Anne Heberger Marino
Company Name:
Lean-to Collaborations, LLC
Maine, USA
Coaching Bio:

Anne is the Founder and Principal of Lean-to Collaborations, LLC, a team effectiveness and collaboration consultancy launched in 2020 at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. She brings 20 years of experience supporting researchers, academics, and other knowledge workers crossing disciplinary and other boundaries. Trained in individual and team coaching, Anne supports her clients as they work to address complex social, environmental, and technical challenges. As a team coach, Anne is certified to administer and debrief the Team Diagnostic Survey- the world’s most rigorous assessment of team effectiveness.

Kristin Moll
Seattle, WA Metro and Portland, OR Metro. Also, available remotely.
Coaching Bio:

We all doubt ourselves at some point. If are you feeling trapped by an internal dialogue that is keeping you from living out your personal or professional dreams, or even worse, it is silently wreaking havoc on your relationships, health, and well-being, you are not alone. Transforming our inner critic into our inner advocate is extremely challenging, but to uncover the strength that lies within and to create the life and relationships you desire, it is absolutely crucial.

You hope to find a sense of certainty and belonging, and live up to the amassing potential you feel inside. But it's easy to stay stuck in a loop of an outdated storyline of who you are and what you are capable of- afterall, it's the scene that's been on replay most of your life.

If this resonates with you, it's time for you to re-write your story.

Becoming your best you is really about extending compassionate service to others and yourself through sharing your innate gifts. Delivering that service requires self-knowings and relational tools that can be easily learned and used in all aspects of your life. Once gained, you will be able to unapologetically step into the future that you envision for your life!

This is when I come into the scene.

As a Whole Person Certified Coach backed with 15 years of management, operations, and talent development experience with a background in business-to-business sales, fitness, commercial janitorial services, and dentistry, I'm on a mission to help others like you understand that you ARE enough!

Although I work with clients of varied backgrounds and job roles, I specialize in helping healthcare professionals maximize their company platform, improve their leadership skills and business acumen, and create and expand their clinical or operational brands so they can better serve their patients, team members, and communities while achieving their financial goals and experiencing personal and professional growth.

My business experience and talent development background have enabled me to develop and facilitate next-level leadership programs, provide guidance through Individual Development Plans, and perform one-on-one and group coaching.

If you're looking for a thought-provoking but practical partner that will listen carefully and help you move forward, you may be closer than you think. We will just need to connect to discover if that's the case!


I'm married to an awesome man and my best friend Kyle and have two little girls that I'm in total love with. In my free time, you will likely find me reading, working out, enjoying the outdoors, watching re-runs of The Office, or singing karaoke.

Ready to re-write your story? I would be honored to be part of your journey and look forward to connecting with you. Message me now for your free consultation and break free from the inner critic that is holding you back!

Complimentary coaching available to all Pacific Dental Services team members and clinicians. Sliding scale available for military or law enforcement personnel, stay-at-home caregivers and single parents.

Katrina Sather
Company Name:
Katrina Sather
Seattle, Washington. Worldwide via Zoom.
Coaching Bio:

As a PCC professional coach, I work with individuals that are ready to explore their creativity, internal power, and personal story. If you are contemplating moving into the process of owning YOUR potential, then I'd love to talk with you.

I have a Masters in Psychology, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation, and I am a Certified Strength Coach through Gallup. I currently work in person or worldwide via Zoom.

Manca Klinar, WPCC
Company Name:
Coaching in svetovanje za senzitivne, Manca Klinar s. p.
Jesenice, Slovenia (Europe)
Coaching Bio:

Are you great at knowing when and how to comfort your loved ones and your friends? And do you suffer or are you feeling drained when you are stuck in a crowd or when attending an event with lots of people? Do you find yourself energetically drained when shopping at the mall?
Are your decisions usually right and sound but it takes forever to make them?

Do you enjoy nature, the arts, and feel all beauty deeply? And you suffer when someone says something critical about you, especially if it is coming from those close to you?
Are you blessed with being able to notice all the tiny details of the arts in a foreign city you are visiting but are exhausted afterwards and just want to be alone and quiet instead of going out with others and have fun?

Are you conscientious? Do you tend to become rattled when you have a lot to do in a short amount of time? And cannot perform as usual/well if you are being observed or evaluated?
Do you startle easily, are bothered by loud noises or strong smells, and don't handle changes very well?

Are you tired of thinking you are too sensitive for “this world” or hearing that from others?

