Spiritual Coaching

Laura McMurry Hoffman, CPC
Company Name:
Sankofa Life Coaching
Coaching Bio:

I bring a lifetime of listening to, guiding and encouraging people to my calling as “Life Coach”. From being a High School teacher and Administrator and working with students and their families as well as educational professionals — to helping to plant a brand new church as a pastoral entrepreneur — to listening with both my heart and head as a seasoned pastoral counselor – and helping families navigate the final journey of life in hospice, I assist in bringing together the fusion of life-horizons and know how to ask the right questions to coach and assist people and organizations to find both direction, as well as the courage to take another step. I like to tell people to “Glance back. Move forward. Live the life you have dreamed of.”

Brigit Jeffries
Company Name:
Brigit Jeffries, LMFT
(480) 238- 7699
Pasadena, CA and Online
Coaching Bio:

Release the Old- Rewire your Mindset- Renew your Life
Some training in Whole Person Coaching. *Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist*.
Also, Coping with Crisis, Building Resilience, Moving from Stuck to Success, and Results-Oriented work.

Rachel Trytko
Portland, OR
Coaching Bio:

What you can expect: Getting very clear about your goals and desires. Determining next steps on your journey. Uncover and problem solve obstacles and setbacks. Become aware of unconscious beliefs and programming that are both supporting your transformation and holding you back. Expand your ideas of what's possible.

All coaching sessions are FREE as I work towards completing my practicum hours. It's a great opportunity for you to explore what coaching has to offer and whether it's right for you. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, over the internet through ZOOM, or in-person.

Chiron Consulting by Rai Hyde Cornell
Company Name:
Chiron Consulting
Coaching Bio:

As a coach and business mentor, I help you find the deeper answers and the aligned actions from within yourself. Unlike most business coaches, though, my philosophy is deeply rooted in the energetics of manifestation, law of attraction, and money as a conduit for energy transfer.

If you consider yourself "woo woo" AND an entrepreneur, we're likely to be a great fit!

Contact me today via the links on my website or any of the links below. Also, check out my free manifestation-inspired resources for entrepreneurs and aspiring self-employers:

** Book a Free Consult: https://calendly.com/chironconsulting/consult
** FREE 8-Day Course – Manifestation Mindset for Entrepreneurs: https://pages.chironconsulting.us/
** FREE Motivating, Ass-Kicking, Supportive Networking Community: https://chironconsulting.ck.page/slack
** FREE Monthly Workshops: https://linktr.ee/chironconsulting
** Self-Paced Business-Building Courses: https://linktr.ee/chironconsulting
** Follow Chiron on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chironconsulting/

Since 2007, I have been freelancing, working online, and building virtual businesses. While I was earning my BS in Psychology, my MA in Professional Clinical Counseling, and my MA in Criminology, I was working as a freelance writer and marketing strategist. Over the years, I built a successful marketing agency that now serves more than 30 clients at a time and is powered by a team of 19.

While I was building Cornell Content Marketing, I began several mentoring programs within the agency to support our freelance team members in building their own businesses. In 2019, I separated the mentoring programs out from Cornell and created a new entity: Chiron Consulting.

Now, I combine coaching and business mentoring to help aspiring entrepreneurs create their dream businesses – ones that are healthy, profitable, and nurture your soul's purpose.

As a coach, it’s my goal to help you find the right fit for all of the pieces of your life. I work with men and women of all ages to find the place where your passions, talents, intellectual strengths, and inner desires perfectly align. Whether you want to change careers, become your own boss, or find your truest expression in the world, I’m here to help you find your ideal way of being.

P.S. Yes, my name is pronounced like "ray" 😉

Zorahgail Balino
+1 971 238-2448
Portland, OR. Virtual appointments available through Zoom. In-person appointments in Portland, OR.
Coaching Bio:

You're an empath and highly sensitive woman, drawn in a lot of different directions. Years of saying yes has you feeling overwhelmed, emotional, hypersensitive, and exhausted.

Most days you wonder how you'll balance it all, put yourself first, and feel confident and trusting in your decisions.

Your nervous system is FRIED. Anxiety much?

Typing to you from my Macbook Pro, know that I see you. I get the struggles: absorbing people's energy, having to help everyone, wanting better boundaries yet not knowing how. #beenthere

I'm a life coach for successful empaths and highly sensitive women who want better boundaries but don't know how. I help them set healthy boundaries so they have time for themselves, without neglecting their families and friends.

As a world record-holding powerlifter, I've learned how to show up with curiosity, courage, and compassion. I've learned discipline, teamwork, and community building.

These are the same qualities I'll bring as your life coach, committed to you as you learn how to set healthy boundaries in your life.

Together we'll transform:

Overwhelm into Focus
Self-doubt into Confidence
Over-thinking into Clarity
Self-neglect into Self-care
Excuses into Intention and Integrity

I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email at info@zorahgail.com to learn more about how I can help you set healthy boundaries.

