Student Rate (probono or reduced cost)

Megan Perkins, M. Ed.
Company Name
Cultivate Coaching
Eugene, Oregon or via Zoom Distance Coaching
Coaching Bio

As a student of Coach Training World, I am currently accepting pro bono and student rate clients as I learn and master the skill of coaching.

Coaching, applied to any area of your life, is a guided and collaborative self-learning adventure in discovery of the life that you desire and deserve. Specifically, my coaching interests are life coaching, health and wellness coaching, academic success coaching, sustainable living coaching and animal/human relationship coaching.

If the following questions resonate with you, perhaps coaching sessions can help you!

~ Life Coaching: Are you in a transitional phase of life and uncertain about the future? Are you in search of a path that will take you to a new, exciting and rewarding life?

~ Health and Wellness Coaching: Have you experienced a health issue that has caused you to rethink your life goals? Is it time to create adaptive measures and reassess your skills, personality strengths and work interests?

~ Academic Success Coaching: Are you a student who would like to achieve more academically? Are barriers impeding your educational success?

~ Sustainable Living Coaching: Do you have concerns about environmental degradation? Would you like to create a more environmentally friendly life style for yourself? Would you like to proactively promote the health of planet earth while simultaneously promoting your personal health?

~ Animal/Human Relationship Coaching: Do you love animals and would you enjoy having a deeper understanding and a more fulfilling relationship with them during the time they are in your care?

~ Animal Illness, Aging and End-Of-Life Issues Coaching: Do you have a pet that has been diagnosed with a life-altering health issue? Are you uncertain how best to help them and yourself deal with their condition?

About Me:
~ I have successfully dealt with challenging personal health obstacles and the long lasting repercussions of complex PTSD.

~ I have worked with community college students who harbor deep self-doubt about their learning abilities and have guided them toward academic success.

~ I have worked hard to live more lightly on the planet by changing my lifestyle choices to be less impactful on a daily basis by making small but meaningful changes.

~ I have helped animal owners deal with the challenges of pet illness and aging and have vast experience with the daily challenge of pet/person relationships.

I live on the small farm where I grew up, loving and working with the plants and animals that are a main focus of my life. My degrees in environmental studies (B.S.) and adult education (M.Ed.), and my training as a natural hoof care practitioner and study of medicinal herbs have broadened and deepened my knowledge in my areas of interest and have improved my ability to communicate that knowledge. The main themes running through everything I do is care and compassion for others - humans, animals, plants and the environment.

For 10 years I taught community college students, helping them prepare academically for 4-year college level courses or vocational programs and helping them identify and break down the emotional and cognitive barriers to learning.

I have spent 12 years working with horse owners as a natural hoof care practitioner, specializing in horses that require, due to aging or physical or emotional issues, a patient, gentle and flexible approach to hoof care. I also provide animal hospice and end-of-life education and coaching to interested clients.

I have spent a lifetime loving and caring for multiple family pets through the sometimes challenging stages of their lives. Bottle feeding kittens; providing subcutaneous fluids for two cats with kidney failure; creating an in-house infirmary for a crippled chicken, a blind chicken, a digestively challenged chicken and a chicken recovering from a bobcat attack; providing hospice care for a three-legged dog dying from osteosarcoma; rescuing and providing a home for multiple animals who were abandoned on our country road; medicating an aging rescue dog to ease end-of-life issues. My goal has always been to provide them with the love, respect and dignity due all beings.

Savannah Cheon
Company Name
Mind Power Coaching
Barcelona, Spain (Zoom/ Videochat/ Phonecall)
Coaching Bio

Hello! My name is Savannah. I am currently training to be the Whole Person Coach. I believe that the mind is a powerful tool and what you feed into your mind can affect you in a powerful way. I have been personally interested in "The Millionaire Mindset", "The Science of Subconscious Mind", NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and any practices that have to do with the power of the mind. I have been reading a lot of books and have been taking workshops related to this subject. I applied the tools that I've learnt, practised it in my own life and my life has transformed in an enormous way.
As a coach, I support people who are interested in discovering their worth and move forward with their lives through the Whole Person Coaching model combined with the NLP. As a result, my coaching aims in helping people to develop a growth mindset, overcome their limitations, and level up every aspect of their life.
If you are interested in learning more about the Mind Power Coaching, please don't hesitate to contact me at!

Caryn Mali
Company Name
Grateful Mali Coaching
Available globally via Zoom
Coaching Bio

After a rewarding career working for non-profits serving at-risk and homeless youth and families, Caryn launched Grateful Mali Coaching to bring the holistic approach of Whole Person Life Coaching directly to people who need it the most.

Caryn practices Whole Person Life Coach and Trauma-Informed Coaching techniques to help her clients strengthen their EQ, experience sustainable changes, and create a life with more purpose and soul.

Ready to feel more empowered, centered, and living in alignment with your highest values? Schedule a time to learn more.

Beverly Hughes
Company Name
Empowered Pathways Coaching
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA - Worldwide via Zoom or Facetime
Coaching Bio

As a Professional Certified Coach, I'm supporting people in being more effective in life, work and relationships. I help people achieve goals of any kind, from navigating difficult career issues, personal or career transitions, to realizing visions, dreams & rediscovering your passions. I engage with you at a deep level to find your highest purpose, explore your power and creativity, develop self-awareness, or improve skills and performance.

