* Senior Coach for New Students

Christine Terranova, CPC, WPCC
Company Name:
Choose Good Coaching
Connecticut, US, Zoom
Coaching Bio:

I’m Christine. I support overwhelmed midlife women as you deeply and intuitively self-care for your body, mind, and spirit. I help you to fill your cup, keep it topped off and have enough to share with others.

Do you frequently feel stressed out and lack energy? Do you give and give to others and never take for yourself? Do you live to please other people? Do you wish for more peace in your life?

I know how you feel, I’ve been there too. I was running on fumes - spending all my free time on the couch. At my lowest, I was crying for what seemed like no reason. I decided I would do ANYTHING to feel better.

It was then that I put myself first, deeply caring for myself as much as my family did, and it has led me through a self-growth journey, being coached and becoming a coach so that I can help women feel seen, heard, and nourished. Compassionately caring for yourself allows you to continue caring for your loved ones all by putting yourself at the top of your To-Do List.

As a midlife woman who battles overwhelm herself, I can help you become aware of what you are feeling, accept what you are thinking and take aligned action towards your goals of feeling better. We lay down a foundation of self-care - your way. You'll rest, reflect, and recharge; feeling energized, motivated, confident, and joyful. You'll feel empowered to love yourself and live your truth. The benefits are endless.

I'm here to see you, listen to you, and guide you on your personal journey forward; supporting you as you align your beliefs, thoughts, and actions with your goals - whatever they may be.

We'll discuss any barriers or obstacles you might have in the way of negative thought patterns and we'll comfort the fears that may be holding you back.

You'll feel refreshed and resourced to make peaceful decisions about your personal wellness. You'll feel confident and empowered to set new goals and go after them at your pace and at your energy level. This is your life and you are ready to live it on your terms!

It's never too late to put your own self-wellness first.

You will value who you truly are and come to realize that you are worth it!

Find out more about me and my offerings at www.choosegoodcoaching.com

Book a FREE 90-minute Clarity Session to
-Clarify your Vision and Goals
-Identify your Challenges and Opportunities
-Celebrate your Wins and take Steps Forward

Nikki Hewett, Relational Coach
Company Name:
Living Bravely Life Coaching, LLC
Online Services Only
Coaching Bio:

Hi, I'm Nikki. A series of devastating, back-to-back events brought forth my awakening as a highly sensitive empath. Before then I was barricaded by a self-imposed fortress and lived an extremely disconnected and inauthentic life. Since my awakening, my day-to-day journey includes loving myself through boundaries, honoring my energy as it shows up - the good and the bad, practicing my customized self-care routine, holding space for my emotions instead of stuffing them down, and releasing my soul wounds that kept me lonely and on the sidelines of life. At Living Bravely Life Coaching, LLC, I use relational coaching to empower highly sensitive empaths to live a one-of-a-kind , engaged life so they can experience flourishing relationships. Schedule a FREE consultation today.

Namrita Negi
New Jersey, United States
Coaching Bio:

I'm Namrita and I work with women who want to break from the prison of overwhelm, guilt, regret, procrastination and "not enough time" to truly be the woman they want to be and shine their light on those around them. I'm passionate about coaching brave and lovely women as they juggle multiple responsibilities and strive for emotional wellbeing at home as well as at work. My role is to provide a gentle nudge so they steer and sail their boats in the right direction, while helping many others to move through the storm with them.

With an experience of more than 13 years in the corporate world and still happily continuing, I understand the complexities of work life, the stressors at work and the common challenges. In my professional journey, I've learnt several strategies, tools and techniques that have helped me not only survive but thrive in the corporate world. I've been fortunate to have a wonderful and fulfilling professional life, where I've managed to sustain my peace and my joy even in many of the stressful situations. Witnessing the impact of stress at work on my family, friends, colleagues and sometimes on myself, made me work toward this desire of coaching my fellow beings, especially women and supporting them in their own journey to thrive in complex and stressful environments.

I consider my spirituality, my experience and the lessons and tools learnt in the journey of becoming a coach as my greatest powers that I want to share with other women.

I'm an Indian and am currently living in New Jersey, United States. I married my childhood sweetheart and I'm a happy mom of two beautiful kids. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and work for one of the biggest consulting organizations in the world.

If you desire a positive transformation in your life, reach out to me via phone or email (namrita.negi@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to work with you as you walk forward and create new trails in your beautiful journey.

Andrea Morales Hanratty
Company Name:
Andrea Morales Coaching
Philadelphia, international through virtual meetings
Coaching Bio:

My motto is, why just survive when you can thrive?

