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INSIGHT: Whole Person Coaching® Tool Kit

(10-Module, On-Demand, Online Course + Coaching Toolkit)

is an on-demand digital program. It teaches you how to facilitate the first foundational coaching meeting with your clients, known as the Self-Discovery Session. This program includes our customizable “Coaching Business Starter Tool Kit,” getting you up and running immediately.

To solidify and deepen your learning, this robust training program also includes demonstrations and sample coaching sessions. Here you’ll learn the specific techniques to maximize the value you can offer your clients.

With this course, you will:

  • Learn how to clearly distinguish Whole Person Coaching from other methods as you establish the value and benefits you offer as a professional coach.

  • Utilize a step-by-step process to work with others immediately as you generate positive momentum and sustainable change.

  • Establish critical parameters for success. Your tool kit includes: coaching financial agreement, goal-achievement and Vision-to-Action planning tools, self-assessments, and productivity tips. Easily adapted to your target audience, specialty and personality, each tool helps maximize the value your clients receive through your coaching.

  • Create a high-value coaching plan for your clients while demonstrating a strong ROI with your clients. This ensures you produce the value and results they’ve hired you for, and will be excited to refer you to others, creating strong word-of-mouth.

  • Customize your coaching toolkit, tailoring it to your unique offerings and personality.

The key to change mastery lies in a strong foundation from which to elicit change. The Self-Discovery Session is essential to both coach- and client-success. It’s one of the fastest, most reliable ways to reveal your client’s strengths, learning styles, values, MindStyles archetypes and much more!

Your clients will become confident in you as their guide. More importantly, you’ll be well equipped to serve them at your best by knowing: who they are, what truly matters most to them, and how to elicit their very best.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to start coaching, confident in your capacity to create awareness and self-understanding. It’s worth noting that many people begin charging for their services at this point and start earning back their training investment.

INSIGHT is offered à la carte and is also included in our coach certification training programs.



“Taking life coach training through Coach Training World is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done for myself professionally! Having the structure yet interactive learning style of CTW, about the unlimited possibilities of the coaching process, has helped me in my pursuit fulfilling what I believe I am meant to do. Feroshia’s work isn’t just about training coaches, it’s about creating successful, and truly effective coaches. I am more clear than ever on what I’m here to do, how to do it, and how valued my contribution is in the world.” Gary Warford, WPCC, PCC