Kristine Suh
Company Name:
Kesa Coaching
Brooklyn, NY; Available worldwide via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Life is a journey and everyone deserves to find joy and happiness along the way. As a coach, I infuse aspects of positive psychology through my background in psychology and change management through my experiences leading teams. I have 3 main focuses in my coaching so if any of these connect with you, don't hesitate to reach out!

1. Career Change/Transition
If you are currently thinking about changing your career path or wanting to find more happiness in your everyday work life, let's talk about you and your connection to your work. You may love your company, but not your job. You may love your job, but not your company. You may love both, but feel something missing that isn't satisfying your inner self. Or you may not like either your job or your company which can be a frustrating or scary thing! As an experienced Senior HR professional, I understand the inner workings of how a company works so I know it can be hard to find your place in it. Let's focus on you and what ignites that fire in you so that your work can be more than work.

2. Goal Achievement Life Coaching (Inner Core work)
I believe that every decision we make is influenced by something deeper within you. I am here to not only help you with your goals but to find you the inner core of what has been propelling or inhibiting you in the first place. You might start to see patterns in your life that connects aspects of your everyday flow that you had not ever thought of before. If you are looking to get a goal set but also want to open your eyes to find what makes you tick, let's chat!

3. Spiritual path forward
If you have been thinking about you and/or the world more in a spiritual sense and have a desire to delve further into it, let's chat! My main research within psychology is focused on the spirit, mind, and body so nothing is too "out there" to talk about.

Outside of coaching, I am a graduate student at Columbia University studying Psychology, consulting at non-profits to help build their HR/Recruiting functions, volunteering at animal shelters, doing daily meditations, baking everything, traveling, and hanging out with my 2 amazing cats.

Sheila Anne Murray
Company Name:
Sheila Anne
Denver, CO. Virtual appointments available
Coaching Bio:

Hi I’m Sheila and I help driven, free-spirited women to pave a path towards jump-out-of-bed-excitement in their life and career.

You might be here because you’re feeling stuck, lost, burnt out, or you feel there is something missing. Perhaps you’ve earned the promotion you dreamed of but you still dread the daily grind. Maybe you crave a path that feels impactful and more true to who you are. You might be looking to step up your daily habits, cultivate killer confidence, and radiate from within.

I’m here for you. I get it.

I used to rely on checking boxes, killing sales goals, and filling a schedule to feel good about myself. Sound familiar? Overwhelm and anxiety were close friends in those days … but I didn’t even notice, because I was too busy. I was too busy to even realize I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Through a transformational process, I discovered how to redefine success, how to leverage my strengths, and I began to lead a life where I felt passionate every day. I traveled the world, I moved on a whim, and I started a new career that brings me joy every day - helping women like you to come home to yourself and transform.

In working together we will:
— Assess your life aspects (helllooo to your beautiful life! What’s really going on?)
— Redefine success & expectations (ok, real talk, what really matters?)
— Understand roadblocks & opportunities (then leverage this powerful insight to build epic goals!)
— Map out your well-deserved future and set the action steps to get you there (yep, you’ll get to leverage that achiever side, guaranteed!)

Street Cred: Whole Person Certified Coach, ICF Associate Certified Coach, 200hr YTT

Fun facts you didn’t ask for but may enjoy: I am a yoga instructor, blogger, “morning person,” and dog mom of a hound rescue. I love wandering this beautiful Earth, and Slovenia & Costa Rica are two of my favorite travel spots.

I’m so excited to meet you! Please send me an email sheila@sheilaanne.com or visit my website to learn more about how I can help you to create the career and life you deserve.

Carol Morgan-Wirth
Company Name:
WIRTH Leadership and Coaching
Physically located near Saint Louis / Southern Illinois. Coaching services provided globally via zoom.
Coaching Bio:

Carol Morgan Wirth, PCC is a Personal and Professional Leadership Coach and Trainer with a specialty in self discovery and leading authentically. Everyone is a leader of some sort - Leader of Self, Leader of Individuals, Leader of Teams, Leader of Leaders, Leader of Family, Leader of Community, etc. Learn to lead and live authentically and you will THRIVE as your best self.

My background includes 30 years of experience in business and leadership. I have a demonstrated track record of building new organizational capabilities and/or turning around under-performing business operations while achieving optimum growth and profitability targets. Over the course of my career I have served in numerous executive leadership positions within the technology, quality, and business operation functions of large corporate organizations, as well as serving as COO in multiple small/mid-size consulting firms. I have always been known as a results-oriented leader skilled at creating high performance teams that get sustainable results.

It is my passion for leadership and serving people that led me to form WIRTH Leadership and Coaching. It is in this capacity that I love to help teach, mentor and coach individuals to define and understand their unique gifts and then help them to develop these gifts so that they may achieve their personal version of success and thrive.

I enjoy working with my clients, individuals or organizations, in a flexible and collaborative style. I seek to partner with clients that want to achieve excellence… that desire to be the best they can be…. And those that are willing to work at it. I am sincere, ethical, transparent, and caring in my approach. Bringing along 30 years of personal leadership experiences, I strive to make an impact with each interaction as we partner to achieve your goals.