Every person deserves the life they desire. I can offer tools to help my clients achieve their visions. I am a different type of health coach. Helping those battling illness reach their highest potential is my specialty. I know how much illness can knock you down. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years. At one point it ruled my world. I have been at my lowest low. Now I rule my disease. I offer my clients a way to cohabitate with their illness. Limitations caused by our health aren’t punishments but instead, they are challenges.

Through my own personal deep understanding of chronic illness and auto-immune diseases, I can assist my clients in finding the best whole body and holistic options for peace and calm as well navigating and advocating for themselves in what can often feel like an overwhelming and foreign world of medicine and doctors. Using an individualized method of connecting to each client allows me to address their specific needs and collaborate in producing a plan to live harmoniously with their illness and create a path to a successful, happy life despite the obstacles.

I am living proof that it is possible to take control of your life even while sick. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years and have struggled for two decades trying to live a life that I felt was socially acceptable. I have tried to live as an able-bodied person. I now know I don't have to sacrifice myself, but instead, adjust the world around me to better fit my needs. With whole person coaching I'm now doing work that is my true calling. Let me help you find yours too.

Kat Renee
Company Name:
Career coaching to customize your soulful work to have meaningful impact for people & planet.
Denver, CO
Coaching Bio:

Hi, I’m Kat Renee and I work with coaches and professionals driven to serve people and the planet because they’re tired of soul sucking work that leads to burnout.

I have over sixteen years of leadership experience in healthcare architecture, nonprofits, relational facilitation, yoga, and meditation teaching. I am a Certified Professional Coach, Trauma Informed Coach and licensed architect experienced with helping business professionals and entrepreneurs to reach their goals for more energy and fulfillment.

As a business strategist and coach, I focus on energizing your work and renewing your purpose.

After my overachieving pushed me to burnout, I shifted my life focus to supporting business professionals to overcome fatigue, achieve balance, and prevent negative thoughts in order to be energized and live their soul's purpose.

“I feel grateful and blessed to have Kat as a coach. She creates a safe space for self-discovery and
problem solving. I come away from each session amazed by and grateful for what I gained through it.” - Barbara

Set up a free 30-minute discovery call at the link above.
Contact me to join the Vitality Program - Yoga, Meditation, and Coaching to Implement Your Soulful Career in 90 days (waitlist only)

“Working with Kat has allowed me to clarify underlying issues that have prevented me from moving forward with my goals. Kat has a powerful ability to be fully present in each session and illuminate the obstacles I am not seeing. She holds a supportive space that allows me to discover what’s holding me back. Her questions come from an intuitive, curious and caring place which helps me grow, feel heard, and ready to move forward with my life’s mission.”
-Seth Barker

Vince Eugenio, PhD ACC
Company Name:
Top Right Coaching
404 277 2426
Atlanta, GA
Coaching Bio:

Vince has 30 years of senior level HR experience in companies like ATT, Bank of America, Randstad, Iron Mountian, Cardinal Health and the Weather Channel. He holds a MS and PhD in Adult Education, as well as holding multiple professional certifications. His career focus area is in Learning and Development with a special emphasis on leadership development. Over the years, his initiatives have touched hundreds of thousands of associates with very diverse backgrounds. Vince is currently responsible for MSC Direct's professional coaching program. His passion is accelerating the potential and performance of those whom he coaches. As well as professional career coaching, Vince is currently working with a number of emerging Learning and Development, and HR leaders with a focus on accelerating their career trajectory.

Anita at the book launch for her debut novel, Appetite, 2018
Company Name:
London, England
Coaching Bio:

I specialize in change and in coaching around the feelings, needs and choices that change brings up. With training in gender, sex and relationship diversity, I can support you in working through all forms of relationship change. I'm skilled at supporting you make improvements in current connections or navigate new territory. As a published author, I also coach around writing and creativity. If there's a project you've always wanted to get started or want to know how to finish I can support you. Work is a relationship too! I can help you work through your connection with your career, wherever you want it to go or if you're at a transition point such as approaching retirement. As a community leader and a writer, I've been running Alethya for four years and you can see the website and more of my work here at https://alethya.com/

Bodi Burns, WPCC
Denver, Colorado
Coaching Bio:

I am a quiet and shy by nature person who values interconnectedness and embraces connection with others. I am originally from Bulgaria and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2005 where together with my husband David we are raising a funny and likable son.

I earned a Master's in Counseling and Bachelor's in Psychology and spent 15+ years working in social work settings and making an impact in the community. I held positions in leadership, direct client service, and community collaboration. During my professional career I gained broad experiences in assessing program operations to develop successful strategies and creative solutions for advancing community outcomes. Through my work, I gained experience in leading collaborative committee initiatives within diverse community settings to determine strategic processes and programs to increase well-being.