Well, there might be a good reason for all this. Perhaps you are a Highly Sensitive Person. As well as a fifth of the of the population, with no difference based on . Would you like to find out if that’s true? It’s not that hard, just take the Elaine N. Aron's self-test (http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/).

Hi. My name is Manca Klinar and I am a Highly Sensitive Person (an HSP). After long years of not knowing, trying to live a “normal” life, and fit in the society, feeling either too much or not enough, I finally came across the main reason for all that. My nervous system is wired in a special way, causing deeper feelings, noticing and reflecting more, including the subtleties most people miss, being more emotionally reactive and more empathetic. All of this resulting in being overstimulated and exhausted sooner than others. Relieved by the acceptance of the status I am in, I embarked on the journey to find out more about it and set my course to live accordingly, honouring my body's needs. It all found me at the perfect moment (of course!) when I was searching for a deeper meaning of my existence and my role in the world, facing the fact my life is not working any more. With the help from various wonderful people I’ve not only found coaching, but also what I was searching for all those years – myself, the true one. While I am still uncovering some of those pieces I have hidden in order to be accepted, I dedicated my work to helping other Highly Sensitive People become their true selves and enjoy in what High Sensitivity truly is – a gift. As I’ve found out for myself, while High Sensitivity is not the only character trait we can have, it is definitely one with many effects because it influences all of who we are and all areas of our lives. That can be especially noticeable if our High Sensitivity was not recognised in our childhood.

I admit, to change my life and know myself I needed a wake up call. My life was shattered into pieces, one by one, until I could no longer ignore it, numb it and suppress it. Constant searches for the meaning, for something more or unknown, giving me hope, sports helping me stay sane, alive, and interested, coffee keeping me up, occasional injuries and illnesses leading my body to much needed rest suddenly lost their effectiveness. It was time for me to answer the call, to finally let go of things keeping me in what seemed like a rat race, to turn down the outer noise to listen within and be able to hear. It was the seeking that followed, and the help I got on my way, and the swimming in the unknown waters that helped the beat of my heart to finally get through and lead me to trust its wisdom and the Universe. And that guided me to reach that valuable piece of information. It was then that I was able to move towards the unknown, unfamiliar, odd, and scary future. And now, though with still many challenges every day, with the path feeling like the right one for me it encourages me to bring out the best of me.

How about you, what's your story? Do you know yourself and who you truly are? What are your dreams, what's your purpose in life? What could push you to make a step you want for such a long time? What is holding you back?

As a Life Coach, a whole person and an HSP I support my clients to self-discover their own way of creating a life they really dream of. I help them see themselves, their lives, and others through a different lens, recognise their strengths, possibilities, and challenges. We work through the challenges that unable them from stepping into their best selves and lives and then create from a place of deep self-knowing, trust, resilience and resourcefulness.

In my work I combine knowledge about High Sensitivity with Whole Person Coaching which is an ideal framework to deal with it. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person this fact is embedded in all areas of your life and all parts of you. By not knowing you are an HSP you've probably have to hide parts of you that weren't “normal”, appreciated or that were rejected. With the support of coaching you can start inviting and embracing all those parts back into your life and become whole again.

You don’t have to travel this road alone because I’m here to help. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation (via Zoom or Skype) and decide for yourself if I’m the right choice for you.

If you would like to do some more research about High Sensitivity and/or about me – you can start at https://visokosenzitivnaoseba.si/en/ and at http://www.mancaklinar.com/en/ (e-mail: manca@mancaklinar.com). And if you'd like to hear from the great woman who started all “this”, you can find the video here: https://visokosenzitivnaoseba.si/en/basics/videos/.

Type of Coaching:
Emily Shutt, PCC, WPCC
Company Name:
Emily Shutt
Philadelphia, PA
Coaching Bio:

Emily is a mindset coach and writer specializing in the habits of Millennial and Gen Z high achievers in the areas of money, relationships, lifestyle, travel and spirituality. She holds the PCC designation with the International Coach Federation and has been featured in multiple media outlets.

Alexis Moore Eytinge
Company Name:
The Confidence Society
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

Alexis works with parents and girls going off to college. She teaches how to identify and protect against harmful relationships, practice healthy decision making, and how to ask for help. She teaches self defense classes based in Krav Maga and offers a three-month long college prep course for girls titled 21 Strategies for Thriving at College.

Alexis helps women meet their own needs, achieve the careers they want, and choose relationships that support, respect and inspire them. She teaches assertive communication, intuition sensitivity so that you can check in with what you want, and practice safety planning.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Portland State and is a certified life coach. She received over 250 hours of training while volunteering for The Portland Women’s Crisis Line and the Portland Police Bureau's GirlStrength program, a holistic approach to self defense and violence prevention classes for girls 10-17 yrs. 