Molly Welch
Coaching Bio:

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the joy and warmth Molly shared with us all. Her immense love and open-heartedness were unparalleled. It is with heavy hearts we share that Molly passed away in February 2024. In tribute to her incredible spirit, we've decided to maintain her profile as a memorial. She is deeply missed by many.

My background in hypnotherapy training since 2013,Non-violent communication for 11 years and meditation as well as whole person coaching are just a few of the tools that help guide others in their personal journey. I enjoy working with people of all ages who have experienced loss of any kind and are looking to pick up the pieces to begin anew.

To know more about me personally check out my yo tube video Love go viral.https://youtu.be/YB3s09359p8

Dr. Marame, PhD., CPC
Company Name:
Farafina Women
607 760 9049
Greenville, North Carolina (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp)
Coaching Bio:

Wouldn't it be great to work with a coach who understands the cultural nuances related to your background and experience? I am the cheerleader for women of African descent, especially those living in displacement through immigration. I am originally from Senegal and have been living and working in the United States for more than 20 years. I know and understand the challenges of trying to create and sustain a dignified life in a country and culture that is very different from one’s own. I am a tenured professor of African Literature and Cultures, a single mother of three (one of which has a congenital heart disorder), a lover of people, a dancer, and an optimist. I am a community activist and a champion of women’s empowerment and rights. I do not believe in the idea of a super woman, but I know women can be extraordinary if they are in touch with their innate powers and learn to channel them effectively. I will help you get clarity, focus, and learn to listen to your intuition—that inner guidance system we all possess but which is so powerful in women. Work with me and I will be your champion and cheerleader as you bring about and apply your woman powers to every aspect of your life.

My desire to become a coach was born out a strong passion for helping women find solutions to daily challenges. I am the founder of a collective of 3000 women from Senegal living in the United States. Through this group, I have had intimate firsthand outlook to what keeps African women immigrants awake, such as a need to thrive in America while remaining true to African cultural background. I spend hours every week talking to women about relationships, self-esteem, motherhood, career, and more. CTW’s whole person model fits my goal to empower women because it aligns with the intersectional lives of women of African descent. Work with a coach who is invested in bettering the lives of women and gives back to the community. 20% of proceeds go to fund a women’s shelter in Senegal.

Beverly Hughes
Company Name:
Empowered Pathways Coaching
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA - Worldwide via Zoom or Facetime
Coaching Bio:

As a Professional Certified Coach, I'm supporting people in being more effective in life, work and relationships. I help people achieve goals of any kind, from navigating difficult career issues, personal or career transitions, to realizing visions, dreams & rediscovering your passions. I engage with you at a deep level to find your highest purpose, explore your power and creativity, develop self-awareness, or improve skills and performance.

The type of coaching I do is based on inquiry and discovery, and can be applied to any area of life to help you shift or broaden your perspective, resulting in desired change, growth and action.

My background in education, non-profit administration, as an entrepreneur, a lengthy career in a Fortune 500 corporation, and International Coach Federation /Whole Person Coaching training & experience, provide vital skill sets in coaching, sales/marketing, finance/administrative management and training/facilitating, from which to draw on to support a variety of needs that clients may have.

My passion is in connecting with you on your personal journey, to better enable you to find clarity and achieve your dreams.

I am currently a Certified Professional Coach and Whole Person Certified Coach with Coach Training World, as well as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Suki Preylo
Company Name:
Wyld Essentia Coaching
Louisville Metro, KY
Coaching Bio:

I always knew that I would build a life of helping others. The method that I would take was never entirely clear. With a life-long & deep love of learning, reading and above all humanity, I found people infinitely fascinating and I found myself always asking the question “What can I learn from this amazing person?” My curiosity, then as now, was boundless & insatiable. Without knowing why, I began to fill my mental library with lesson after lesson, much like the beloved books that fill my bookshelves. I realize, now, that as I learned about others, I have learned even more about myself.

Within all of us, at our very core, is the essence of what makes us unique. When you find it, embrace it and celebrate it, you can sense a change. You are a journey from Human Doing to Human Being. As a Holistic Life Coach, I can help/accompany you on the journey to your, “Essentia”. You don’t have to go it alone!

Stone Cairns, WPCC
Coaching Bio:

My name is Stone Cairns. I work with world changers. I believe the Universe bends towards Justice and we all have a part. Living a mission-based life can feel complicated and exhausting. For the past three decades, I've been a nonviolent organizer in the streets and in the office. I've taught at colleges and in many more church basements. These days, I coach others to take creative, life-affirming actions to win the world we want - one of ease, grace and justice. I live halfway up a hill on Chinook land in the Willamette Valley of Cascadia.