My career in social work gave me so many opportunities to make an impact in the community, to see the strength in others and to lead in the direction of building up a safe and stable life for everyone. Being a social worker fulfilled so many of my dreams! Having said that, work also tested my world view and several times I lived through burnout. My solution - I apply my grit to everything that I do. Living though Pandemic encouraged me to create this business where I can continue my passion to support others. At the same time, I expand my service, remain full of life and available to make the change I want to see in the world.

While each project is unique, my goal is to set you up for success by focusing on creative solutions to develop your style and to empower growth in your organization. When we work together, I will support your inner personal growth so you can increase resilience, boost your confidence and feel connected while you are making progress towards your goals.

I can help you to increase the confidence in your abilities, by embracing your power to get unstuck and move forward successfully so you can live a life full of joy.

Whether your needs are to keep strong and steady motivation to achieve your goals, learn how to lead your team remotely, build positive relationships, increase collaboration, balance work with well-being, I will help you to make the impact you want in the community.

I help leaders to balance bottom lines with compassion, allowing you to negotiate and collaborate effectively so that you can instantly build stronger teams and establish a nurturing culture.

I am trained in Compassionate Communication model and will engage you in a conversation to learn about your priorities in resolving conflict, time management, culture building, developing talent, then help you craft a plan in each area while focusing on innovative solutions.

I show entrepreneurs like you how to establish healthy boundaries, discover new ways to bring more vitality in life so that you can open up to your full life potential.


~I really loved working with Bodi!! She created a safe space where I could share things I don't regularly share with others. Through her attentiveness and calming presence, she created a supportive environment where I was able to discuss many limiting beliefs. She created clarity and awareness around these beliefs which were undermining my confidence in creating a business. Bodi helped me dig deeper on these issues and uncover different strategies to counter them. More importantly, she helped me shift my thinking and awareness in a way that was empowering and allowed me to move forward with more confidence.~
Alex Ornelas, Ventura CA

~When I think of the type of coach I want to work with, I think of someone who can hold space for me and all of the (what feels like) craziness I have going on in my head. Bodi is just that coach. She is supportive while letting me create my own goal posts for success in all of my endeavours. All I can think of is the saying, "You're in good hands" - which is exactly how I feel being coached by Bodi. ~
Shealyn Nosal, Management Consultant at Propeller

~Bodi is a great coach and I highly recommend her. Bodi is easy to talk to and created a calm but action-oriented atmosphere, which is exactly what I wanted. I made a ton of progress on a touchy issue and her guidance was critical to helping me get there.~
Adam Naids, Project Manager at NASA

Lynle Hawkins-Struble, WPCC
Company Name:
Design Clarity Coaching and Consulting LLC
Tampa, Florida
Coaching Bio:

When you wear a mask because you don’t feel safe or OK..
When you scroll social media and see a party you were not invited to..
When you live your whole life trying to people please others..
When you are so stressed and strained for time that you get sick…
I see you.
I hear you.
I have been you.

As a coach I encourage and support your journey in gaining clarity and insight, feeling connected to self and others and designing an empowered life that draws on your inner strengths, wisdom and resources so that you may boldly pursue your dreams and be the bright, sparkling star you were meant to be.

Excellent. You took the 1st step!! You began the process of finding a coach. You had the clarity of insight to seek out a supportive person that will encourage: personal growth, overcoming of limiting beliefs and “shoulds”, creating new habits, beginning fresh ventures, gaining awareness of your stressors, embracing less than perfect and partnering with your inner procrastinator for the power of good.

If you are ready to take the 2nd step and partner with me, let me be your well-being catalyst coach. I will be your cheerleader for your growth, your non-judgmental listener, your gentle awareness coach, your limiting belief eraser, and your accountability companion. Through our partnership you will learn to access the immense inner wisdom and guidance that you have so that you show up as the bright, sparkling human you were born to be.

Adam Naids
Company Name:
Out of this World Coaching
Houston, TX
Coaching Bio:

Hi I'm Adam Naids and I help people who are stuck in their health and wellness goals achieve the state of well-being they desire. Furthermore, the change I want to make in the world is enabling people to break out of their shells to become their authentic selves so they can live a life of joy and fulfillment. If this speaks to you then reach out so we can chat more.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics and a Master's degree in Bioastronautics. For my day job I work at NASA where I design spacewalking tools. While this technical background may be unique for a coach, I have always been passionate about personal development and the itch to become a coach has been with me for multiple years. I'm looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

Charles Scott, CPC
Company Name:
Forged Coaching LLC
Kansas City, MO
Coaching Bio:

After more than years in the military and public service, and experiencing all of the ups and downs that life could throw at me during my journey, I am looking to focus all of my experiences in to being a catalyst for others. Life gives us all of the raw materials to make something amazing, and I would like to help give that shape for you.

