“I’ve been coaching people all my life (most of it without an actual title). I was the one everyone came to when they were seeking clarity, always willing to listen and help them figure their lives out. To enhance my life and the lives of others, I’ve done a lot of personal work and development. But I didn’t expect that learning to become a professional coach would build upon my own personal work… and take it even further. I learned so much more about myself! Coach training ended up being the ‘missing piece’ of my self-development work, providing the skills necessary to successfully navigate my life.

Through Baraka’s training, techniques and supportive environment, I gained clarity on the difference between making changes on a situational level and making changes to my core beliefs and values. Situational-level changes (even if they’re big ones) can have short-term effects but are often not lasting. To get to the good stuff – and live the life you truly desire – you have to dig deeper. And when you do, shifts happen in fantastic ways!

As a result, the ‘shoulds’ are gone from my life (well, they still make the occasional appearance, but I notice them much faster now). With the tools I learned at Baraka, I’m able to make decisions based on what I want versus what I should do.

For me, coaching is like magic. Whether I’m coaching or being coached, I’m always surprised by how little things, like a simple question or previously-unseen observation, can lead to such dramatic results. I love the “A-ha!” moment — whether its mine or my client’s.

Professionally, I’m better able to make my job work for me. I’ve been able to identify the things I enjoy and want more of, eliminate the things I don’t want, and discover the ways in which I work best. Coaching has opened my eyes to a variety of perspectives (which helps us achieve our best in any situation). Most importantly, with the support of my workplace, I’ve been able to initiate change in my position, enjoying more satisfaction and success at work as a result.

Coach training accelerated my personal growth process. I’m a much better friend, happier in the workplace and love working with clients! Even though I don’t coach full-time, the investment in coach training has been well worth it for me. You absolutely can’t lose!”

~ Kristen Karle, Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC)