Introducing Wellness Coach Sharon Roemmel

“The training I received at Coach Training World enables me to blend the skills I’ve honed over my career and combine them with new skills to empower women to live their richest, most joyful lives.”

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Introducing Success Coach Claire Yeung

“Coaching has allowed me to become an entrepreneur doing what I love. Prior to becoming a coach, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to build a business doing something I was passionate about.”

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Introducing Wholly Sober Coach Teresa Rodden

“After becoming a certified professional coach, I had the freedom to explore my unconventional process of living sober without struggle.”

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Training to Become a Professional Coach & Starting Your Own Coaching Business…  Just Got Easier!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your work isn’t your calling. Your job description limits you from employing your greatest gifts and passionate interests.

  • You love helping others. You’ve been “coaching” all your life, but now it’s time to get paid for the value you bring to others.

  • You’ve experienced a significant life-changing transition. You don’t want to fall back into old habits. You want to make your next life, your best life ever, improving everything about it!

  • You want more. You want to become a highly influential changemaker who is the go-to-person in your own one-of-a-kind business or career.

  • Others have told you “You should become a life coach”. And they are right. They can see what you’ve got and now’t its your turn to see the light of who you are…

If anything above speaks to you… then you already know you are in the right place… Coaching is all about making change. Change for others. Change for yourself.