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HI, I'm Guinevere, and You are Awesome!!
Company Name: Edge Walker Life Coaching LLC
Phone: 971-258-6620
Location: Portland, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

How I got here,
…and Why I’m a Life Coach

As a transgender woman, I know the risks of being true to one’s self at the deepest level. I speak from experience when I say that with a bit of courage, the right kind of support, and yes, some risk, successful change always leads to a rich, fulfilling life.

The idea of transition or “coming out” isn’t limited to sexuality or gender. Life eventually forces all of us to choose between becoming real and showing up in our lives, or staying safely—if miserably—hidden.

I spent a large portion of my life hidden behind any facade I could spin to keep my fears and confusion packed up so tight no one could possibly see me. From that space, that seemed so safe, I ran a business, had relationships and periodically showed up at events in my life that I thought made a difference.

Breaking down those walls and un-raveling the beliefs that kept me frozen in fear and self loathing was not a cake walk. In retrospect, doing the work to get though the roughs patches wasn’t all that hard and in the end the rewards have been amazing! Things like increased self-awareness, self-confidence, connecting with other people and a willingness to be vulnerable.

Professionally, and prior to becoming a certified Whole Person Life Coach, I was an expert in solving puzzles;

I owned several successful businesses. I’ve been on the cutting edge of designing and manufacturing new equipment for start-up industries. I designed and patented equipment and had the pleasure of watching most of it work well and sell.

Yes, there were times I drove myself crazy trying to get to the bottom of a failed idea, all the while saying to myself “I can do this myself” or “I just can’t afford help.” What I didn’t realize at the time was how my assumptions got in the way of what I could really accomplish. So, I’ve been there. Self doubt, un-helpful beliefs and general stubbornness!

Having let go of past self-imposed restraints (indoctrinated beliefs) I decided to follow my hearts desire and help others to stretch towards believing in themselves, achieving the things they want, and become the best shiny being they can possible be.

So lets make this easy! I offer an awesome support system that takes in all the areas of your life. I’m here to help you gather your courage, align your thoughts and ideas with your goals and actions, then support you in Making it Happen!
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Guinevere de Amblia
Certified Whole Person Life Coach
I offer a lighthearted, results-driven space to explore, define and decide what action or actions, you may take in order to achieve what you are desiring.

I offer a lighthearted, results-driven space to explore, define and decide what action or actions, you may take in order to achieve what you are desiring.

Kim Hamblin-Hart
Company Name: Seeds of Change Life Coaching
Location: Tri-Cities, WA and remote access coaching
Coaching Bio:

Change your story, change your life.

I am a narrative coach, which means I help individuals examine the stories they tell themselves about life and then find new ways to tell those stories. Stories are an integral part of life. We need stories like we need air. Stories are how we make sense of life, what gives our lives meaning. Stories are powerful. So powerful, in fact, that they can keep us small and limited, or free us to be the very best versions of ourselves. I want to help you be empowered by your story.

Seeds of Change Life Coaching is about transforming our stories. The seedling in my logo is patterned after a tattoo I got several years ago. It is symbolic of the power of transformation that is held within each of us. I chose a seedling, rather than a mature tree, to remind me that growth is a lifelong process. Throughout my life I struggled with depression. For years my depression felt like a stone inside of me, but I began to change my story about it. With time and work that stone became a seed. And eventually that seed sprouted.∗ The roots are symbolic of the nourishment and calming effect that comes from being grounded. The leaves are always stretching upward, reaching for the sun, seeking the light.

Are you carrying a stone inside that in reality is a seed? Are you ready to reframe your story and let your seed germinate? Regardless of where you are at or how much change you want to make, I hope you’ll consider having me join you in the journey of rewriting your story.

To learn more, contact me for a free consultation at kim@khamblinhart.com or go to my scheduling page at https://seedsofchangelifecoaching.as.me/

I am a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through ICF.

∗The process of healing from my depression took more than rewriting my story. It included a good therapist, medication, and persistence. I am not suggesting that changing your story is all you need to heal when dealing with clinical depression. Please seek help from trained professionals for clinical depression.

