B.C. Nelson, DDS – Dentist, Author, Visionary

B.C. Nelson had a dream. But like so many of us, he unintentionally buried that dream for decades. As a highly respected dentist with his own successful practice in Stayton, OR, he got lost in the day-to-day pressures of running a business. With a variety of professional and family necessities competing for his attention, aspects of his personality were set aside… then eventually forgotten.

Dr. Nelson initially hired me for coach him to become more effective in his day to day endeavors. Specifically he was looking for tools that would improve his ability to delegate tasks, develop staff, and create an environment of positive communication within his office. But he didn’t want to stop there. So together, we dug deep to find the things that, though forgotten, were still very much a part of his life.

Suddenly finding himself with a streamlined process and clearly defined goals for his personal and professional life, he leveraged the additional time his improvements created to pursue his lifelong dream: writing a book.

With the right focus, clearly identified goals, and a commitment to see them though, anything is possible. Dr. B. C. Nelson is living proof of how much each and every one of us is capable of once we give ourselves permission to go for it!

Today, his book, Little Miss Annie (an illustrated book for young readers), is available through Amazon. It has received glowing reviews for its strong focus on life lessons and the inspirational nature of its overall message of inclusiveness and teamwork. Additionally, Dr. Nelson is in the process of launching his own podcast, while simultaneously volunteering for a cause near and dear to his heart, and starting a political movement. He also has more time to spend with his wife and son. Most importantly, he gets to be all of who he is in the process: a rock star dentist who is now free to pursue every dimension of his multi-dimensional personality!