Phoenix S.A.
Company Name:
Second Self Genesis Ltd.
Christchurch, New Zealand
Coaching Bio:

How much do you know about the power of your “Second Self”? I found mine the hard way. However, after going through the steps and officially becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I can support you to carve yours out smoothly.

Your story might be different, but the end outcome can surprisingly be similar...

My father was a superhuman, a high-achiever and an overly successful manager running large corporates, multi-disciplinary teams and mega-scale industrial projects all through my childhood and young adult life. Surprise, surprise, as an enthusiastic teenager with a lot of external drive and supporting evidence, I became interested in engineering and management!

Passion, progress and satisfaction are what we constantly seek for in our personal and professional lives. We tend to get inspired by what is defined as success, look around for it and try to follow footsteps of successful people with the intention of making it ours. Every single human being is born unique, with potential to offer something special to the world. So, no wonder if copy/pasting other people’s paths hasn’t resulted in profound satisfaction. We seriously need to believe in our uniqueness and look inward to find our specialty, then embody and manifest it in the world while we still have time.

I completed a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master and a Ph.D in Structural Engineering. I worked for a combination of eight years in the industry. Alongside my professional career, I was also involved in research and academia. All in all, happy workplaces, happy clients, lots of rewards, and ample positive feedback from the environment.

What I hadn’t realised was, all these were external indicators known to the world as signs of success. I have to confess, they were too tangible and tasty to be neglected and it was just easier not (wanting!) to hear my inner voice. The voice which had already started warning me to my path, grew stronger with time and “ignoring” became a painful choice by day. Nevertheless, I kept choosing to ignore the signs until it was too late… Since I hadn’t paid my “self” the attention it deserved, it crushed me to a bedrock of depression/anxiety and I came to a full stop!

Long story short, I had to go through the path of self rediscovery, revaluation and realisation of a new “me”. It took a long time to untangle the tightly knitted web that life had beautifully strangled me in over the years. It was hard, painful and came at a huge expense of my time, energy and money. Maybe all I needed was support of someone who deeply listened, truly cared and wisely helped, so I could travel the right path, my path, one step at a time.

Well, things are very different now… I have my passion at heart, my purpose in mind and my new self by side. I have named this process the “Graceful Destruction”, and my new self the “Second Self”. I have gone through a long, arduous and organic process alone to make this happen and start living life. But you don’t have to do it the hard way, you shouldn’t have to spend such long time and certainly you don’t have to travel the path alone.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who has walked the walk, I am here to support you find your uniqueness and live your ambition so you can live the life you truly deserve from inside out.

If you resonate with these and want to know more about “Second Self Coaching” and how it works, go to my website and book a free 30-minute consultation session to see if this special coaching is for you.

Frankie J. Weinberg, MBA, Ph.D.    frankie@frankieweinberg.com
Company Name:
Leading Consultation International, LLC
I and network of management and leadership experts are available for engagements globally. My primary locations are New Orleans, U.S.A. from August through April and Southeast Asia from May through August.
Coaching Bio:



Dr. Frankie Weinberg holds the Dean Henry J. Engler, Jr. Distinguished Professorship at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Business. He founded Leading Consultation International (LCI), is an elected Board Member of the Southern Management Association, Associate Editor at the Journal of Managerial Psychology and Regional Co-Director/New Orleans Chapter Leader for the Scholars Strategy Network. A certified firefighter, certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and forthcoming certified Whole Person Coach, Dr. Weinberg completed his Ph.D. in Management with a minor in psychology at the University of Georgia where he also earned a certificate specializing in adult learning. He also holds an M.B.A. and a Certificate of Leadership Studies from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a B.B.A. in Finance and International Business from Loyola University in Maryland.

Dr. Weinberg’s areas of expertise include leadership; cohesion-building; designing, implementing, and analyzing mentoring and coaching programs and learning cultures; maximizing the benefits of workplace diversity; leveraging social networks; improving teamwork and decision-making processes; and criteria development for assessment. He has lent advice to executives, administrators, and board members at several global organizations, including the White House Office of Budget and Management; the Select Committee for the Modernization of Congress; the Council of Chief Judges of the U.S. State Intermediate Courts of Appeal; Booz Allen Hamilton; RAMTeCH corporation; the SPCA; capital projects leadership teams at Cleveland Clinic and Akron General Hospital; the executive team at the University of Georgia’s facilities management; the NOPD, and the New Orleans Office of Performance and Accountability.

An active member of the Academy of Management, the Southern Management Association (SMA), the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), INGRoup teams research network, and Qualified Management Network (QMNet), Dr. Weinberg has authored dozens of papers accepted for publication and presentation and earned awards for his research and quality of service. He led and continues to advise the leaders of SMA’s Pre-Doctoral Student Consortium, and also serves a continuing role as formal research mentor for the Network of Leadership Scholars. His research, published in the Journal of Management, The Leadership Quarterly, Communication Research, Group & Organization Management, and other high quality journals, has earned several accolades: His social networks research is featured as a best practice in data collection and preparation in Organizational Research Methods, his article on the social construction of lone wolfism was elected the Article of the Year in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and his mentoring research was awarded Highly Commended status by the Emerald Literati Network. He is currently writing a forthcoming book on mentorship. His ongoing involvement in these research projects and communities enables Dr. Weinberg to produce cutting-edge solutions to meet contemporary business management and leadership development needs.

