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Audrea J. Sullivan, MA, CPC
Seaswell Transformational Coaching
(303) 931-8339

Audrea J. Sullivan, MA, CPC is a transformational coach, mindfulness mentor, change-maker, & believer in the power of yoga & movement as a way to deepen one’s connection with who they are.

Facilitator of well-being, weight-loss, & wellness sessions for women who are ready to live boldly in healthy bodies.

Published author & poet.

Believer in love & respect and the power of being present— using creative expression to enhance the experience of being alive.


Whole Person Coaching Program- Coach Training World (Accredited by the International Coach Federation- ICF)

Master of Arts- Counseling/Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Arts- Psychology


Transformational coaching for weight-loss, well-being, wellness, mindfulness, meditation, self-care, stress-reduction, & self-actualization.

Carol Merwin, MA, CPC
Carol Merwin Coaching LLC
Portland, OR

I coach in three areas – right partner, right livelihood, and Parent as Life Coach (coaching you to coach your kid(s) to approach life with a resilient and creative-problem-solving mindset).

Clarity of intention, creativity, courage, and resilience are all learnable skills that put your dream within reach.

Our coaching time will be strength-based, future-focused, and collaborative. You will explore creative processes that uncover the next step on your journey, experience inner shifts that inspire heart-centered action, eliminate blocks to taking action, and put accountability in place to get results.

My Credentials:

I am a CPC, Certified Professional Coach, trained in Whole Person Life Coaching through Baraka Institute – Coach Training World in 2015. At the heart of whole person coaching is respect for the client, and trust that he or she is whole, complete and resourceful.

My M.A. in Spiritual Psychology is a natural fit with whole-person coaching. My B.S. in Computer Science and my years designing and building computer systems trained me to be solution-focused and results-oriented. My work in Addiction Counseling strengthened my belief that the start of your life does not define the rest of your life. No matter what you’ve done or what you’ve been through, a future with purpose and meaning is yours to create.

I have decades of experience working with people who are undergoing major life changes – workers undergoing radical innovation in their daily work processes, families coping with a terminally ill family member, men preparing to leave prison, families in the adoption process, professionals undergoing corporate acquisition and downsizing. Being a partner on your journey, walking side-by-side as your life transforms, is a great privilege.

More About Me:

I have compassion and understanding for people facing obstacles in achieving their dreams. I’ve learned to turn the challenges on my journey to my advantage, and to use every experience as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve.

I find joy & growth, purpose & meaning through my coaching, marriage, parenting, creative pursuits, friends & family, and spiritual practice. I live a life I love while being true to who I am. I hold the vision for you to create that in your life as well.

I offer a free call to anyone who would like to contact me and reserve a time. We can have a conversation and see if we are a fit to work together.

Fausta Luchini, WPCC
Fausta’s Place to Ponder
Based in Savannah, Ga – as close as your internet connection. Working primarily through video chat or phone calls.

Fausta Luchini, M.A., WPCC, is a holistic life coach, a catalyst, and a visionary. She loves to coach people who are ready to build a life that lets them shine. She has been described as a wise elder, bringing the insight and wisdom gathered from a lifetime of working with people to her role of coach.

A native of Kentucky, Fausta earned a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and spent over 20 years as a therapist. Fifteen years in Community Mental Health, both in urban and rural settings, gave her a wide range of experience with diverse cultures. Offering individual and group therapy to adults, many of whom were survivors of childhood trauma, she learned ways to help her clients work through the lingering impact of that trauma on their lives – and they helped form her understanding of the pathways to healing. She continues to be grateful for those experiences and awed at the strength and resilience of her clients.

This rich experience – from Community Mental Health to private practice to Training Coordinator – has led her work to this space. As a life coach, she is committed to working with the helpers – the social workers, advocates, attorneys, first responders, teachers and parents who engage directly with survivors of trauma.   If you wake up at 2 a.m. worrying about your clients, think about your students over the weekend, if you feel like you’re losing yourself in their suffering, Fausta helps you reconnect with yourself and find the tools you need to sustain that connection. She creates a space for you to explore how to develop a life that supports the work you do, how to build a life that lets you shine.

Fausta lives in Savannah, Ga, in a multi-generational household, where she enjoys the warm weather and being close to the ocean. When she’s not coaching, or blogging about it, Fausta enjoys playing with her grandchildren, exploring new restaurants with her daughter, traveling with her life partner, Dennis, and walking on the beach by herself.

Bob & Holly Dohrman, WPCC
The Miracle Marriage
509.250.2809 | 509.250.2380
Kennewick, Washington

Are you struggling to carve out time to spend together?

Is communication difficult?

Are you and your partner on different pages when it comes to finances or children?

Relationships, no matter how strong, have their share of challenges.  And that’s not a bad thing.  Often times we just need some new tools and techniques to navigate through them.

Inside our workshops and private coaching sessions you’ll find:

New listening and communication skills will help initiate more constructive conversations.
Learning each others values around money and finances will help you discover why you make your financial decisions

We have been married 28 years saying “I do” at 19 and having twin boys at 21.  There were times that we worked opposite shifts to support our family, often only seeing each other in passing. Communication was almost non-existent.