The type of coaching I do is based on inquiry and discovery, and can be applied to any area of life to help you shift or broaden your perspective, resulting in desired change, growth and action.

My background in education, non-profit administration, as an entrepreneur, a lengthy career in a Fortune 500 corporation, and International Coach Federation /Whole Person Coaching training & experience, provide vital skill sets in coaching, sales/marketing, finance/administrative management and training/facilitating, from which to draw on to support a variety of needs that clients may have.

My passion is in connecting with you on your personal journey, to better enable you to find clarity and achieve your dreams.

I am currently a Certified Professional Coach and Whole Person Certified Coach with Coach Training World, as well as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Carol Morgan-Wirth
Company Name
WIRTH Leadership and Coaching
Physically located near Saint Louis / Southern Illinois. Coaching services provided globally via zoom.
Coaching Bio

Carol Morgan Wirth, ACC is a Personal and Professional Leadership Coach and Trainer with a specialty in self discovery and leading authentically. Everyone is a leader of some sort - Leader of Self, Leader of Individuals, Leader of Teams, Leader of Leaders, Leader of Family, Leader of Community, etc. Learn to lead and live authentically and you will THRIVE as your best self.

My background includes 30 years of experience in business and leadership. I have a demonstrated track record of building new organizational capabilities and/or turning around under-performing business operations while achieving optimum growth and profitability targets. Over the course of my career I have served in numerous executive leadership positions within the technology, quality, and business operation functions of large corporate organizations, as well as serving as COO in multiple small/mid-size consulting firms. I have always been known as a results-oriented leader skilled at creating high performance teams that get sustainable results.

It is my passion for leadership and serving people that led me to form WIRTH Leadership and Coaching. It is in this capacity that I love to help teach, mentor and coach individuals to define and understand their unique gifts and then help them to develop these gifts so that they may achieve their personal version of success and thrive.

I enjoy working with my clients, individuals or organizations, in a flexible and collaborative style. I seek to partner with clients that want to achieve excellence… that desire to be the best they can be…. And those that are willing to work at it. I am sincere, ethical, transparent, and caring in my approach. Bringing along 30 years of personal leadership experiences, I strive to make an impact with each interaction as we partner to achieve your goals.

Kelly Santos
Company Name
Kelly Santos, LLC.
New York City, NY
Coaching Bio

As a work-life balance coach, I support young adults and new parents to invest in themselves so they can be more effective at managing life, work, and relationships. I have first-hand experience of how challenging it can be to maintain a balance between work and life. I am a first-time mom from NYC, where the hustle and bustle do not stop while life runs circles around you.

My goal is for my clients to end with a refreshed energy of having felt heard and seen. As a Latina, Mom, and Wife, I know what it feels like to be passed over and to think that everyone but yourself is a priority. To feel like your desires no longer matter. It’s time to put your self first. You have all of the resources within you to becoming your best self.

My Whole Person Coaching Training from Coach Training World has provided me with the tools to support clients holistically so that they can achieve positive outcomes in all aspects of their lives. I also use the Tarot to assist clients in seeking spiritual healing and allow them to discern the next steps. My clients walk away from each session with clear and actionable next steps.

In addition to coaching, I am a mentor and youth developer. I have worked in Youth Development for ten years, supporting youth and families in NYC. I studied Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Union College and have an MA from New York University in International Education.

Stone Cairns, WPCC
Coaching Bio

My name is Stone Cairns. I work with world changers. I believe the Universe bends towards Justice and we all have a part. Living a mission-based life can feel complicated and exhausting. For the past three decades, I've been a nonviolent organizer in the streets and in the office. I've taught at colleges and in many more church basements. These days, I coach others to take creative, life-affirming actions to win the world we want - one of ease, grace and justice. I live halfway up a hill on Chinook land in the Willamette Valley of Cascadia.

edith j conner
Company Name
Ten Thousand Dreams
Seattle Area WA
Coaching Bio

Imagine a world where so many are working toward the goal of self-integration, understanding, gratitude and positivity … and it all starts with one person making the commitment to better one’s own self and space on this planet. Just as the journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step, so does the process of discovering the joy that life has to offer.

My journey to becoming a coach started so many years ago with stops along the way – marriages, divorces, grad school, raising a wonderful daughter and being a part of her life, travel, almost thirty years in one business, becoming a grandmother – and finally I find where I want to be – on my chosen path as a coach.
All my stops are valuable as I collected lessons, stories, information, passions and learned to regret nothing as all my experiences have made me who I am.
Everyone deserves to be heard no matter where one finds oneself along those ten thousand miles – and I would be honored to accompany you as you discover your own special light.

Kristen Waters
Company Name
Collective Coaching
Denver, CO or virtual
Coaching Bio

Hello there! I provide business coaching for current and aspiring founders and business leaders. Google Product Manager turned Collective Coaching Founder, I hold a deep passion for transforming leaders to achieve step-level results. I want to help every person uncover their reason for being and scale the business of their wildest dreams.

My approach is part teaching, part transformation. We’ll weave business planning and analysis with courageous conversations to develop you as a person and as a leader. My mission is to clear the path for leadership transformation. I am particularly motivated by empowering female leaders to build and thrive.

Depth of experience in: product management, business strategy and development, technical project management, marketing, and operations management.

Let's talk. Book a free initial consult to get to know me:

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