Sandra Martinez, CPC
Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (for in-person meetings). If you are from anywhere else in the world, I am available via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger. I can coach sessions in English, French or Spanish.
Coaching Bio

My super power is changing lives through coaching by helping people live their true purpose!

My name is Sandra and the change I want to make in the world is to support individual contributors to find their true north. I help people move from living with imposter syndrome to feeling more self-assured. I plant the seed of thought in order to help them ignite their inner light and deepen their confidence, remove barriers, real and perceived, and be true to personal standards and expectations so they can feel empowered and self-accepting.

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I am a mentor for young HR professionals. I am a Certified Human Resources Professional with a graduate degree in Human Resources Management and over 20 years of well-rounded, international HR experience working in global organizations. I am also MBTI certified (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Levels I and II) and can help individuals become more self-aware by discovering and understanding their personality type. In addition, I am a Certified Predictive Index practitioner able to effectively use PI analysis, a stimulus-response tool that measures a person’s motivating drives and needs.

Coaching is an incredibly creative process where a lot of magic can happen. Let's connect and see where it can take you!!!

Hi, I'm Mel Fortuna!
Company Name
The Mel Fortuna Company
Phoenix, AZ
Coaching Bio

I am an insightful, creative, perceptive, strengths-oriented visionary. And I put my gifts to work in service of you and yours.

My journey to coaching began with my desire to help others navigate the challenges I experienced on my path to leading a more fulfilling life. I was going through the motions of everyday living but, deep down, yearning for something more. I wanted to feel alive, have a better sense of self and direction. I wanted to have more of an impact. To do that, I knew I needed to become an improved version of me that lived with purpose and acted with intention. I knew I needed to unearth my potential, become who I am meant to be, and design a life in better alignment with that person. Sound familiar?

Here’s what I offer:

1. I will guide you through the discovery of your unique, innate talents and help you to grow them to excellence.
2. I will help my you to create a clear vision for your desired outcome and design a strategy that propels you forward.
3. I will support you in the necessary transformation to achieve, sustain, then exceed your desired outcome.

Are you someone who hasn’t yet scratched the surface of your unique abilities? Do you know you have more to offer but not sure what or how? Do you want more for your personal and professional endeavors? Are you ready to level up, prosper, and lead a more fulfilling life? I can help.

Visit my webpage at www.melfortuna.com to learn more.

Jennifer Vigil, EdD
Coaching Bio

Are you trying to navigate a transition in your life? Are you stuck trying to answer the question of "what's next" in your personal or professional life? Has this change got you trying to rediscover who you are or your sense of purpose?

I've been there too.

Although I am just getting started in my coaching journey, I have been working with others and helping them to grow and develop for a very long time.

My work experience includes military service, teaching middle and high school, teaching in higher education, and developing leaders. I've also served as a volunteer and board member for nonprofit organizations that focus on mental and physical health for Post 9/11 veterans.

My personal experiences include growing up in a military family, raising kids while serving in the military, getting divorced, getting married again, going back to school for a doctorate, moving around the country on military orders, navigating my own transition as my spouse retired from the military, maintaining long-distance relationships, and all the other challenges that come with the military lifestyle.

I am passionate about helping others find their sense of purpose and live a fulfilled life. I hold a certification in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i2.0) and enjoy helping others learn about how their emotions impact everything, from how they see themselves and interact with others to how they make decisions and solve problems.

Anni Poikolainen, WPCC, ICF ACC
Company Name
HSP Coach
Global - All sessions conducted online via zoom - Email coaching also available
Coaching Bio

Does life give you a hangover?

Are you like so many other empaths and highly sensitive people? Do you feel like simply living "normal" life weighs you down with overwhelm?

Look, I know what it's like…

When you've tried your whole life to "act normal" and "do the right thing".

When you've been suppressing your true self and your true needs and your true preferences in acquiescence to other people's "shoulds".

When doing so has left you stressed out and overwhelmed, living a life that's not exactly what you once dreamed of.

When you know there's potential hiding inside of you, but your current career is squashing it.

When you know you "should" take better care of yourself, but you can never get it to stick.

When you desperately want to take some kind of action and start making changes.

When you're not quite sure how to go about it and you're terrified of making the wrong choice.

When you keep putting it off, because it's overwhelming and scary.

If any of this sounds like you, then please know that you are not alone!

This is what happens when highly sensitive people have been taught to follow the lifestyles of the less sensitive. When they have been told time and time again that they are "too sensitive" and that they should "just grow thicker skin".

I'm a highly sensitive introvert myself and I know what it's like. I know the price you pay when your career or your lifestyle as a whole are not a good match for your personality. I know the obstacles that can hold you back from making the changes you are yearning for.

But I also know that it's very much possible to turn it all around! I did it myself and I'd love to serve as your guide as you search for and move forward on the right path for you!

