4: Brand Your Signature Solution

Birthing your Signature Solution

Inside this next course you will be “birthing” your Signature Solution and giving it a BIRTH NAME so that you can begin to share it with others.  This name will help others quickly and easily identify what you do – and it will capture your Signature Solution in a few easy-to-remember words.

As with much of our work to date, this naming process is going to be somewhat fluid in the beginning, meaning that as you go through the process and get clearer, you might find yourself renaming your solution a few times – and that is why we call it a birth name as this name is likely to change as it grows into its final form. This is normal, and because you are going to be living with this name throughout your marketing, refining it is part of the process of ultimately making it work for you!

With that said, you can relax into the process knowing that as it becomes crystal clear , the perfect name will arrive. But to get to that name, you’ll need to start playing with the words that describe what matters most to your strategic audience and see what titles you can create!

The final title you give your Signature Solution will become the basis for the names of your various programs, products, services, books, videos, etc.  This name will become part of the brand that represents your Signature Solution, and it will help you and your work be memorable.  And being able to claim and name your Signature Solution in a concise way will make it easier for you to speak about it with others… and for them to understand you.

For example Stephen Covey’s Signature Solution, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, became the basis for many successful training programs, books, and coaching programs.

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Magnetizing your Signature Solution Title

A Magnetic Signature Solution title speaks directly to your desired audience in a way that entices and intrigues them, and catches their interest in such a way that they want to know more. These titles often speak to the problem being solved, the results someone will get, or the method used to get someone to the results they seek.

Qualities of Magnetic Titles:

Communicate a result: what it is someone will be able to do, have, feel or become. These titles are also called “promise” titles because they promise a particular result.

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Become the Change You Seek
  • 4-Hour Work Week
  • Getting Things Done
  • Achieve Anything in Just One Year

Speak to what someone really wants (opportunity), what someone really wants to eliminate (problem or pain), or an enhancement that they are deeply seeking (skill/capability)

  • Simple Living
  • Vagabonding
  • Mastery
  • Pain Free

May also use “toward” language (what they want) or “away from” language (what they want to avoid).

  • Getting to Yes
  • Towards Better Health
  • From Fear to Fearlessness
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Signature Solution Title Formulas

Below are a series of formulas you can use to help design some of your own Signature Solution Titles. Each takes a different approach to conveying your message, and you will have an opportunity to try these on in the exercises and see what best fits you.

Highly Desirable End State
– This is a title that speaks boldly about the end result that someone will have from employing your Signature Solution. It speaks to what they will have. These examples speak to what is highly desirable for the intended audience. They speak about what matters most to these people.

For example if you are promoting an opportunity you might name it:

  • Wealthy Mind
  • Gold Mind
  • Authentic Living
  • Real Relating

Emotional State – This is a title that is closely related to the Highly Desirable End State, but focuses deeply on the emotional issue someone is looking to resolve or on the emotional state they will achieve. It ultimately speaks to what they will feel. These titles talk about the result from an emotional point of view, how someone will FEEL as part of the result. The key to these titles is to use emotional terms and language that speaks deeply to your target audience’s deepest desire or emotional pain.A few examples:

  • Blissfully Married
  • Fearless Living
  • Feeling Good Inside and Out

X thru Y – This is a title that speaks to an end result being made possible through specific changes, enhancements, etc. What this title speaks to is the “Solution Y” being the key to achieving “Result X”. It speaks to what they will be able to do and will have because of these skills/enhancements. These titles reflect what they will have and how they will get it!  These titles are effective especially for those who want to know both the what and the how.A few examples:

  • Wealth Through Workshops
  • Peace of Mind Through Meditation
  • Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Resolution Formula: X after Y – This is a title that speaks to the desirable end result as it relates to the problem or pain that someone is overcoming. It employs both “toward” and “away from” language. It speaks to what they want feel or have and what they don’t want to feel or have. They don’t want “Y” but they do want “X”.

A few examples:

  • Life after Divorce
  • From Surviving to Thriving
  • From Shy to Hi
  • From Loser to Winner

Process or Philosophy Formula – This is a title that uses numbers to quantify a philosophy, process, or steps. One of the most powerful ways of using this formula is to link the number of steps, agreements, etc. to an end result. Or state the number of steps to get to the result.

A few examples:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • The Four Agreements
  • The 48 Laws of Power
  • Ten Life Changing Lessons
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Now that we’ve shared some of the best practices, formulas for naming a Signature Solution and some examples of each, it’s time for you to jump into your own process. As mentioned before this is a birth name, and should be treated as an on-going process. So avoid getting too attached in the beginning or getting frustrated that the perfect name isn’t right at the top of your mind!


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