Dan Bartholomew, CPC
Company Name:
Griffin Dunn, LLC
Portland, Oregon
Virtually to the world
Coaching Bio:

The best conversations feel like fireside chats. The balance of active listening and storytelling—it's an art.

I'm passionate about helping my Clients succeed, and exceed their expectations for themselves. I believe that asking the right questions can help a person and a team solve the thorniest of problems and find their true north. But there's nothing that beats finding a real connection with clients—listening always matters but being truly present matters even more. I love bringing that interaction to life.

Before becoming a coach, I was a management consultant and executive leader with organizations like KPMG, PwC, Ford, HP, and Johnson & Johnson.

And when I’m not coaching, I am either beautifying a 100-year-old bungalow that I share with my beautiful wife and labradoodle or fly fishing in the incredibly gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Michele Clapp
Company Name:
Ilara, LLC
Coaching Bio:

As a well-respected professional in my field at the peak of my career, I tried creating the world I wanted, and nothing was working. I had to create a path to a better future by taking a leap of faith. This led to being more authentic in my work and in my personal life. My work allows me to bring my authentic gifts, talents, personality, and strengths with me each and every day!

I work with individuals who want to create a path towards their dreams, allowing them to be more authentically aligned. My approach is supportive, empathic, and collaborative. We work together to explore your current reality and create options that make the most sense for you. My goal is for you to experience greater satisfaction, peace, productivity, and success.

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in workplace psychology. I have worked with individuals, teams, and organizations on selection assessment, employee development, team development, and career development. Individuals I work with have included those at the beginning stages of their journey all the way up to those reaching the pinnacle of their careers. Organizations I work with have included small companies, non-profit organizations, government entities, educational institutions, and large corporations in the U.S. and internationally.

I also hold several coaching certifications, including being a Board Certified Coach and a Whole Person Certified Professional Coach.

I look forward to collaborating with you! I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation session to explore how we can work together: https://www.ilara.org/book-online/schedule-a-session

Company Name:
Coaching Bio:

Nena Tahil is psychotherapist and a personal life coach. For over 35 years, Ms. Tahil dedicated her career to empowering and improving lives of those faced with life challenges and transitions. As a counselor and life coach she amplifies her client’s strengths, serving as catalyst for change.
She attributes her passion for helping people help themselves to her lived experiences and a growth mindset. She seamlessly transitioned in her career choices (executive in hospital and health administration, artist, psychotherapist, life coach). Her multicultural background allows her to embrace the uniqueness of individuals.

Carl Jung’s quote, “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.”, has motivated Nena throughout her life.

Nena’s specializes in guiding baby boomers find relevancy in their lives and helping them re-learn how to live. Why? Because she is a baby boomer herself – one that is not just surviving, one who is thriving! 😊

Nena has the life skills to help individuals envision who they want to be. She has designed programs to fit your schedule and your needs.
• If you want a strategic road map that will help understand what will work for you so you can find balance, re-invigorate your life and re-invent yourself, Nena’s signature TRANSFORM ME - TLC is for you. You will understand and discover who you are, find out where you want to be and give you a plan of how to get there. You will learn to trust your transformation process, learn life-long lessons and captivate your life.”
• If you already have a specific goal in mind and you need to brainstorm steps of how to a plan for success the SMARTER GOAL ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING session will start you on your first step.
• If you want an ala carte exploration of the TRANSFORM ME – TLC program and plan your own journey to transformation the A LA CARTE TLC option will help you design your own destiny.

Visit Nena’s website at www.transformtlc.com to find out more. She can be contacted at nenatahil.transformtlc.com or 904-351-6733 or 201-478-9920.

Ms. Tahil holds a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University (Psychology and Computer Sciences), a Master in Public Health degree from Columbia University (Health Planning and Policy) and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from the University of North Florida. Ms. Tahil was awarded the National Board of Certified Counselors Foundation Board Certified Counselor Scholarship.

Katie Kasambala
Company Name:
Awesomely Adept
Coaching Bio:

Hi there!

It's complex isn't it? Am I doing life right? Who do I choose? How do I choose? What path do I follow?

When you're someone who has multiple passions and isn't satisfied with their status quo or can't find that "one true calling" that everyone else seems so keen on then that adds yet another layer of complexity.

