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Tara Stricker, BA, WPCC
Company Name: Tara Stricker Coaching
Phone: 403-594-3926
Location: Medicine HAt, AB, Canada
Coaching Bio:

Feeling like you were made for something bigger? Want to make changes but struggle getting started? Is your mind running with possibilities unsure how to get things started? Does happiness and fulfillment seem to be only something you read in quotes lately? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then starting a coaching relationship can catapult your life from reading inspirational quotes to living them!

If you are at a crossroads in life and confused about which way to go I can help you find your path. Are struggling with family issues, unsatisfying relationships with others or yourself, not feeling fulfilled at work or looking into new ideas of spirituality and wellness? Beneath that noise inside you, is there a voice saying “it’s time for change”. Change can be scary and this fear keeps us stuck existing rather than truly living. If you are ready to pull back the curtain and see what gifts you have to offer the world, let’s work together to create the changes you desire and to truly live your happiness!

My name is Tara Stricker, I have 20 years of experience in the Human Services industry, empowering individuals to make changes in their lives. I am no stranger to the complexities and challenges that come along with making sustainable changes. One thing I have noticed through the years is a supportive relationship and a positive, empowered outlook are an essential asset necessary for making change. Working with a wide variety of populations I have helped clients with personal growth. I have worked alongside clients helping them to remove roadblocks that have hindered them from creating positive life, taught skills to become a self-advocate and developed strategies to maintaining the balanced life they desire. I have also taught values, strategies for coping with anger and ways to deal with opposition. I have celebrated their success and regrouped after the failures and through it all I am still always amazed at the strength of the human spirit.

In my personal life I have also faced challenges. When my husband suddenly became ill and passed away, I was at a crossroads. When he passed he was left with one big regret; that he had not risked and followed his dreams. This inspired me to take the path I had always dreamed of and planned on living…one day. Through this loss I learned why wait; today is the best day to start!

I am passionate about people and look forward to supporting you in choosing your path making the changes you desire to create the life you always dreamed of! Today IS your someday!

Nicole Gnutzman
Company Name: Nicole Gnutzman
Phone: 415.519.7155
Location: California
Coaching Bio:

Do you feel deep in your beautiful soul that your work is
– unfulfilling, and lacking meaning and purpose
– draining your energy and squeezing the life (and soul) out of you, while
– affecting your confidence and positive outlook on life?

And do you find yourself in the wonderfully liberating stage of thinking about your next career move, but are unsure of what to do next and how to move beyond your fear to action?

Do you need a little inspiration and guidance?

Do you want to take that first step toward your soul’s purpose, but need some inspiration and the guidance of someone who’s been where you are and who’s soul is thriving?

As a coach, I guide and support professional women in their 40s and 50s, who are at a crossroads in their career, to find their soul’s path in their work, so they can feel whole, truly be their authentic self and live with renewed confidence, passion and energy.

It may help you to know how I got here. Corporate Vice President, Strategic Consultant, non-profit Director of Operations, small business founder and chocolatier, and now coach. I have made many BIG work transitions in my career looking for my soul’s purpose and I am my own best client.

I know how hard it is to take that first step to leave a job, stride confidently into a new career, or design and create a business of your own. I’ve been there. It can be daunting, scary and even paralyzing, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’d like a companion and guide on your journey of discovery, design and realization of a soul-fulfilling career, one that has purpose and passion, and is authentic to who you are and who you are becoming, I am that coach.

Does finding your soul’s path sound right and true and beneficial for you?

If it does, then join me on a journey towards your soul’s path, and you will
– Discover your unique gifts, skills and strengths
– Get clear about your soul’s path and feel aligned with it
– Have renewed energy and feel passionate about life again
– Feel a sense of wholeness as you live into your authentic self
– Have the confidence and inner resources to take action
– Receive your own Soulscape –landscape of your soul of how to be, what to do, and what you need to reach your goal and live into your soul’s path

Carrie Ure, CPC
Phone: 503 757 7060
Location: Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

Carrie brings a wealth of of professional and spiritual experience to her role as coach. As a serial entrepreneur, Buddhist practitioner and mother of a successful adult son, Carrie combines compassionate and empathic presence with the skillful of use of strategic thinking. She guides her clients from present conflict and resistance to future clarity, decisiveness and right action.