Fausta Luchini, WPCC
Company Name: Fausta’s Place to Ponder
Phone: 502-744-4098
Location: Based in Savannah, Ga – as close as your internet connection. Working primarily through video chat or phone calls.
Coaching Bio:

Fausta Luchini, M.A., WPCC, is a holistic life coach, a catalyst, and a visionary. She loves to coach people who are ready to build a life that lets them shine. She has been described as a wise elder, bringing the insight and wisdom gathered from a lifetime of working with people to her role of coach.

A native of Kentucky, Fausta earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and spent over 20 years as a therapist. Fifteen years in Community Mental Health, both in urban and rural settings, gave her a wide range of experience with diverse cultures. Offering individual and group therapy to adults, many of whom were survivors of childhood trauma, she learned ways to help her clients work through the lingering impact of that trauma on their lives – and they helped form her understanding of the pathways to healing. She continues to be grateful for those experiences and awed at the strength and resilience of her clients.

This rich experience – from Community Mental Health to private practice to Training Coordinator – has led her work to this space. As a life coach, she is committed to working with the helpers – the social workers, advocates, attorneys, first responders, teachers and parents who engage directly with survivors of trauma.   If you wake up at 2 a.m. worrying about your clients, think about your students over the weekend, if you feel like you’re losing yourself in their suffering, Fausta helps you reconnect with yourself and find the tools you need to sustain that connection. She creates a space for you to explore how to develop a life that supports the work you do, how to build a life that lets you shine.

Fausta lives in Savannah, Ga, in a multi-generational household, where she enjoys the warm weather and being close to the ocean. When she’s not coaching, or blogging about it, Fausta enjoys playing with her grandchildren, exploring new restaurants with her daughter, traveling with her life partner, Dennis, and walking on the beach by herself.

Casey Tabolt, WPCC
Company Name: Casey Tabolt Coaching LLC
Phone: 3154869072
Location: New York
Coaching Bio:

Casey Tabolt is a WPCC certified coach specializing in helping moms rediscover and honor all the parts of themselves in order to take better care of themselves and live more intentional and fulfilling lives.

Casey is a wife and mother of 2, who has been a work from home entrepreneur since 2015. It was in the midst of running her Etsy shop and taking care of a newborn and toddler that she was came face to face with how unsustainable her life had become. She was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease that put her in the hospital for 3 months, fighting for her life. She attributes her miraculous recovery to the choice she made to find meaning and purpose in her suffering, her willfulness, and last but not least, her love for her children.

It was through this experience that Casey learned how to reconnect with herself and started rebuilding her life intentionally by honoring her values. She started to debunk the myths of self care that had kept her from taking care of herself in any meaningful way. She adopted a new mindset and felt immense gratitude and appreciation for her new life and the lessons she had learned. She committed herself to personal growth, and took the steps necessary to share her knowledge and be of service to moms who feel invisible in their lives. Casey is passionate about helping moms reconnect to their inner voice; honor their strengths, hopes and dreams; and make self care the feel good habit it needs to be.

Today she spends her time seeking joy, homeschooling and peaceful parenting her kids and supporting moms as they make themselves a priority, follow their dreams and honor their whole selves so they can show up as the best mom possible.

She deeply values service and growth and can help you rediscover your path and yourself all while becoming the mom you were meant to be. She knows the struggles of overcoming our pasts, learning how to develop our own unique parenting philosophies, and maintaining our individuality in the face of motherhood. There is no destination for this journey but we can certainly enjoy the landmarks we reach and celebrate the ground we’ve covered.

She believes in the power of coaching and the truth that you are more than “just a mom.” You deserve to live your best life and set that example for the next generation.

Elysia Hartzell, WPCC
Company Name: Elysia Hartzell
Phone: 425-591-6218
Location: Seattle, Washington Area
Coaching Bio:

Elysia Hartzell is a Healer and Spiritual Coach who uses several healing modalities and her own intuitive abilities to guide you on an inner discovery, empowering you to embrace your truth and step into the flow of grace and power.

Elysia uses her naturally kind, compassionate, loving approach to guide you through your transformation. She believes that everyone is whole, perfect and complete and that by using these unique healing and coaching techniques, you will peel back the layers to reveal who you truly are, to reveal your wholeness and perfection.
Working with Elysia is an extraordinary experience, as she is one of a handful of Certified Divine Gifts Coaches. She is also certified in ThetaHealing, Instant Miracle, Peace Process and Whole Person Coaching. Elysia is based in the Seattle area and works with people from around the world.