Dr. Weinberg has established a global consulting, teaching, & speaking repertoire including executive, professional, classroom, and experiential engagements on four continents with earned university teaching evaluations averaging 4.7 on a five-point scale. He has taught at the University of Georgia, Singapore Institute of Management, The Cyprus International Institute of Management, the University of Silesia in Poland, and at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand. He designs and conducts workshops and developmental sessions specialized to meet the needs of his clients, and his coaching centers on empowering clients to bring forth their authentic self and positioning them to take the lead on their continuing development. Previous workshop topics include leadership development; developing and leveraging a learning and mentoring culture; 360-degree solutions; creating & managing high performance teams; conflict management; strengthening & renewing organizational culture; leveraging diversity; professional communications; human resource processes, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and engaging intrapreneurial innovation. Through LCI’s global network of management experts (QMNet), Dr. Weinberg connects organizations and individuals with the right experts to suit their managerial, analytical, developmental, & coaching needs.

Kristina Krauss, WPCC
Bend, Oregon for in-person sessions and virtual for anyone in the United States.
Coaching Bio:

Hello wonderful human,
My name is Kristina. I am an Air Force veteran, a spunky midwestern gal, and a holistic transformative coach.

I guide women in moving beyond feelings of stuckness, dissatisfaction, and emotional pain, so they can live a life that lights them up and feels like home, one that holds and reflects all of who they are.

What I’ve found is that many women don’t truly listen to what their soul and heart tells them. What they really want is to give to the world in a way that honors who they are, feel healthy in their bodies, know they are supported through change, and experience the rapture of being alive on a consistent basis. But the mistake they make is they bury the core issue and focus on changing superficial things in their lives. In reality, what they need to do is address what really is going on below the surface and reimagine the stories they tell themselves. For example, imagining that whatever is happening to you is happening for you, can make all the difference. Don’t wait until your life blows up before you listen to what your situation is telling you!

I help my clients alchemize what is holding them back, reimagine their stories, and show up powerfully for what they want. Here they find relief from their dissatisfaction, and move through what is holding them back.

A little on my approach: we don't go into sessions with the hope of fixing or solving your problems. As a depth psychologist student, I believe what Carl Jung said, “We don’t solve our problems, we grow larger than them.” This is what happens in a coaching session. When you bring your problems into the space, circle them, see them from multiple angles, you yourself change in the process.

Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) from Coach Training World
Counseling/Coaching Certificate through Interchange Counseling Institute
Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence 8-week Program
Current - M.A./Ph.D. in Depth Psychology concentration in Jungian & Archetypal Studies

Are you ready to step into your next-level self?
Sign up for a free 40-min discovery call so we get to the heart of the problem, declare what you want, and have space for any questions about the process on the bottom my website link. If you can pay the full price for my 4-Month Program please do, if not use the code YESTOCHANGE to get $100 off the first month.

It would be an honor to support you on your personal journey,

Olivia O’Brien
Company Name:
Sister Siren Coaching, LLC
Los Angeles, CA
Coaching Bio:

After years of personal and professional experience, I founded Sister Siren Coaching to help individuals feel empowered and capable to turn their dreams into reality. Having gone through these struggles myself, my practice has become specialized in helping individuals navigate dating and relationships, spiritual growth, and shifts in purpose. Whether you’re here out of curiosity, or you’re desperately seeking answers, I’m honored to have you and I hope I can help. Please check out my website for more details.

Christine Terranova, CPC, WPCC
Company Name:
Choose Good Coaching
Connecticut, US, Zoom
Coaching Bio:

I’m Christine. I support overwhelmed midlife women as you deeply and intuitively self-care for your body, mind, and spirit. I help you to fill your cup, keep it topped off and have enough to share with others.

Do you frequently feel stressed out and lack energy? Do you give and give to others and never take for yourself? Do you live to please other people? Do you wish for more peace in your life?

I know how you feel, I’ve been there too. I was running on fumes - spending all my free time on the couch. At my lowest, I was crying for what seemed like no reason. I decided I would do ANYTHING to feel better.

It was then that I put myself first, deeply caring for myself as much as my family did, and it has led me through a self-growth journey, being coached and becoming a coach so that I can help women feel seen, heard, and nourished. Compassionately caring for yourself allows you to continue caring for your loved ones all by putting yourself at the top of your To-Do List.

As a midlife woman who battles overwhelm herself, I can help you become aware of what you are feeling, accept what you are thinking and take aligned action towards your goals of feeling better. We lay down a foundation of self-care - your way. You'll rest, reflect, and recharge; feeling energized, motivated, confident, and joyful. You'll feel empowered to love yourself and live your truth. The benefits are endless.

