Anni Poikolainen, WPCC, ICF ACC

Trauma Informed

Anni Poikolainen, WPCC, ICF ACC
Company Name
HSP Coach
Global – All sessions conducted online via zoom – Email coaching also available
Coaching Bio

Does life give you a hangover?

Are you like so many other empaths and highly sensitive people? Do you feel like simply living “normal” life weighs you down with overwhelm?

Look, I know what it’s like…

When you’ve tried your whole life to “act normal” and “do the right thing”.

When you’ve been suppressing your true self and your true needs and your true preferences in acquiescence to other people’s “shoulds”.

When doing so has left you stressed out and overwhelmed, living a life that’s not exactly what you once dreamed of.

When you know there’s potential hiding inside of you, but your current career is squashing it.

When you know you “should” take better care of yourself, but you can never get it to stick.

When you desperately want to take some kind of action and start making changes.

When you’re not quite sure how to go about it and you’re terrified of making the wrong choice.

When you keep putting it off, because it’s overwhelming and scary.

If any of this sounds like you, then please know that you are not alone!

This is what happens when highly sensitive people have been taught to follow the lifestyles of the less sensitive. When they have been told time and time again that they are “too sensitive” and that they should “just grow thicker skin”.

I’m a highly sensitive introvert myself and I know what it’s like. I know the price you pay when your career or your lifestyle as a whole are not a good match for your personality. I know the obstacles that can hold you back from making the changes you are yearning for.

But I also know that it’s very much possible to turn it all around! I did it myself and I’d love to serve as your guide as you search for and move forward on the right path for you!

As a life and career coach for highly sensitive people, my mission is to help you flourish without burnout. Here are some examples of the kinds of goals my HSP clients are working on:

~make wellness habits permanent
~establish healthy boundaries in relationships
~adopt and employ stress management tools
~improve time management skills
~identify and transition into a career that’s in alignment with your personality and preferences
~transition into self employment
~learn to manage doubts and fears and ease out of your comfort zone without compromising your HSP needs

Ready to take a step forward? Visit my website to sign up for a FREE intro session. In this 30-minute Zoom-meeting, we’ll work on clarifying your goals and talk about how coaching might help you reach them!

Christine Esdaile
Company Name
Awakening to Light Coaching
Madison, Wisconsin
Coaching Bio

Working with Christine can help you with the motivation, insight, confidence and support to discover real-life solutions in your work and personal life to create your best life! Wherever you are at in your life, coaching with Christine can assist in bringing in a higher level of effectiveness and ease by helping you better understand yourself and your personal strengths.  Contact Christine for a complimentary introductory session to help you create a life of passion, harmony and abundance today!

Potential areas for focus:

Setting goals and gaining motivation
Relationship issues
Mastering stress and overwhelm
Depression and anxiety
Career decisions, transitions and strategizing
Peacemaking and conflict resolution
Health and healing
Find more peace and harmony in daily life
Developmental & shock trauma, PTSD
Moving and renewal
Parenting 0-30 yrs
Aging parents
Divorce and grieving

In addition to ICF Coach training, Christine also has an eclectic background with a focus on personal and spiritual development. She has studied developmental psychology, Jungian psychology and sociology but ultimately took her Masters in English literature at the University of Oslo, Norway, with an emphasis on personal identity and cultural history. She has taught College English, communication and peace building skills, assertiveness training for women, Reiki and other healing modalities, and written numerous blogs and articles on coaching & meditation. Christine has been practicing yoga for about 15 years and has a 200 YTT training in Classical yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga from Blooming Lotus yoga school in Bali, Indonesia.

Over the years Christine has worked with a wide range of clients with a diversity of backgrounds and ages, from banking and finance, healthcare, administrative staff, education and solo entrepreneurs, unemployed and under-employed to individuals in the service industry.  She enjoys coaching clients from working with finding motivation and reaching career goals, to relationship issues and generally helping them create for themselves a life of more joy, harmony and ease in the middle of a busy work life.