Type of Coaching:
Sabrina Suarez
Company Name:
Coaching Bio:

As an intuitive relationship and leadership coach, my mission is to support others in gaining the skills necessary to build high-quality, successful connection and to develop, connect, and empower leaders to be the love they want to see in the world, creating positive change via their contribution.

With my support, you can become your greatest asset and use the skills developed to create a massive impact for yourself and others! You will become the source of everything great in your life. You have the ability to manifest it all, let me show you how.

Robin Shear, WPCC (ICF certified ACC)
Company Name:
Joy To The World Coaching
My services are online and available worldwide
Coaching Bio:


I’m Robin and I help depleted givers discover joy. You’ll hear my story later, but… could this be yours?

You are a GIVER: Busy, involved, committed. Your life feels complete. You have important people and situations to pour your heart into. But you have been giving so much to so many, you are depleted. You want to feel joy and excitement, but you are overscheduled. Joy isn’t even on your list. Answering the question of “what brings me joy” stumps you at first. You’re not sure if it’s ok to ask for more. Your life is full and should feel very rewarding. You worry that if you want to seek joy for yourself, you will appear selfish or ungrateful.

You admit you can’t stay depleted forever. You want to have a full bucket so you have something to share. This is what really matters to you. You could be more helpful to others if you had more within.

And, if you are honest, you want to have a full bucket for you. You want to have energy, zest, spontaneous adventures and fun. You want to feel great about your life, the whole thing, even the self-care part… the part that always comes last, if it comes at all.

Spare time is nonexistent, and you don’t believe you should slow down to focus on yourself. You don’t want to give anything up, but you recognize that if you had the time, things would be different. You would add in some of the things that used to make your heart sing, things that used to make you feel most alive.

Life is full, life is busy, yet your deepest fear is that this is all there is.

Sound familiar?


I was last on my own lists. Who am I kidding, my name never even made it onto the page. I love being a giver. The world is hurting and I can do something about it. All of my endeavors have involved giving: Contributing to a marriage, being actively involved in the lives of our two children, running a nutrition counseling practice for those with eating disorders, building a youth ministry program, providing life enrichment for senior citizens in care homes.

To me, giving is as natural as breathing.

But giving to myself… that’s another story.

I rarely factored myself into any of the above. I did not want to address my own needs. I didn’t think there was time. And I believed it was selfish. My thought was, “I am selfless, I am here for others!” I ignored multiple warnings from loved ones. You know, “You have to take care of yourself if you want to be able to take care of anyone else.” I thought they were wrong, that I am not like other people. I am a giver.

Then it happened… I ran myself into the ground. It all came to a screeching halt. I crashed and burned.

I became apathetic – me! – I didn’t care.

I did NOT care.

You know those stories of people who survived their own deaths? I could relate. I felt like I had flatlined. Let me say, it was scary, uncharted territory, and I did not like being there. My bucket was empty and I could no longer give.

I did not know that seeking joy for myself could have prevented this. I had been a happy person, living the life I wanted. But happiness and joy are different. I had neglected my own personal joy for so long– never addressing what brings ME joy. It was all about bringing OTHERS joy - and I had mountains of inner work to do as a result.

I got professional help. It took so much time out of my schedule. I missed 6 weeks of work. I could not face the fact that I didn’t care about work, so I didn’t go in. I didn’t get paid. I felt like such a failure. I learned that I had become depressed because I had not been meeting my own basic needs. For the first time, I thought, “What in the heck do I NEED?”

I realized that one of my greatest sources of joy was self-care and I was no longer going to ignore my needs.


I now try to prioritize my needs because of the joy it gives me. It feels great! I still love reaching out to others, I just remember to reach out to myself.

When my personal joy bucket is full, I have so much to give. THE TRUTH IS, WHEN I AM JOYFUL, I HAVE EVEN MORE TO GIVE THAN I EVER HAD BEFORE! I would love to help you add joy to your life before it’s too late, before you have nothing to give. Let’s figure out what brings YOU joy. Let’s fill YOUR joy bucket together and watch it overflow!

Here is the beautiful thing that must not be overlooked: Seeking joy is not selfish! It’s the exact opposite, because joy is contagious! It’s impossible to fill your joy bucket without it spilling over. Simply put, joy coaching is like a “buy one, get a load free” investment.