We faced major moves, leaving family and friends to take a job.  The job wasn’t quite as advertised causing Bob serious health issues and putting major strain on our finances.

By this time our relationship was in shambles.  A short separation forced us to take a hard look at our marriage.   We agreed our relationship was important to us so we tried again.

Things have not been perfect.

Bob worked 2 hours away from home for over a year.  It meant Holly was left to parent alone the majority of the time.

Holly lost her job just a few months after being offered a promotion.  We ended up losing our home because of it.

We have struggled, fought, and thought it was all over.  We pushed through the obstacles and have come out the other side stronger.

We want to help you!  Offering you the tools you need and kind of support that let¹s you figure things out for yourself.   We believe in the possibility of real & lasting love for anyone who strives for it.  Let’s work together to help you create your Miracle Marriage.

Nikol Peterman, WPCC

Nikol Peterman, CPC, is a Certified Empowerment coach who works with leading creatives who struggle to attract their ideal audience, fill their performances and see themselves as valuable. She empowers artists to be free and prosperous through community efforts, strategic action plans, meditation, yoga, visualization, writing, and other body-mind modalities. She coaches them to create free of stress in their projects, and feel confident and secure in their creative expression. She specializes in skills for overcoming fear and the constant roller coaster of rejection and short-lived elation. Nikol views the client as a whole person, taking all aspects into account, and ultimately empowering the client to create from a place of authenticity and joy, instilling a wealthy mindset and ability to take inspired action. The creative becomes seen and celebrated!

Nikol is a professional actress, choreographer, and writer living in NYC. Her work spans across film, commercials, musical theatre, and print modeling. She loves working with children, and has choreographed for all ages and levels. She teaches local workshops on Authentic Performing and Auditioning, and hosts VIP days for those who are looking to intensify their drive and create a one-on-one action plan.

Follow her @ZenRedNYC on both Twitter and Instagram.

Margaret Rizzuto
Margaret Rizzuto
845 729-2685

As a serial entrepreneur Margaret has worked with women across several different businesses. She combines years of experience to help women find clarity, focus and purpose. Her coaching style is collaborative in nature believing that deep inside we all know what’s best for us, we just sometimes need support along the way. One of Margaret’s favorite quotes is, “And ther day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.” 🌷

Manca Klinar, WPCC
Coaching in svetovanje za senzitivne, Manca Klinar s. p.
+386 31 223 103
Jesenice, Slovenia (Europe)

Are you great at knowing when and how to comfort your loved ones and your friends? And do you suffer or are you feeling drained when you are stuck in a crowd or when attending an event with lots of people? Do you find yourself energetically drained when shopping at the mall?
Are your decisions usually right and sound but it takes forever to make them?

Do you enjoy nature, the arts, and feel all beauty deeply? And you suffer when someone says something critical about you, especially if it is coming from those close to you?
Are you blessed with being able to notice all the tiny details of the arts in a foreign city you are visiting but are exhausted afterwards and just want to be alone and quiet instead of going out with others and have fun?

Are you conscientious? Do you tend to become rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time? And cannot perform as usual/well if you are being observed or evaluated?
Do you startle easily, are bothered by loud noises or strong smells, and don’t handle changes very well?

Are you tired of thinking you are too sensitive for “this world” or hearing that from others?

Well, there might be a good reason for all this. Perhaps you are a Highly Sensitive Person. As well as a fifth of the of the population, with no difference based on . Would you like to find out if that’s true? It’s not that hard, just take the Elaine N. Aron’s self-test (http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/).

Hi. My name is Manca Klinar and I am a Highly Sensitive Person (an HSP). After long years of not knowing, trying to live a “normal” life, and fit in the society, feeling either too much or not enough, I finally came across the main reason for all that. My nervous system is wired in a special way, causing deeper feelings, noticing and reflecting more, including the subtleties most people miss, being more emotionally reactive and more empathetic. All of this resulting in being overstimulated and exhausted sooner than others. Relieved by the acceptance of the status I am in, I embarked on the journey to find out more about it and set my course to live accordingly, honouring my body’s needs. It all found me at the perfect moment (of course!) when I was searching for a deeper meaning of my existence and my role in the world, facing the fact my life is not working any more. With the help from various wonderful people I’ve not only found coaching, but also what I was searching for all those years – myself, the true one. While I am still uncovering some of those pieces I have hidden in order to be accepted, I dedicated my work to helping other Highly Sensitive People become their true selves and enjoy in what High Sensitivity truly is – a gift. As I’ve found out for myself, while High Sensitivity is not the only character trait we can have, it is definitely one with many effects because it influences all of who we are and all areas of our lives. That can be especially noticeable if our High Sensitivity was not recognised in our childhood.