Today she lives in Madison, Wisconsin and enjoys hiking, gardening, yoga, traveling and cooking.

Professional Education & Certification/Training

Certified Trauma Informed Coach~Coach Training World
200 RYS Classical Yoga at Blooming Lotus Yoga, Bali, Indonesia
CLC Certified Life Coach, Coach for Life
Retreat & Workshop Coaching/Facilitating training
Myer-Briggs Type Inventory Certified Practitioner
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training~ BLY
Best Life Coaching~ A Yoga & Vedic Perspective BLY
MA in English Literature from the University of Oslo, in Oslo, Norway
Graduate Studies in English Literature and Theater History at the University of Wisconsin

Here’s what Clients Are Saying:

I feel so blessed to have found Christine Esdaile and to have experienced her empathic understanding of exactly what I needed in my current life’s journey. Her coaching style is compassionate, trusting, knowledgeable, and effective. I went to her not knowing what I needed, but left knowing exactly what I needed. Without reservation, I highly recommend Christine’s coaching and consulting services.
Wendy, Psychologist, WI

Working with Christine Esdaile was an amazing experience. Her warmth and guidance was of tremendous help to me both personally and in my business. Doors of opportunity opened increasing my creativity and sales; in tandem, I was releasing old, limiting thoughts and behaviors. Having greater focus, I experienced clarity and the inner peace I was seeking. My friends have benefited from Christine’s gift and I continue to refer her to others looking to change on several levels.
Heather, Professional Coach  Verona, WI

Type of Coaching
Cory Rusin, TICC
Company Name
Cory Rusin
Coaching Bio

Cory Rusin is a trauma-informed coach and PhD level purpose in life researcher. She combines her academic work & personal development tools to offer you a practical toolbox for developing your purpose and confidently embarking on the next chapter of your life.

Educational Background & Certifications:

2022, Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification, Coach Training World
2017 – Present, Community Research & Action PhD (dissertation research focused on purpose in life), Binghamton University
2016, 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Body Shop
2015, Master of General Psychology, Adelphi University
2014, BA in Psychology, SUNY College at Oneonta

Social Media:
TikTok: @yourpurposeguide
IG: @your.purposeguide

Type of Coaching
Suzanne Sky, MTOM, LRC
Company Name
Living Resilience Coaching
Coaching Bio

Living Resilience Coaching: Create Clarity, Own Your Worth, Live Your Heart

Is it time for a change in your life, work, or creative expression?
Are you ready to create your next phase of life and would like support?
Would you like confidence and clarity to create positive change in your life?
Are you a wellness practitioner, life coach, or creative who would like support with your own growth?

As a Life Resilience Coach, I love working with purpose-driven women, like yourself, ready to deepen in your knowing and expression. You may be a life coach, wellness practitioner, or creative solopreneur; you may own a coffee shop or run a yoga studio. For whatever reason, change is the air. You’re ready to deepen in your growth, change direction, or grow your impact.

Perhaps you need to reframe dimensions of your heart, mind, or life to create new possibilities in your personal life or business. You’d like to explore your options, deepen and clarify your life vision, and are open to new possibilities. Your creative imagination is activated. You know that your inner work impacts your life, work, and play. You are on a journey of growth.

There are also challenges. Maybe your inner critic is working overtime, your confidence and clarity at a low. Perhaps you feel out of alignment with your heart’s calling. You may be experiencing anxiety and overwork. Or physical, emotional, spiritual, or compassion burnout. You wonder “where am I in this picture?” Yet you know that taking time for yourself and focusing on your inner well-being alleviates stress and helps you reconnect with your heart’s knowing and clarity.

We work together integrating heart-centered, collaborative dialogue and compassionate inquiry to help you ground in your inner knowing, facilitate your creative process, and engage with clarity, grace, and resilience as you identify practical next steps to express the changes you envision.

