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Judy Malkin
Company Name:
Lucky Life Coaching
Portland, OR and available worldwide via ZOOM
Coaching Bio:

What is a LUCKY Life?

It’s Living Uniquely Centered Knowing Yourself.

By learning all about YOU and staying centered within your uniqueness you will learn about who you are now, how to live in alignment with what YOU value, where YOU want to go, and who YOU want to be.
On this adventure, we’ll examine your strengths and resourcefulness so that at the end of our time together, you can continue on the journey with the tools to be LUCKY. We’ll also learn the ways in which roadblocks overgrow the path- recognizing self-limiting beliefs and patterns – how to work around them so that you keep progressing in the LUCKY life you deserve.

We partner together in this adventure exploring and opening new possibilities.

About me:
Life was not always LUCKY. I lived a life I thought I was supposed to be in based on others expectations, messaging that I absorbed, and all the external ideas of what my life should look like.
After many years in an unfulfilling career, a toxic relationship, coping with substances to feel “normal”, I had had enough. There had to be a more fulfilling way. Although it looked like I had everything to the casual observer – career, house, “life partner”, travel, excitement- I was miserable.

In the process of recovering my uniqueness, I learned all sorts of tools and resources to stay centered no matter what. I am here to guide you to do the same. This is being LUCKY and thriving.

You are here because you are ready to feel LUCKY and thrive. Let’s do it!

Pam Kelley-Dockter
Company Name:
My Coach Pam
Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Life Coaching for Parents

It all begins with you. If you do not care for yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of those you love.

I help parents and caregivers create a purposeful approach to positive living. As your coach, I will help you better manage multiple demands, gain clarity, create focus and feel passionate about your everyday life. We’ll think big and start small, leveraging your skills and positive mindset to achieve your personal ambitions.

Through the coaching process you will be encouraged and guided to increase self-awareness, apply personal values to prioritization, and discover ways to become your best self. We’ll maximize your abilities to establish better goals, take effective action, and make sounder decisions that tap into your natural resources and strengths. With me, you get an objective listener, a committed partner in your success, and an advocate for your needs.

Potential coaching outcomes:
1. Focus on your own health, wellness, and self-care
2. Achieve goal clarity and results
3. Improve prioritization and time management
4. Create career solutions to meet your needs
5. Maintain healthy relationships and strengthen your circle of support

About me:

I’m the proud mom of a fun-loving and spirited daughter who is autistic. I know firsthand what it’s like to juggle many competing priorities, sometimes feeling physically and emotionally drained. I’ve successfully job crafted career solutions that provide both flexibility and purpose, enabling continued growth and progression. As a strong advocate for building a network of support, I am grateful for the many helpers and friends who are instrumental in my success. I strive to practice mindfulness every day and to listen, learn, love and laugh more than the day before. My daughter is my greatest teacher, showing me how to live in the moment and relish in the joy.

I hold an M.B.A. with over 20 years’ experience in high tech specializing in career coaching, human resources, learning & development, manager development, program management, and diversity & inclusion.

Megan Perkins, M. Ed.
Company Name:
Cultivate Coaching
Eugene, Oregon or via Zoom Distance Coaching
Coaching Bio:

As a student of Coach Training World, I am currently accepting pro bono and student rate clients as I learn and master the skill of coaching.

Coaching, applied to any area of your life, is a guided and collaborative self-learning adventure in discovery of the life that you desire and deserve. Specifically, my coaching interests are life coaching, health and wellness coaching, academic success coaching, sustainable living coaching and animal/human relationship coaching.

If the following questions resonate with you, perhaps coaching sessions can help you!

~ Life Coaching: Are you in a transitional phase of life and uncertain about the future? Are you in search of a path that will take you to a new, exciting and rewarding life?

~ Health and Wellness Coaching: Have you experienced a health issue that has caused you to rethink your life goals? Is it time to create adaptive measures and reassess your skills, personality strengths and work interests?

~ Academic Success Coaching: Are you a student who would like to achieve more academically? Are barriers impeding your educational success?

~ Sustainable Living Coaching: Do you have concerns about environmental degradation? Would you like to create a more environmentally friendly life style for yourself? Would you like to proactively promote the health of planet earth while simultaneously promoting your personal health?

