Student Rate (probono or reduced cost)

Evan Pierce
Company Name:
Evan Pierce Coaching & Consulting
*On request
Salem, Oregon
Coaching Bio:

My name is Evan and I have spent my life dedicated to learning and the pursuit of unique experiences. I worked in the service industry for 13 years before finally breaking into a new career as a special needs instructional assistant. I have lived abroad in Southeast Asia and Nicaragua and am constantly looking for the next excuse to skip town. On the side, I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and take in all that Oregon has to offer. I believe balance and awareness are two of the most important pieces of a meaningful life. As a coach, I work with people in the service industry who are ready to pursue change on a global scale. I help my clients narrow down what they want that trip of a lifetime to look like and how to prepare for it mentally, physically and emotionally. You will have a greater sense of awareness and confidence in your ability to navigate different situations internationally. By the end of our time, you will feel grounded in yourself stepping onto that plane and into the great unknown. I look forward to working with you as we shape your dreams into reality.

Company Name:
Life Transition Guidance
Texas Hill Country (CST), online anywhere
Coaching Bio:

Hello, I’m Sari (pronounced like Indian “saree”). I help people move forward after a big loss (e.g., the passing of a loved one, end of a significant relationship, and giving up a dream career) and create the life they want. I have been serving hundreds of people through 15 years of offering life guidance, teaching holistic wellness and mindfulness, and leading retreats. I offer enhanced coaching service (I call it “guidance”) online and at the sanctuary my partner and I created in the scenic Texas Hill Country. Please visit my website to learn more about my services.

Darryl Parker
Company Name:
Makeway Today
1-833-MAKE-WAY (833-625-3929)
New Hampshire based. Virtual coaching only.
Coaching Bio:

I have been a small business owner since 1996 and I’ve wholly owned or partnered in 9 business ventures in that time. I’ve operated as a one-man show and I’ve had over 400 employees across 13 states. I understand many of the ins and outs of small business operations. Now I am in a place where I’d like to help other small business owners find their paths to success and overcome obstacles they may be facing.

Since 2014, first as a student, then as a volunteer coach and now as a paid business advisor, I have been involved with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. I have individually and in small group sessions coached over 100 small business owners helping them develop opportunity statements, in-depth growth plans and final growth pitches during an intense 14 weeks of training. I work as a business advisor with the national program at Babson College and as the lead business advisor for the New Hampshire program at Manchester Community College.

In 2020, I started CTW training on track for my WPCC and ICF PCC certifications. I have a depth of knowledge on the technical aspects of business operations, but I felt I needed more skills in working with the owners themselves and meeting them where they are so that we could achieve the best results possible together. I specifically chose CTW for their Whole Person Coaching approach. I expect to achieve my certifications in 2021.

I am most skilled in working with small business owners with 50% or more ownership in a business that has been operating for 2 or more years with 4 or more employees (self, full time, part time and contractors combined) and annual revenues greater than $150,000 per year and less than $2M per year. If this profile fits your business, I’m confident I can be of help to you.

Master of Business Administration (in progress) – West Texas A&M University
Certificate of Entrepreneurship – Babson College
Bachelor of Science Information Technology – University of Massachusetts Lowell
Tactical Transport Helicopter Repairer (67T10) – US Army Aviation & Logistics School


My primary business provides website maintenance services for over 300 small businesses nationwide. Getting tasks completed on your website has never been more easily delegated. We’ve been delighting our clients since 1999. Never worry about your website again. Please contact me for details.

Photo of Ketzirah in her garden looking directly into camera. Ketzirah is a 40-something Ashkenazi Jewish woman with golden-olive toned skin, green eyes, and light brown hair with sparkly grey streaks.
Company Name:
Devotaj Coaching
Virtual & Washington, DC
(Piscataway and Anacostan Ancestral Lands)
Coaching Bio:

Hello, I’m Ketzirah and I help people like you transform into a creative powerhouse so you can expand your possibilities and be more fulfilled in work and in life.

I’m a creative professional who is also an ordained Kohenet, Marketing Strategist, Business Executive, and am training with Coach Training World to become an ICF Certified Coach.

Research shows that learning (or truly re-relearning) how to be a creative person has so many positive impact on our lives.

It expands our possibilities.

Whether you want to exercise your creative muscles to make better decisions at work or push yourself creatively as an artist or maker, creativity coaching can help.
You deserve to have someone to talk to, ask questions, provide objective feedback and offer up a training regimen (you know, coach you) even if all you want to do is be more creative with your cooking. Creative is a state of being and it infuses everything you do.

I specialize in working with artists, makers, creators, spiritual leaders, community and business leaders, and people who don’t think they are the “creative type.”

You can learn to be more creative and more effective with your creativity and see the amazing ways it can impact your whole life. I’m here to help you do just that.

Shayla Tumbling
Atlanta GA
*(ALL Coaching Sessions Completed Virtually via Phone or Video)*
Coaching Bio:

I support my clients in developing a healthy balanced relationship with themselves and with others. My coaching style is integrative, holistic, sex-positive, empowerment based, compassion centered, and trauma-informed. I create sacred spaces for my clients to cultivate their emotional health & self-development. My core work centers around supporting Black Women in aligning with their personal power through healing Ancestral & Cultural Shame and Trauma and it’s impact on their sexuality, emotional health, and self-image.

Anil (Neil) Chakkera
Company Name:
Chakkera Coaching LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
Virtually via Zoom
Coaching Bio:

I am certified professional coach and an experienced investment professional who is dedicated to helping clients unlock their full potential. I combine strong analytical, technical, system and process oriented hard skills with well-honed soft skills that include reflective, empathetic listening and a goal-oriented communication style to help clients unleash and maximize potential across their professional and personal lives.

