Yannan comes from a business background, with a proficiency and inclination that were ingrained in her from an early age. Her parents are both entrepreneurs with their own businesses, so her first instinct was to coach people on their business.

“I love the self-discovery part of coaching,” Yannan says. “I also love the self-expression in business.”

Deeply passionate about the things that interest her, she is highly creative and sees branding as a form of expression derived through the wisdom of the CEO or entrepreneur. But that wisdom isn’t always obvious. It often requires inner work and a coach with business savvy to elicit the unique elements that allow that business to grow.

“There’s part of me that’s very courageous, so I always like to take certain risks in life, Yannan says. “I don’t mind starting over, which in branding is very important. At some point in business, a person will realize they need branding. You need to have courage – take the risk to try out different brands and see what fits. It’s also the same with self-discovery. It takes some courage to go in and see what you can discover inside of you – the inner work takes courage.”

Standing confidently on a global stage is an accomplishment in and of itself for Yannan, who readily admits to introversion. Yet rather than working to diminish this aspect of herself (or worse, put on a false front), she has embraced and even nurtured it.

“I realized gradually that there is a place in the world for all of us, Yannan says. “It doesn’t matter if we’re introverted or extroverted. It’s our personality that reaches out to people who are like us, who trust us, who want to have some kind of experience with us together. It doesn’t matter if it’s coaching or doing business together. We have to be comfortable with ourselves to nurture that kind of relationship.”

Yannan is also quick to point out the dual benefit received by client and coach alike. The potential for growth in business often begins with the individual at the helm. Here also Yannan has discovered how the tools of coaching can expedite a range of transformations.

“I like things to be quite practical,” she says. “I feel like coaching is a practical skill that you can relate to someone on a very personal level. But it’s also a very helpful skill to use when you want to transform someone – including myself.”

Today Yannan helps her clients discover the insights that can lead them to greater success. Providing customized branding packages and graphic design, she coaches others on their business, marketing and branding strategy. Her passion and skill grow with each new client experience.

“I’ve definitely started to become more confident,” she says. I know that I’m a very introverted person. I remember when I first started going to Coach Training World, I was kind of hiding my creativity, hiding [the] strength within me. I kind of know what they are. But I didn’t really know because I’d never practiced them in the real world. I found me. And I have to be honest, it wasn’t one session. It was a long process. But it was worth every bit of it.”

Discover how to transform your business organically and sustainably. Join Feroshia Knight (Master Coach and founder of Coach Training World) as she talks with Yannan Li, a branding coach and personal branding strategist. Yannan has helped clients throughout the world work toward personal and professional growth by leveraging targeted communication on modern platforms.

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Key segments in the discussion include:

  • 4:53 – How Yannan overcame her natural tendency toward introversion to find her voice (and her ideal niche along with it!)
  • 13:00 – Yannan’s advice for those seeking greater positioning in the world
  • 15:20 – Yannan’s key to growing any business

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