Honestly, life's easier when you have someone on your team to challenge you, hold you accountable, be your cheerleader, shine a light on those blind spots.

I can be that someone.

If you're a multipotentialite, multi-passionate, scanner, polymath, generalist or reconnaissance person then you're in the right place.

I've been a lawyer, banker, restaurant owner, cookery school owner and operator, specialty cupcake baker (I'm especially proud of that one!) to name a few.
For the longest time I was lost and feeling like I didn't have a place.
Then two things happened.
I discovered being multi-passionate was a thing and I found life coaching.
That was my aha moment.
It created such an impression that I decided to become a coach myself.

And now I help other people like me identify the golden threads in their story to create their aha lives.

If any of that sounds good to you, then let's work together to design a life that celebrates you in your entirety.

Send me an email or a WhatsApp message and we can talk.

Chat soon!

Suzanne Sky, MTOM, LRC
Company Name:
Living Resilience Coaching
Coaching Bio:

Living Resilience Coaching

Are you ready to create your next phase of life and would like support?
Would you like confidence and clarity to create positive change in your life?
Are you a wellness practitioner, life coach, or creative who would like support with your own growth?

As a Life Resilience Coach, I work in collaboration with purpose-driven women healing from burnout to reclaim your calm center, inner knowing, and resilient spirit. You are a busy creative entrepreneur and visionary. You may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, uninspired, or tired. Your inner critic may be working overtime. You need to rest, allowing yourself to relax, opening to new possibilities.

Perhaps you need to reframe dimensions of your heart, mind, or life to create new possibilities in your personal life or business. You'd like to explore your options, deepen and clarify your life vision, and are open to new possibilities. Your creative imagination is activated. You know that your inner work impacts your life, work, and play. You are on a journey of growth.

There are also challenges. Maybe your inner critic is working overtime, your confidence and clarity at a low. Perhaps you feel out of alignment with your soul purpose. You may be experiencing anxiety and overwork. Or physical, emotional, spiritual, or compassion burnout. You wonder "where am I in this picture?" Yet you know that taking time for yourself and focusing on your inner well-being alleviates stress and helps you reconnect with your heart's knowing and clarity.

We work together integrating heart-centered, collaborative dialogue and compassionate inquiry to help you ground in your inner knowing, facilitate your creative process, as you identify practical next steps to express the changes you envision.

I enjoy my life as a creative artist ~ my art includes life coaching, writing, gardening, weaving projects on my rigid heddle loom, and photographing flowers and nature. I also love walking with my golden retriever, Ginger.

I'm happy to offer my services as a Senior Coach.

Follow my calendar link below to meet with me for a free 30-minute Connection Session so we can decide how we'd like to work together. I look forward to meeting with you!

Sandra Shaddock
Company Name:
Culture Coaching Solutions
New York
Coaching Bio:

Coach - Facilitator - Speaker - Change Maker
Sandra specializes in executive and leadership coaching, authentic communication, and organizational culture change.
As a communication and leadership development expert, Sandra’s ability to help clients increase their self-awareness, open their perspective, build resilience, and foster connection; drives meaningful growth and personal change. She has coached leaders throughout organizations, from the executives and managers to influential stakeholders and high-potential employees. Sandra believes everyone has potential, and sometimes they just need the right person to help them tap into it.
Sandra has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is a Senior Certified Professional – credentialed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM-SCP). She has held senior leadership positions, including being a president and vice-president of a non-for-profit, as well as being a people leader in a governmental organization. She can link business and people strategies together, to build organizational leadership presence, develop programs, and increase overall effectiveness.
Sandra is also a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator. Based on the work of Dr. Brene’ Brown, Dare to Lead™ is a courage building program that breaks down courage into four teachable, measurable and observable skill sets: rumbling with vulnerability, living into our values, BRAVING trust, and learning to rise. Hard topics that pull participants into unchartered territory, creates connection, and builds braver leaders and courage cultures.
Passionate about people, Sandra moved from an advocacy role to a coach to maximize her own strengths and live authentically. Her mission: to help people be better people. Her unique experience, intuition, and ability to shift perspectives of others, creates a learning and discovery environment that allows people to find their strengths, and unleash their potential.

Linda Rhoads, WPCC
Company Name:
The Soul Spot
Global on-line
In-person available in Santa Cruz, California
Coaching Bio:

If you are feeling at loose ends, not sure of what’s next, or if what you are doing is how you should be spending your time, it may be that you are not attuned to your purpose. I can help.