I'm here to see you, listen to you, and guide you on your personal journey forward; supporting you as you align your beliefs, thoughts, and actions with your goals - whatever they may be.

We'll discuss any barriers or obstacles you might have in the way of negative thought patterns and we'll comfort the fears that may be holding you back.

You'll feel refreshed and resourced to make peaceful decisions about your personal wellness. You'll feel confident and empowered to set new goals and go after them at your pace and at your energy level. This is your life and you are ready to live it on your terms!

It's never too late to put your own self-wellness first.

You will value who you truly are and come to realize that you are worth it!

Find out more about me and my offerings at www.choosegoodcoaching.com

Book a FREE 90-minute Clarity Session to
-Clarify your Vision and Goals
-Identify your Challenges and Opportunities
-Celebrate your Wins and take Steps Forward

Dení Vázquez - Happiness Coach & Image Consultant
Company Name:
Dení Vázquez - Happiness Coach & Image Consultant
Coaching Bio:

Hello there! :) I am on my way for the ICF ACC certification and I will love to coach you if you are: looking for guidance to make a career change, moving to a different country, would like to find solutions in relationship issues like unfaithfulness, are dealing with problems with a colleague or a boss, are about to lose someone due to a disease, would like to manifest better things in your life, or would like to feel just happier in general.

Since I was 10 years old I discovered the power of meditation through the Silva Mind Control Method, later on I also learned more advanced techniques to manifest things in my life through different meditations and visualizations which I work a lot with and will be very happy to show you too! I also studied the Body Mirror System to heal the body and the soul, practiced Kundalini Yoga, and I am deeply immerse now in the Positive Psychology field.

I am a results focused oriented person with a sunny personality, a contagious smile, a positive attitude and good vibes to share, but in 2017 I was knowing a different me who was frowning a burn out and developing precancerous cells in the uterus. My healing process led me to understand life from different perspectives, to a better knowledge of myself, to the discovery of my deeper values, and to the use of different techniques to heal myself physically and spiritually to keep on thriving. What I learned was too good to keep it for myself… That’s the reason why I entered the world of coaching at Coach Training World, and I will be more than happy to share with you the different techniques I’ve learned to thrive in life!

Other info: I was born in Mexico City, I have a Bachelor in Communications from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, I was the best of my class in my Master's in Image Consulting at the Colegio de Consultores en Imagen Pública, and I studied a Certificate in Political Consulting at the University of Salamanca (Spain). I worked as an Executive Assistant for high level directors for 12 years in Richemont Headquarters and then at Jaeger-LeCoultre HQ. I have lived in Belgium and Germany, and I spent a lot of my holidays in different parts of the United States and Italy. I am married to a Swiss man who is the father of my 2 years old child, and I am living in Switzerland since 2004. I can coach you via Zoom in Spanish, French, or English.

Personally, I am feeling super happy and fulfilled by serving people in a deeper way; guiding my clients to listen and follow their inner voices and see them flourishing has been a wonderful experience to me! Please feel free to contact me if you feel that we can be a good match, it will be my pleasure to be your coach! :)

Namrita Negi
New Jersey, United States
Coaching Bio:

I'm Namrita and I work with women who want to break from the prison of overwhelm, guilt, regret, procrastination and "not enough time" to truly be the woman they want to be and shine their light on those around them. I'm passionate about coaching brave and lovely women as they juggle multiple responsibilities and strive for emotional wellbeing at home as well as at work. My role is to provide a gentle nudge so they steer and sail their boats in the right direction, while helping many others to move through the storm with them.

With an experience of more than 13 years in the corporate world and still happily continuing, I understand the complexities of work life, the stressors at work and the common challenges. In my professional journey, I've learnt several strategies, tools and techniques that have helped me not only survive but thrive in the corporate world. I've been fortunate to have a wonderful and fulfilling professional life, where I've managed to sustain my peace and my joy even in many of the stressful situations. Witnessing the impact of stress at work on my family, friends, colleagues and sometimes on myself, made me work toward this desire of coaching my fellow beings, especially women and supporting them in their own journey to thrive in complex and stressful environments.

I consider my spirituality, my experience and the lessons and tools learnt in the journey of becoming a coach as my greatest powers that I want to share with other women.

I'm an Indian and am currently living in New Jersey, United States. I married my childhood sweetheart and I'm a happy mom of two beautiful kids. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and work for one of the biggest consulting organizations in the world.

If you desire a positive transformation in your life, reach out to me via phone or email (namrita.negi@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to work with you as you walk forward and create new trails in your beautiful journey.

Andrea Morales Hanratty
Company Name:
Andrea Morales Coaching
Philadelphia, international through virtual meetings
Coaching Bio:

My motto is, why just survive when you can thrive?

Every person deserves the life they desire. I can offer tools to help my clients achieve their visions. I am a different type of health coach. Helping those battling illness reach their highest potential is my specialty. I know how much illness can knock you down. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years. At one point it ruled my world. I have been at my lowest low. Now I rule my disease. I offer my clients a way to cohabitate with their illness. Limitations caused by our health aren’t punishments but instead, they are challenges.

