1: Discover Your Brilliance

Discover Your Brilliance

If you are wondering what it is that you have that others will pay you for… this course is for you.  Changing lives begins with your brilliance, insights and the contributions you’ll make to the lives of others.

In this course, you will:

  • Uncover your deepest passions (often buried with time)
  • Figure out what you want to infuse into your coaching services, programs and products
  • Identify your passion triggers
  • Unveil the power of purpose as it relates to creating your one-of-a-kind coaching business

This is your opportunity to create and launch a business that reflects the whole of who you are and you at your very best! Gone are the days where you’ll need to fit into a box to generate the income and impact you desire…


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Throughout western civilization, the majority of people have spent their lives in service – originally to high-ranking members of society and in more modern times to some form of corporation or large organization – where they do the vast majority of the work but earn a fraction of the profit.

The good news is as more and more people discover their own brilliance, the need to find their sustenance in a work environment that doesn’t nourish, appreciate, recognize or reward them is becoming a thing of the past.

The first key to breaking free from this paradigm is to recognize you yearn for something more than the status quo. You know you have more to offer the world than what you are doing today, and you long to connect to what springs you out of bed and keeps you happy and fulfilled throughout your day… and to truly put the icing on the cake, you want to find a way to turn what you love into a comfortable, rewarding way to make a living. This is what it means to live your brilliance.

Your Brilliance is the magnificent light that you alone shine into the world. It is uniquely yours – no one else can ever replicate it or replace it. Like the light of the sun, it brings some form of illumination, healing and/or growth to the world.

Your Brilliance is fueled by your passion, purpose, joy, sense of fulfillment and meaning. It may harness your existing knowledge, skills, experience and expertise – or it may be a new way of tackling some issue, improving some existing condition or the manifestation of something completely new. Your brilliance is your ticket to freedom. Once leveraged, you’ll be doing what you love the most, being who you are at your best… And you’ll be profiting from your passions making your difference in the world!

The Power of Passion

Your Passion is KEY to living your brilliance: it is the fire and fuel that lights the way and energizes you so you stay motivated through thick and thin. Without passion you feel like you are just going through the motions:  your life may feel empty in some way; or your head may feel engaged but not your heart and soul; or your energy drops off and you don’t end up with enough internal fuel to sustain you through to the success you seek.

For some the word “Passion” just doesn’t resonate. The term feels intangible, frivolous or believed to be impossible to have.  If you are not connecting to the word Passion here, the following questions might help you find a way to connect with what we are getting at.

What makes you feel most:

  • Alive?
  • Motivated?
  • Aligned?
  • Committed?
  • Excited?
  • Happy?
  • Energized?

When you are most aligned with what you are most passionate about in work and in life, you will be at your most happiest and fulfilled place. Therefore creating work around our passions makes the most sense and as you will see everything comes much easier to you!

Head and Heart Working Together

It is likely that you have spent much of your lifetime being bombarded with messages on why you should follow your head not your heart: Be logical. Stop being so emotional. You didn’t think that through. What were you thinking?

The mind in our culture has been elevated to be THE way of knowing, and the knowing of the body, heart and spirit has been devalued or ignored altogether.

The mind in and of itself is an incredible machine capable of processing millions of thoughts in the blink of an eye. Left to its own devices, however, it can be destructive to itself and others. It can lose itself in relentless monkey mind or bury itself beneath an avalanche of doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that keep it stuck and cycling in an infinite loop.

The human heart, on the other hand, is the keeper of passion and purpose. It is connected to what makes us truly feel alive, what makes us want to fly out of bed in the morning and seize the day. The heart guides us from a place of joyous possibility.

The mind in all it’s power is limited, but when it is in service to the heart and to the passion and purpose that live there, it possesses an infinite capacity for creation and innovation, and it becomes an unstoppable force that makes any change possible and sustainable.

  • Give yourself the Time and Space You Need
    Put yourself in an environment where you feel inspired, comfortable, nourished and at ease. You’ll want to create peaceful time and space away from any distractions (family, work, personal electronics, etc.) so your mind can relax and stay focused and so the creative juices can flow. Do whatever you need to so you can dive deep inside and really hear what is seeking to emerge through this process.


  • Document Your Process
    Get yourself a journal or other secret place to take notes. I often find my greatest ideas and inspirations come suddenly, and being able to write something down quickly is very helpful. I keep my notebook in my purse or back pocket and then when I get a glimpse of my fire or something that really excites me, I take note.  It is critical to capture these in the moment or they may get lost or forgotten. Record when are you most excited and when are you not!

    Throughout the program you will be given a number of exercises and loads of questions to stimulate your thinking.   When you take the time to write or record your thoughts and feelings you are actually creating more space for new thoughts to emerge. Your mind can rest knowing that the information has been captured and when you return to your original musings you’ll find yourself with a fresh mind allowing for new ideas and perspectives to follow.

  • Listen to Your Whole Self: Mind, Body and Heart
    This is about listening on a deeper level – not just to the first thought that pops into your mind but feeling into the sensations that tell you something resonates with you (you feel a sense of alignment, peace, contentment) or is out of kilter (tightness in your throat or gut, clenched jaw or shoulders). ALL of you is speaking to you, so take the time to hear and record your body knowing and intuitive knowing along with your thoughts.

These next two recordings go over an “organic” coaching session where the goal is to help the client focus on what they want to infuse into their coaching business.  You’ll see that it’s a process of staying aligned to the heart and being open to all possibilities before going to the practical!

Activity III & IV: Passion Triggers & Purpose Finding (21:53)


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