It’s sometimes hard to understand where the concept of purpose fits in the grand scheme of things. You’ve put in the effort, care, and time to get to where you are. You’ve listened to what’s needed and checked the boxes as you’ve achieved the things that make for a good and successful life. And yet here you are feeling a bit flat and uninspired and wondering why and what’s missing, or even if this is all there is. You may even be questioning why you aren’t satisfied.

I understand this place. I have visited this uncomfortable state more than once. Disorganized, questioning thoughts, a touch of anger, and a nice dose of shame would always join me on the trip. How could I doubt what I had was fulfilling? “Shame on you/me!” would be the theme song for the journey. I wish I could tell you that it took me one cycle and I had it all figured out. I didn’t. I struggled uncomfortably, made it partially through then allowed my life and work commitments to take over, or most painfully, I stayed put and tried to stifle the call from within.

Eventually, I figured out how to move through this phase with some grace. And while I would love to share with you the secret easy shortcut, it simply doesn't exist. But, there are some elements of your self that you may hold the key to greater satisfaction in life and at work. When you discover these aspects of yourself, and learn how to navigate the blocks on your path, the payoff can be fantastic. Many find all aspects of their lives start to synchronize, become clearer, and more harmonious.

I create a calm, centered environment for clients to explore and discover their passions and engage in the art of the possible. Sessions are marked with laughter and deep engagement and compassionate support as you create the foundation for finding what is calling you, exploring the path forward, and fulfilling your purpose.

To learn more visit The Soul Spot at soulspot.co and book a discovery session.

Aga Chapas
Bend, OR (in person) Zoom (globally)
Coaching Bio:


I partner with individuals ready to engage in a creative and intimate process of verbal exploration towards clarity, balance and alignment.
My outlook on life is philosophical and I have a holistic approach to living and coaching.

I serve best those who enjoy wondering and wandering, seek new perspectives, and climb their mountains despite blisters.

My Core Values: Focus, Trust, Communication
My Inspirations: Nature, Kindness, and Deep Conversation
My Coaching Credentials: Whole Person Coaching Certificate; ICF ACC

Rosalie Schurman
Portland, Oregon (in-person and virtual)
Coaching Bio:

You are capable of self-empowerment and radical change, and I’m here to help you explore and discover your own strengths. If you are living with a new diagnosis or chronic illness, or are queer, polyamorous, or ethically non-monogamous, I offer coaching that is empathetic, informed, realistic, and optimistic. Having lived with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for 30 years, I understand the ways in which chronic illness can shut us down and make us feel uninspired. And as a queer woman and anthropologist, I have navigated the difficulties and wonders of my own place in the queer community. Within all these unique experiences, I believe that coaching is a valuable tool that can help us grow, innovate, learn, and live our organic, authentic lives.

Even in the most difficult circumstances, I can travel alongside you to access your own greatest resources, motivation, and hope. For my clients who are experiencing the upheaval of a new medical diagnosis, I walk with you through the process of learning how to make changes in your life that will accommodate your needs, alleviate the physical difficulties in your environment, and allow you to find optimism and enjoyment in your new circumstances. For those with chronic illness, I help you foster your own greatest strengths to make productive and positive change within your routine, to alter existing, ineffective habits, and to discover creativity and faith within yourself.

For my clients in the queer and polyamorous communities, I bring a creative and joyful perspective to navigating relationship-building, communication skills, family change, and personal identity. I feel deeply that all those who seek and foster love in their lives should have a rich and meaningful toolbox from which to act, create, and experience.

In my life, I find joy in creating art, writing, cooking, breathing in the wonderful Oregon air, and spending time with my silly dogs, my dear friends, and my family -- both biological and chosen.

Tonya S. Rivers
Company Name:
Purposed2Lead, LLC
Saint Louis, Missouri
Coaching Bio:

Tonya Rivers, MBA, CPC, DTM, PMP – is Principal and Founder of Purposed2Lead, LLC.

She is a certified professional coach, speaker, and trainer specializing in leadership, life, career, and business/organizational agility.

The change she wants to make in the world is to help people and organizations align their vision and mission with their purpose. When people have purpose and organizations have culture, together they will achieve results that deliver key outcomes.

She is an Executive Director for Maxwell Leadership and an Adjunct Faculty at Webster University. Her servant-leadership in community volunteerism includes serving in leadership roles for Project Management Institute and Toastmasters International. Tonya has 20 years of experience as a strategic consultant leading Business and Technology transformation initiatives.

Kishara Hudson
Company Name:
Innerverse Coaching
613 203-9348
Ottawa, Canada
Coaching Bio:

Hello friend, I'm a Self-Leadership & Resilience Coach. I partner with women who feel stuck and are struggling with stress, anxiety, and a myriad of ways of holding themselves back and being hard on themselves.