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Emily Shutt, ACC, WPCC
Company Name: Emily Shutt Coaching
Phone: 610-268-7371
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Coaching Bio:

Emily is a Money Mastery Coach for women and partnered couples who want to become informed and empowered financially so they can live the life they know they’re meant for. She combines her extensive background in finance leadership development and management consulting with a lifelong love of personal development and spiritual growth to help clients get clear on what they want and how to get it without leaving money on the table. She is results-oriented and her background supports the coaching process to unfold organically, efficiently and effectively. She is passionate about personal finance, effective time management, confidence in communication, self-improvement and stress management techniques, and she brings her unique knowledge, experience, and years of research in these areas to support clients in reaching their highest potential.

She is especially passionate about financial clarity for young people early in their careers, as well as creating dialogue about money in relationships. She works with women individually, as well as partnered couples who want to get on the same page financially.

Specifically, clients can expect to cover any and all of the following topics in working with her through her courses, group programs or in one-on-one coaching partnerships:

– Values identification to facilitate effective use of money
– Goal-setting and clear financial alignment
– Developing and maintaining healthy spending habits
– Defining an approach to saving that makes sense in real life
– Investing basics to help clients create passive income without confusion or judgement
– Boundary-setting and dialogue about money in relationships
– Salary negotiations and owning value in the workplace
– Career transition and business planning for aspiring entrepreneurs
– Financial Independence & Retiring Early (FIRE)
– Strategizing debt repayment and releasing debt anxiety
– Travel on a budget and other financial hacks

Creative Empowerment
Company Name: Carrie Akre Creative
Phone: 1-612-219-5413
Location: Online and Tacoma, WA
Coaching Bio:

My name is Carrie Akre and I am a Creativity Coach and Music Mentor!

I know what it’s like to step out there into the unknown. Knowing you have a dream of something you’d like to try but you’re afraid. Having never done it before, who am I to even try? Can I do this? Knowing you just have to jump and you may feel alone. Story of my life.

I’ve had the gift of getting to live as my full creative self, completely immersed in music, being authentic. I wouldn’t change a thing. But I also know what it took to keep putting myself out there. To continually face fears. Fears of getting up on stage in front of people ( I still get nervous), fears of looking out of place, awkward and fear of rejection on a small to large scale. Scary!!

It takes courage my friends, courage all the time! and you know what else? Some support!!

That ‘s right! Support. We all need it at times. This why I am here. I’d like to provide you with all the support my experience can bring. You name it, I’ve probably lived it! It’s my dream to share what I know with others and be of help!

It’s time to wake up…to be the real you!

I teach song-writing, journaling, vocal training, live performance skills, recording preparation, self-trust workshops, mediation retreats and I provide tools for facing fear, finding your creative side, taking a chance on something you’ve always wanted to try but just never found the time or were too afraid!

I work either one on one or via workshops.

I know what it means to ride through change, go through major life changes, live with fear and I know how it can hold you back. I know what it feels like to be your authentic creative self. You deserve to be your complete self!

If you need help, I’m here.
Love, Carrie

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Jon Crews, MBA, CPC
Company Name: Jonathan Crews Vedic Astrology & Coaching
Phone: 505-982-1144
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Coaching Bio:

Jonathan Crews, MBA, and Certified Professional Coach, CPC, has had a life-long career in guiding people in their personal and professional growth. He has expertise and a strong knowledge base in the practical application of eastern philosophy, including Vedic Astrology, as well as many techniques and processes for physical, psychological and spiritual transformation found in the West. For the last 40 years, he has traveled internationally, teaching mindfulness and yoga as well as running a consulting business. He offers life guidance and coaching packages for people from all walks of life at varying rates. To contact Jonathan, call 505-982-1144.

Gary A Hughey Jr. CPC
Company Name: SHVA Leadership Advisers
Phone: 888-368-0009
Location: Rockwall, TX
Coaching Bio:

I have had 30+ years coaching and mentoring executives, mid-level leaders, and conducting career coaching.

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