Phoenix Soleymani Ashtiani

“Whole Person Coaching helped me develop a set of skills crucial to being a coach. The most important of these is the ability to act as a ternary observer: a coach, a client, and a third person observing the coaching process. Through this process, every inspiration for my clients becomes mine in a different level and at a different capacity. This is how I remain involved, active, and supportive for my clients and myself at the same time.”

How is success defined? For many of us, it’s a culmination of expectations and values held by other people. Phoenix existed within this mold for almost two decades.

His journey begins as a structural engineer, a path that demanded more than a decade of training, including a bachelor’s degree, a master’s, and a PhD. These academic achievements could easily qualify as a success on their own merit. Yet to that, he added eight years of work as a structural engineer.

From all outward appearances, Phoenix was a success. But something was off. Things began to shift. And in August 2017, he was overcome by severe depression and anxiety.

“The biggest and most difficult inspirations of my life were the two uninvited guests, Depression and Anxiety,” he says. “When I first met them, they shattered me into pieces. A few years later, and only after fully revaluating my life, I actually found the invitation letters I had sent them through the course of years: a life of no purpose and passion.”

Phoenix awoke to a revelatory truth, one that led to a total reassessment of his life.

“An idea started forming in my mind,” he says. “What if I could start over and give birth to a brand-new Self instead of healing the wounded one? What if I could utilise all the strengths, positive experiences, and information which had worked for me and carve a new Self from scratch?” (Courtesy of

The result was his “Second Self,” his core being, and a new path that would offer the fulfillment he was missing.

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Today, Phoenix helps others create a Second Self by defining their limitless personalities. It begins by identifying who that individual wants to be as an adult. At its apex, his work helps people achieve freedom from the definitions imposed by their environment, often since childhood.

By approaching the coaching relationship through his unique interpretation – the “Seed” analogy (see video) – Phoenix supports his clients to give birth to, embody, and live their Second Self. From there, and only from there, can they live life to the fullest.

“I can now clearly see that Depression and Anxiety were in fact my best friends,” Phoenix says. “They had the best intentions for me and my life from day one. I am proud to see my Second Self thriving because of them.”

Currently residing in the garden city of New Zealand, Christchurch, he has coached clients throughout the world including New Zealand, Canada, United States, Germany, and the Middle East.

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