My holistic, system-oriented mindset and philosophy have been driven by my robust cross functional expertise in finance, investments, business strategy and technology shaped by advanced degrees in engineering and business and significant work experience in investment management and software systems development

As a certified professional coach, I am passionate about helping clients find clarity and purpose with various aspects of their professional and personal lives. This includes helping entrepreneurs and small businesses create and execute on their visions and objectives. It also involves helping motivated and growth minded professionals with career transitions and long-term life objectives. My financial background and experience also give me unique understanding and insights to provide effective financial and wealth coaching. All my coaching activities revolve around the backdrop of holistic, whole person, life coaching

Let’s connect and see how I can help you get clarity and purpose in key aspects of your life!!

Cristin Keely
Company Name:
Due North Coaching
Brooklyn, NY
Coaching Bio:

I support adolescents, parents, and anyone in transition figure out what is over their next horizon. I help teens, tweens, and young adults address challenges in their social, academic, and family life and navigate their present and future with confidence. I help parents make the changes they want in their relationship with their kids, themselves, partners, and their work, and find a path for themselves through and after their child’s teen years. Finally, I help anyone working toward or through a transition see their path with clarity and make concrete steps to follow it.

What support do you need in whatever is next? Let’s talk about how I can help you move deliberately toward your Due North.

Lucy Insausti
Miami, FL
Coaching Bio:

As a true believer that all the answers to our true fulfillment lie within ourselves, I serve as a tool to help my clients regain power over their own life. Some spend countless hours and lose much-needed rest over all the ideas and thoughts tangles in their mind. Some want to decipher the feelings that overwhelm them. Others simply want to make sure they are on their right path or living their own truths. Whatever leads you to find the guidance of a Whole Person Coach, know that you know your truth and I would be honored to help you regain it.

I offer experience coaching in these areas and much more:
-Awakening to gratitude and self-awareness
-Living your truth
-Desires for a career or life change
-Feelings of proactivity and creativity
-Spouses in search of connection (individual)
-Adolescents or parents feeling lost
-Children or parents to be heard
-Single parents in search for balance

Megan Perkins, M. Ed.
Company Name:
Cultivate Coaching
Eugene, Oregon or via Zoom Distance Coaching
Coaching Bio:

As a student of Coach Training World, I am currently accepting pro bono and student rate clients as I learn and master the skill of coaching.

Coaching, applied to any area of your life, is a guided and collaborative self-learning adventure in discovery of the life that you desire and deserve. Specifically, my coaching interests are life coaching, health and wellness coaching, academic success coaching, sustainable living coaching and animal/human relationship coaching.

If the following questions resonate with you, perhaps coaching sessions can help you!

~ Life Coaching: Are you in a transitional phase of life and uncertain about the future? Are you in search of a path that will take you to a new, exciting and rewarding life?

~ Health and Wellness Coaching: Have you experienced a health issue that has caused you to rethink your life goals? Is it time to create adaptive measures and reassess your skills, personality strengths and work interests?

~ Academic Success Coaching: Are you a student who would like to achieve more academically? Are barriers impeding your educational success?

~ Sustainable Living Coaching: Do you have concerns about environmental degradation? Would you like to create a more environmentally friendly life style for yourself? Would you like to proactively promote the health of planet earth while simultaneously promoting your personal health?

~ Animal/Human Relationship Coaching: Do you love animals and would you enjoy having a deeper understanding and a more fulfilling relationship with them during the time they are in your care?

~ Animal Illness, Aging and End-Of-Life Issues Coaching: Do you have a pet that has been diagnosed with a life-altering health issue? Are you uncertain how best to help them and yourself deal with their condition?

About Me:
~ I have successfully dealt with challenging personal health obstacles and the long lasting repercussions of complex PTSD.

~ I have worked with community college students who harbor deep self-doubt about their learning abilities and have guided them toward academic success.

~ I have worked hard to live more lightly on the planet by changing my lifestyle choices to be less impactful on a daily basis by making small but meaningful changes.

~ I have helped animal owners deal with the challenges of pet illness and aging and have vast experience with the daily challenge of pet/person relationships.

I live on the small farm where I grew up, loving and working with the plants and animals that are a main focus of my life. My degrees in environmental studies (B.S.) and adult education (M.Ed.), and my training as a natural hoof care practitioner and study of medicinal herbs have broadened and deepened my knowledge in my areas of interest and have improved my ability to communicate that knowledge. The main themes running through everything I do is care and compassion for others – humans, animals, plants and the environment.

For 10 years I taught community college students, helping them prepare academically for 4-year college level courses or vocational programs and helping them identify and break down the emotional and cognitive barriers to learning.

I have spent 12 years working with horse owners as a natural hoof care practitioner, specializing in horses that require, due to aging or physical or emotional issues, a patient, gentle and flexible approach to hoof care. I also provide animal hospice and end-of-life education and coaching to interested clients.

I have spent a lifetime loving and caring for multiple family pets through the sometimes challenging stages of their lives. Bottle feeding kittens; providing subcutaneous fluids for two cats with kidney failure; creating an in-house infirmary for a crippled chicken, a blind chicken, a digestively challenged chicken and a chicken recovering from a bobcat attack; providing hospice care for a three-legged dog dying from osteosarcoma; rescuing and providing a home for multiple animals who were abandoned on our country road; medicating an aging rescue dog to ease end-of-life issues. My goal has always been to provide them with the love, respect and dignity due all beings.