I offer a blend of holistic coaching (whole life / whole person) to help people learn to befriend their inner world (the thoughts and feelings keeping you stuck), so they can face and transform their fears, resistance, and limiting beliefs into presence, purpose, and new possibilities. I am a heart-centered, compassionate, and non-judgmental coach that will help you reclaim the strong, resourceful person you truly are so you can live a life of health, wellbeing, and fulfillment.

While I only have a few pro bono hours to offer, I am also happy to work on a sliding scale or in trade. Please do not hesitate to contact me if a sliding scale would be of support to you. I would like to pay forward the kindness and support that others have given to me, and as long as there is a roof over my head and food on my table, I will make coaching available to those who need it at a price that helps keep food on your table and a roof over your head.

Are you a new coach or currently enrolled in a coaching course? Let's practice together!

Jennifer Vigil, EdD
Coaching Bio:

Are you trying to navigate a transition in your life? Are you stuck trying to answer the question of "what's next" in your personal or professional life? Has this change got you trying to rediscover who you are or your sense of purpose?

I've been there too.

Although I am just getting started in my coaching journey, I have been working with others and helping them to grow and develop for a very long time.

My work experience includes military service, teaching middle and high school, teaching in higher education, and developing leaders. I've also served as a volunteer and board member for nonprofit organizations that focus on mental and physical health for Post 9/11 veterans.

My personal experiences include growing up in a military family, raising kids while serving in the military, getting divorced, getting married again, going back to school for a doctorate, moving around the country on military orders, navigating my own transition as my spouse retired from the military, maintaining long-distance relationships, and all the other challenges that come with the military lifestyle.

I am passionate about helping others find their sense of purpose and live a fulfilled life. I hold a certification in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i2.0) and enjoy helping others learn about how their emotions impact everything, from how they see themselves and interact with others to how they make decisions and solve problems.

Alexis Mobley, M.Sc.
Company Name:
I, Matter! Coaching & Consulting
New York, NY; Virtual
Coaching Bio:

About Me:
With over 15 years of experience in corporate America, including stops along the way at Capital One, IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Transunion, my path to coaching was neither linear nor foreseen but inevitable upon reflection. Formally, I began coaching in 2020, when I started New York University's (NYU) graduate program in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting (completed Sept. 2021). Initially, I hesitated to switch away from Consulting. However, I realized that offering both were viable and aligned with how I wanted to show up for my clients (high-achieving Black Women seeking spaciousness to pivot and soar). So, since 2020, I have been coaching a small group of clients and enrolled in a coach training program to further acquire practical experiences and credentialing.

About I, Matter! Coaching & Consulting:
I help high-achieving women leaders and entrepreneurs achieve clarity amid chaos, discover their authentic selves, and live a more empowered life.

Rena Tucker
Company Name:
Coaching with Rena
Brooklyn, NY
Coaching Bio:

My mission is to provide compassionate coaching to help you live from your heart. I love supporting people--friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, strangers. That's why I became a social worker nearly 20 years ago. And that's why I decided to become a life coach. I love serving as a sounding board, co-creator, collaborator, partner, and ally. I invite you to reach out if you are seeking a change, want some time to reflect, a safe space to voice your dreams and your fears. We can work together to nurture practices, strategies, and a growth mindset to support your change process with intention and integrity.

Robin R. Montegari, CPC
Company Name:
R. Montegari Life Coaching
Greenwood Lake, NY
Coaching Bio:

I help women realize that they can be, do and have anything they want by reconnecting with themselves, creating a personal vision and developing the confidence to bring their vision to life. Self-awareness, self-love and courageous, yet gentle practices are the cornerstones of my coaching.

Sandra Martinez, CPC
Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (for in-person meetings). If you are from anywhere else in the world, I am available via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger. I can coach sessions in English, French or Spanish.
Coaching Bio:

My super power is changing lives through coaching by helping people live their true purpose!

My name is Sandra and the change I want to make in the world is to support individual contributors to find their true north. I help people move from living with imposter syndrome to feeling more self-assured. I plant the seed of thought in order to help them ignite their inner light and deepen their confidence, remove barriers, real and perceived, and be true to personal standards and expectations so they can feel empowered and self-accepting.

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I am a mentor for young HR professionals. I am a Certified Human Resources Professional with a graduate degree in Human Resources Management and over 20 years of well-rounded, international HR experience working in global organizations. I am also MBTI certified (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Levels I and II) and can help individuals become more self-aware by discovering and understanding their personality type. In addition, I am a Certified Predictive Index practitioner able to effectively use PI analysis, a stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs.