About me…..
II spent over three decades as a Chinese medicine practitioner working to nourish the resilience and strength of the body which supports our capacity for spiritual and daily work. The basis of this is most often to calm and stabilize the nervous system while grounding and nourishing the person; through providing nutritional grounding for the body, emotions, and nervous system with balanced healthy foods and nourishing herbs tailored for the individual’s changing needs over the lifespan, encouraging healthy lifestyle routines, and teaching qi gong practices that move and ground the qi, calm the shen (spirit/mind/emotions), and promote strength, stability, and resilience.

In my personal life, these outer practices were balanced with ongoing inner spiritual and consciousness work and meditation practice that I began as a young woman. As I worked professionally to foster wellness over decades I discovered that the essence of wellness is resilience; and further the essence of resilience is the journey of living an embodied life rooted in spirit ~ our heart’s knowing ~ with compassion, kindness, and and open heart.

Now, in my elder years, my work in the world has naturally progressed to this realm of the inner work ~ offering inspirations, teachings, and life resilience coaching. As a Life Resilience Coach, I offer a heart-centered approach to empower you to connect with your own worth, your inner knowing, and creative capacity so that you can live from your heart to create the meaningful impact you envision in your life and to make a difference in the world today. The world needs to hear your voice and receive your gift.

As a creative artist ~ my art includes life coaching, writing, gardening, creating beauty in my home, playing with colors, and photographing flowers and nature. I love spending time just relaxing at home or out in nature walking with my golden-hearted dog Ginger.

I’m happy to offer my services as a Senior Coach and can offer some pro bono (no fee) hours as well as peer coaching trade.

Follow the link below to meet with me for a free 30-minute Connection Session so we can decide how we’d like to work together. I look forward to meeting with you!

Bodi Burns, WPCC
Denver, Colorado
Coaching Bio

I am a quiet and shy by nature person who values interconnectedness and embraces connection with others. I am originally from Bulgaria and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2005 where together with my husband David we are raising a funny and likable son.

I earned a Master’s in Counseling and Bachelor’s in Psychology and spent 15+ years working in social work settings and making an impact in the community. I held positions in leadership, direct client service, and community collaboration. During my professional career I gained broad experiences in assessing program operations to develop successful strategies and creative solutions for advancing community outcomes. Through my work, I gained experience in leading collaborative committee initiatives within diverse community settings to determine strategic processes and programs to increase well-being.

My career in social work gave me so many opportunities to make an impact in the community, to see the strength in others and to lead in the direction of building up a safe and stable life for everyone. Being a social worker fulfilled so many of my dreams! Having said that, work also tested my world view and several times I lived through burnout. My solution – I apply my grit to everything that I do. Living though Pandemic encouraged me to create this business where I can continue my passion to support others. At the same time, I expand my service, remain full of life and available to make the change I want to see in the world.

While each project is unique, my goal is to set you up for success by focusing on creative solutions to develop your style and to empower growth in your organization. When we work together, I will support your inner personal growth so you can increase resilience, boost your confidence and feel connected while you are making progress towards your goals.

I can help you to increase the confidence in your abilities, by embracing your power to get unstuck and move forward successfully so you can live a life full of joy.

Whether your needs are to keep strong and steady motivation to achieve your goals, learn how to lead your team remotely, build positive relationships, increase collaboration, balance work with well-being, I will help you to make the impact you want in the community.

I help leaders to balance bottom lines with compassion, allowing you to negotiate and collaborate effectively so that you can instantly build stronger teams and establish a nurturing culture.

I am trained in Compassionate Communication model and will engage you in a conversation to learn about your priorities in resolving conflict, time management, culture building, developing talent, then help you craft a plan in each area while focusing on innovative solutions.

I show entrepreneurs like you how to establish healthy boundaries, discover new ways to bring more vitality in life so that you can open up to your full life potential.