Manca Klinar, WPCC
Company Name: Coaching in svetovanje za senzitivne, Manca Klinar s. p.
Phone: +386 31 223 103
Location: Jesenice, Slovenia (Europe)
Coaching Bio:

Are you great at knowing when and how to comfort your loved ones and your friends? And do you suffer or are you feeling drained when you are stuck in a crowd or when attending an event with lots of people? Do you find yourself energetically drained when shopping at the mall?
Are your decisions usually right and sound but it takes forever to make them?

Do you enjoy nature, the arts, and feel all beauty deeply? And you suffer when someone says something critical about you, especially if it is coming from those close to you?
Are you blessed with being able to notice all the tiny details of the arts in a foreign city you are visiting but are exhausted afterwards and just want to be alone and quiet instead of going out with others and have fun?

Are you conscientious? Do you tend to become rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time? And cannot perform as usual/well if you are being observed or evaluated?
Do you startle easily, are bothered by loud noises or strong smells, and don’t handle changes very well?

Are you tired of thinking you are too sensitive for “this world” or hearing that from others?

Well, there might be a good reason for all this. Perhaps you are a Highly Sensitive Person. As well as a fifth of the of the population, with no difference based on . Would you like to find out if that’s true? It’s not that hard, just take the Elaine N. Aron’s self-test (http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/).

Hi. My name is Manca Klinar and I am a Highly Sensitive Person (an HSP). After long years of not knowing, trying to live a “normal” life, and fit in the society, feeling either too much or not enough, I finally came across the main reason for all that. My nervous system is wired in a special way, causing deeper feelings, noticing and reflecting more, including the subtleties most people miss, being more emotionally reactive and more empathetic. All of this resulting in being overstimulated and exhausted sooner than others. Relieved by the acceptance of the status I am in, I embarked on the journey to find out more about it and set my course to live accordingly, honouring my body’s needs. It all found me at the perfect moment (of course!) when I was searching for a deeper meaning of my existence and my role in the world, facing the fact my life is not working any more. With the help from various wonderful people I’ve not only found coaching, but also what I was searching for all those years – myself, the true one. While I am still uncovering some of those pieces I have hidden in order to be accepted, I dedicated my work to helping other Highly Sensitive People become their true selves and enjoy in what High Sensitivity truly is – a gift. As I’ve found out for myself, while High Sensitivity is not the only character trait we can have, it is definitely one with many effects because it influences all of who we are and all areas of our lives. That can be especially noticeable if our High Sensitivity was not recognised in our childhood.

I admit, to change my life and know myself I needed a wake up call. My life was shattered into pieces, one by one, until I could no longer ignore it, numb it and suppress it. Constant searches for the meaning, for something more or unknown, giving me hope, sports helping me stay sane, alive, and interested, coffee keeping me up, occasional injuries and illnesses leading my body to much needed rest suddenly lost their effectiveness. It was time for me to answer the call, to finally let go of things keeping me in what seemed like a rat race, to turn down the outer noise to listen within and be able to hear. It was the seeking that followed, and the help I got on my way, and the swimming in the unknown waters that helped the beat of my heart to finally get through and lead me to trust its wisdom and the Universe. And that guided me to reach that valuable piece of information. It was then that I was able to move towards the unknown, unfamiliar, odd, and scary future. And now, though with still many challenges every day, with the path feeling like the right one for me it encourages me to bring out the best of me.

How about you, what’s your story? Do you know yourself and who you truly are? What are your dreams, what’s your purpose in life? What could push you to make a step you want for such a long time? What is holding you back?

As a Life Coach, a whole person and an HSP I support my clients to self-discover their own way of creating a life they really dream of. I help them see themselves, their lives, and others through a different lens, recognise their strengths, possibilities, and challenges. We work through the challenges that unable them from stepping into their best selves and lives and then create from a place of deep self-knowing, trust, resilience and resourcefulness.