Through my own personal deep understanding of chronic illness and auto-immune diseases, I can assist my clients in finding the best whole body and holistic options for peace and calm as well navigating and advocating for themselves in what can often feel like an overwhelming and foreign world of medicine and doctors. Using an individualized method of connecting to each client allows me to address their specific needs and collaborate in producing a plan to live harmoniously with their illness and create a path to a successful, happy life despite the obstacles.

I am living proof that it is possible to take control of your life even while sick. I have lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for almost 20 years and have struggled for two decades trying to live a life that I felt was socially acceptable. I have tried to live as an able-bodied person. I now know I don't have to sacrifice myself, but instead, adjust the world around me to better fit my needs. With whole person coaching I'm now doing work that is my true calling. Let me help you find yours too.

Kat Renee
Company Name:
Career coaching to customize your soulful work to have meaningful impact for people & planet.
Denver, CO
Coaching Bio:

Hi, I’m Kat Renee and I work with coaches and professionals driven to serve people and the planet because they’re tired of soul sucking work that leads to burnout.

I have over sixteen years of leadership experience in healthcare architecture, nonprofits, relational facilitation, yoga, and meditation teaching. I am a Certified Professional Coach, Trauma Informed Coach and licensed architect experienced with helping business professionals and entrepreneurs to reach their goals for more energy and fulfillment.

As a business strategist and coach, I focus on energizing your work and renewing your purpose.

After my overachieving pushed me to burnout, I shifted my life focus to supporting business professionals to overcome fatigue, achieve balance, and prevent negative thoughts in order to be energized and live their soul's purpose.

“I feel grateful and blessed to have Kat as a coach. She creates a safe space for self-discovery and
problem solving. I come away from each session amazed by and grateful for what I gained through it.” - Barbara

Set up a free 30-minute discovery call at the link above.
Contact me to join the Vitality Program - Yoga, Meditation, and Coaching to Implement Your Soulful Career in 90 days (waitlist only)

“Working with Kat has allowed me to clarify underlying issues that have prevented me from moving forward with my goals. Kat has a powerful ability to be fully present in each session and illuminate the obstacles I am not seeing. She holds a supportive space that allows me to discover what’s holding me back. Her questions come from an intuitive, curious and caring place which helps me grow, feel heard, and ready to move forward with my life’s mission.”
-Seth Barker

Rebecca Williams
Company Name:
Thriving After Loss
Coaching Bio:

Hi, I’m Rebecca. My first loss came at the age of 12 when my mother died suddenly from heart failure. I have since experienced the loss of my father and my son, I have experienced lost love, a divorce, changed friendships, financial hardships, and many other life changes. Due to these losses and my choice to thrive and heal, I have been drawn to share my experiences and lessons with others through Grief Counseling and Coaching. I look forward to walking in this healing journey with you.

Anna Witholt Aurora, MA, CPC, LCPC-C
Company Name:
SoulMoves, LLC
In-person: Camden, Maine
Online: world-wide
Coaching Bio:

I am a deep believer in the organic unfolding of our growth and purpose - that we all possess the ability to hear our soul’s calling towards a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Sometimes change is beckoning and exciting – but we get in our own way. At other times, life speaks to us through crises, illness, work- or relationship challenges… and other loud ways to make our inner voice known. Sometimes we don’t realize the guidance hidden in the chaos or the growth potential within the obstacles. This is where we can use some extra support, and where I would love to help you listen in deeply… for often these difficulties hold the seeds of deep transformation and new momentum.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (Whole Person Coaching, Coach Training World), a Professional Counselor (LCPC-C, Maine) and a certified Family Constellation Facilitator. Combining Coaching and Constellation work makes me very effective as Relationship Coach and as Embodiment & Empowerment Coach for women at any stage of life. I am passionate about guiding women from surviving to thriving - whether you are at the beginning of your journey into self-awareness and self-care, or at the opposite end of this arc looking to launch into full self-actualization and soulful leadership.

Clients have described me as warm, present, intuitive, empathic, insightful and wise, with a spark of creativity and laughter.

Also a certified 5Rhythms Teacher and an Authentic Movement facilitator, I infuse my practice with a rich grounding in embodiment and somatic awareness. I bring more than seven years of individual coaching & counseling experience to this work and twenty years of group workshop facilitation experience, in the realm of mind-body connection, movement & expressive arts, psychosomatic issues, burn-out and stress management, family and relationship issues, codependency, life and career transitions, unresolved childhood issues and grief. I have practiced and taught in Maine and internationally. Spirituality and the natural world have always been a core element in my life and work.