As a life and career coach for highly sensitive people, my mission is to help you flourish without burnout. Here are some examples of the kinds of goals my HSP clients are working on:

~make wellness habits permanent
~establish healthy boundaries in relationships
~adopt and employ stress management tools
~improve time management skills
~identify and transition into a career that's in alignment with your personality and preferences
~transition into self employment
~learn to manage doubts and fears and ease out of your comfort zone without compromising your HSP needs

Ready to take a step forward? Visit my website to sign up for a FREE intro session. In this 30-minute Zoom-meeting, we'll work on clarifying your goals and talk about how coaching might help you reach them!

Robin Wald
Company Name
Cosmic Wisdom Coaching
Coaching available anywhere in the world via Zoom
Local in Mount Kisco, NY
Coaching Bio

As a Certified Whole Person Life Coach, I partner with you in a co-creative process that supports you to identify, vision, and accomplish personal and professional goals. Through compassion, deep listening, loving presence, collaborative conversation, strategic questioning, coaching tools, actionable steps and accountability, I facilitate you to be self-innovating and resourceful in manifesting the outcomes you desire.

As a Cosmic Wisdom Coach I bring the unique and added value of integrating cosmic wisdom tools including astrology, guided visualization, meditation, intuitive tarot, spiritual philosophy and archetypal psychology into the coaching session as desired by you to support your process.

I am a certified life coach, certified astrologer, certified yoga and meditation instructor, hold a masters degree in nutrition, and have advanced study and practice of Tarot and Kabbalah.

Areas of life coaching expertise include life purpose, life transitions, physical and spiritual well-being, parenting, teens and young adults, career and relationships.

Anil (Neil) Chakkera
Company Name
Chakkera Coaching LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
Virtually via Zoom
Coaching Bio

As a certified professional coach, I am passionate about helping clients find clarity and purpose with various aspects of their professional and personal lives. My coaching activities revolve around holistic life coaching. I am an ICF-ACC credentialed coach and have also earned my Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) certificate from Coach Training World.

My coaching focus revolves around helping motivated individuals unleash their full personal and professional potential with respect to important life choices surrounding personal finances, career growth/transitions, business/leadership development and health/wellness. As a successful small business owner and private investor, I would also like to empower and facilitate other entrepreneurs/small business owners achieve their dreams and objectives.

My holistic coaching philosophy have been shaped by my robust, cross functional expertise in finance, investments, business strategy and technology shaped by advanced degrees in engineering (B.S, M.S), business (MBA) and investments (CFA) as well as significant work experience in technology and investment consulting, client relationship management and senior leadership roles in various wealth management firms.

I have successfully navigated many career transitions and work as a coach, consultant, private investor and pro-bono volunteer which provide me with deep and unique perspectives to help others make major transitions and experience deeply satisfying, multi-purpose lifestyles.

Let’s connect and see how I can help you get clarity and purpose in key aspects of your life!!

Leah Milton
Company Name
Embrace Your Adventure
(585) 749-2879
Available through Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype :)
Coaching Bio

Have you ever been faced with a fork in the trail, knowing that one trail leads to a safe space with predictable endings and one leads to the unknown, potentially full of difficult twists and turns but also an amazing view at the top?
It’s easy to take the safe trail; we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We took the 9-5 job; we stayed in the same city; we didn’t book that plane ticket; we didn’t sign up for that dance class…

But I know you’re curious (just a little) of what lies beyond the boundaries. What if you could explore knowing you had a complete support system to guide you through your adventure?

Whether you have already ventured into the unknown and are unsure of which direction to go next, or you are at the trailhead deciding which route to take, let me be your guide and coach to help you tap into your already amazing skill set.

I use my background in Psychology and Adventure Travel to help you embrace your inner adventure and celebrate with you when you reach that amazing summit. Whether you’re thinking about a new career, planning a trip or simply craving more adventure in your life, I am here to help you navigate the rugged and beautiful trail to get there.

Let’s find out what amazing terrain we can explore together!

Lisa Bohannan, WPCC
Company Name
Lisa Bohannan
Eugene/Springfield, Oregon
Coaching Bio

Embodied professional transformation is essential to manage change and move toward what you want with courage, integrity and grace. As a certified Strozzi Leadership Coach, Certified Whole Person Coach (WPCC), academic instructor, and adviser with over 8 years of experience, I can offer you and your team the tools, training, and support you need to build a solid foundation for professional transformation.  I can provide you with the skills necessary to trust yourself as the leader of your own life, even during major life transitions.  These skills include leadership and career assessment, job search skills, interview preparation, networking strategies and somatic practices. Most importantly, by learning how to maintain the body and mind as one working entity, you will have a greater ability to know yourself more deeply.  Contact me today to find out how you can learn to embody your highest potential.

Kirra Dickinson
Company Name
Release Your Rebel
Los Angeles, CA
Coaching Bio

Hi there! My name is Kirra and I believe that you’re so much more than who you think you are, and you came here to do miraculous things.

As an Authenticity coach, I help people who aren’t giving themselves permission to step into their most powerful, authentic selves. I coach people on how to fully express themselves so they can align with their purpose, pursue their passions, and live their own definition of happiness and success. Together, we can transform self-doubt into confidence and fully commit to your vision, goals, and dreams.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to hear more about how we might work together! Feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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