In my work I combine knowledge about High Sensitivity with Whole Person Coaching which is an ideal framework to deal with it. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person this fact is embedded in all areas of your life and all parts of you. By not knowing you are an HSP you’ve probably have to hide parts of you that weren’t “normal”, appreciated or that were rejected. With the support of coaching you can start inviting and embracing all those parts back into your life and become whole again.

You don’t have to travel this road alone because I’m here to help. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation (via Zoom or Skype) and decide for yourself if I’m the right choice for you.

If you would like to do some more research about High Sensitivity and/or about me – you can start at https://visokosenzitivnaoseba.si/en/ and at http://www.mancaklinar.com/en/ (e-mail: manca@mancaklinar.com). And if you’d like to hear from the great woman who started all “this”, you can find the video here: https://visokosenzitivnaoseba.si/en/basics/videos/.

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Eva Cruz Pena, WPCC
Company Name: Eva Cruz Pena, WPCC
Phone: 503-750-6711
Location: Portland, OR, USA
Coaching Bio:

This is your life. Your story. The journey to your destiny.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect on where you find yourself in this season of life. Are you satisfied? Living your destiny? Unapologetically embracing all of who you are? Or… Do you feel lost? Frustrated? Confused as to who you are and what you stand for? Limited by your career? Stuck in achieving your goals? Paralyzed or overwhelmed with what’s next in your journey?
If these questions resonate with you, I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to envision a different story, one where you:

Embrace all of who God created you to be
Experience the freedom of being truly connected
Discover your own voice and the power it holds in the world
Generate changes in your life to support your personal and professional goals
Step boldly into your life’s purpose

How does that story sound?
You only have one life to live. Your destiny awaits you. So, are you ready to break through the frustrations in your life and the limitations in your career?

My name is Eva Cruz Pena and I’m a destiny designer for brave Latinas who are ready to reclaim their power, step boldly into their purpose, and voice their truth from a grounded identity in God.

My 15 years of education and training in nursing, theology, military chaplaincy and mental health, along with my life’s experiences (a few of the big ones are: moving to a different country to pursue my career, navigating the intricacies of being a Latina, balancing being a woman, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur and artist) allow me to understand the dynamics of the human nature; therefore allowing me to coach from a holistic perspective.

My mission to thrive with passion, compassion, humor and style is evident in my approach as a coach:
I am passionate about empowering women to live grounded in their identity, fully connected to all parts of their being and using their voices to step boldly into their destiny enacting positive change in themselves and their environment.
My compassion shows through as I create a safe space that allows clients to look at areas of their lives that they want to change, enhance or awaken.
I believe humor is key to having a joy-filled heart, therefore; I work with my clients in finding ways to stay positive and enjoy the little things in life that bring joy and make souls smile.
My style is unique to my personality: caring, empathic, brave, vivacious, fun, creative, beautiful, grounded, strong, intuitive, passionate, spiritual, and unapologetic. It shows in the coaching relationship as I actively listen for the client’s strengths and reflect them back in order to create the awareness for the client to realize she has all the essential tools to succeed and self-innovate.

So, what are you waiting for? Any of what I’ve mentioned above speaks to you? Schedule your free 30 minute consultation via phone, Skype/FaceTime or in person if you are in Portland, OR.
I am available Tuesdays- Fridays from 10:00- 2:00pm (PST). If those times and days don’t work – contact me and I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Gary Warford, WPCC, ACC
Company Name: Gary Warford Coaching
Phone: (503) 314-2292
Location: Newberg, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Gary coaches motivated individuals and groups that desire enhanced personal development, relationship enhancement, pursuit of their dream career, or people looking to move beyond addiction recovery and into a full and rewarding life.

Gary embraces a creative, innovative and passionate coaching style, and maintains the belief that life coaching is most effective for managing the personal challenges that stretch us to our limits and for achieving those life goals that require the gentle and objective support of a caring, experienced professional. After all, if the transformations we envisioned making in our own lives were simple, we’d have made them already! Gary’s Transformational Life Coaching offers the tools, perspective and support you need to reach higher than you can on your own and effectively execute these changes in your own life!