Educational background & professional memberships:
Summer Intensive at the Carl Jung Institute (Kusnacht, Switzerland, 1993)
Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology (University of Leiden, Netherlands, 1995)
Certified 5Rhythms Movement Teacher (2001)
Certified Family Constellations Facilitator (2011, 2014)
Certified Professional Coach (Coach Training World)
Professional member of the International Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA)
Professional member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA)

Chris Gordon, Life Coach
He and Him
Company Name:
Summit Coaching
Virtual, Southwest Florida
Coaching Bio:

Chris is a seasoned Public Speaker and Life Coach with over 30 years of experience.

I’ve lived a blessed life but not without many trials. I have personally experienced divorce, broken and blended families, and the loss of loved ones, both as a child and as an adult. I embrace my life’s trials as they have made me better at serving others, people just like you. Life isn’t always easy. Our life experiences, yours and mine have molded and shaped us into who we are today but they do not define our tomorrow. Together, through Life Coaching, I can journey with you and assist you in achieving your goals, your dreams, and your true potential!

I specialize in working with 12-year-old to 26-year-old young ladies or young men searching for direction and purpose in their lives. Together we will set short-term and long-term goals related to education, careers, relationships, and more.

I connect well with Fathers / Husbands who aspire to be heroes to their families. Together we will work on life balance: work, family and… don’t forget about you!

I sincerely enjoy working with couples who seek traditional relationship maintenance/rekindling or goal setting. Together you will restore the passion, love, and hope that first brought you together.

Not all who wander are lost.
I would love to journey with anyone who feels a connection with me as their potential Life Coach regardless of their identity, gender, race, color, creed, faith, etc. We will journey together without judgment.

My extensive training (over two decades) working with youth and their families coupled with my education makes me an ideal candidate to coach you or your loved one. I would be honored to do so.

Photo of Ketzirah in her garden looking directly into camera. Ketzirah is a 40-something Ashkenazi Jewish woman with golden-olive toned skin, green eyes, and light brown hair with sparkly grey streaks.
Company Name:
Devotaj Coaching
Virtual & Washington, DC
(Piscataway and Anacostan Ancestral Lands)
Coaching Bio:

Hello, I’m Ketzirah and I help people like you transform into a creative powerhouse so you can expand your possibilities and be more fulfilled in work and in life.

I’m a creative professional who is also an ordained Kohenet, Marketing Strategist, Business Executive, and am training with Coach Training World to become an ICF Certified Coach.

Research shows that learning (or truly re-relearning) how to be a creative person has so many positive impact on our lives.

It expands our possibilities.

Whether you want to exercise your creative muscles to make better decisions at work or push yourself creatively as an artist or maker, creativity coaching can help.
You deserve to have someone to talk to, ask questions, provide objective feedback and offer up a training regimen (you know, coach you) even if all you want to do is be more creative with your cooking. Creative is a state of being and it infuses everything you do.

I specialize in working with artists, makers, creators, spiritual leaders, community and business leaders, and people who don't think they are the "creative type."

You can learn to be more creative and more effective with your creativity and see the amazing ways it can impact your whole life. I'm here to help you do just that.

Victoria McPherson
Company Name:
Victoria McPherson
Anywhere in the world via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

Hi! My role as a coach is to reflect to my client what I call their inner gem. I help them connect with their innate brilliance and wisdom that will move them forward towards their desired life and way of being. I coach around all aspects of life including career, relationships and major transitions. I guide my clients to cultivate a harmonious relationship with themselves as the essential initiator of all positive momentum.

Cheryl Sirotta
Company Name:
Life Quest Coaching
Online only
Coaching Bio:

After 20 years of practice as a Professional Counselor, I now bring these gifts and skills to being a Life Coach. My vision as a helping professional is to give my clients a safe and confidential place to develop and implement their dreams and goals.
I have tackled MANY transitions in my life: divorce, infertility, trauma, toxic relationships, career change, business owner, relocation, caretaker of ageing parents, just to name a few. I have discovered that learning how to embrace these times and work through them has made me stronger and more prepared to enjoy life. I have not done it alone. Many people have crossed my path and their love, support and guidance has made this life journey rich and meaningful.
During these times in life, I haven't always needed an expert or even the perfect answers, which no one has; what I needed was someone to help me discover my own map for my journey. This is the kind of Coach I will be for you.
Let's talk about your hopes and dreams.

Courtney sits in profile in her office
Company Name:
Alchemy Coaching
3780 Main St.
Stone Ridge, NY 12484
Coaching Bio:

Courtney Edwards is a former psychotherapist turned behavioral health coach. As a Board Certified Coach, she blends her background in mental health and counseling with life coaching. She holds certifications in Relationship Coaching, meditation instruction and serves as a group facilitator, adjunct instructor, and podcaster.

She brings 20 years of experience in the helping professions, working with adolescents, college students, adults, couples, and families.

As founder and owner of Solavis Holistic, LLC, Courtney has merged her training and passions into a multi-pronged approach to mindful wellbeing in every day life: Alchemy Behavioral Health Coaching, Pragmatic Spirit Meditation, Community Events, and the Pragmatic Alchemy podcast.