2: Your Signature Solution

Your Signature Solution

Tapping into all of WHO YOU ARE!

Discover Your Brilliance was about reconnecting with what you love by teasing out your passions and purpose, capturing your most passionate interests and finding the intersection between your passions and your knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise. 

Now it’s time to connect your brilliance to the needs and desires of others.  You do this by creating Your Signature Solution – that is “your way” of helping others.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify what you’ve got that other people need
  • Claim your Signature Solution

During this course you’ll identify what it is that you offer others. In the Brand Your Signature Solution you’ll brand your Signature Solution with a memorable name so your brilliance can stand out with the best!

Later in the Transformation You Make course you’ll create the transformational arc for your coaching program, model, process or philosophy that will be heart of your Signature Solution.


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Your Signature Solution is your brilliance “packaged and positioned” into a solution (process, pathway, model, philosophy, etc.) such that prospective clients can envision “your way” as a pathway or process that could help them to achieve their desired results for themselves.

Think about this for a moment…

Would you be more excited to invest in 10 coaching sessions with a business coach? Or would you be more drawn to a coaching program called “Digital Fame: Grow Your Online Audience” I’m guessing the latter. The difference is with a branded Signature Solution, your prospects get a felt sense of the transformation that is possible vs being sold x number of sessions.

Your Signature Solution is built upon your most passionate interests in the form of your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise leveraged into step-by-step processes, strategies, best practices, tips or principles that move them from their present situation to a desired outcome.

Ultimately your Signature Solution your intellectual property, “your know-how”, focused on serving your audience in one or more of the following ways:

SOLVE a problem or address a challenge

ADD or ENHANCE existing knowledge or skills so they can be more effective, streamlined, strategic, etc.

CREATE a new opportunity for others

Here are some examples of existing branded Signature Solutions:

For example the Signature Solution for author, speaker, coach CJ Hayden, Get Clients Now, helps people to solve the problem of not having enough clients by offering a step-by-step process to acquire clients.  This is the focus of her book by that title and is the backbone of her workshops and coaching services.

Author, speaker, trainer Stephen R. Covey spent decades helping people to enhance their effectiveness with his Signature Solution 7 Habits for Highly Effective People in the form of 7 specific principles and associated best practices. This body of knowledge, his intellectual property, was also translated into trainings and a coaching method.

Author, speaker, workshop leader Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way and her workshops, audio teachings presents her Signature Solution in the form of techniques and exercises to assist people in gaining self-confidence in harnessing their creative talents and skills.

Escape Cubicle Nation author and coach Pamela Slim offers her Signature solution in the form of a book, workshops and coaching in which she helps people to create a new opportunity moving from being employed to entrepreneurship.

What is common to all of these people is they have a Signature Solution which is “their way” of getting their audience to a desirable result. Each has documented their Signature Solution in a book and in the form of workshops, trainings, training manuals, seminars, audio and video products and so on. Their Signature Solution is what they teach, speak, coach and train others in so they can create the desired outcome they want for themselves.

I share this because once you have your Signature Solution, you can use it as a template from which to create all of your assets (books, workshops, etc.) when the time is right. We’ll discuss this later in the program!

So how do you create your Signature Solution?

There are a number of ways you create a Signature Solution and the best way to start the process is by identifying the things you can solve, create or enhance for others… leveraging the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise you are most passionate about!

Inside this next exercise you’ll be identifying:

  • The specific problems you can solve or have solved for yourself or other people.
  • New opportunities or outcomes you have created for yourself or for others that again, would benefit even more people if they only knew “how”.
  • Specific enhancements or upgrades you’ve made that would help others to get to a particular end result quicker, easier, etc.

From here you’ll build your own pathway, process, coaching model or philosophy which will guide how you talk about what you do.


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In progressing through these activities what did you learn? Do you have an abundance of ideas that you might want to develop or are you still searching?

In the event you are still searching for ideas, here is a quick tip. Think of the people who have inspired you such as mentors, motivational speakers, workshop leaders, trainers, teachers and the like and write their names down. Then consider what in particular was inspirational about them. Often we find our next “thing” by witnessing or experiencing other people doing their thing. For example, if you go to a yoga class and are inspired by the teacher and the class format, or if you attend a workshop or training and the content gives you ideas on how you might do something similar your way, you might start imagining yourself doing something similar.

If you are drawn to an area of interest that would require you to gain additional skills, knowledge or experience that is perfectly OK. You can learn-as-you go and still live your brilliance even if you don’t have everything in place. In fact many people start their businesses and then incorporate additional skills and offerings once they have opened their doors. 

So let’s step through a single example and see the variety of ways your Brilliance might be translated into your Signature Solution:

Let’s say you’ve always been passionate about helping others less fortunate than yourself. You’ve known your whole life you were meant to make a difference for these people and in the back of your mind you always thought that meant you would someday start your own non-profit. But now that you’ve explored the exercises in the previous modules, you realize that being tied to an organization you need to run yourself just leaves you cold.

At this point, your focus shifts to the idea that what excites you more is to help the people who have already done what you thought you would do: they’ve started a non-profit of their own. Now they are struggling because they must wear all the hats the non-profit requires: the administrative hat, the fundraising hat, the recruiting hat, the marketing hat and the actual delivery of services the non-profit was set up to deliver. They are exhausted, overwhelmed and have absolutely no idea how to make this all sustainable.

Here’s where all your unique passions, interests and talents come into play:

 You realize you are less interested in doing the work and more  interested in helping those who are to be more effective in how they do their work. You love to write and really have the ability to speak from the heart with your words. Your writing really makes people sit up and take notice. You realize your writing talents can be used to speak to prospective donors in a way that they give generously. And therefore you recognize you could help non-profit fundraisers learn how to write in a way that could help them to generate the funds they seek.

 – OR –

You hate to write but you have a way of connecting people and bring out the best in everyone. You could easily use your networking skills to forge the strategic alliances your non-profit leaders need to survive. And these skills if shared could help them to network as effectively as you can and to build the kinds of alliances that create a sustainable flow of funds and services for their clients.

 – OR –

You love to throw parties and organize events. You leverage your talents to create fundraising events that bring awareness and money to your non-profit clients. And again, you could translate this knowledge and your “how-to” into a format where fundraisers and event planners could replicate the results for themselves.

 – OR –

You hate the grind of everyday business and you’d love to help these struggling non-profits but their struggles bore you to tears. What you love is to really sink your teeth – Arrrrr! – into a meaty new project and help get it off the ground. So you decide to leverage your talents to help new non-profits to successfully launch and you teach start-ups the key strategies and success models they need for sustainability.

Each of these scenarios starts with the same premise – to help non-profits – but the form that help takes is unique to you, what you love to do and how you want to leverage your brilliance into your own Signature Solution!

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