~I really loved working with Bodi!! She created a safe space where I could share things I don’t regularly share with others. Through her attentiveness and calming presence, she created a supportive environment where I was able to discuss many limiting beliefs. She created clarity and awareness around these beliefs which were undermining my confidence in creating a business. Bodi helped me dig deeper on these issues and uncover different strategies to counter them. More importantly, she helped me shift my thinking and awareness in a way that was empowering and allowed me to move forward with more confidence.~
Alex Ornelas, Ventura CA

~When I think of the type of coach I want to work with, I think of someone who can hold space for me and all of the (what feels like) craziness I have going on in my head. Bodi is just that coach. She is supportive while letting me create my own goal posts for success in all of my endeavours. All I can think of is the saying, “You’re in good hands” – which is exactly how I feel being coached by Bodi. ~
Shealyn Nosal, Management Consultant at Propeller

~Bodi is a great coach and I highly recommend her. Bodi is easy to talk to and created a calm but action-oriented atmosphere, which is exactly what I wanted. I made a ton of progress on a touchy issue and her guidance was critical to helping me get there.~
Adam Naids, Project Manager at NASA

Alyssa Keegan
Company Name
Universal Ethical Love
Coaching Bio

CPC, WPCC, ICF ACC, Trauma Informed Certification

My journey to becoming a successful Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy Life and Relationship Coach, began with my own personal exploration of liberating myself from traditional structures of identity and love.
Growing up in the Midwest, in a very conservative, hetero/cis white community, I was always afraid of my desires, and often confused about my identity. Because there were no examples available to me, I defaulted to an identity of straight cis girl, because that was what was expected. It wasn’t until I was grown and several years into a rocky marriage that I finally faced my truth. I had fallen in love with a woman. I was nervous to confess my desire to my then husband, but I knew that it was crucial that I did. He and I learned the hard way that hiding and denying desire can lead to destruction. Our path to recovery from his infidelity lead us to deeper communication about our urges, our fears, and ourselves. What we were discovering is that we both identified with a desire to be intimate with more than one person. So when I met this woman, I proposed what seemed like an insane idea at that time. What if we all were together? A triad. I had never even heard the word polyamorous, or knew structures like that actually existed, but my gut was telling me I wanted this, and they did too.

The reason I am so passionate about what I do, is because when I was coming to terms with my poly, queer, gender-fluid identity, there wasn’t much besides a few books. I tried traditional therapy, but their education was primarily rooted in monogamy, and even if they were familiar with non-monogamy, none of them had lived experience, or personally identified with polyamory. I felt alone, and made a million mistakes along my journey. I realized then that I wanted to take the lessons I had learned and formally educate myself so that I could be in service of others. No one should feel alone, and the particular adventure from monogamy to non-monogamy and/or polyamory can be a challenge. Facing possessiveness, insecure attachments, and even coming out to family and friends can be traumatic.

I am an advocate for your journey. I focus on strengthening the self first, so that you may build from there a place of secure attachment to your partner or partners.

I am happy to say, my then husband, is now one of two primary partners in my life. I love deeply and I am at peace. I am kitchen table poly, and our constellation of chosen family, lovers and partners continues to grow and embrace one another. I am grateful for my mistakes, and all the struggles, because it led me to my most authentic self. That is what I hope for you as well.

If you are ready to face yourself and your real truth, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is yet, then I am the coach for you.

What You Get When You Coach With Me…

-And so much more!


Amy Phillips, WPCC
Company Name
Amp One Coaching
Indianapolis, IN
Coaching Bio

Do you have a creative vision but don’t know how to effectively bring it to life or set it up so that it can support your life?

Then working with an innovative creativity coach and consultant might be the right move for you.

I help creative individuals like yourself build processes and systems to have more consistency and efficiency with producing your artwork.

Together we’ll develop a custom-made system that allows you to manifest your visions in a way that not only aligns with your desired lifestyle but will also allow you to live off of your passions in a way that doesn’t tarnish them or yourself.

I’m not selling some application or cookie-cutter method to you. I’m bringing two creative minds together to design the life of your dreams.

