning more about the Mind Power Coaching, please don’t hesitate to contact me at cheon01@alumni.harvard.edu!

Mohsin Nishat
Company Name
Sapphire Textiles
City: Lahore
Country: Pakistan
Continent: ASIA
Coaching Bio

Supporting and collaborating with others has been a source of excitement for me ever since my childhood. As a reflective and empathetic being, my friends and colleagues have always felt safe in trusting me and relying on my support.

I am currently leading the Human Resources, Sustainability and Communications portfolio of a Textile Manufacturer ‘giving voice to values’, enhancing employee experience and a culture of impact in everythiing we do in the organization. My Last role was the Head of Ethics & Compliance for a Telco.
Prior to this, I performed many significant roles in HR for a Consumer Goods giant in nearly all HR streams , including two international assignments; one based out of Sri Lanka (9 months) and one virtual with Unilever Asia Office in Singapore office (6 months).

I am qualified as an Engineer, MBA, MCIPD from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Develop- ment, UK, Certified Coach and a Competent Professional of ISO 30414:2018 HR Standard(s). I possess 24 years of professional work experience in the areas of Human Resources, Operations Management, and Compliance & Ethics Management. This exposure has holistically shaped my competencies that continue to give my work a voice.

I remain actively involved in ISO HR standards development work. I am involved in the Enhance- ment of Higher Education Quality in the country and carry a formal position as a member of the Accreditation Award Committee of the Governing body of Business Schools in Pakistan.