~ Animal/Human Relationship Coaching: Do you love animals and would you enjoy having a deeper understanding and a more fulfilling relationship with them during the time they are in your care?

~ Animal Illness, Aging and End-Of-Life Issues Coaching: Do you have a pet that has been diagnosed with a life-altering health issue? Are you uncertain how best to help them and yourself deal with their condition?

About Me:
~ I have successfully dealt with challenging personal health obstacles and the long lasting repercussions of complex PTSD.

~ I have worked with community college students who harbor deep self-doubt about their learning abilities and have guided them toward academic success.

~ I have worked hard to live more lightly on the planet by changing my lifestyle choices to be less impactful on a daily basis by making small but meaningful changes.

~ I have helped animal owners deal with the challenges of pet illness and aging and have vast experience with the daily challenge of pet/person relationships.

I live on the small farm where I grew up, loving and working with the plants and animals that are a main focus of my life. My degrees in environmental studies (B.S.) and adult education (M.Ed.), and my training as a natural hoof care practitioner and study of medicinal herbs have broadened and deepened my knowledge in my areas of interest and have improved my ability to communicate that knowledge. The main themes running through everything I do is care and compassion for others – humans, animals, plants and the environment.

For 10 years I taught community college students, helping them prepare academically for 4-year college level courses or vocational programs and helping them identify and break down the emotional and cognitive barriers to learning.

I have spent 12 years working with horse owners as a natural hoof care practitioner, specializing in horses that require, due to aging or physical or emotional issues, a patient, gentle and flexible approach to hoof care. I also provide animal hospice and end-of-life education and coaching to interested clients.

I have spent a lifetime loving and caring for multiple family pets through the sometimes challenging stages of their lives. Bottle feeding kittens; providing subcutaneous fluids for two cats with kidney failure; creating an in-house infirmary for a crippled chicken, a blind chicken, a digestively challenged chicken and a chicken recovering from a bobcat attack; providing hospice care for a three-legged dog dying from osteosarcoma; rescuing and providing a home for multiple animals who were abandoned on our country road; medicating an aging rescue dog to ease end-of-life issues. My goal has always been to provide them with the love, respect and dignity due all beings.

Lynle Hawkins-Struble, WPCC
Company Name:
Design Clarity Coaching and Consulting LLC
Tampa, Florida
Coaching Bio:

When you wear a mask because you don’t feel safe or OK..
When you scroll social media and see a party you were not invited to..
When you live your whole life trying to people please others..
When you are so stressed and strained for time that you get sick…
I see you.
I hear you.
I have been you.

As a coach I encourage and support your journey in gaining clarity and insight, feeling connected to self and others and designing an empowered life that draws on your inner strengths, wisdom and resources so that you may boldly pursue your dreams and be the bright, sparkling star you were meant to be.

Excellent. You took the 1st step!! You began the process of finding a coach. You had the clarity of insight to seek out a supportive person that will encourage: personal growth, overcoming of limiting beliefs and “shoulds”, creating new habits, beginning fresh ventures, gaining awareness of your stressors, embracing less than perfect and partnering with your inner procrastinator for the power of good.

If you are ready to take the 2nd step and partner with me, let me be your well-being catalyst coach. I will be your cheerleader for your growth, your non-judgmental listener, your gentle awareness coach, your limiting belief eraser, and your accountability companion. Through our partnership you will learn to access the immense inner wisdom and guidance that you have so that you show up as the bright, sparkling human you were born to be.

Amy Barsnick, WPCC
Company Name:
A Star to Steer by Coaching
Livermore Ca
Coaching Bio:

Change is not easy and we all have times we need support to help us navigate through it . As former career Naval Officer who then spent 15 plus years helping large organizations transform, I have seen and experienced a variety of changes both big and small . At the end of the day all change is personal, I realize my passion is helping individuals find their inner resources and personal path. If a surprise change has come knocking or you want to plan you next transformation let me help navigate.

Photo of Ketzirah in her garden looking directly into camera. Ketzirah is a 40-something Ashkenazi Jewish woman with golden-olive toned skin, green eyes, and light brown hair with sparkly grey streaks.
Company Name:
Devotaj Coaching
Virtual & Washington, DC
(Piscataway and Anacostan Ancestral Lands)
Coaching Bio:

Hello, I’m Ketzirah and I help people like you transform into a creative powerhouse so you can expand your possibilities and be more fulfilled in work and in life.

