“Do what you love and love what you do,” is the tagline for the brand Life is Good. And do you know how they got started? By selling t-shirts out of the back of a van in California.

Today, their brand is so powerful that they’ve trademarked the words, “Life is Good.” That’s why you always see, “Life’s good,” or another version of it on merchandise everywhere.

Who would have thought that an entire empire of merchandise could be built from branding two words that hold a ton of meaning?   Yes, really anything is possible if you believe it in and use the right strategies to get where you want to.

Take my “3 S’s strategy” to heart; and see for yourself how your heart-centric business can soar by you being who you are at your very best.

Tell Your Story

Everyone, including you, has either a story of success or a story of survival (or something somewhere in between) that is transformational in nature.

At the beginning of your story you were at a place where you were looking for more or wanting to escape the truth of your reality. Because you did something – thought differently, took action and advanced yourself to success (overcame a horrible disease, the loss of a career, built a 6+ figure income, climbed the highest mountains) you learned something along the way.

Your experiences along this transformational path are of great value to those who need you the most – those who are at the beginning of their own journey back at day one where you once were.

Your Story is simply a more polished version of how you got to where you are in life: here’s what happened to me, here’s what I learned, and here’s what I will teach you about it.

Cheryl Strayed is a recent example. She was struggling to find a way to deal with her mother’s death so she hiked the Pacific Crest trail and wrote a book about it called, Wild.

Today, it is a major motion picture, titled Lost, starring Reese Witherspoon. Cheryl has spiraled her book’s success into speaking engagements and appearances on the OWN Network, where her story (told over and over again) is helping 1000s of people to face their own kind of “Wild” adventure.
Teach Your Strategies

You precious wisdom is invaluable. It took you years to get where you are today – including lots of time, often money, dedication and effort. Now, how did you do it?

The way that you accomplished your goals is your “how to” strategy. Strategies come in all shapes and sizes. However, yours is unique to you.

Whether it was your overall mindset, sheer determination, or ability to break down problems into manageable tasks, you have the power within you to share your strategies with the world.

How can you best bottle and sell them to the audience that is dying to hear from you? Will you speak to people? Can you create a blog tribe? Are you a visual powerhouse that relies on Pinterest? You decide…

Share Your Secrets

These juicy little tidbits are not something you’d typically share with just anyone. These are the, “Shh! Don’t tell anyone I told you this,” secret sauce that you’ve been shaking onto tough situations for your entire life.

What’s the point? You have something to share about your unique method of doing everything that others will pay you for. Your deep, dark secrets have a monetary value and YOU should be profiting from it.

Danielle LaPorte shares her secrets better than anyone else. Did you know the woman who received a $250,000 advance on her second book doesn’t even have a college degree? Instead, she started out as a bartender, and then, via a series of promotions, worked her way up in the non-profit world.

She eventually launched her brand, calling it the “Fire Starter Sessions” that captured the essence of “be your own person and thrive.” Her concepts are oozing from her very unique blog voice with risqué titles galore.

Danielle gathered content by traveling all over the U.S. and speaking in 16 cities. She just loved collecting stories that she could use to mentor others. Wonder what her secrets are for booking all those great gigs? Hmm … and what about that strategy to learn from others how to help others?

Danielle also teaches others to write and facilitate workshops these days, providing them with insider secrets while lending them her authentic brand voice as part of a collaborative force. And no, she still doesn’t have that college degree, but wow does she leverage what she’s got.

Are you wondering what your secret is? Take my Wisdom to Wealth Producer Profile & Asset Inventory Quiz and see what you’ve got to share. Feel free to share your discoveries in our comments section below, too.

Image from Mactoons.com