Gary has continued his training with The Gottman Institute, Gottman to become one of a small group of people worldwide trained and authorized as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator, he leads couples through relationship enhancing exercises for couples already in a long term relationship and for those preparing for the commitment of marriage. He has completed comprehensive training through Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, DAIP The Duluth Model, Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter, the world’s most renowned curriculum for helping men identify and change beliefs that support using violence and abusive behaviors. Gary has also received additional training with Chris Huffine of Allies in Change – Fundamentals of Working with Abusive Men and Advanced Techniques in Working with Abusive Men. Gary also serves as a member on the Yamhill County Domestic Violence Task Force, and is a Batter Intervention Provider (BIP) with Building Healthy Relationships Oregon.

As a Recovery Coach Gary completed training in Hartford Connecticut, with Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR), The Addition Recovery Academy, and is a Trainer of Trainers.

Gary’s coaching style also draws from various areas in his life, including a strong pastoral foundation of 25 years, personal experience in recovery, and transformational work. Born and raised in Iowa and having lived in several major cities throughout the Midwest, Gary’s down-to-earth work ethic has been key to his professional success in numerous areas, including several years developing and guiding leadership, project development, and service-oriented teams for corporations and non-profits which has helped him recognize the value of the individuals well as the importance of relationships as equally vital aspects of helping his clients achieve their goals and applying this knowledge to his coaching. Additionally, Gary’s professional experience involved marketing and interacting with companies both nationally and internationally, promoting, coordinating and supervising events, tradeshows & sales throughout the U.S., as well as several years spent successfully managing a business of his own and servicing accounts in four states.

Gary currently makes his home in Newberg, OR, and when he’s not coaching his clients in pursuit of their dreams enjoys spending time with family, walking Dutton, his dog, camping, traveling, barbecuing, hiking with friends and enjoying the rugged, scenic beauty of Oregon!

Robin Smith, WPCC, Self Care Coach
Phone: 972-802-6041
Coaching Bio:

I am a Whole Person Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping working moms find the time to take care of themselves while juggling family, work, and life. If you are running on empty, you are risking a breakdown. I will partner with you to look at each aspect of your life and what you need to make it more satisfying. Then together we will create and complete the actions necessary to meet your needs. We tackle the obstacles of mom-guilt, too little time, and not enough energy. As your coach, it is my commitment to support you, empower you, hold you accountable, and help you incorporate more care for yourself so you can better care for those you love while enhancing your happiness and satisfaction.

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Lisa Bohannan, WPCC
Company Name: Lisa Bohannan
Phone: 541-743-1101
Location: Eugene/Springfield, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

Embodied professional transformation is essential to manage change and move toward what you want with courage, integrity and grace. As a certified Strozzi Leadership Coach, Certified Whole Person Coach (WPCC), academic instructor, and adviser with over 8 years of experience, I can offer you and your team the tools, training, and support you need to build a solid foundation for professional transformation.  I can provide you with the skills necessary to trust yourself as the leader of your own life, even during major life transitions.  These skills include leadership and career assessment, job search skills, interview preparation, networking strategies and somatic practices. Most importantly, by learning how to maintain the body and mind as one working entity, you will have a greater ability to know yourself more deeply.  Contact me today to find out how you can learn to embody your highest potential.

Tiffany Marlink, WPCC
Phone: (503) 850-8384
Location: Portland, OR USA
Coaching Bio:

Hello friend! I believe everything happens for a reason and I am so glad that you are here!

Are you familiar with your ability to manifest your reality but feel like it’s not working for you?
Good news! You are in the right place to get your questions answered and start aligning with your greatest desires.

I know that you have the power to manifest the life of your dreams. Yes! I am talking about understanding your personal power to use the law of attraction for your own benefit. This is more than just thinking about what you want and hoping that it will come to fruition. My coaching philosophy is based on raising your vibration, removing energetic blocks and living your life in alignment with your desires.

My name is Tiffany and I am a Whole Person Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor. I’m here to be a trusted guide on your journey to creating a life that fills you with joy and meaning. In addition to her WPCC, I am certified as an Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams Trainer and have studied the Law of Attraction for over a decade. I am also Reiki attuned and have taken multiple courses to develop my intuitive abilities.

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