I admit, to change my life and know myself I needed a wake up call. My life was shattered into pieces, one by one, until I could no longer ignore it, numb it and suppress it. Constant searches for the meaning, for something more or unknown, giving me hope, sports helping me stay sane, alive, and interested, coffee keeping me up, occasional injuries and illnesses leading my body to much needed rest suddenly lost their effectiveness. It was time for me to answer the call, to finally let go of things keeping me in what seemed like a rat race, to turn down the outer noise to listen within and be able to hear. It was the seeking that followed, and the help I got on my way, and the swimming in the unknown waters that helped the beat of my heart to finally get through and lead me to trust its wisdom and the Universe. And that guided me to reach that valuable piece of information. It was then that I was able to move towards the unknown, unfamiliar, odd, and scary future. And now, though with still many challenges every day, with the path feeling like the right one for me it encourages me to bring out the best of me.

How about you, what’s your story? Do you know yourself and who you truly are? What are your dreams, what’s your purpose in life? What could push you to make a step you want for such a long time? What is holding you back?

As a Life Coach, a whole person and an HSP I support my clients to self-discover their own way of creating a life they really dream of. I help them see themselves, their lives, and others through a different lens, recognise their strengths, possibilities, and challenges. We work through the challenges that unable them from stepping into their best selves and lives and then create from a place of deep self-knowing, trust, resilience and resourcefulness.

In my work I combine knowledge about High Sensitivity with Whole Person Coaching which is an ideal framework to deal with it. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person this fact is embedded in all areas of your life and all parts of you. By not knowing you are an HSP you’ve probably have to hide parts of you that weren’t “normal”, appreciated or that were rejected. With the support of coaching you can start inviting and embracing all those parts back into your life and become whole again.

You don’t have to travel this road alone because I’m here to help. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation (via Zoom or Skype) and decide for yourself if I’m the right choice for you.

If you would like to do some more research about High Sensitivity and/or about me – you can start at https://visokosenzitivnaoseba.si/en/ and at http://www.mancaklinar.com/en/ (e-mail: manca@mancaklinar.com). And if you’d like to hear from the great woman who started all “this”, you can find the video here: https://visokosenzitivnaoseba.si/en/basics/videos/.

Creative Empowerment
Carrie Akre Creative
Online and Tacoma, WA

My name is Carrie Akre and I am a Creativity Coach and Music Mentor!

I know what it’s like to step out there into the unknown. Knowing you have a dream of something you’d like to try but you’re afraid. Having never done it before, who am I to even try? Can I do this? Knowing you just have to jump and you may feel alone. Story of my life.

I’ve had the gift of getting to live as my full creative self, completely immersed in music, being authentic. I wouldn’t change a thing. But I also know what it took to keep putting myself out there. To continually face fears. Fears of getting up on stage in front of people ( I still get nervous), fears of looking out of place, awkward and fear of rejection on a small to large scale. Scary!!

It takes courage my friends, courage all the time! and you know what else? Some support!!

That ‘s right! Support. We all need it at times. This why I am here. I’d like to provide you with all the support my experience can bring. You name it, I’ve probably lived it! It’s my dream to share what I know with others and be of help!

It’s time to wake up…to be the real you!

I teach song-writing, journaling, vocal training, live performance skills, recording preparation, self-trust workshops, mediation retreats and I provide tools for facing fear, finding your creative side, taking a chance on something you’ve always wanted to try but just never found the time or were too afraid!

I work either one on one or via workshops.

I know what it means to ride through change, go through major life changes, live with fear and I know how it can hold you back. I know what it feels like to be your authentic creative self. You deserve to be your complete self!

If you need help, I’m here.
Love, Carrie

Brii Sebastian, LMHC, CPC
Brii Sebastian, LMHC, CPC
(505) 992-2689
Santa Fe, NM

Life Coaching with Energy Psychology is a quality, research-based model of coaching that supports you in exploring and changing a wide range of issues. These include life direction clarity, stress reduction, mood regulation, and trauma healing. Clients report benefits in relationships, greater individuation-i.e. perspective through life’s challenges-as well as overall satisfaction.

Life Coaching with Energy Psychology strives for body-mind integration through mindfulness theory and discussion, and via modern Eastern trends.

It may include a chakra analysis of your subtle energy field, and/or astrological computations. Combined with the most current psychotherapeutic and neuroscience findings, the result is self-awareness, leading to more positive and healthy life choices.
For Carl Jung, (the energy of) yoga represented a rich storehouse of inner experience and of the individuation process in particular.
~ Sonu Shamdasani

I am a certified professional coach, with a master’s degree in psychotherapy. I specialize in life guidance, trauma repair and relational issues, and have been in private practice in the field of energy psychology since 1997. I have had extensive training in holistic coaching, as well as subtle anatomy therapy. My early career traces back to arts administration in New York City.

My accreditation includes the Coach Training World in Portland, OR, Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, Pratt Institute in NY, and Dawson College in Canada. I study in several Yoga/Tai Chi – Qigong lineages, and volunteer for an international NGO charity organization. You can reach me at: (505) 992-2689 or briisebastian@gmail.com.

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