Anna Witholt Aurora, MA, CPC, LCPC-C
Company Name
SoulMoves, LLC
In-person: Camden, Maine
Online: world-wide
Coaching Bio

I am a deep believer in the organic unfolding of our growth and purpose – that we all possess the ability to hear our soul’s calling towards a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Sometimes change is beckoning and exciting – but we get in our own way. At other times, life speaks to us through crises, illness, work- or relationship challenges… and other loud ways to make our inner voice known. Sometimes we don’t realize the guidance hidden in the chaos or the growth potential within the obstacles. This is where we can use some extra support, and where I would love to help you listen in deeply… for often these difficulties hold the seeds of deep transformation and new momentum.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (Whole Person Coaching, Coach Training World), a Professional Counselor (LCPC-C, Maine) and a certified Family Constellation Facilitator. Combining Coaching and Constellation work makes me very effective as Relationship Coach and as Embodiment & Empowerment Coach for women at any stage of life. I am passionate about guiding women from surviving to thriving – whether you are at the beginning of your journey into self-awareness and self-care, or at the opposite end of this arc looking to launch into full self-actualization and soulful leadership.

Clients have described me as warm, present, intuitive, empathic, insightful and wise, with a spark of creativity and laughter.

Also a certified 5Rhythms Teacher and an Authentic Movement facilitator, I infuse my practice with a rich grounding in embodiment and somatic awareness. I bring more than seven years of individual coaching & counseling experience to this work and twenty years of group workshop facilitation experience, in the realm of mind-body connection, movement & expressive arts, psychosomatic issues, burn-out and stress management, family and relationship issues, codependency, life and career transitions, unresolved childhood issues and grief. I have practiced and taught in Maine and internationally. Spirituality and the natural world have always been a core element in my life and work.

Educational background & professional memberships:
Summer Intensive at the Carl Jung Institute (Kusnacht, Switzerland, 1993)
Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology (University of Leiden, Netherlands, 1995)
Certified 5Rhythms Movement Teacher (2001)
Certified Family Constellations Facilitator (2011, 2014)
Certified Professional Coach (Coach Training World)
Professional member of the International Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA)
Professional member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA)

Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome
Company Name
Breathe Easy Coaching Trauma Specialist for Partners of Sex Addicts (BECTSPSA)
Global All sessions conducted online via zoom
Coaching Bio

Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome is a Certified Trauma-Informed coach. She is also a Certified APSATS Partner and Betrayal Trauma Religious Leader Coach. She is an IPEC CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E Transitions, Wellness, Leadership, and Performance Specialist. She is also a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practitioner, HeartMath® Certified Clinical Coach Practitioner in Stress, Anxiety, and Self-Regulation.

She is trained in the Minwalla CASRD and Trauma Model Level 1. She Completed Level 1 & 2 Training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotional Coaching (Gottman), Couples & Addiction Recovery (Gottman Method).

Coaching is about energy. The energy of my client(s) and my energy as the coach. When it comes down to it, all the certifications and qualifications don’t matter if the energy is not quite right. If the energetic connection is off. This is one of the reasons that I have embraced an eclectic coaching approach.

I am Certified Practitioner in Advanced Ho’oponopono, Ancestral Healing, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, and Bach Flowers. I am also a Positive Prime Professional and am a Level 3 Kasàlà Trainer.

I believe that there are many ways to help clients achieve their vision for their lives. Vision manifestation is a creative process. It requires out of the box exploration. Once my clients are willing to explore, open to challenge, and are curious to discover we embark on an adventure into the unknown that is under girded by trauma-informed safety.

On a personal note, I am the author of several books including I Give Myself Permission to . . ., I am Loved, Lovable & Loving; I am Powerful, Respected & Supported, and Transitioning into Fullness. I am a wife and mother of two sons and I live in NYC.

Type of coaching Trauma-Informed, Betrayal Trauma, Transitional, Energy & Holistic Coaching

Type of Coaching