I had never heard of a joy coach, but that didn’t matter. I knew that I could help depleted givers add joy to their lives, so I took a leap of faith and got the training and certification I needed. My clients have LOVED adding joy to their lives! Every one of them has had a different answer to the “what brings you joy” question. Some find it in adventure, some find it in stronger relationships, others find it in improving their health, adopting quiet time, strengthening their faith, or finding a career they love.

JOY WITH YOUR CHILDREN: A working mom wanted a closer relationship with her son. Through joy coaching, she learned that she really didn’t know his interests, so she asked him questions to feel better connected. They discovered they both enjoy some of the same music and began attending concerts together. They now share songs and discuss the impact of the music on their lives. She is overjoyed at knowing her son on a deeper level!

JOY WITH YOUR SWEETHEART: An author was having trouble with his marriage. He and his wife were living on separate continents and she wouldn’t open his messages or take his calls. Through joy coaching, he realized knowing God brings him joy. As he spent more time deepening his relationship with God, it changed his thinking. He viewed his marriage differently. He wrote his wife a 10-page love letter from his new-found perspective and she opened it. They are now eagerly waiting to be reunited.

JOY AT ANY SIZE: A budding entrepreneur wanted to have confidence in her body and start dating. Joy coaching helped her discover that dancing makes her feel alive. She began to incorporate dance breaks as rewards into her workday. She loved the feel of the dance breaks and extended them. Without even trying, she began to love her body. She has since begun meeting new people.


What’s your story?

You must be a giver or you wouldn’t have made it to the end.

Be honest, are you feeling depleted? Did you know that adding joy on a personal level can keep your bucket from running empty and add richness that can be shared?

And, the big question: What brings you joy? I can help you answer the big question, and I can help you obtain whatever it is that brings you joy. My hope is that joy coaching can help you do what you love most: Give fully to the people and causes you care about, by also giving to yourself.


Not sure what joy coaching is, if it's a fit for you, or what package to choose? Or would you like me to come to your group's location and give a joy-boosting live presentation? Book a Breakthrough Session and get your questions answered! This is a no-pressure, fun online chat with me.

Book a free Breakthrough Session here: https://joytotheworldcoaching-scheduling.as.me/freebreakthroughsession

Learn more about my outlook on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joytotheworldcoachingwithrobinshear/

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

Robin owns Joy To The World Coaching, through which she provides joy coaching to individuals online and joy-boosting presentations to groups in person. She is a Whole Person Certified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. As a life coach with a specialty in joy, she works with givers who are depleted and want to rediscover joy for themselves. Robin aids her clients in thinking optimistically, helps them define & incorporate joy into all aspects of their lives, and encourages them to share their joy with the world. Robin has served in various roles, including registered dietitian, youth pastor, and life enrichment team member at senior living communities. She is a member of the American Business Women’s Association, Zonta International, and the Small Business Association.

Robin’s greatest sources of joy include sharing experiences with her family, developing her faith and learning about other faith traditions, and helping others live fully. She loves distance biking, live music, test driving fast cars, skydiving, and being spontaneous. She lives in the United States with her husband of 25 years, 2 young adult children seeking their own joys in life, and their massive 16-year-old cat.

Mindy Durias, WPCC
Company Name:
20/20 Coaching
(503) 251-5957
Portland, Oregon. Available via Skype, Zoom or telephone.
Coaching Bio:

Hi! I’m Mindy.

My work as a life coach centers on developing healthy relationships between adults and the children they care for.

I believe the most important gift we can give the children we care for is meaningful and positive connection.

As a parent and home educator of 21 years, I’ve learned how to be adaptable, creative, and persistent while parenting and educating 5 kids.

I've become an experiential expert in home education, social-emotional learning, early childhood education, human growth and development, and strategic planning.


I work with anyone who cares for children: school administrators, teachers, parents, and caregivers.

Your role as a parent, educator, or caregiver has probably changed during COVID-19. You may feel lost, underresourced, overworked, and worried about the children in your care. Many of you are grappling with how to transition and adapt from public education to home education.

I want to help you show up for the children you care for in a sustainable, purposeful, and meaningful way.

In order to do this, we as adults must connect with our OWN needs, first.

I’ll help you…
~ assess your needs and the needs of the children in your care
~ clarify what’s really possible and eliminate the long list of “shoulds”
~ strategize sustainable new rhythms and systems
~ set realistic expectations and goals
~ uncover your own, untapped inner resources


I create a space that is safe for you to let yourself be seen and heard, where who you are and your goals and challenges can be explored and reflected back to you gently and succinctly.

I would love to partner with you on your journey!

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