I’m a creative professional who is also an ordained Kohenet, Marketing Strategist, Business Executive, and am training with Coach Training World to become an ICF Certified Coach.

Research shows that learning (or truly re-relearning) how to be a creative person has so many positive impact on our lives.

It expands our possibilities.

Whether you want to exercise your creative muscles to make better decisions at work or push yourself creatively as an artist or maker, creativity coaching can help.
You deserve to have someone to talk to, ask questions, provide objective feedback and offer up a training regimen (you know, coach you) even if all you want to do is be more creative with your cooking. Creative is a state of being and it infuses everything you do.

I specialize in working with artists, makers, creators, spiritual leaders, community and business leaders, and people who don’t think they are the “creative type.”

You can learn to be more creative and more effective with your creativity and see the amazing ways it can impact your whole life. I’m here to help you do just that.

Tanya Sisson
Company Name:
Tanya Sisson Intuitive Life Coach
I work remotely using Zoom as a primary communication tool.
Coaching Bio:

Are You Thriving?

The clinical requirements determining life or death are the existence of a beating heart and oxygen circulating through our lungs.

How do you want to experience your life? Do you want to be clinically alive or do you want to be THRIVING?

I believe connection is the key to a whole-hearted, thriving existence. It’s a basic need next to the air we breathe and the beating of our hearts.

Our need to connect is so important we often compromise the true essence of who we are and how we allow ourselves to be seen by others. We do this to fit in, to stay connected. However, in doing so, many of us lose our true selves and then we fail to thrive.

My passion and purpose as a coach is to guide you on the journey of reawakening, reviving, and evolving you!

The foundation of every relationship you have with family & friends, career, food, health, money, sex, environment, creativity and your higher self is created from your internal relationship with you. To be fully alive, thriving, and connected with others (even God/Source/Universe), one must make the relationship to self the most important element in your life. Your wants, dreams, and desires matter. When they are fully embraced and expressed, you are a gift to the world.

If you’re ready to take that journey, I’d love to be your guide in a life-changing transformation.

Lilian Hill
Company Name:
Fireweed Coaching
Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Can communicate via Zoom and phone to anywhere in the world.
Coaching Bio:

As a coach, I help women professionals reconnect with their inner identity so that they can choose to live a more fulfilling, multifaceted, purposeful life. I support women who want to reinvent themselves, learn to live and think in new ways, pursue new career and/or life directions, express their varied talents, and feel more confident.

People often comment on my wisdom, calm presence, and caring nature. In my work in teaching adults, I know that we all need support and encouragement from others to enter new learning territory and develop our courage. We need others to believe in our possibilities, see us in our new aspirational roles, and provide support in trying new things. Learning involves risk, meaning that we may need to unlearn what we think we know, question our beliefs, and let go of our current ways of thinking.

I have followed this same path myself and after a time of exploration, reflection, and experimentation, I decided to retire from my academic career to pursue a path to becoming a life coach, artist, and EssentricsTM trainer. I cultivated long-neglected interests and adapted my skills developed during my academic career to life coaching. I’m now dedicated to supporting you in reclaiming your creative energies. You can cultivate long-neglected interests and talents, pursue a new focus, make time for yourself and take better care of your health, relax and enjoy life, re-energize, create a new and satisfying life, and have way more fun!

Alexa Darrow
Company Name:
Alexa Darrow Coaching
Portland, OR | Virtual Coaching Worldwide
Coaching Bio:

For the last decade, Alexa has been helping and coaching her clients through their lives and businesses. As a former PR professional, with experience as a Concierge and currently as the Director of Customer Success for a startup in Portland, OR, she has always been in the business of helping others and values the importance of the relationships she’s built. As a certified WPCC life coach, she is focused on helping people who have been feeling complacent or uninspired in their lives become motivated to make a change. Whether the goal is to move to a new city, embark on a new career path, leave a comfortable but unfulfilling relationship, or simply find a daily routine, she is here to support and help ignite the fire within that one may be too nervous to start on their own. She will help clients to create an action plan to make these abstract, and often overwhelming ideas, a reality.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Alexa spends her time dancing, traveling, and enjoying Portland’s exciting food scene.