Coaching is an incredibly creative process where a lot of magic can happen. Let's connect and see where it can take you!!!

Bill Lightfoot
Remote, Global
North Carolina, United States
Coaching Bio:

What is your personal challenge?

My niche in coaching is in taking a holistic approach to working with people on exploring their ideal life through a framework I call 'Prepare to be lucky.' This framework starts with 5 Principles starting with Principle 1: Dream. Dream BIG. Book a discovery session with me and I'll share with you the remaining 5 principles as we discuss working together.

I also work with teams looking to transform their organizations. Using a highly inclusive process I call the 'Discovery Team Process', I work with founders, team leaders, executives and other leaders in for profit, non profit, and entrepreneurial ventures looking to transform their organizations centered around a strong value system, compelling vision, and clear mission.

Having walked the walk, working globally in all three sectors, I look forward to working with you to find your focus, set your goals, and guide you to success.

Mostly though, it is the people along the way who have mentored guided, led, and coached me that have helped me become the person I am.

I love exploring new places and ideas - and getting to know people from all walks of life.

I have worked for a wide range of new ventures, for profit, and not for profit organizations in the U.S., France, Monaco, Finland, and Tanzania - learning critical business and life lessons along the way. Here are the few:
- In leading a social venture that supported the start of new home building businesses in Tanzania, from elders in rural villages, I learned about dignity and the importance of tribes.
- In designing and implementing a technical support center, technical training curriculum, and a field sales force, I learned the value of collaboration and the importance of continuous improvement.
- In helping lead the turn around of a University in Europe, I explored concepts of global leadership, learning at the feet of students and colleagues from over 100 countries.
- And finally, in helping to create a program for children living in poverty that helped them overcome summer learning loss while developing healthy habits, I learned the power of community and caring.

And while I bring these experiences into our work together, I am most interested in learning more about you and what brings you here.

If in my bio you see ways in which we connect, and how I can help bring clarity to your own life as a professional, please reach out to set up an initial (free) discussion. Thank you.

Note: I am a Certified Professional Coach (through CTW) and have also earned the CCMP (Certified Change Management Practitioner) certification, a PHD in Organization and Management, an MBA.

Kristin Moll
Seattle, WA Metro and Portland, OR Metro. Also, available remotely.
Coaching Bio:

We all doubt ourselves at some point. If are you feeling trapped by an internal dialogue that is keeping you from living out your personal or professional dreams, or even worse, it is silently wreaking havoc on your relationships, health, and well-being, you are not alone. Transforming our inner critic into our inner advocate is extremely challenging, but to uncover the strength that lies within and to create the life and relationships you desire, it is absolutely crucial.

You hope to find a sense of certainty and belonging, and live up to the amassing potential you feel inside. But it's easy to stay stuck in a loop of an outdated storyline of who you are and what you are capable of- afterall, it's the scene that's been on replay most of your life.

If this resonates with you, it's time for you to re-write your story.

Becoming your best you is really about extending compassionate service to others and yourself through sharing your innate gifts. Delivering that service requires self-knowings and relational tools that can be easily learned and used in all aspects of your life. Once gained, you will be able to unapologetically step into the future that you envision for your life!

This is when I come into the scene.

As a Whole Person Certified Coach backed with 15 years of management, operations, and talent development experience with a background in business-to-business sales, fitness, commercial janitorial services, and dentistry, I'm on a mission to help others like you understand that you ARE enough!

Although I work with clients of varied backgrounds and job roles, I specialize in helping healthcare professionals maximize their company platform, improve their leadership skills and business acumen, and create and expand their clinical or operational brands so they can better serve their patients, team members, and communities while achieving their financial goals and experiencing personal and professional growth.

My business experience and talent development background have enabled me to develop and facilitate next-level leadership programs, provide guidance through Individual Development Plans, and perform one-on-one and group coaching.

If you're looking for a thought-provoking but practical partner that will listen carefully and help you move forward, you may be closer than you think. We will just need to connect to discover if that's the case!


I'm married to an awesome man and my best friend Kyle and have two little girls that I'm in total love with. In my free time, you will likely find me reading, working out, enjoying the outdoors, watching re-runs of The Office, or singing karaoke.

Ready to re-write your story? I would be honored to be part of your journey and look forward to connecting with you. Message me now for your free consultation and break free from the inner critic that is holding you back!

Complimentary coaching available to all Pacific Dental Services team members and clinicians. Sliding scale available for military or law enforcement personnel, stay-at-home caregivers and single parents.

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